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Found 57 results

  1. Hello everybody, it´s been awhile since my last upload but here comes a new one: In this series I am attempting to recreate the shores of Lake Victoria in central Africa. The map is going to feature one large town which is surrounded by farmland and rainforest. Please let me know what you think of it!
  2. I I I

    Hello everyone, The video is finally coming out, it's different from the others I've done so far. It is oriented rather political in general than on the game itself and you will understand it quickly by viewing it. If it took so long for it to come out, it's because I hesitated for a long time before deciding, because the video presents ideologies different from the norm and the media "main stream". I can understand the disagreement about people's opinions, but please remain respectful in the commentary space. I am open to all discussions as long as it is constructive. Good viewing! Images used in the video:
  3. Multimedia embeding ! Multimedia like video and sound makes a webpage more lifely and introduce the viewer to the world of a City Journal creator favorite multimedia landscape. What page element are necesary to do so ? Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  4. Evolution

    Hello everyone, It has been a long time since I came on the forums, tonight I come back with a new video... A video a bit special, it's the first time I spend so much time to achieve one. It took me more or less two weeks, during all my evenings to lay this video, there are more than eight hours of films that had to be sorted and compressed. But the biggest particularity of this video is that it appeals to 21 other people than me, without whom, I could never make this video as we know it today! I want to thank everyone who took some of their time to make the video! Good viewing! Thanks for the comment! I did not invent any MMPs, all come from different mods. For the lots it's almost the same thing, I just used existing BATs in the LE. Thank you for your sharing! Thank you very much, it makes me very happy to have worked with you! I'm glad you're happy! Thank you very much Michael, I'm glad I worked with you too! Thank you! Thank you very much GoKingsGo! Thank you very much! Thank you very much korver! Thank you! Thank you very much, music plays an important role too! Well, thank you very much! For the textures of roads and streets, this is part of my work SNT: Textures are not available at the moment. The project should be realized in a few months! Thank you Krasner, glad you like it! Thank you very much for the comment! There is no problem, the resolution also goes as it is now! Thank you! Thank you very much for your comment and your participation, I am very happy! Well, thank you very much for all your kind words! It is true that I do not always have a lot of time to work on SC4, but I always try to find a moment to do what I like.
  5. Video restart episode 1

    After some experiments with mmp and overhanging stuff and plopping residentials (and yes they don't get delapidated , but there's a trick to it) i've decided to finaly start my video CJ, and i'll try to upload stuff every day if possible. @namiko - thank you, it will be rebuild even more good looking @kelistmac - thank you And here it is : Episode 1 :cheers:
  6. Deforestation

    Hello everyone, I have not posted anything more than a month. So I come up with a new YouTube video that this time is not a tutorial plus an experience of changing deforestation. I hope that this new concept will please you, if it works well I will do some times in the same genre. Good viewing! Thank you. I did not want to take a close look at deforestation for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a close-up would have asked for more details and therefore more time. The second reason, with a bigger zoom on deforestation is less impressive: if one takes the first and last image of deforestation there is a clear difference. The goal of the first part of the video is not to do anything incredibly detailed with the MMP, but simply to see "live" deforstation. Thank you, I'm glad to see that the video passes a good message. I already thought about doing Africa, but it will not be for now, but it will come! Thank you Michael! Thank you for your kind words! On the other hand, there are also trees near me that have been cut down, it dramatically changes the landscape and makes it uglier. Less and less trees for more concretes, unfortunately. Contact with nature is soon lost. Thank you very much RandyE. Thank you! Merci! Your message affects me a lot, I'm glad to hear these words, thank you again! Thanks to you for the comment.
  7. River Town

    Here's my first city in Cities: Skylines, River Town. It's more of an experimental city to get a grasp of what the game can do, so I don't have a definite plan. My first video is just me working on a highway interchange and setting up the basics of the city. The next video will certainly have a lot more going on. River Town: Episode 1
  8. Tutorial : Create a pond

    Hello everyone, For a moment I did not return to the forums because I had quite a lot to do. So to come back nicely I decided to make a video before continuing my Dahammas area. It is a video related to the creation of a pond, I hope you like it! Water : STEX - Paeng's Free Waters Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 STEX - VIP RuralPack Vegetation : LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe daisy LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks LEX - BSC - VIP girafe poppies LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis LEX - RRP Pasture Flora Various : LEX - Mayor Mode Ploppable Livestock LEX - SFBT Craftsmen House by voltaic STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP It's a bit like a habit, and even if there's a mistake you have to keep going because the video is spinning and I can not do too much time. Despite that, we do not see it, but I sometimes have moments of hesitation during the video. Thank you for your comment! Thank you very much raynev1! Thank to you! Seeing elsewhere is always interesting even when one is able to do the same.
  9. Jaruna Islands [part 2/2]

    Hello, today I'm going to show You second and the last part of update from Jaruna Islands. There's no photoshop, all shots were taken during weather effects developed by JENX. And please don't miss the end! 1. 2. 3. Summer time on Jaruna Islands lasts only one month. Most part of the year is rainy and snowy. Here some autumn shots. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. And now... winter is coming! Brrrr.... 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Finally, a special GIFT for all of You, check it!
  10. Tutorial : create a road

