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City-building game(s)

Found 24 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the ''new'' house for our mayors. Just I added more walls for a better look. And of course, replace the original one INSTALLATION: Put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins ENJOY!
  2. Looking for active and cooperative mayors to join region and continue a supportive community. Experienced or new mayors encouraged. Below is a link for a site that allows you to check all map plots to give you an idea before you claim it. (resources, wind direction, rail and boat/shipping connections etc.) http://www.simcityplanningguide.com/2013/10/traffic-and-rci-tips.html Rules/Guidelines: Original SimCity 2013 only please, no Cities of Tomorrow (all other adaptations are ok, just ask before deploying mods) Be active in communicating and collaborating with other mayors. 2 map lots per mayor (Please ask before claiming more than one map lot), preferably just 1 to start and eventually we'll roll into 2 cities per mayor if they are not occupied completely. play at your speed, don't feel rushed. Just enjoy and have fun! lets get some awesome skyline pictures and let the creativity flow and learn a thing or two from one another. If you want to discontinue playing with this group just let me know and please abandon the map so i can manage it and clear it for someone else to play. I chose Rambling Badlands because of it's fairly linear arrangement of terrain (other maps are much too gradient/sloping and cause graphics issues), plentiful resources and allows 7 cities on each side of mountain range with 1 great work on each side. I personally thought it was a much better set up than just 4 mayors per region quadrant. Also Rambling Badlands is extremely bug free. Badlands is also a nice change of scenery from the traditional maps. My Origin name is: Moogu69 I have been an active mayor since release of this title with 1300+ hours logged so please message me if you're interested! cheers!
  3. Medieval city building game

    Are there any good medieval city building games? or does such an type of game not exist?
  4. Mayor's Square

    From the album Parks and Plazas (S3-11-C)

    Before voting, we recommend you download and try out this item of content: [Download Here] And again, there's a challenge entry from me... Why being limited to either trees, statues, OR fountains whenever you can have all three? I've been impressed by a particular square layout seen on the challenge thread about the Parks and Plazas theme with a plaza containing a lot of trees on it, therefore, I designed a part of this lot in this way.
  5. Mayor's Square

    Version 1


    Description: Mainly created for the center of a large or medium-sized city, this square is supposed to honor the mayor and his wife/her husband (or any other famous personality, for that matter). Two statues (one male, one female) are located in its center, surrounded by trees on one side and fountains on the other. Of course, common accessoires, like a refreshment stand and a news stand, cannot be lacking there. For further information, please refer to the readme in the download. Available languages: English, German (both Readme and file; the game will choose the language on its own) Dependencies: Maxis Buildings as Props http://www.simcityplaza.de/index.php/tools-und-andere-downloads/offizielle-downloads/file/446-buildings-as-props-von-maxis Required files: all BSC MEGA Props – SG Vol 1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=746 Required files: all BSC Textures Vol 1: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90 Vol 2: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=638 Required files: all BSC – VIP girafe Beeches/Chestnuts/Elms/Norway Maples Contains all the trees on this lot. Adds trees to the MMP menu. Beeches: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995 Chestnuts: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049 Elms: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3347 Norway Maples: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2740 Required files: all except those containing props_pack in their file name Required files: Murimk_Park_props_1_small.dat Required files: wmp_station_props.dat Required files: unknown (recommended: install all) Installing: Copy or move the folder containing this plugin into your Plugins folder. To uninstall, just remove it after bulldozing all instances of this plugin. Compatibility: This plugin should be compatible with all versions of SimCity 4. If not, please notify me. Contact: In case you have discovered a bug, please write me a private message on Simtropolis Exchange or leave a post on the thread where you have downloaded this plugin.
  6. Final report

