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  1. Hi everyone, just as the title says, I've been playing cities skylines for a while now and SimCity 4 for a long time, but should I consider buying this version now after all this time?
  2. Ok, I have been trying to get mods to go into my SimCity Data folder, but they will not work. I have the SimCity Cities Of Tomorrow Expansion Pack. I have tried the Mods from Simtropolis. What am I doing wrong or isn't this program compatible with Mods? Please Help! I am a long time player of SimCity and would like to update the game with newer building, railroads, roads and much more. thanks Jim
  3. Hello Simmers! I'm new here. I would really like to get a hold of SimCity's houses meshes, but it is hard to find them using SimCityPak. I was wondering if you guys knew an easier way to find them? I'm looking at the RW4 files , but as I click on each one the program tends to crash on me. If you guys know an easier way to find the houses or maybe someone uploaded the meshes, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  4. Citysim Conference

    Hello, We have ideas for city simulation games but we don't have places to discuss and show off aside from forums. While this is working well, it can slows down consensus-based decision making. For instance, the SimCity 4's plugin redistribution problems remain unfixed completely due to lack of proper consensus among file exchanges. These problems are preventing the bigger challenges to be solved including the heavily-discussed better plugin downloading system. The Citysim Conference attempts to making the ideas into reality by grouping citysim community figures (game makers, modders etc) into one physical places. This year's Citysim Conf addresses open-source city simulators and SC4's plugin redistribution and downloading systems. For the place, we want to be accessible by everyone, especially Asian figures (who accounts for awesome mods). This will be decided by consensus. The time for the conf is around May 15, 2018. For who are asking for logo, preparations and other media, we want the figures who competent in the field to make it well (logo can be made by @Ganaram Inukshuk etc). Share your own replies (opinions included). Replies are respected. Thank you for your attention.
  5. Hi, I am looking for current SimCity 2013 active player! I’m a semi good at the game- I like new challenges- super good at trading maximizing. Creating utopia and other stuff (plus COT dlc) uhm, I play SimCity almost everyday since 2015 to 2018. for now I do online 20hour per week. Sometimes 6h in a day (so we can enjoy a long game together) add me up Origin; PenFoxji (reply with your name and I’ll add you too!)
  6. Siculia 2077 (Spin-off)

