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  1. Airman's Hangar

    @Thin White Duke- After a few months of owning a Corvette, you'll naturally develop a pot belly and a taste for watery corporate "beer"! We all love to rag on certain cars and certain makers. The newest Corvette is the best one in a very long time and is finally becoming a serious competitor in its class. It's not a GTR killer but that's more supercar territory. You'd have to buy themed jackets and only drive on sunny days for that sort of class. Of course, if given enough time then every car will gain a certain type of driver. If the guy standing next to you is wearing a Hawaiian shirt or carries a switchblade comb there's a good chance he'll have one of these.
  2. Airman's Hangar

    I know what you're thinking.. Where did Airman disappear to? It's like he turned into a Raptor and vanished from radar. Well despite having the RL Blues, i've still been off and on with modding projects and those will be showcased soon. In the meantime, I have finally released the C7 Corvettes! Each comes with a complimentary unit of Rogaine!
  3. Chevrolet C7 Corvettes

    Version 1.0.0


    Day in and day out, you've realized you aren't getting younger. High school days slip further into the past and you can't even pawn your sports trophies. You're stuck at the same old job you've had for years and rarely get breaks. You're tired of your wife's nagging and your kids get under your skin. Your waist size increased.. again. And now your hairline is suspiciously further from your eyebrows than last week. All you want is to enjoy yourself, even if it means buying a sporty coupe that won't go around corners. Corvettes make the perfect toys to get away from that old runabout lifestyle! The same way you started wearing jean shorts, do what's best for you and live in the moment! About the Upload- There are eight vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 2016 Corvette C7. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their average Blue Book value. They will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None required.
  4. United Airlines | B777-200 | EWR

    United isn't the same without 747's..
  5. I'm so old that ...

    I feel like this is true in some locations. In my new town, a few of the shop owners recognized me if I've visited them before. Given that the town has fewer than 3k people there's a good chance you'll see the same person more often. There are a few cars i've learned to spot because I see them on the road so often.
  6. Off the coffee, but now the jitters are gone! Yay!

  7. I wouldn't necessarily say the old livery was in line with the Eurowhite design. The grey underbelly breaks the formula in the way where if you were on the ground it's noticeable as not being another all-white jet. The airline once tried a yellow tail, engines, and belly which is unique. I do agree the metallic blue is a great shade.
  8. Dislike. As I understand from a financial perspective it is more cost efficient to cut corners where you're able to do so. People want to pay less and less, and in order to pass the savings they wish an airline will have to do without things. It's partly why we don't see the comfort and class of the 70's airlines anymore. But this livery.. Is less of a service to the airline than it's current one. AA has been introducing former airlines it bought out as heritage aircraft and they do well as a heritage fleet because people recognize them. Their mainline aircraft blend in with every other eurowhite paint scheme, or would if they didn't go with a muted silver. Especially from a distance it's harder to tell from the ground or under a glideslope which airline is which. CNN can't even name certain twinjets correctly most of the time, i'm surprised they don't show photos of the wrong airline more. It's original post-war livery or the 60's livery would look great today. Granted they too were mostly white and grey but it isn't like they're copying a formula that's getting tired. White with tail flash and name (through the windows which bothers me the most) is being done everywhere. Unless you're a plane spotter or frequent traveler they all look the same to an average customer. Southwest aircraft went through a change several years ago and while i'm not a fan but at least they can stand out in an endless sea of white jets at any airfield. They stand out from a distance in flight as well, which helps leagues more in air travel as sometimes ATC will call a plane by airline through their IATA codes. /rant
  9. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Haha! If it were so it wouldn't be the worst gesture i've recieved!
  10. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Have I been living under a rock or what?? I'm gone for several weeks and they come up with the cure for that dreaded plague?? I have been lucky enough not to see prop pox in any of my cities, but this is fantastic! Last year I made the decision not to use the BDK lots as they were said to be the cause of it. And not only is this a permanent fix, but it reverses the pox too! Instant download! And I propose we make this an essential one every user should have! While we're at it, Simmaster07 should be declared a Simtropolis Hero for the fix!
  11. Airman's Hangar

    The Corvette is almost done; colors have been picked out but I'd like to fix the headlights before an upload.
  12. Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

  13. Airman's Hangar

    Thanks! Going into next year there will be a lot of projects being worked on. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  14. Airman's Hangar

    Oh dear! I don't think either side of the pond will be happy about this..
  15. That's an idea; make a bunch of billboards for different bands like they're about to do a tour! The AC team made a Bat for Iron Maiden's 757, it would only be perfect to advertise they're on tour in your cites!