    Exerpt from the "About this city journal" tab: ####################### Dear successor, For the past 10 years I have been the Mayor of this wonderful small city; the city's population more than tripled, oil industries were swapped for tourism, and fossil fuels were replaced by renewable clean energy. The railroad network was greatly extended and the Ramora Bay University of Applied Sciences (RBUAS) was succesfully established. Now it's time for me to leave office and hand over the responsibility of managing Ramora Bay to the next generation, to you. We have achieved a lot and I am eternally gratefull to our citizens for their trust in me. This will be my final report and I would like to share the lessons that I have learned and the insights I have gained with you, and highlight some important issues that will have to be taken care of in the coming decades. ##################################################################### Are you the next mayor of Ramora Bay? Check out the job requirements on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700840293 ##################################################################### Final Report 1) Infrastructure & Industry 1a#The city as seen from Highway Four. Ramora Bay is situated at the end of Highway Four, which terminates in the middle of the city. The first interchange can be found immediately after the city border; this is primarily an industrial access interchange and provides out-bound connections exclusivly. 1b#Three Highway interchanges. This interchange could potentially be expanded to service freight transport into the city as well, especially if new industrial estates are developed on the abbandoned mining sites to the west of this interchange. At the same time this would improve industrial access to commerce in the western part of the city. 1c#View from the elevated roundabout interchange. The second interchange has long been the only one in the city, and used to be very busy untill the industrial interchange was built. It was upgraded to an elevated roundabout soon after I entered office. Presently it is mainly used by residents in the south-eastern part of the city and the lumber industy on the western border of the city. The main avenue flowing south from this elevated roundabout interchange was only recently upgraded to 6 lanes to deal with increased traffic volumes. The new situation still has to be evaluated and dealt with if the situation does not improve. 1d#West-bound avenue. 1e#Southeast-bound avenue. 1f#Traffic on the upgraded 6-lane avenue heading southeast. The third and final highway interchange provides direct access to the new city core and the university. It terminates in a large roundabout to reduce vehicle speeds and is mainly used by residents. 1g# Highway Four terminating in a large roundabout. The rail retwork has been greatly expanded; 1h# Railroad overview. the external south-east and west connections were connected, and the network provide access to three freight stations and one passenger station. One freight station is primarily used by the lumber industry and another by the high-tech robotics industry that was spun off from research conducted at the RBUAS. 1hi#Lumber Industry and freight station. The third freight station exclusively serviced the ore-mining industry to the north of the city, that had been established at Ramora Bay since it foundation. It brought the city great wealth and provided it with the neccesary resources to build up its tech industries. At present however, the economically viable ore pockets have been exhausted and pockets further up the mountains have yet to attract favorable investors. The station is occasionally used to transport supporters to the sport-stadium that can be found next to it. 1i# Freight station servicing tech-industry. The external rail connection is partially disconnected from the railroad going through the center of the city; the split on the west side of city is not functional towards the south so as to not allow any external traffic passing through the city center, but forcing it to take the longer route passing north of the city between the first and second highway interchange. 1j# On top: internal and external passenger-stations. The inner-city railroad is connected to 5 passenger stations connecting (from west to east): a buisness park and the lumber industry, the expo-center, Downtown, the university and leisure district, government buildings and exernal passenger rail station. 1k# Downtown passenger station servicing the blue and green lines. The network is very well used by locals and to alleviate pressure on the rail-lines (and to connect further areas of the city through public transport), permissions have been granted to develop a bus- or metro-network. 1l# Busy 1st class coupons of a passenger train. Throughout the city there are also numerous hiking paths, promenades and pedestrian bridges improving connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists. 1m#Hiking path. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) Demography & Urbanization 2a#Highrises and Tenements have sprung up throughout the city. The city has seen a strong growth in population over the past years, tripling in just under a decade. While education and public services such as healthcare, have kept up, deathcare was neglected, resulting in a so called "dead-wave" around christmas 2024. Unfortunately not much could be done during my last two years and keeping strong immigration is adviced to increase the number of working-age adults and lower the current percentage of seniors (22,4 %). 2b#Statistical data on the "dead-wave" phenomenon To promote the health of our citizens, numerous parks and walking trails have been established throughout the city and cycling is encouraged. 2c#Pedestrian Bridge crossing the passenger railroad. Public transport is free for citizens to in order to reduce the traffic volumes and improve air quality. The university also houses a medical center on its extensive campus and provides large areas of greenspace that could potentially be transformed into sport-parks. 2d#RBUAS campus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3) Energy 3a#Going green. To improve its reputation as a tourist destination and a worldwide leader in sustainability, the exploitation of oil pockets near the coast was discontinued: the environmental risk of an oil spill, which would have devastated the weak tourism sector, and the low market price of oil rendered further investments unfeasible. 3b#Incinerators as back-up/baseline power supply. Anno 2026, the city is able to draw up to 100% of its energy and heat from renewable sources; the solar power plant near the stadium and the wind turbines on its western border provide during sunny/windy hours, and during night/windless hours, incinerators throughout the city burn garbage that cannot be recycled and leftover biomass from the lumber sector. 3c#High tech housing reducing the carbon footprint of they city. Various (costly) edicts are in place to improve energy & water efficiency, and reduce garbage production. If the treasury is running low these could temporarily be retracted since they consume up to 33% (!) of the cities expenses. 3d#City policies. 3e#Edicts consuming up to 33% of the city's annual expenses. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4) Tourism 4a#Blue Heaven Although a lot has been invested, the tourism sector is still in its infancy. Promenades along the beaches and Hotels along the shorelines have been constructed. In addition the city has invested a lot in tourist attractions such as the Colossal Orders building, the Museum of Modern Art and the characteristic tower of High Interest, which dominates the city's skyline when seen from the ocean. Leisure activities have sprung up in close vicinity to the beaches and taxi's transport tourists from the intercity-station to tourist destinations. 4b#Promenades along the beaches. 4c#High Interest Tower dominating the shoreline. 4d#Public transport connecting Leisure Buildings Nevertheless it seems that most attractions are mainly used by locals who are responsible for over 99% of the sectors revenue. A wisely placed airport with good connections to the leisure districts might improve the situation... 4e# Plenty of room to build. ####################### Are you the next mayor of Ramora Bay? Check out the job requirements on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700840293 Good luck & enjoy!!!
  7. Greetings Mayors!

