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City-building game(s)

Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone I have tried searching for an answer before posting this, but I am a little lost and seeking help. I want to make a road tunnel under a RHW but am unable to do it. I thought that you just made a hole and dragged road under to make a tunnel. However, no matter how hard I try or how deep I go the same problem occurs. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be using FLUP's? (Have never used them before). I feel I am missing something very easy here, but cannot figure it out. Any help, guidance or pointing me in the direction of a good tutorial would be great. Thanks for the help.
  2. MGB - RRW to Subway Ramps

    Version v2.0


    This package contains models and two lots to allow you to switch from Rail (RRW Style) to an underground subway network. Included files MGB_RRW_DTR to Subway Ramp_453bcaf5.SC4Lot Lot file for DTR Rail to Subway converter. MGB_RRW_STR to Subway Ramp_1fc6cdcf.SC4Lot ** NEW ** Lot file for STR Rail to Subway converter. RRW Ramp_Resource.dat Required Models and Props. RRW Ramp Paths_RHD.dat Path files for RHD users. Most users should install this file. RHD is for sims driving on the right side of the road. zRRW Ramp Paths_LHD.dat Alternate path files for LHD users. DO NOT install this file unless you are using a LHD setup for SC4/NAM. LHD is for sims driving upon the left side of the road. Install Simply extract the files in the included .zip archive and place those you need somewhere in your Plugins folder. If you use my other mods, you could place these in the root of the z____MGB Mods folder, but it's not specifically required. Please ensure previous versions are removed completely before installing. It should be noted that I have amended all the original files, which should be considered as obsolete. Usage When you want to switch the rail network to subway, find a suitable space (5x1) for the ramps and place either the STR (Single Track Rail) or DTR (Dual Track Rail) variant as required. You will find these lots in the Misc. Transit menu, just after the bus stops usually. Make sure you draw rail through the lot completely to activate the paths on the ramp. Then switch to the subway tool (Shift + T), to continue the network from the ramp with subway. You can either switch to subway from here on out, otherwise you can build a second ramp for the rail to continue. Limitations As with all such lots, when you switch to subway only passenger traffic can continue through the subway. So either find another route for your freight traffic or perhaps consider using the dedicated URail pieces that come with the NAM. Due to the nature of LODs, i.e. you cannot make them below ground, the rail automata must "collide" with the LODs when entering the ramp. However, upon testing I found I preferred for the trains to enter into the ramp, despite the glitch, as opposed to disappearing at the beginning of the lot. The point being, this is not a bug. Details / Stats Cost to Plop: 2,144 Monthly Cost: 20 Bulldoze Cost: 309 Capacity: 66,000 Otherwise the lots are neutral, causing no pollution, requiring no power/road access and providing no jobs. Support Having problems or Got comments? Then please visit my support/development thread on Simtropolis:
  3. RHW 6 tunnel

    Hey, ok for some reason not sure as to why or if it can be done, but I have for the first time trying to run rhw-6 through a hill. It will only allow to go over not through. It only carves out the hill producing a slice through the hill. Is there a way to force the subject? I did figure I can run MHW through as a tunnel then transition from MHW to rhw 4 then back to rhw 6. But was looking for cleaner way to do it.
  4. Diagonal Rail Tunnel

    Version 1.0.1


    Info: Have you ever wanted to make a diagonal rail tunnel? Well now you can! By recent request I'm releasing this file which was actually first seen in my CJ almost a year ago. The base version is a functional tunnel with a capacity of 5000 and can be found near the top of the rail menu. While a second higher capacity version added by request, has a capacity of 50,000. The lot will convert rail traffic into subway traffic and vice versa allowing you to create modular rail tunnels under any kind of terrain or development. Otherwise you can make use of it solely for cosmetic purposes. No dependencies are required.
  5. Bipin's Cosmetic FLUP Covers

    Version 1.0.0


    Believe it or not, I'm still alive and kicking! In the works for over a year, these FLUP models do just what the title says; they're cosmetic models that overlap the old, standard FLUP entrance and exit models. These new tunnel portals will have your Sims practically throwing money at you - they want to pay taxes, because these BAT's are just that good! These tunnel entrances are modeled loosely after those in Boston - part of the infamous Big Dig. However, they're generic enough that they may be used in any situation that calls for some some new infrastructure. They stand out as something fresh, but they're worn enough to appear well-used. Included in this download are three (3) cosmetic FLUP portals; an entrance portal, an exit portal, and a two-lane road portal. These can all be found in the Power Menu with a lot icon like the one below: Don't forget to download the following dependency: Enjoy your new FLUP tunnels portals. I know your Sims will!
  6. Version 4b


