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About this City Journal

Problems and solutions with a first time Mayor of a bourgeoning city in Cities: Skyline.

Entries in this City Journal

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

A city blossoming with new ideas is Mycalla.  Heavy with lumber and farming, there is a sliver of ore and a future of oil exploration.Mycalla1.thumb.jpg.97232b1f063a03030cdbb

An elevated large roundabout straddles the highway that will eventually lead to the oil industry.  The tunnel gets Cims to the ore industry and with bus service no less.


Farming and lumber communities got a railroad cargo terminal to expedite delivery times...


Now, I'm a fool (Eagles of Death Metal) to think only one access will satisfy demands from the upstart ore industry.  Have to work on that!

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Recovery from the Snowfall DLC and update that took out the mods has been a slow recovery waiting for the modder's to glean through their code.  In the meantime and knowing the 22nd is another update Mayor Haylo Stachoo has been busy trying out the new capabilities the game provides and different mods.


The San Francisco Cable car is well at home serving the oil industry with around the clock coverage as we see the edge of Muzzbuzz coffee shop keeping shift changers glued to the task.

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Just got so deep into playing and came up to this...


Should I be concerned downstream?




And then the height says, "trouble is coming!"



But, you know the level downstream did not rise... go figure!?

This map is of the French Broad River in Asheville, N.C.  Had to be from 2013 with the record rainfall, I suppose.

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

While the update did havoc with the Mods and emptied J. Garner a new addition of Snowfall promises to make more options and problems to enjoy.  Trams hit the highlight and lessons from my "test" city proved if the road is busy go for the 4 lane cause a 2 lane will come to a standstill.  And, it is great you can have a tram only line separate from the road.


I'm not ready for winter.  Though it is nice to have the temperature to show daily highs and nightly lows, the need for the heat pipes and boiler or thermo facility will be coming.

While my most favored Mods are being updated, I do have six of the fourteen back working.  Sharp Junction Angles and Precision Engineering are a must have for me.  New, for me, is Traffic President and I have much to learn to use this Mod with to any degree of expertise.  While in the Asset Editor the features of Road Anarchy appeared and I have that bedrock to rely on as well.  I'm pretty sure Road Anarchy was the main Mod that devastated J. Garner.

So you know, I named this "test" city MyCoolcity.   Like all my previous cities I let them live on.  With a little more play a new city will arise and this time Mayor Haylo Stachoo will get some digs to make Nucky Thompson jealous.

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo


I always wonder how a city will end.  News about ancient vibrant cities being discovered and questioned on why they were abandoned seem perplexing.  Today, Thursday February 18, a new update and the introduction of Snowfall debuted which I have not bought... yet.  And, the result for me...


Errors following that told me of broken assets which I dutifully unsubscribed.  Then this resulted...


Going to the discussion board on Steam and the answer -- supposedly -- was to unsubscribe from the Mods.  So, the 14 Mods were history.



What an Alien Invasion?  This would not make a Hollywood blockbuster since everyone would be walking around wondering where everything went.  Here today, gone tomorrow.

Hey Chirpy got anything to say?  You would still be working!


Nobody killed and nothing left to do!  Now, that's what I call a war.  So you know, this screenshot was the Industrial area Foggy Heights looking out to Evergreen Ore on the left (brown area) and Briarwood Woods on the right.  Rotten Orchard Farms is that yellow area just a tick of center left.  All gone... for now.  The city J. Garner will remain in limbo until the "fix" is in.  In the meantime I can fire up SimCity Complete Edition 1.0.2, and some say I can start up a vanilla city in C:S.  We shall see.

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

PS As everyone left I was told they made me full mayor of J. Garner and all this was on me!


Mayor Haylo Stachoo

A little issue of people paths and how they don't like them.


Put a walkway tunnel and they still cross the tracks in front of oncoming trains!  So...


...no more tunnel.

Different issue was the two congested roundabouts and what to do?  Painstakingly got this to work...


...and a closer look at what replaced two underground roundabouts and the congestion of ramps and roads.