    Note This city journal should not be considered canonical. Note:For a better view of the content we recommend to perform the following music Siculia year 2077 After the Third World War between Usa, North Korea, Illium and Poemia involving other nations, while some like Siculia, Santa Catarina and Teiko remained neutral, increasing their technological progress. With the discovery of new metals and industrial processes it was possible to pave the way for the colonization of space and the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Sprawling cities upwards New planes and spacecraft Increasingly faster construction processes Suspended Bridges connecting Megatowers Holograms for maximize sales City more and more vertically. It doesn't matter if this city doesn't sleep at night and.... No matter if this world remembers the future dreamed in the people of the 1980... ... But the current world is different from that of 2017, a world full of dangers and opportunities in this now world of cyberpunk. Note:Each reference is purely random With this closes the 20 minutes in the future of Siculia. If you want to find out more about this story come and find out here
  7. hi all i wanted to ask if someone is maybe willing to look into posting a new mod for SimCity 2013? i would love to see omega factory cheat and robots cheats that the building capicitys are increased and they dont run out of rrobots... i find it a pain to produce them and sadly not all mods work properly.... also i woulld love you if you ccould mod a park and greatly extend the range that it "modernizes" the streets and houses to a full map if placed in the middle.... i would be glad to see all roads modern without so much parks takking up needed space..... :)] thank and happy playing!
  8. So just recently I got back into SimCity, and knowing much more than when I last played it, in 2015, I can tell that there are major bugs that affect gameplay quite a bit. I don't know if there is work on a big community patch making the game more playable, as it currently is really frustrating if you want to build a successful city/region. These are issues that occured to me while playing the last 5 days: I built the arcology and only about 10% of the promised workers and customers are actually commuting Citizens are abandoning their houses because they need a job, when in their whealth therer are about 1,000 free jobs Continuous sound of planes flying by, wich can be annoying Trams getting stuck on the street Students not attending the universty, when the traffic is low and there are bus stops everywhere Resources not being delivered to the great work, when applying for it Techleven not increasing even when the university is placed directly next to it Just these bugs make the game really hard to love, so I hope that there are modders out ther interested in working on a fix.
  9. There is a problem in the vote Everywhere shows the mountainous problem What should I do ..?
  10. HELLO ALL There is such a nuisance in the vote, things like rocks are coming out, I have not done what I have done, there are those who have encountered such an error.
  11. Can anyone help me with the link of Project Akar UI Enhancement base file for low resolution please? Need it badly.
  12. For those who haven't heard yet, Apple announced at this year's Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) that it was going to be phasing out support for 32-bit applications for macOS in 2018. The main points of the announcement are as follows: Beginning January 2018, no new 32-bit applications will be allowed on the Mac App Store. Beginning June 2018, all apps on the Mac App Store must have 64-bit support. macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit applications "without compromise". As SimCity 4 is a 32-bit application, and it is very, very unlikely that Aspyr would invest in conversion to 64-bit (it would require a complete re-work of the original source code from EA), this would appear to put the future of the Mac port of the game in doubt, particularly once macOS 10.14 is released. Since EA also built SC2013 as a 32-bit application, it would also be subject to the same. If so, this is a pretty huge blow on Apple's part, and even more damaging to SC4's Mac userbase than Microsoft's changes were for Windows users. -Tarkus
  13. I'd like to know if Ferry Terminals could be used as a means of transportation within the city itself.
  14. ~⛥ ~ Private Region ~⛥~ DLC: Cities of Tomorrow Server: North America East 1 Region Type: Viridian Woods Region Name: Fantasia Origin ID: HelloKittyZOMG Hopefully this region will end up lasting a good while with lots of active players. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Region Rules: 1. If you add me as a friend, don't add me and then bail out on me later. 2. Please only claim 1-2 Cities. Leave room for other people who would like to join. 3. Be active, friendly, and sociable like I am. 4. Don't make a City and then abandon it to make another because you messed up. If you mess up just ask for help. 5. Everyone is welcome to join! let's build a wonderful and fun region!!!
  15. ~⛥ ~ Private Region ~⛥~ DLC: Cities of Tomorrow Server: North America East 1 Region Type: Viridian Woods Region Name: Fantasia Origin ID: HelloKittyZOMG Hopefully this region will end up lasting a good while with lots of active players. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Region Rules: 1. If you add me as a friend, don't add me and then bail out on me later. 2. Please only claim 1-2 Cities. Leave room for other people who would like to join. 3. Be active, friendly, and sociable like I am. 4. Don't make a City and then abandon it to make another because you messed up. If you mess up just ask for help. 5. Everyone is welcome to join! let's build a wonderful and fun region!!!
  16. Okay so anytime I build up a new city I'd have plenty of public transportation (street cars, busses...), schools (with enough busses and stops), a clinic, hospital (with enough waiting rooms), small and large firestation with enough trucks, a police precinct with plenty of empty jail cells and patrol cars, enough water, electric, a large sewage system working just fine, enough jobs available, shops and parks to go to and people STILL complain "we're miserable!!!!", "people are dying all around us", and "it's been fun but we're moving out!!" then abandon my city! No matter what I do, people STILL complain and move out! Even lowering taxes didn't help! Are people just snobs, is this a bug, or is the game doing this on purpose to get me to go broke and start a new city? I've run out of options! I can't even build megatowers because of the amount of grouchy sims I apparently keep attracting!
  17. So, I'm having a problem with several of my residential buildings going abandoned for no reason. I demolish them, they get rebuilt, new sims move in and are happy, then about 5 mins later they say something like "it was fun but we're moving out!!" and not give an actual reason as to why. Did I do something wrong?
  18. Re-arranging the order of appearance. @Tarkus mentioned in the Folders Discussion " Also, consider the absurdity of wanting to make the SC4 community more like the SC2013 community (which is basically dead, and has been for a couple years now)." It's high time to reorder the appearance of the different forums: it should be 1st., SC4, 2nd., Skylines and 3rd., SC2013, me thinks. After all, SC4 is the main forum, all others, and I mean ALL, come second by along shot. Why, just convenience in surfing around. I for one, I never go to SC2013, and just once to Skylines. So it's a bit of a drag to scroll down, and down, and... just to get to where I want to go. In fact, from my experience, SC3000 should be promoted to second place, but that's my personal preferences. Anyway this rant should give an idea.
  19. This be a pol But I don't know how to that. Ain't it a good idea? Lots of feedback, if you ask me...
  20. SimCity Version Graphics