    Good Evening Mayors! Portuguese guy from Algarve, south of the Country. I'm looking forward to improve much more my City Management with your help and Tips! I've always been SimCity fan since the first one on NES! Played that one and got hooked right away! Then, since I didn't have a pc by then, I only got to play SimCity 4 and now SimCity 5 and can't wait for a New One!! Thank You and Good Game!
  8. Mayor's Suburban

    Version 1.0.0


    Ah, fame and fortune! One of the most sought after lifestyles on earth. And holding the title of Mayor provides a great stepping stone to it. But even the very best have their limits in taste- I mean, who rides in limosines anymore? Constantly needing to avoid wide turns and getting stuck on shallow inclines alone have prompted the elite to transfer to a more sensible means of transportation. The Chevrolet Suburban provides a touch of class all the while providing ample room for more of your friends and fans. About the upload: This file is a replacement for the Maxis Mayor's Limosine. The vehicle is a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban and is drivable once the Mayor's House is constructed in your city. Dependencies? None required.
  9. Okay, I'm a System's Analyst but I've but I've never worked on games, only business software. I'm thinking about an idea for my first mod and I wanted to run it by you all and see what you thought and if you had any advice. I'm starting from scratch here. Here's the idea: When things are going slowly in the city, I, as the mayor, could take a driving tour of the city in my own limousine. (An additional cool feature that would probably be more difficult to do as a mod would be to have people yell stuff at me. "Hey Mayor" or "Great Job Mayor" or "What are you doing about crime?" based on how the city's doing. I don't do voices though.) I thought about how the driving part would be done as a mod and I thought the bus lines would be perfect. I don't want to drive the limousine, I want it to drive me. So to mod the game, I'm thinking you would need like a special bus line that only runs when I tell it to. It would only have one bus on the line and it would be a limousine instead of a bus. You could call it the mayor's tour line. Then, in the game, I could set up the mayors tour line just as I would a bus line and then whenever I wanted to, let it run and hook on to the limo with the follow function (and first person cam mod if desired). What do you think? Could it be done? Should it be done?
  10. Morning Show

