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    I'm up for discussing a lot of topics. Several of my core interests include aircraft types, both civil and military. I like other vehicles such as cars, ships and trains. In my spare time, I watch a lot of animated shows or listen to music.
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  1. Welp, this is it. I'll be going off radar for most of the following week. I'll be in to check in with PM's and forum updates. Plenty of pictures will be taken and many tales to cook up!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Have a safe journey, sailor!

  2. Airman's Hangar

    That's the first time i've heard of something like it. My internet isn't the best and takes forever to load pages but the Exchange never put up a fuss like that before. Glad it's been resolved now.
  3. Cadillac Eldorado

    Exquisite work on a famed classic! I dig the thick whitewall tires and chrome trim!
  4. Airman's Hangar

    Did a test download off my account and after AdFly did it's thing, the file ended up in downloads. It sounded like a site issue but I don't think I can deal with those. I can take it down and re-host it if the problem continues to see if that would solve it. It's a good thing it's been brought to my attention now, rather than have something else pop up while my vacation gets underway.
  5. Vector W8 Twin Turbo

    Hey everyone- The the download link should be working, I did a test download and it turned out fine. I didn't realize there was an issue with downloading but I went to bed while everything seemed fine before. There was even a download within the first 5 minutes of it being posted. Unfortunately, website-related issues are not my expertise. If it continues, I will take it down and try uploading again. PM me directly if it does.
  6. Airman's Hangar

    The twin-turbocharged Vectors are now available for your SC4 garage! Can you hear the South City dealers calling??
  7. Vector W8 Twin Turbo

    Version 1.0.0


    How nostalgic it is to reflect upon what happened during the most epic track tournaments organized! Passion engulfs favorite auto brands, particularly around the peak performers in the industry. To have that experience of being behind the wheel of a Ferrari, in the same place as Shumacher is a lucid dream within racing culture. Yet, you can only reminisce upon those races for so long before you have the next grand prix on the calendar. And don't expect it to end the same every time. In the Vector W8, the trophy is now anyone's prize. It is here to cast legacies into jeopardy. The fight to keep the racing titans in your mirror brings quite possibly the best feelings to experience! The second best comes after you make the drive home without catching fire. About the Upload- There are five vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1990 Vector W8 Twin Turbo. These are High-Wealth vehicles, given their status as collector cars. They will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None needed. You won't need to spend 400k+ credits in South City either.
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Looks like that will be another fine addition to the "Unused" collection. It's a shame but at least it's the only known problem set. I can find a way around to beaches if I ever get to them.
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    I never make seaside boardwalks without the OWW2 sets. While I have the BDK in my directory I rarely use it since the main focus is putting up the marinas and Seaport Village sets. When paired with the Mapp it's like a perfect Santa Cruz-style tourist district! How does the BDK cause prop pox over the remainder of that series? Should there be a concern if none of the lots from that set are plopped?
  10. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    Come Sunday the 15th, I will be heading to San Francisco to board a cruise ship for a week-long vacation! I will be on the MS Grand Princess, and the cruise will mean sailing down the coast to Santa Barbra and all the way to Ensenada. I got a passport in case I have to use it. I've never been on a cruise before and i'm excited for it! This cruise will be with my folks but I have my own room and have my accommodations picked out! All I need to do is finish packing.
  11. What are you reading?

    I just finished A Night to Remember recently. It's even better when cross-referenced with Dr. Ballard's findings! Next up, I plan to start reading Flying to Pieces.
  12. BAT Request Thread

    I'm thinking something along the lines of a late-60's type of collection as it's not uncommon for those types of aircraft to be on outdoor display. However most museums will display their collections in skewed angles and oftentimes have their own platforms. For example, the way the Pacific Coast Air Museum is laid out may let you get away with making multiple aircraft into one singular prop. As for a main building, I have seen some hangars used as the visitor's center but that's not always the case for every museum. The McMinnville example is a special-purpose building that gives the impression of Hangar, without being an actual hangar.
  13. BAT Request Thread

    I've been browsing the Exchange for new museums and a thought occurred to me. We have museums for light houses and ones for rail, but there haven't been any air museums in a long time and i've never seen any auto or maritime museums either. Most major cities will have them, and it would be a nice break from the art-centered ones the sims have seen a bunch of times
  14. Where exactly I fall into is kind of a head scratcher. I know i'm a Mad Modder for all the added jets and cars. Also a Media Mogul with my narcissism compiled into a project thread! I haven't really been inclined to focus on building a city when projects take precedence and RL matters call me away. I've picked up on just playing the game again but I've wanted to try a new approach to a region I started a few months ago. So far it's got a little bit of everything from above. I want it to look neat but retain functionality. I've downloaded a few added ordinances which helps for some of the finances but I find myself using it less and less. That's the only crutch as far as game play goes. Demand and ratings are left alone. I do use a few helper lots like the Peg garbage eliminators instead of landfills. To be fair, the Maxis landfills are not how Google Earth shows real ones. By function, that means using the NAM and letting most of my buildings grow. I want the networks to be used and custom buildings to behave similar to vanilla but with refreshed looks and variety. No more monorails, instead they look like normal bullet trains. Even the Exchange has a few nice modified vanilla lots I like to use for airports. Same demand effects, same commuter patterns but they're seamlessly embedded into the modular airport plans. I like this kind of balance because I can still feel like i'm playing SC4 even though it's as far removed from SC4 as one can get graphic wise. I too had issues with starting and playing a city, lots of times it ends with obliterating it and starting over. But when I do get it going then it's like a powder keg. Then it goes into certain cities serving a certain purpose. Each region I attempted had an airport district and a seaside or a government center. Each one has it's own set of goals to reach like the airport needs a certain number of gates, a certain number of runways, what types of facilities, etc. In all, I suppose you could say my playing style is only Playing the game. I just lay out a few basic connections with maybe a central point and see what happens from there. Obliteration is always an option if it doesn't turn out how I want it.
  15. Solving the Plobbable Residential Housing Bug

    Gorgeous work! Reminds me of San Francisco!