    Short description: This is a set of tunnel entrances for various traffic routes. By interconnecting them with either FLUP puzzle pieces (from the Network Addon Mod) or subway routes, you can create fully working tunnels, even curved tunnels, tunnels to other cities or underpasses otherwise difficult to realize. There are tunnel entrances for the subsequently mentioned traffic routes: (see screenshots below) - Road (#1) - One-Way Road (#2) - Avenue (#3) - Maxis Street (#4) - SAM Streets: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 (in this order from #5 to #11) - RHW: 2 (#12), 4 (#13a, #13b), MIS (#14a, #14b) - Railway: Default Maxis textures (#15a), SFBT textures (#15b), Single-Track Rail (#16), Viaduct (#17) - Monorail: BTM (#18), GHSR (#19), HSR (#20) For a complete description and tutorial how to use them, please refer to the readme file in the download. Note concerning the Railway Viaduct Tunnel Entrance: You may note that the screenshot below shows only the grey textures for the viaduct. According to a note of Xyloxadoria in this thread, the textures should automatically adapt if you have installed other textures. Dependencies: - Network Addon Mod Version 31.0 or newer (includes: Street Addon Mod, Real Highway Mod, Bullet Train Mod, High Speed Rail Project) - Hillside GLR to subway transition by morifari (required for the tunnel portals on ground level, adds an extra tunnel portal for GLR) - Hillside EL to subway transition (required for the tunnel portals for elevated routes, adds an extra tunnel portal for Elevated Rail) - SAM Stopper (required for several overlay textures) Currently available languages: - English - German Installation: Download the archive corresponding to the language you want. Extract all files to a folder where you will find them. Move or copy this folder into your Plugins sub-folder of your edition of SimCity 4 (for instance: C:/Programs/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins). You can simply overwrite any previous version of this plugin with the new files. To uninstall, please remove all files from your plugin subfolder. If there are some tunnel entrances that you won’t use, you may want to open the plugin folder and delete the corresponding files (every tunnel entrance has its own file). Note for users of Version 3 or previous: In previous versions, there has been a bug that caused the actual passenger capacity of the RHW-2 and RHW-4 tunnel entrance (with the yellow line left) to be much lower than displayed. This has been fixed now, but you need to replace any mentioned tunnel entrance you have already built in your city. Compatibility: Since this plugin requires installation of the Network Addon Mod, it is only compatible with SimCity 4: Rush Hour, or SimCity 4 Deluxe. Credits: - morifari and Andreas Roth for the tunnel portals - grain79 for two base mods introducing tunnel entrances - Network Addon Mod Team - Xyloxadoria for Viaduct, GHSR, and HSR props You are of course welcome to write me a private message or leave a comment here for any of the following: - You want me to make improvements or additions. (I can't promise to fulfill all your wishes, I'm really no modding expert ) - You have found a bug. - You want me to improve the readme text (the English one in particular, my English may not be perfect). - You can translate the in-game and readme texts to another language. - You found out that I forgot to credit someone (hopefully I can remember everyone). ______________________________ Changelog: Version 4b, Aug 31st, 2014: - To reduce the risk of a crash-to-desktop, all tunnel entrances have been modified to only be network enabled at one side of the lot. Therefore, they can now be built after placing the FLUP puzzle pieces, and they will rotate on their own to face the traffic route. Version 4a, Oct 13th, 2013: - Bugfix: RHW-2 tunnel entrance did not allow conversion to subway. Fixed. Version 4, Sept 22th, 2013: - Added tunnel entrances for: BTM, GHSR, HSR, Railway Viaduct - Bugfix: Some tunnel entrances actually had lower capacity than displayed. Please read readme for further information. - Additional dependencies: Hillside EL to Subway Transition, Elevated Network Props - Some in-game texts and menu icons modified. - All tunnels now appearing in a fixed order, and in the lower half of the game menu Different Traffic Routes. Version 3, Aug 30th, 2013: - Added tunnel entrance for: Single-Track Rail Version 2, Aug 25th, 2013: - Added tunnel entrances for: Avenue, RHW-2, 2x RHW-4, 2x MIS Version 1, Aug 19th, 2013: - 12 tunnel entrances for: Road, one-way road, street, 2x railway and 7x SAM street To be done: - I may include tunnel entrances for NWM routes, RHW-6, RHW-8, and RWH-10 in later updates as soon as I can find larger tunnel portals. - I may include tunnel entrances for SAM streets 6 (Klinker Street) and 10 (Japanese Street) in later updates as soon as I can find overlay textures for those streets.
  7. How do I make tunnels with HSR?
  8. Attached is an image depicting what I'm trying to do. At the bottom center are tracks I'd like to sink into a cut. I'd do a basic 15m hole digger but there is a road on the next tile over. From there, I'd like it to enter a tunnel. Are there any pieces that can be suggested (I've seen tunnel portals into mountainsides somewhere on here but I can't find it now. Would that work?). I'm familiar with the underground rail pieces that come with NAM, but other than the grass ped mall piece, I haven't been able to find anyway to send it under blank terrain other than "inducing" a tunnel, but this only works for straight sections. Any way to do a curve? Also, anyway to have underground rail so that you can zone the tiles above. I've heard of the rail to subway transitions, but I believe they block freight, no? Finally, I need another portal for when it emerges out of the hill. If I have to settle for the existing underground rail NAM pieces, then so be it, but I figured I'd ask the pros first.
  9. Solitude Proper Interchange

