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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. when i try to build a perpendicular onramp on my sunken highway, it ruins the "sunkenness" of the highway...
  2. Sci Fi city building game

    Are there any futuristic city building games, where you can build an extremely futuristic looking City (like coruscant)? Or do sci fi city building game not exist because it would be too difficult to program such an game?
  3. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  4. Hey everyone! I'm just curious what type of cities you like to build or the look you go for in your cities. For example, I love building classic American towns or American cities inspired by east coast/rust belt. I tend to build many older building in cities and rowhomes, combined with real chains and newer skyscrapers. There is just something about brick, ornate buildings and historic houses that makes the city come alive!
  5. Medieval city building game

    Are there any good medieval city building games? or does such an type of game not exist?
  6. Are there any city building game where i can build an dystopian/totalitarian looking City? I want to build an City that could be an capital of an totalitarian fascist oder communist dictatorship. Does such an city building game exist? Most cities in city building games look very colorfull and not really dystopian, can you build in simcity 4 such an city?
  7. Hi everyone, Atomic Society is a new indie city-building game that is currently in its pre-alpha phase. You can try the pre-alpha here if you fancy it. The game has been playable by the public since April 2016 and has been updated on a regular basis with new content and features. Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic city builder with a moral choices. You can sit in judgement over your citizens as they commit a variety of social issues and decide how to handle them. You can be cruel or kind, mad or wise. It's up to you. Every game is different, with different social issues occurring. On top of that, you must learn how to survive and prosper in a haunting, wasteland environment. Here's a pre-alpha trailer for the game, that might help explain it We've been in development now since Feb 2015. We're coming soon to Steam, and you can follow our page there for regular updates. If you'd like to follow the development, we have a dev blog series over on our website, or you can just ask me a question here and I'll try to check back often! :-)
  8. Norfax, Tyson's Corner, Durham, and Lafayette.

    Today I'm showing the construction of two new developments: Norfax and Tyson's Corner, as well as the towns of Durham and Lafayette. Norfax is a 1970s condo development located west of Alexandria between I-85 and the Halifax River. It has 13,651 units in the entire complex, plus shops, restaurants, gyms, pools, and other community facilities. Here's some pictures of the construction. Building Tyson's Corner was both fun and difficult, since I built it on a diagonal grid. Durham is a town of 20,000 people. It was founded in 1693 by farmers, was established as a city in 1808, and has rapidly suburbanized since World War II. Historic Downtown Durham: When the railroad was brought into Durham, rather than going around the hill, the builders chose just to cut a trench. And finally, Lafayette. This far-flung suburb was built up around the old Boston Central Railway. Its streets are anything but grid-like, and its small-town feel appeals to those who want a country feel. Lafayette Station, built in 1907. That's it for this post. Next I'll be showing the suburbs of Seneca, Halifax, and Charlestown.
  9. CitiesCorp Concept - Released on Steam

    Hi All, Finally, after a long development time CitiesCorp Concept has been released on Steam. The past few weeks were focusing on implementing resolution support, music, debugging and fine-tuning. At this stage, the game should be stable, but in case you find a bug, just let me know. Initially, I've been thinking to launch the game as Early Access, even the game is ready as it is, in order to outline the meaning of "Concept" = the development in not over, because city building is still a developing genre in my point of view; given there will be sufficient interest from the community and it will stay affordable for me to keep it developing, the idea was to implement new features step by step. However, Steam suggested to not to publish it as EA (OK, I did not want to commit to clear development milestones and this is probably mismatching their definition - why I did not commit, because there are too many ideas and I would like to see what the players like or dislike and based on that to make a new priority list). So, I really hope you will like it, don't be too harsh with me when reviewing the game and have fun. Thanks for following this project - I really appreciate that. And now, enjoy the trailer (short version for the lazy ones)!!!
  10. First off, I am relatively new here, and I please there's a forum dedicated to city building games. After I bought the newest version of SC, I was sort of disappointed with it. What happened to the series? Sure, the road tool is cool. Who would not wanted to create different types of roads with it. But, didn't zoning used to cost money? It looks like they only wanted to create a MMO game with out the challenge of building a city. My question is: What's in store after this?
  11. 60 - Before/After

