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    I'm up for discussing a lot of topics. Several of my core interests include aircraft types, both civil and military. I like other vehicles such as cars, ships and trains. In my spare time, I watch a lot of animated shows or listen to music.
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  1. Airman's Hangar

    The Corvette is almost done; colors have been picked out but I'd like to fix the headlights before an upload.
  2. Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

  3. Airman's Hangar

    Thanks! Going into next year there will be a lot of projects being worked on. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  4. Airman's Hangar

    Oh dear! I don't think either side of the pond will be happy about this..
  5. That's an idea; make a bunch of billboards for different bands like they're about to do a tour! The AC team made a Bat for Iron Maiden's 757, it would only be perfect to advertise they're on tour in your cites!
  6. Corrupt a Wish Game (v4)

    Granted, but I don't know how else to put this. When your weight finally reaches "0", you'll probably start floating into space. I wish I could have more days off.
  7. You know your on Simtropolis when.......

    ..When you think SC4 screenshots are aerial photos and aerial photos are SC4 screenshots.
  8. Jefferson Starship- Miracles Most of my music collection I keep on my computer. I have older albums stored but not organized because it's all WMV format and not usable on my MP3. Unfortunately Red Octopus is not part of it but i'd like to get it. The collection I do have now surpasses 24 straight hours!
  9. Airman's Hangar

    Looks like I've caught the Chevrolet bug. You can hedge your bet on a clean Corvette!
  10. Police Car/Van Conversion Mod

    Each file is independent from one another. This means you could remove the Charger entirely and put the Imapala in it's place instead.
  11. Ford Explorer

    It would need some reworking to make text readable on either side as well as a few modelling changes. I don't have plans as of yet to make it so. Possibly in the near future but no telling if I can get to it.
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    2. RandyE


      I have a relative, long time no contact, may be flying an air-tanker in south CA (state) .  He's from Ukiah.  On the KUKI (ICAO code) web page it reads: "Aviation is proof, that given the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible." 

      He's not the pilot I flew in the glider with, but I'll never forget "Wanna do a roll?"  We only did one 8-point barrel roll, but one was enough to permantently wire the instinct and desire of flight.

    3. airman15


      Ukiah is one of the stops to make when you're following wine country! It's up a ways from Santa Rosa but it's home to one of the more prominent in-state craft brewers!

      CalFire's efforts feel perpetual with constant takeoffs and deployments especially to both halves of the state. The unit at McClellan (closer to Sacramento than SMF weirdly) was seeing takeoffs and landings every day a couple years ago. They had the DC-10 tanker stay for a while; i'm sure it still lands there once in a while.

      I wouldn't be one to try stunts until I had some flight time and a plane that can handle it, haha!

    4. RandyE


      Oh man, its not about the wine, its about the beer, sweet Colorado springs, its a long story, but suffice to say its the best brew California ever knew.   

      The fires are 50% contained as reported now, and even if whackos are starting them, they couldn't succeed without conditions being ripe, so either way, too dry, too warm, too much wind, and not normal conditions.

      Honestly, stunts aren't for me, they are pretty, but the de-orbit and landing of the Space Shuttles is still the greatest serious piloting ever achieved. That is true beauty.

  12. Airman's Hangar

    No greater rivalry has ever existed than the one between Cops and Taxi drivers. But for once each have agreed to share a dual upload!
  13. Chevrolet Impala- Taxi Edition

    Version 1.0.0


    Going to a strange town and finding your way about can be a challenge. You've just stepped off the plane and made your way through the terminal. After about 15 minutes of getting lost and collecting your bags you reach the street! Now what? You're supposed to go to this hotel but don't know where it is or if it exists at all. Rather than getting mugged on the way to the EL trains, just flag down a taxi and tell them where to go. It's not 2013 yet so you can get a nice whiff of stale cigarettes while being charged a pretty penny to realize you drove the longest route to your final destination! About the Upload- This mod converts the Taxi into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 3 different liveries included, based on various taxi companies from the United States. The liveries included are loosely based on the Yellow Cab Co, but can blend into almost any US-themed setting within the game. The liveries are not dependent on each other and can be used together. Dependencies? None required.
  14. Chevrolet Impala- Police Edition

    Version 1.0.0


    At the heart of any well-balanced city is an order legislated to guarantee the welfare of all who live inside it's jurisdiction. Law Enforcement is one of the most important branches to a government, ensuring safety to all. Even if it's a traffic ticket now and then or a donut shop being stormed. Your departments need a sturdy car and the Impala is the perfect fit! For when the going gets tough in the streets, these new cruisers are well-equipped to take on anything! About the Upload- This mod converts the Police Car into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 8 different liveries included, based on various police departments from the United States. The liveries included are not specific to any real cities, so they can blend into almost any setting within the game. The shields on each side are custom emblems from GM to promote the Impala as a police unit. Static props included. Dependencies? None required, but if you would like to see these units in action (besides their regular patrols), it's recommended to download the Lots of Riots mod, which will spawn more frequent uprisings that allow you to actually use the police dispatch tool!