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    A picture of the interchange between highways T6N (top-bottom) and T5 (left-right) within Solitude Proper, an urban area on the island of Solitude south of New Concorde and across the Ebony River from the megalopolis. Within the interior of the interchange lie some of the largest residential superstructures in Lower Trifort. Off the left side of the image, the highway T5 crosses the Ebony River in two long double-decker spans to reach Division Island and New Concorde.
  10. Tunnel MOD

    Hi everybody! Considering that it's my first post, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Harry (ok, Enrico, but Harry is much easier), I'm Italian (but I can speak a quite fluent English - sorry for possible errors) and I've played Sim City since the 2K version (and I was a 8 years old kid), so I can say to know SC (4) quite well. I would have loved to try SimCity 2013, but I don't have an enough powerful PC.. SC 4 opened my mind. It was great and amazing, and to be honest, I'm still playing it! xD I knew that there were amazing communities about SC4, but I've always played according to Maxis rules. I have never tried MOD before (yeah, "sad childhood" you'll think) but that's it. NAM is still.. too extreme for me, but I'm simply astonished by that! SC4 is not perfect, and sometimes the game is silly and too firm. I was looking for a MOD that will let me build tunnels freely. In particular, I need to build tunnels for railways and avenues (or boulevard?) in order to build an international airport. I noticed that in NAM there's FLUX, but maybe I'm too newbie to understand and find out how to use it.... Can someone help me?
  11. Version 1.1


    This is my London Underground Subway Station. Needs at least 1 Vanilla station to work. Same stats as vanilla station. Have fun!
  12. COMMENT REPLIES : Along the interstate 3 Mymyip: Thank you very much Schulmanator:This is just the beginning anyway thanks Huston:Thank you Kim Sunwoo: It is a very rich State and anyway thanks a lot Welcome to the city of industry and pollution Hi today I show you a very important city for the industrial apparatus namely Taranto The city of Taranto is divided into two parts: the real city is its The port is one of the busiest ports in the world PORT OF TARANTO The port of taranto hosts ILVA largest foundry in the State The port is an essential part of town although it's send of accommodation remains important, however, is to close the harbour area there is a nice nuclear right and the iron bridge of Interstate 36 going towards a federate world's most beautiful but more danger in the world (I speak of crime) TARANTO After visiting the port city now I show you the real city is its close to the river there is the area of offices to handle all those lovely industries industries everywhere There is a small island that has two connections quite a submarine tunnel and the ferry terminal Although many use the tunnel there is still people who use the ferry especially during sunset Seen as one of the most polluted cities in the world the Federal Government is developing a revolutionary project for the time being the air cleaner is in full swing in the air is much cleaner To conclude this journey in an industrial city I see other industries so that the city motto is "INDUSTRIES EVERYWHERE"
  13. Version 1.0