Immediately I see the entrance ramp from the roundabout to the Cargo Terminal needs to be longer.  Traffic, on occasion, has backed up due to some missed shifts or dropped cellphones I presume?  Here I thought in the year 2226 we all had implants!

We kept the midnight oil lamps burning brightly, working up to 2 am and then a good nap until those pesky crows made such a ruckus!  Today is garbage day and I was reminded to put the can out.  Thing is, we have Monday and Thursday pickups and I switched to Monday... now if I was Mayor of Chicago, do you think I would be putting my trash out?  No way.  I'd have it carted off to Altgeld Gardens!

I really do need some fresh air, a nap and then some coffee... cause... I'm starting to ramble.

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Short Tour

Big news is all about the buses, but before delving too deeply let's take a tour...


...using the roadway is the preferred route as these busses take a direct path to the new location for the Foggy Height's depot.

Then we have a parking first!


On the newly developed Evergreen Ore Island someone got caught "up" in the activity!

Then over to Franklin, to the center of our residential area, the Donut Mall and 3D Cinema as dusk descends.


And, a look from the rollercoaster back toward the Donut mall and 3D Cinema...


Night traffic from Ashton out to Whereville, WhereEver (SC4 would tell you the city this leads to).


And, at the diagonal opposite side of the city, Evergreen Ore's newly developing industrial addition...


...finally, a parting shot looking up the four lane roadway as dusk silently settles and industry bristles with the night shift gearing for the long haul.


Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

As Barlow reemerged with around the clock rebuilding some time was spent finding parts of the city, as Wolfgang would say,  "verrry interesting!"


The Mad Tech helicopter was spotted.  No doubt the CEO of Mad Tech made a surprise visit!


At the airport you must admire the daring of this Audi driver to trust his -- or her -- hand brake!


Our new train station overlooks from left to right -- Castle Condo's, Franklin, Briarwood Woods and the edge of Evergreen Ore.  A motorway is being built as we wondered what was the road for?


The Pentagon interchange as seen from between Foggy Heights and Ashton looking toward Sun 'n Fun.

From Franklin with Briarwood Woods to the right, a most unique morning catching the Sea View Restaurant near the incomplete Lowry Avenue bridge.


On the agenda is our farming community of Red Robin Farms and Rotten Orchard Farms as well as the Foggy Heights bus terminal to the International Airport and the new groundbreaking on an ore rich island next to Evergreen Ore.

Red Robin and Rotten Orchard Farms are a different breed of industry.  Seems the real farmers are very particular about the soil they crumble in their hands and even more particular about the help.  Brainiac's resumes lay unread as a pitchfork and shovel reveal the make or break quality of the person.

Brings up an interesting story of a boy who wanted desperately to finish his high school education with a diploma from Klondike that he asked his classmates if anyone would take him in for the next two years.  Jane Golden came and said he would have to talk to her father.  Her father was a farmer knowing not much of book learning, but a ton of knowledge about animals and the human condition.  He made it clear book learning is at the kitchen table and the price was chores to keep the farm running.  The first month was a time of blisters and 5:00 am wake ups.  His "room" was a closet (door removed) off the kitchen, so, mornings didn't need an alarm just the firing up of the stove.   Percolating coffee with fresh cream and honey proceeded the biscuits and gravy with ham and eggs.  The kid ate good!  Breakfast in the belly and chores done Dick and Jane walked the half mile along Highway 52 to the two story red brick building known as Klondike High School.  Not much happened between Dick and Jane --her father saw to that -- yet, something was happening.  At the start chores were done side by side with father.  Later, chores were done side by side with Jane and father was not in sight!  It wasn't an overnight thing, just a casual look with an ambiguous word.  He would ask himself, "Did she mean... what?"  Poor guy he never did catch the hints.  Before the end of the first year he was automatic with the chores getting much more done than those first months.  Seems too his grades — as well as Jane’s — were better.  I think it was the morning ritual of getting the body fed and fit that made getting the brain into gear easier.  Just my thought.  Diploma’s in hand Jane went on to college and he was drafted.  The physical separation did not stop the mental intermingling, but time and space made what could have been —distant.  That’s all I heard… oh, and Klondike High School was demolished.


Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo


Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Barlow P3

The district of Barlow endured a harrowing time with the transformation of the major part of it's oil industry.  Two legs of a highway ending in Barlow have been brought together with the sole purpose of giving the industry our best transportation options.

On a side note, Cousin Carl accepted a national car enthusiast's request to tour with his 1959 Cadillac convertible and is using a Carlsberg tractor trailer rig driving around the country.  If you see one of these rigs, hail them... you may find Carl or get a beer!

With the highway access and an updated roadway system Barlow managed a tremendous rebuilding effort.  This results are most impressive.


You can almost taste the diesel!

Likewise the commercial sector ramped up to meet the demand...




Mayor Haylo Stachoo

The argument was: integrate the roundabout into the highway or let it stand alone and used as a quick way for reverse direction?  The stand alone won the day and here it is...


The two highway ends have met!  While not seen, an underground  roundabout is at the side heading to Foggy Heights.  Industrial traffic cut a third of their time off deliveries.  Access for residence is from an underground connection from the Foggy Heights roundabout and across the river on a six lane road.  By the way, the river was designated unsuitable for water traffic and dangerous for recreational activities without proper safety protocols (sorry bungee jumpers, no more bridge towers).

Our traffic, noisy day and night, has only one bottleneck from the exit ramp to the highway to the smaller Barlow industry and that is tolerable.

One unusual mistake has become a feature as we will see...


...yes, the exit and entrance are placed in reverse!  Surprisingly this works better than when it was "corrected" and we quickly put it back in reverse.  The fact that all oncoming traffic moves to the center lane alleviates a collision.  At this stage 2/3 of the roadway in Barlow Industrial were bulldozed while new power and water connections left all areas serviced.  Eight new floating roof oil storage tanks are approved giving this abiotic operation a reserve capability during maintenance periods.

That is good news to J. Garnerians because the price of fuel will not fluctuate while a dozen derricks are worked over.

With new traffic patterns getting a work out from residence, commercial and business owners let's take a look as the Sun slips into night...


No doubt the meetings to discuss Barlow will continue as new problems emerge.

We thank our citizens for their patience and understanding while this monumental transformation was underway.

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

With Frankin's 6 lane in place times for industrial deliveries were reduced as the thought of doing the same for Barlow became apparent.

Barlow suffers from an anemic road system unable to handle the dense and continuous traffic.  First, a solution placed a road at the waters edge serving the back side of Barlow, but not helping the other side at all.


Clearly not the most effective system!  So from this we designed (experimented) a highway to connect the two halves of Barlow and we also restructured the larger portion of Barlow in three stages -- don't want too damaging a hit on the dynamics -- for the roads and access.  This is a complete makeover for Barlow.

The Blake Walsh use of exit ramps to and from the cargo terminal, so successful at Evergreen Ore and Franklin Oil transformed Barlow's terminal.


With this step Barlow is about to enter an improved zone... I hope!

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Before I delve into the massive change at Barlow let us take a look at the Castle Condo's and why the Strata Resort at Spring 'n Summer needs a year round Japanese tree specialist.


I'm told this is the Carcassonne Castle shipped over in pieces in reverse order to facilitate the construction.

For me, this is an impressive entrance.

Then we have the side entrance which is bigger but less used.


CTNX employs many residence from Castle Condo's as you can see one of two water towers on the CTNX property.


Bet the lighthouse keeper never though he'd have so many invites for dinner!

Now to the Strata Resort...


Japanese cherry trees are meticulously maintained by a small crew who are committed to each tree that surrounds the Strata Resort.

Fun "n Sun took a looked across the bay while Franklin pondered the six lane to be added and thought it may serve them better than the highway.



Fun 'n Sun seems happier with the change and then Franklin made their upgrade...


From the underground connection to the highway industry got another entrance/exit way to further speed the delivery process.

Next, we'll get into Barlow's traffic difficulties.

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Morning Show

Underground ramps helped to relieve the left turns and lineup to get onto the motorway...


It does get busy!