    Underground ramps helped to relieve the left turns and lineup to get onto the motorway... It does get busy! And the asset interchange made for Foggy Heights (the u-turn was taken out and made farther down from the outside under and reattached outside). The idea was to get traffic off on a exit before letting new travelers on. The modified underground Autobahn interchange at Ashton. Now one cause for the crisis of, "Not Enough buyers" was the Castle Condo which started after the rail cargo harbor was demolished (for lack of use). The demolishing may have started the crisis and coupled with the mass influx of new J. Garnerians forced a snowball down a mountain. We really should have waited for the impact study before demolishing, but the bulldozers were already there! Least I forget, the modified Franklin access to the rail cargo terminal... Notice the Carey Loftin look-a-likes? I'm told our luncheon is cancelled! I was so much wanting to get those Buffalo Wild Wings... just have to wait. Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo
  11. Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

    A short update here from your Acting Mayor Haylo Stachoo about some changes and some direction from the populace. First, we have moved our Regional Airport which coincides nicely with the new area called, “Fun ’n Sun Spot.” We have Motorway, Metro and the Regional Airport to service this happy land which is enjoying a tax-free introduction. We hope visitors and tourists will flock and play! The area vacated by the Regional Airport gave the green light for the International Airport, as, it was the only option available. The tax burden reduced our overall receipts and we have made some road adjustments within the industrial areas to maximize the tax benefits while still providing excellent coverage from Police and Fire. Everyone is excited at the PENTAGON intersection serving Foggy Height’s and Barlow Oil to Ashland and Briarwood’s Woods. Also, the underground highway serving the Commercial and Industrial at Ashland and Briarwood’s Woods to Franklin Extractors made Residential snarls a thing of the past. The original “T” intersection that gave Briarwood’s Woods it’s start has gone through four rebuilds and after our returning city planner has his say we may be upgrading to a turbine intersection to handle the increasing needs of our citizens. One very important point I must make is the overwhelming desire of our citizens to not let J. Garner become a high-rise nightmare. While we do have high-rise buildings appearing our roads would need to be substantially expanded and services geared for those changes. This is contrary to the founding spirit which lives ingrained in our populace. We do appreciate CTNX for settling and employing so many of our Home Schooled graduates. Just in time too as the DDos attack was making life miserable. Foggy Height’s eyes a potential industrial expansion into the ore rich hills near our International Airport. This expansion would contradict the desire for a limited growth, but would bring the budget up to finance public projects. My door is still “open” even though I have hung a Shirley Temple shower curtain (a gift from Captain January) so, stop by and drop your two-cents in. We mean it, we need the cash!
  12. Westwood?! Name the city! Comment below!
  13. City Hall

    Version 1.0


    A modern city hall with a parvis in front of it. Once installed, you can find it in the Monuments (category IV or V, I don't remember) under the name "Hôtel de Ville" (in French).
  14. Hi I'm looking for other active people who are willing to join me alongside in an active region where without much restrictions really. I prefer that you don't intentionally screw things up but other than that I'm really just looking for fellow mayors whom want to save themselves the loneliness of many and more regions where people constantly abandon their cities and you have none to talk to. I'm willing to cooperate in order to create a joint system if that's what you may be into. I prefer to play on North America East 2. If you have any other servers in mind contact me with them. Origin id: RavenOakwood Chat room: Ravens Pub (in origin) I would prefer if you added me on origin and/or joined the chat channel as active as I am on origin I'm relatively new around here but regardless do give me a heads up if interested.
  15. I'm playing on Europe west 6 and looking for serious players for my private region. I have plenty of money to give to start you off directly Please add me to join: Freighter-001
  16. Hi guys my name is Matty. I am British and play SimCity like, all the time. Please add me "mattygaga2014" to Origin if you have SimCity CoT pack and want to start a flourishing active region. Thanks
  17. Main Showcase