    From the album Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor

    1. SimCity,1989 2. SimCity 2000, 1993 3. SimCity 3000, 1999 4. SimCity 4, 2003 5. SimCity, 2013
  21. Server North America West 1's multiplayer is currently not working for me and would like to know whether this is also affecting other people and possibly other servers, as well as if people actually take care of these servers anymore when they do encounter problems? Thanks!
  22. I remember that i wanted to play this game for 6 years on my childhood, once i buyed it, i didnt play it for 3 years and today i will play it again. But i dont see new Updates and even the most of the servers are with no players and support or dead. Is this game dead?
  23. I'm going to start this by saying that I am probably the wrong personality type to play this game. Like as not, I'm expecting too much; I sincerely doubt it. Here's the situation -- I am running a game with the "Serenity Key" terrain. I am in Sandbox mode. The only mods I have in play are for extra MegaTowers. When I play, I use the cheats to turn off (in this order): -Sewer -Fire -Medical -Garbage -ControlNet Req's -Crime I haven't had to use the rest, as yet. Given the fact that none of the bloody cheats STAY ON, I really don't want to. Seriously; less than two minutes after I use the cheats, the issues act like they have not been turned off/were re-enabled. DAFUQ?!?!?! Also, I try to solve the problems of the sims, by following the advice, only to have that be completely worthless. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but I don't understand how the game can give you advice to build more high-wealth levels for a MegaTower, only to disregard the fact that you build a MT that is ALL high wealth. So, could someone PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS JODIDO MIERDA TO ME?!?!?! 'Cause, I'll be honest; right now, I wanna find the devs for this game, and pull a killer gorilla...
  24. Hey, I just started playing SimCity a few days ago, but I've gotten quite good at it (I think). But I just keep running into a big common problem; people keep leaving the regions just after they build a few roads, occasionally I get some players that stay on for a day or so but in the end they leave and never comeback. Anyways...i'm playing in the North America West 3 server (which I chose since I live in America). I'd prefer for us to play on this server as im already on it but im open to any suggestions regarding the server we play on. My requirements are: Stay constantly active (i'll be active most of the time anyways as I really love playing this game) Be good enough to have a functional city(no need to be an expert as im not an expert either but im good) I speak English only (So please only English) If someone asks a question regarding the game please do respond. Feel free to respond to any question relating to things other than the game. (I'm easy to speak to so it'll be awesome) Optional requirements: If you consider to be or are an expert please do join and share your expertise on the chat Stay active on the chat If you prefer Skype just ask for my Skype name on the chat when we play Other than that my origin name is BeefStu101 (no its not a typo ) Please do post your origin name if you want join my little group (currently consisting of myself ) We'll play in a private non - sandbox mode, Ill select the region we play in according to how many of you respond (maximum would be 16 as viridian woods has 16 cities I think). Any suggestions just post
  25. Hey! I am currently preparing a research paper, as a French student in political science and urban planning, on the representation of cities in video games. More specifically, the purpose of this study is to understand how players perceive and picture a city by building it in city builder games, especially SimCity 5 and Cities: Skylines which I will use for this research. The raw material I need are screenshots from the game depicting your city in either of them; you can send one to ville.et.jeuvideo@gmail.com, preferably when you think your city is “done” (but feel free to add any other screenshots of your city’s intermediate stages!), while specifying which configuration you chose (which map, which game mode – classic or sandbox -, …). If you are going to send several screenshots, please specify in your email which city you are going to mention next. Thus, if you are considering building a new city on one of these two games or if you are in the process of building or have done building, sending these screenshots will allow me to analyze differences or patterns in the cities built by players for instance. Moving on, I invite you to respond to a questionnaire (that you can find here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScsHaBYohZ6jQ4QRvjwaTZ7vhVQNpOHVebfbqFBopSxut46hw/viewform?usp=sf_link), based on the screenshot(s) sent previously so that you take your analysis to the next level. If you’d also be interested in an interview on Skype, or in answering more detailed questions through email, just let me know! Feel free to add any other information that you might consider relevant, in addition to this form, to my email address (ville.et.jeuvideo@gmail.com). If you want to have some feedback, let me know as well. Thank you for your time

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