    Hello everybody, Today I post a video tutorial on the roads. often compliment me about my road (MMP) and ask how to do it well. I hope that it will meet the expectations of some people. I wish you a good viewing! See you soon for future new updates will happen soon! Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 Road : LEX - RRP Draggable Paths ChrisAdamas3997 STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - VIP Carpack vol1 STEX - VIP Carpack vol2 STEX - VIP Carpack vol3 Vegetation : LEX - RRP Pasture Flora LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe maples v2 LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks Various : LEX - Les Murets de l'Aubrac Orange TSC STEX - Bikes STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP STEX - VIP RuralPack Thank you! Excuse me. I put the links of all MMPs used in this video. Thank you! Thank you! What is ASAP? Thank you for your comment! The speed of the video is x2.05. So I had about 20 minutes IRL to create this scene. Thank you Silur! Thank you for your nice comment! It takes a little practice at first to build straight roads. But one learns quickly! Thank you TekindusT! Thank you for your comment! Anything is possible with SC4! We learn new things every day, me too! Thank you. MMP routes have advantages, but also disadvantages. Everything depends on the context of their use. Thank you from the comment, I am glad that this is useful.
  11. Tutorial : create a river 2

    Hello everyone, Tonight a short 13-minute video to show the construction of a river. I made this video because the previous one was too accelerated. There is nothing new, the video will seem just slower! Good viewing! Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 2 STEX - Paeng's Free Waters STEX - Rock 'n' Stones Vegetation : LEX - BSC - VIP girafe berries LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe honey locust LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe rowan trees LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis LEX - RRP Pasture Flora STEX - Logging Set STEX - Aesculus MMPSeasonal flora STEX - VIP orange Fagus MMPSeasonal flora Water : STEX - RFR Plopwater Pack Various : STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - RFR Deers and Wild Boars Thank you for your comment! The grass that I use is a personal mod Girafe manufactured for me, I talk to him can be shared. The titles of the tracks are available in al description of the video on YouTube! - 00:00 BrunuhVille - Winterwolf - 05:26 Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Jag Är Fri (Manne Leam Frijje) - 08:30 Omnia - I Don't Speak Human For trees is this mod: Logging Set , in the rocks are main these: Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 , Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 2 and Rock 'n' Stones . Thanks you Hellken! Thank you for your comment! ^^ Tkanks you CorinaMarie! Thank you very much, glad you like it! Here is the link if you want to download my Plugins folder: link removed You're welcome! All mods are in French, I translated everything, remade all the descriptions and all images of the lots. Everything is sorted by category. The folder 1.2. not translated yet and there is still a lot of new image. I will soon (that is why it is written "à faire" EN: "to do"). The NAM folder (3.1.) Is not touch in order to leave intact for the reading direction of folders inside of it. Folder 3.2. about the airport is not changed either. Because it contains a lot of items and they are never used much. The RCI areas (4.1. / 4.2. / 4.3. / 4.4.) Are sorted by type and wealth. Then the 5.1. and 5.2. files. are dependencies and mods that affect the gameplay. The lots that are modified are those that can "plopper". As for the police buildings, fire, schools, monuments, etc ... The other lots ("growable") are not changed. Warning: If you would like to use all my plugins folder as is, you must imperatively keep the order of numbering of file as they are (1.1 to 5.3.)! Sensitive files are 3.1. to 3.6. (Transport). Inside thereof they still have a multitude of mods (z_mod) sorted to size. For those who understand French, see also this page about my plugins: FR - ToutSimCities - My plugins (subject: R.C.D.) , If you do not understand French, the images will be easy enough to understand I think. If you have any questions about Plugins, please contact me by message. Good fun! I am happy to read your comment. SC4 is the master of city-builder, CS can not beat it, even if it is good. I can only encourage you to start SC4 and to a CJ! Thank you!
  12. Video tutorial : create a river

    Mods used in the video: For the Rock: LEX : Plopable Maxis Flora Pack (for the rocks only) STEX : Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 STEX : Murimk MMP Rocks STEX : Paeng's Free Waters (for the rocks only) STEX : Rock 'n' Stones STEX : VIP RuralPack (for "Mossy Rock" an "Iris pseudacorus seasonal") For the Water: STEX : RFR Plopwater For the Vegetation: LEX : VIP girafe beeches LEX : VIP girafe bushes LEX : VIP girafe cattails LEX : VIP girafe chestnuts LEX : VIP girafe daisy LEX : VIP girafe elms LEX : VIP girafe lindens LEX : VIP girafe narcissus LEX : VIP girafe norway maples LEX : VIP girafe sparaxis LEX : RRP Pasture Flora (for "ALN_Grasses", "ALN_Grass_green" and "ALN_Yellow Wild Flowers-B") Replies: Thank you very much. It is true that the video is a bit too fast ... I also plant a lot of trees seasons, but then I preferred just those summer. Thank you! The group is "Falkenbach" and the title "Gjallar" (it was noted in the description of the video on YouTube! ^^). Thank you. Indeed, I had the same concerns that you at first. Each time I used this mod, I found not very good and I never knew how to make it beautiful (even the first time I installed it, I had deleted). Until one day I decided to do several experiments above.
  13. Video of Courtey