    I first playing Simcity 4 years ago, after enjoying the wonders of Simcity 3000. My first cities were merely slum lands with little aesthetic value. After viewing Youtube tutorials I progressively got better and eventually was able to build my first stable city. After a bunch of decent save games I began to get bored/frustrated with the game and left. I lost the disc soon afterwards. -------------------- Fast forward to 2014, and I bought the game once-more. After sprucing up the Big City tutorial, I began work on a city just to delve back into the game. Because I was returning, I named it "Regresado City" (regresar = return in Spanish). It had a rough start but eventually gentrified into a beautiful metropolis, full of high wealth skyscrapers. Here's a series of pictures. This is the full regional picture of the city. As you can see, it's a skyscraper concrete jungle flanked by huge industrial districts and residential suburbs. Because working with the current landscape would be difficult I opted for the easy flatlands. I don't believe in demand mods so I had to build the auxiliary cities to supply CO$$$ demand. This is a picture of the city center itself. I mainly used the Chicago 1890 set (it has many great buildings) although I switched to other tilesets at times because I wanted some buildings out of them. It's a mix of residential and commercial zones, with no particular organization other than the tried-and-true grid. This shot contains one of my favorite skyscrapers, based off of the Commerzbank in Germany. It's part of the Euro tileset. The skyscrapers in the city aren't condensed in one place but distributed throughout. This is a twin coupling of one of my other favorite skyscrapers, Pedriana Pharmaceuticals from the Chicago tileset. It's one of the hardest buildings to get but a satisfying one once you have it. It's based off of the Nelson Tower in New York City. This is a portion of the high-end district of the city, with the glaring lights of the rich people condos from the Houston tileset. These are also fairly hard to get, especially the one with the blue lights. Interestingly, Ong Condos (also one of my favorite buildings) is based of a building in Australia. The city is fairly stable, and shall stay that way as it cannot grow any bigger. I'm starting to experience problems in the auxiliary cities that have led to strange demand phenomenon (one time I went into Regresado City and saw that my CO$$$ demand was rock bottom for some reason. I hastily removed low-rise office buildings in fear that my precious skyscrapers would be abandoned). It's held together by a poorly crafted bus and subway system, and whatever passive effects the NAM mod has on traffic and capacities. I plan to start another city soon, with better planning so that the CO$$$ isn't distributed so much but rather concentration in a complex of towering skyscrapers. I plan to use NAM more extensively, to have a more varied landscape with rivers, and to incorporate more of those fancy custom buildings (although with the right combinations the vanilla tilesets are sufficient in creating a diverse skyline).
  18. RT Covered Wagons as MMPs