And the asset interchange made for Foggy Heights (the u-turn was taken out and made farther down from the outside under and reattached outside).  The idea was to get traffic off on a exit before letting new travelers on.  


The modified underground Autobahn interchange at Ashton.


Now one cause for the crisis of, "Not Enough buyers" was the Castle Condo which started after the rail cargo harbor was demolished (for lack of use).  The demolishing may have started the crisis and coupled with the mass influx of new J. Garnerians forced a snowball down a mountain.  We really should have waited for the impact study before demolishing, but the bulldozers were already there!


Least I forget, the modified Franklin access to the rail cargo terminal...


Notice the Carey Loftin look-a-likes?

I'm told our luncheon is cancelled!  I was so much wanting to get those Buffalo Wild Wings... just have to wait.

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo



Mayor Haylo Stachoo


The city took a clue from Blake Walsh and made changes to the highway into Barlow industry.  At first a backup startled everyone, but then two things became evident.  One, our traffic wanted to turn left since that is where the bulk of the industry is and also the cargo rail terminal.  And two, turning right to leave Barlow industry needed a quicker way out.  Funds allocated and the result is exit ramps giving fast access and a relief to traffic.


Wouldn't you know it all finished late at night!

We will let morning catch a glimpse or our efforts.

Oh yes, some Unique Buildings have been added and that too will be highlighted in the morning.  Franklin got a different access to the rail cargo terminal -- thanks to Blake Walsh -- and Ashton's Autobahn roundabout had some unused highway removed.  Foggy Heights got a homemade exit/entrance system from the Asset Manager as Timboh introduced an improved Pentagon that may be a thing we can think about in the future.

Looking for ways to cut the budget while providing the best J. Garner has to offer will consume our time and bring more desirability to our fair city.

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

While dabbling with Spring 'n Summer we built an residential addition near the CTNX facility aptly named Castle Condo's.


Little did we think the influx of so many new Cim's would create a nightmare of, "Not enough goods to sell."  We had taken the advice from Blake Walsh too an extreme and spent many hours walking the city back.

One upshot from the fiasco was the development of Evergreen Ore.  With this expanded industry demands on the cargo terminal brought drushkey's option into play.


Please heed Chief Brown of the Highway Patrol and do not engage Carey Loftin in a duel -- you will lose!

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

 A lull before the storm of people departing from their pleasant cruise.  The passenger harbor is nestled half way into Briarwood Woods and opposite Ashton. Busses and the Metro wait.  On either side of the Metro is a sunken plaza.  J. Garners' college has seen many students studying under open sky from the sunken plaza.


Just up the street where Briarwood Woods and Ashton meet is the new entertainment complex called Spring 'n Summer.


Starting from the Strata Resort at middle bottom we look left for the Hard Rock Cafe, Yekaterinburg Circus,  Swim Club and Minor League Baseball Stadium.  To the left of the baseball stadium is the 3 Penny Opera and Night Spire Casino.  To the right of the baseball stadium is Social Center L57.  An overwhelming favorite is the World's Biggest World bathed in blue.  The U.S.S. Missouri sits moored opposite and to the right of the Missouri is the Earth Plaza Monument and the Statue of Wealth.


Wow!  World's Biggest World.


The Yekaterinburg Circus before the Strata Resort dominated the skyline.

Many devoted Arborists are busy making Spring 'n Summer an enduring delight. 

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Back again friends, to say more about Ashton.  We took a break from the meeting because someone brought a vegetable platter (true story) to a morning meeting.  Everyone expects coffee and donuts.  We like to get hyped in these typical boring meetings!  Ashton industrial is served by turnpike, rail and ship.  The railroad and ship terminals are at opposite sides of the industry to relieve the traffic congestion.


Truckers were paramount in mind for their ease to get to and from the railroad and ship terminals.  The ship cargo terminal is fed by the underground express route making groung travel almost pleasant.  And, yes you do see a remnant from a discarded exit ramp that in forever captured under the railroad terminal.  We thought of making a story of this being an underground vault from a gangster and getting that guy to come and dig it out... but no.  Work on the entrance and exit to the ship cargo terminal has succeeded in preventing apposing traffic snarls.