    Replies: Thank you Ln X! I also find I love this stretch of highway! Thank you very much! Parking at multiple levels is that of JENX. And the parking lot with lots of trees is simply the SAM Parking. Thank you! Thank you! Why is that weird? ^^
  14. Okay, so I've been following development on a mod for SC4 (the SimMars mod) and have decided to make a custom intro for it. The biggest problem is that I have no experience in modding SC4 and I would have no idea how to start this modding process with the (complete lack of) technical skills I have. So, I am reaching out to the community to see your opinions on this. Is it doable? Do any of you people know how I may go around this. By the way, I don't mean to just change it in my game, if possible it is meant to change the intro to this whenver the game is started, so people can download this and see the new intro video. Thank you for reading this, and thank you for any help given.
  15. I found this to be very interesting. It features many interesting modeling techniques and blender shortcuts, even texture baking from different raw materials. The only thing that it does not teach is how to save space on the uv map, by overlaying similar faces, and how to make a LOD.
  16. Well, this is my first time posting, creating a thread, and creating a city journal! Let's see how this goes.. ---- The city of Springwood, founded in a bygone era (last Monday), rich with history (that's yet to be built), and teaming with life, stories and intrigue (that's not quite there yet). Welcome, on behalf of the city council, we hope you enjoy our great city. ---- So, I've just started building this city, it's a mixture of planned and organic growth. I am by no means an amazing city builder, and by no means amazing at Cities:Skylines (which I'm sure you''ll pick up). But please, come along on my journey as I build my first large scale city and record the shenanigans along the way! Advice, feedback, criticism - it's all welcome, and encouraged! I am also filming my escapades, so feel free to watch my journal, read my journal, or do both at the same time. I'll start with my first video, then pop in some pictures as soon as I take them. Oh, and think of some story to tell in between! Not sure how to embed a video here, so link is: (Oh...don't worry, it embeds itself.. ) Pictures on there way!
  17. https://github.com/citybound http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-96-committing-to/ Let me know what you think!
  18. To celebrate the stacked train station that was released by MrMaison, I created this video. I could watch it for hours... The video features Feindbilds Brooklyn Theme, Attercaps American 1900 theme, the Metropolitan Soundpack created by Marcy, and of course the wonderful NYC subway trains created by MrMaison. I also created a little tutorial to explain how to create these stacked tracks. Of course you could also use 'No Pillars' to place down the road, but then you will not get a nice zoning grid. At the end of the video, I am demonstrating how to fix errors in the zoning grid by upgrading roads.
  19. Hi all, I've started a new video series now I've got After Dark, and a shiny new GPU and HDD! First 4 episodes are already up, beginning with the first one below:
  20. Finally a new update video! The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice: http://blog.cityboundsim.com/the-road-to-alpha-week-89-theory-and-practice/ Let me know what you think!
  21. Renaissance Charm

    Feel the Charm of Old Times! Inspired by old european cities which preserved their reach history, this little town combines architectural styles of different time periods. Ancient, medieval and, most importantly, renaissance cultural heritages can be found all over this charming place, located somewhere in Northern Europe! The comments are highly appreciated! Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=509964299
  22. Here is a list of my 10 favorite SimCity 4 videos I have made over the years. Give yourself some time, relax and watch them! List has no order. I may make another entry with some of my favorites by others sometime. Feel free to share your favorites too! SimCity 4 Ownage SimCity 4 Metropolis SimCity 4 Epic Drive SimCity 4 UDI HD SimCity 4 Highway Interchange SimCity 4 Mass Transit SimCity 4 Island Drive SimCity 4 Metro in Motion SimCity 4 Interchange Challenge SimCIty 4 Downtown: Night Edition
  23. Industrial Routine

    Industry calling! Industrial area needs your attention, intelligence and creativity in order to get the best out of all these factories and cargos! The comments are highly appreciated!
  24. At'ysland Welcome on Cities Skylines Urban Planning Introduction List of episode: - Episode 3&4 - Episode 5 Episode 3 - The Island (The new world) This map will be updated in time. At'ysland was formerly an island of fisherman and farmer. The geopolitical changes of regions and the intensification of the exchanges between the emerging countries have radically changed the map of the world commercial roads, and place At'ysland at the heart of this gigantic crossroads. Its strategic location is going to contribute to an unprecedented development. Episode 4 - MIYAZAKI (The first town) MIYAZAKI is the cradle of the island. In spite of the development of this one, it knew how to keep its charm and its peace. According to the legend, the island which it shelters was inhabited by devils who to push away the foreigners. Today, there is an attraction a tourist and a perfect place for the swimmers. Let's have fun together on this new map

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