    Another new addition, Pedestrian Path Sidewalk for both Bridge and Tunnel. Can be use on both land and water tiles. u can find in Pedestrian Path 'New' SubMenu Need Original Pedestrian Path v2 By Xoxide Make Sure have Project Akar by Yayieli If you got any problem or bug pm me thanks.
  14. Regional Tunnel

    Version 1.0


    Hi everyone, this is my Regional Tunnel mod. How to use : Use regional Bridges to connect both ends of the tunnels and use the normal roads to transition it on the ground. all services such as water/power/sewage also flows along with them. Enjoy (Located in Custom Roads.) Regional Bridge Link Make Sure have Project Akar If you got any problem or bug pm me thanks.
  15. FLUP highway?

    I was looking at the various FLUP options and I noticed that while ramps for streets, roads, avenues, one-ways, and even tram avenues were available, there is no ramp for either the ground or elevated highway. Why is that the case? I would like to make my highway go underwater and I'd hate to have to connect it to an avenue ramp.
  16. Version 1.0


    This simple mod fixes bull-dozing streetcar avenue tunnels. It is good for use in online AND offline use. I tested the results and the tunnel can be bulldozed. Extract the file in the ZIP to your SimCityData directory. Enjoy!
  17. Version 1.01 and 1.05


    Ok per request I am uploading one of my mods to Simtrop for users. Its 1 variations of the mod which I call 1.01 and 1.05. Both are similar except for extreme variable changes. So one can described as conservative and the other liberal. Depending on how you use it and one of my own personal reasons was to trench low enough to create flat bridges without arching. It will allow you to trench lower before tunnels are created and allow you to go higher before a bridge mode takes effect giving you raised sections to pull bridges from. What you can do with it is really a limitation of your own imagination. 0x0f988430 Max height = 128 m 0x0f98843a Max Depth = -128m 0x0e028a11 Max height of raised = 18 m 0x0f9f13a8 Max depth of Trench = 24m 0x0e0287f8 Max Slope = 40m 0x0e3224cb Max Tunnel Slope = 18m 0x0e74351a max bridge Slope = 30m 0x0eceda5f Max Slope at intersection = 10m 0x0e322775 = 0.05 Yuttho has been using it to make some pretty amazing stuff so enjoy XoXiDe
  18. Hey guys, I just upgraded to Update 7. I haven't played too much yet, but go ahead and discuss your opinion.
  19. Edit: Use this awesome tool by trgs which allows you to change the values on the run: Again thanks a lot to develop this further. _______________________________________________________________________ Firstly, if you really want to use these options (i wouldnt call it a complete mod) you should read the whole post. Because you most certain need to adjust the files for your own needs. What this does: It allows you to build Embarkments for Rail or Roads, Overpasses, Underpasses and Tunnels everywhere. The file that is changed is actually 0xa2e2df52. These files are adjusted for the Region Viridian Woods specifically Matisse Plains. It works for every spot with the same ground height. If you want to use it on higher/lower terrain the values have to be adjustet. Ill explain you how at the end of the post. How to use: Place one (1)! File into your SimCity Data folder. (most likely C:\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData) Delete the file after you placed your Overpasse/Underpass to return to normal state. You need to quit the game, place the file, place the street, quit the game, delete the file and restart the game. not all directions and radiuses are always possible. You will figure it out quick. (ie all shift-drag directions, or if you drag straight and stop you cant drag straight in that direction again, you will need an angle. If you want to cross networks with curves it is advisable to build from top to bottom (highest overpass first). As its difficult to drag a curve over existing networks. Straight crossing is never a problem. If your camera is frozen on the start of the game, once press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard, the camera works normally then. 1 Overpass - Lower street must be deleted, then drag the overpass. (if you set the Overpass higher manually, you can drag it over streets directly, i wanted to have it as low as possible.)If you drag the overpass to or from a street on the ground level you get a very smooth transition. But you can also do it the other way around and drag a normal ground-level street to the elevated overpass and get a short steep ramp. 2 Overpass 2 - Same as overpass but lower street dont need to be deleted. Its adjustet to cross the other overpass on a higher level. 3 ElevatedStreet - A slightly higher street which levels the terrain below. You can place buildings on that street which level the ground as well. 4 Underpass - Drag the street from Low- to High-ground in two directions. You will be able to drag any street over it without creating an intersection. 