The railroad cargo terminal is another story.  Traffic enters and crosses itself to get out.  Normally, this would be a problem, but upon extended inspection it works quite nice.  Attempts were made to reverse the flow and all sorts of logistical headaches ensued.  We ate many vegetable platters that night!


Speaking of vegetable platters, I've got word our donuts and coffee await our presence and we can resume the meeting.  A heads up... I can tell you the Drosovilas Stadium was rejected because of an ₡18,000 shortfall.  Don't know what caused that.  And now we are hearing desires of a circus, thermal spa and an opera house.  Well, that would sure give variety to the entertainment!

Have a Happy Day!

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Neighbors:  A lot of little here and there to report, yet I'll delve back into the traffic just to get it out of the way.  Getting out of the way seems to be a problem these days.  One big tie-up was caused by a new Ferrari and a reluctance to accelerate (true, happened on the turnpike).  We start with Timboh's Pentagon Intersection which, if minds are in gear, flows mighty fine... except when this happens -- 


Yes, friends a tie-up preventing your customers from getting to your business expediently.  Now, lets look at Ashton


The Autobahn style roundabout intersection feeds the industrial/commercial complex while the modified cloverleaf with roundabout feeds our residence.  Takes a ton of traffic out of sight and a cacophony away from hearing while business and residence enjoy the bountiful terra firma.  We'll take a closer look at the industrial problem/solution... sorry, got an urgent request for a meeting about our new baseball stadium and entertainment spot.

I appologize for this hasty exit.

Be right back...

Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo


Mayor Haylo Stachoo


We took a look at the traffic and made many recommendations which were overwhelmingly endorsed by our Cims.  Franklin's underground highway got most of the attention and deservedly so since the bulk of the traffic is to or from this oil producing region.  Franklinunderground.thumb.jpg.17113b36de

The council wanted to highlight some attractions and marvels added for all our enjoyment.Pegasus.thumb.jpg.0056a70e0361bc048da7ef

The Pegasus Monument is homebase to the Foggy Heights bus terminal and also the Populous Underground Incinerator.  To the right of the garbage truck is the large red brick bus station.  Hermes Bus Company wanted a "winged warrior" monument and said yes before knowing it was Pegasus... yet they are happy with Pegasus.  In the distant left you see the skyline of Ashton and to the right the skyline of Foggy Heights high-rise/commercial and ore industry.Cheerup.thumb.jpg.55f0a2ede4e53f7d4bff6b

Commercial wanted "something unique"... so, why not a castle. a grounded British frigate and a Wagnaria Restaurant?  First question about the castle was,"Where is the door?"  Seems you have to slide between the section walls!


Prudential tower sits straddling Barlow and Foggy Heights.  Such a fuss commercial made over it's exact placement!  A compromise let both districts bask the radiance.

Got a big storm coming and summer is about to end for this year.  The city purchased snow plows and a plan for street clearing is being hashed out.  Natural gas supplies are ready for the worst  winter as A123 Solar, Ener1, Beacon Power, Ecotatity and Evergreen Solar promise viable solutions to winter's wrath.


Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Well, now I know where my Cities: Skylines files are!  Had to dig into the Time Machine and J. Garner is back.  Seems much of what I did in J. Garner will have to be rebuilt, basically the city is good to go.

After the Ferrari left me walking and my wife picked me up, we took a little drive aroung Franklin to the Donut Mall, 3D Cinema and Church.56a12118993ea_ScreenShot2016-01-21at1.34 

That's us in the Caprice station wagon at the end of the line as the light turned green.

Mayor Haylo Stachoo

Real life interrupts the fun.  I did some updates last night and today the city of J. Garner vanished!  Following advise on where to find the file have failed and I am left with the beginning of Rockford Height's or a newsave.crp that was the beginning of Welkgrim Abby.  In the meantime while I assess what to do I will post the remaining snapshots of J. Garner.F10.thumb.jpg.efc230fb3664045dbc17219533F12.thumb.jpg.27e922a2eda2b4347ec82ef25aF11.thumb.jpg.278bb10e71c1f2d213fcedf80b

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