    Version 1.00


    This is a set of 6 styles of covered wagons as mayor mode ploppables with both orthogonal and diagonal orientations for each, adding up to a grand total of 12 ploppables. There is also a blank prop at the end of the click wheel to make mistakes easier to correct. This set uses the excellent wagon props made by Ripptide, one of my favorite prop makers. I may release more props from his sets and others that I like as MMPs in the future. Installation To install this pack, simply copy all of the files in the package except the readme into your plugins folder. This package consists of a single .dat file, and thus the installation cannot be customized. If you do not know the general procedure for installing plugins, see this tutorial. Disclaimer I am not responsible for any harm resulting from the use of this file. Please report any errors you find in the comments section and I will try to address them. These MMPs were created by me, 2b2bgi, and you may not upload them anywhere or redistribute them in any way without permission. Credits Special thanks to RepublicMaster for checking these files for me. Dependencies BSC Mega Props RT Volume 1
  19. I am off to a great start and looking for people to join my region. (NOT sandbox). I have a lvl 5 city hall and have all utilities running smooth with 140k population and growing fast. Leave a message here or add me in game. I will be at work today but will check in over lunch and be playing when I get off tonight.
  20. Hey everyone, This is my 3rd region so far so I have some experience, but I've been playing by myself which is no fun. My Origin name is Jade_Cim, feel free to add me or send me a message so I can invite you to my region. I'm also open to joining other regions as well. *Please note this is not sandbox mode, so we can participate in challenges and earn badges etc.
  21. Hi everyone. I have started a new region in the Antarctica server. 14 cities are left to be claimed. I was hoping if anyone would be interested to join. You can add me using my Origin ID: sibinayagam13 or search NG Land. You can also leave your id below so I can send you an invite. Cheers.
  22. GnL_Industrial MMP set 1



    EBLTeam proudly presents, Industrial MMP set 1 by Gn_Leugim Want to give some more life to your industrial districts? Now you can, thanks to these simple and easy to use MMP's. There are 6 items included in this first set, and each have the same item repeated 3 or 4 times, so you have a chance to get the right rotation. In the end, there is a invisible item to finish up the chain. These props are not made by me (credits to its creators) and you will need the following dependencies: BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol07 You probably have all of them. Installation Auto Installation: Double-click the installer file to start the installation. The program will guide you through the process. You can change the default installation path, but I strongly suggest to keep the standard folder in order to make future updates and additions easier MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. Un-Installing: To un-install the files, simply bulldoze every lot from this download in your cities and delete the files from the plugins folder afterwards. Any questions or doubts feel free to ask. Merry Christmas to you all
  23. Cityquest

    Explain? There is also a mirror suggestion thread on another site. So do not be alarmed if you see a suggestion get picked that has not been suggested here. It begins. You the mayor have recently inherited your great grandpas land. He owned a large amount of land and the State government has granted you $1'000'000 to start a town. The area is good farmland and has scenic views of a snow-capped mountain range. It is 194km from the nearest coast and as such landlocked. You move into your grandpas old house It is a quaint little place with a windmill and a small diesel generator by the side. The generator would sustain a very small population. You will need to find an alternate source for water and electricity soon. In the south of this region is the Interstate. (about a two kilometers) It is not very busy today, as you can see. The small house there belongs to the great postie pat. Named so because his post office serves a larger area than any other, he truly is the greatest postie. This also serves as a very limited store with mostly knick knacks and high powered torches. Things that lost tourists and your late grandpa loved. Before you do anything at all, you will need a name for your city to be. >: what is your city called?
  24. PEG Mayor Tribute



    It IS all about YOU and here's the friggin' statue to prove it. Why wait until you deserve such an honor when you can plop n' drop this ego booster now. The official KUTM Society (Kiss Up To the Mayor) has collected the building costs using their controversial yet highly effective 'strong-arm' donation techniques so the initial cost to you is virtually nil, nada... zip! Such a deal... Oh sure, its gonna cost a bit to maintain, but what doesn't in this day and age. So go ahead... indulge yourself... and allow your huddled masses to marvel upon the beauty, the craftsmanship, and the massive amount of pigeon poop that has accumulated upon your bronzed personage. Of course, the statue comes in two flavors, Male & Female... (don't go there)... and only one can be installed at a time. You can't breed them... so just the one if you don't mind. ** This lot includes custom textures, custom query & sound effect... and a new custom translucent query window. ** The lot is Transit Enabled to allow pedestrians to travel through any part of the lot/plaza area, not just the parking area. The parking lot will connect to your traffic network and you will see vehicles drive in and out of it. But the parking area will not be used as a short cut by commuters. No dependencies **This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users. These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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