5 Tunnel - Drag from A to B. If you drag curves the tunnel somehow elevates in the curve and comes over ground. So its highly recommended to only drag straight tunnels or change the values to a much deeper level so the curve dont gets over the ground. (cool thing, if you place a tunnel over ground like a bridge you can even have buildings grow below it.) 6 Tunnel 2 - Deeper version of the Tunnel which allows to cross. (not on the Screenshot) How to adjust the values: You need SimCity Pak https://simcitypak.codeplex.com/ The original file has the ID 0xa2e2df52. Create copies of each file i provided. Open the .package file you want to edit. You will find 2 Checkboxes (we dont care) and 3 Values. I refer them to A, B and C (top to bottom) The standard values for even networks are A -1024, B 2048 and C 1024 To cross another Network you need a difference of at least 96 at B. Overpasses: A needs to be < -1024, B needs to be < 2048. (iE -1120, 1950) C doesnt matter. Underpass: B > 2048, A = negative value of C. (iE -1024, 2176, 1024) Tunnels: A > -1024, B > 2048, C = 50% of B (iE -928, 2144, 1072) Elevated Street: B < 2048, C = 50% of B, A = the negative Value of C. (iE -1015, 2030, 1015) Im not exactly sure if we have 3 values for Upper Network level, lower Network level (bottom of pillars at bridges) and basic level. Or if we control the position/direction of the world geometry(terrain) in the world coordinates. But with overpasses i guess the geometry is askew in the world coordinates, thats why we have to adjust the values for higher terrains. Scissor effect. - May you can use this for the moment. But i guess we will have to find better ways. This cant be it. Maybe someone can push this further, but i think its the wrong anchorpoint. Use this awesome tool by trgs which allows you to change the values on the run: Again thanks a lot to develop this further. Download: Pygma_RoadMod.tar Alternate Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!e1h3nCYT!PAze5hNRLOiUdNSSo6q72UmwwEBCGwcKyqoPlNC1MWQ
  20. Hi, Thought I would share some experiences on a little experiment I ran on trying to utilize bridge's and tunnels for traffic management, I had previously replicated the structure of the 400K city with no Transit by HalbyStarCraft ( ). I liked the approach on a square Map but wanted to try and see on a map with various elevations, islands and water what could be done. There are some successful points and some failures to learn from. Below was "Stackolee Ravine" City On Discover Delta, First a view of the City, The various elevations and bridges make an interesting look; Next is the Highway entrance to the city, I was too busy planning out the rest of the city to set this up better, it handles rush hour rather well and I had experimented in setting the $/$$ to disproportionate levels but they are simply too close together to be effective. I at first attempted a roundabout concept, this created total gridlock so instead used a split to split with T sections. works ok but not sustainable on larger cities. Now a real success was the tunnels to various locations of the city, starting from left to right I will show the path of the tunnels, (left to right) Tunnel #1 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, Exits Middle of Island #2) Tunnel #2 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, Through Island #2, Exits at Island #3 at the diagonal opposite of Highway) Tunnel #2-A (Tunnel #2 connects the far side of Island #3 to the highway directly, this is a Tsplit which then also : Travels back through Island #3, Through Island #2, Does a loop in island #1 (had to avoid train tracks) and then connects to the industry on this island) Purpose: Have residence travel from Top Right of Map to Middle Left without intersections) Tunnel #3 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #1, through island #3 and to the lower 'plains' of the map.) Tunnel #4 (Starts at Highway, Through Island #3, Reenters Island #3 then Exits in the middle of the island) I also set some traintracks up in a circle around the map, Starting at the tracks, on Island #1, then to Island #2 Forced an opening in Island #2 and placed a trade depot here (this is technically overlapping the road tunnel but that apparently doesn't matter) It then goes back underground on to island #3 where it exits in the middle of the island where I placed a rail station, It exists at the far side of the Island (crosses over Tunnel #2 / #2A from above) then loops back towards the plains. It exists at the plains and then does a loop to a higher elevation on Island #3, It then has a massive bridge that spans the Map back to Island #1 and to connect back to the tracks. I have also set up two massive avenue bridges that loops back to each island. Also made these fun little loops for people who reach the end of the street:
  21. hey I have both BTM and HSR mods, but Im building a HSR railway and having problems with tunnels. when I try to build it appears a BTM tunnel in the place, its possible build a HSR tunnel with both these modds installed? thanks

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