    Here are a few 'Before and After' pictures from my newest tile that give a little insight into how I do things in SC4 and Photoshop. The first thing I did was Terra-form the waterfront and connect the roads and canal to the adjoining tile. At this point some of the marinas had already been placed but I temporarily took them because I needed to reassign them which is why they aren't in this picture. After the main roads were set I selected and placed my non-functional landmarks. This tile was actually being designed long before reddonquixote released Q1 or the Melbourne Star but I had already planned to have them in this tile the moment I laid eyes on them. I had no idea how big Q1 was going to be, thankfully it was released at the perfect time and I had the right spot for it. I originally used the British Airways London Eye as a placeholder for the Melbourne Star and it looked great but it was totally different and the night lighting wasn't as spectacular. When it came to zoning I started by choosing the locations of my principle functional landmarks, to eventually just determining a size and filling out the space. As I go along i fill unused spaces with parks and parking lots. For this tile I went nuts using paeng's Streetside Diagonal Parking. This is what my tile looked like right before pressing the play button: Everything went fairly smoothly except I forgot to build one essential thing at the beginning which dragged down the safety and land value rating of my tile. It was a Fire House. I found that out after my hospital burned down. It was pretty hilarious. There was also a sea to air airport I ended up getting rid of because it got dilapidated too quickly and didn't look nice. Even though a lot of areas were zoned there is still a lot of plopping involved as I let the city grow. I have a ton of BATs and certain things grow like wildfire so I have to go in there and micromanage a little, especially when it comes to residential buildings. The picture below is what my tile looks like at 100% completion. Before Photoshop: You can see that OlScare/Benoit's Marinas lack night lights and the water lacks texture and luminescence. Also, certain lit objects like trees and lamps don't seem to bounce light off of anything. I tend to start with the water effect. To do that I use the picture of a nebula or a starry sky and I apply an Ocean Ripple effect on it. Then I set the layer of the nebula to screen and I meticulously cut out all the objects it overlaps. Once that is complete I set the layer to 60-65% opacity and mess around with the levels to get the right amount of darkness and translucence. The next thing I do is create my light layer by copying the image and putting it in the background. My light layer is just a super brightened layer that is extra yellow and orange to imitate that night light glow. Sometimes I make it a white or blue. It depends on the mood. Then I go back to my main layer with a feathered eraser and poke holes where I think there should be more light. I like to darken my image a bit and add more contrast with the levels. I also like to play with the color balance a little. I tend to add a bit more yellow and orange as well as tone down the blue to counter that Maxis Night just a little bit. Finally I add the clouds in a new layer. They are just simple brushes I downloaded, no skill there. I've also been adding little lens-flares to lamps here and there, but I didn't do that in this picture because there aren't any that needed it. The key to lens flares is that they shouldn't be too in your face. Of course I've flouted that rule and gone J.J. Abrams many times, but I still find the best lens-flares are the ones that feel natural and don't draw too much attention to themselves. After Photoshop: Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Schulmanator: You put me in the mood for a vacation for sure!!! Time to pack my bags! Come on down Schulmanator. You'll get VIP service everywhere you go. Ln X: Amazing pictures and a great night scene, the reflections from the water are really cool. My only slight complaint would be the photoshopped clouds. The problem is they are too small, at these close zooms, and thus it gives the appearance of bands of cloud-shaped fog rolling in over the ground. I think the clouds should be bigger and the transition from white cloud to barely opaque should be greater. Because that is what it would look like from a distance high up in the sky. Thanks for calling me out on those clouds. Sometimes you get so close to a project you can't see the flaws. tankman: Wow what an amazing selection of pictures, your night images are probably some of the best. Golly, thanks. Making that Maxis Night work for me. TekindusT: OMG, perfection in 1080p!! Oh yeah! It's Next-Gen! Thanks. KonstantinII: For example, I find the facade or support of the Herald Sun tower looks a little old. Where did you get those new boat lots starting from 3rd picture? The link goes to CJ, not a download page. When describing the interior of buildings such as Q1 you should include real life pictures of the rooms like you did in Avalon Your Guide to the Bicentennial. Other than that I can say I enjoyed this update, especially how you used the banners Thanks for your suggestions. The boat lots are from OlScare/Benoits French Riviera CJ entry. I linked to that entry because you need to see the list of dependencies and gather them before you download the lots. reddonquixote: This is wonderful work! As a BATer there's no greater compliment than having our work used in CJs so thank you so much for inviting me to come and look. I really like how you've done the water. (I actually really like the clouds too!) I'll try and visit more often Thanks for visiting and thanks again for all your great work. Our CJs wouldn't be the same without it. sarthakknight: holy biscuits with missile oh man 1080p its awesome im awestruck dude it was so clear !! 100 likes for it bro (if its possible) Ah, if only you could give 1000 likes, then I'd be king of the world mwhahahahah. Thanks. dabadon5: Wow built a better version of a city i was trying to build, nicely done Took me over a month to complete. Thanks. Magneto: Very impressive! Thanks for the invite. You're welcome, thanks again for your help. Neto Dari: The contrast of light in darkness of the night was very beautiful. Glad you thought so too, thanks. fan o SC4:Beautiful, stunning, these are understatements. Thank you very much. Hellken: One of your best works. Now I'm blushing, thanks. Huston: There are no words currently to describe how I feel about this update. :| Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Thanks. Benedict: Great update - and you're back at number one on BTT - well done. That took a while. I feel out of breath like I've just run a marathon. Thanks. Terring: Great work Hey Terring, thanks.
  12. Hello Everybody! I've been playing city simulation games ever since simcity classic, all through simcity 2015 and now I've found and fallen in love with cities skylines! I'm new to this but here's my first few lets play videos of my attempted recreation of San Bernardino and the Inland Empire. I've watched a lot of others playing on youtube and most of them play the game to leverage it to make things (primarily traffic) flow. Roundabouts and dedicated freeways/on & off ramps for industrial and such. Well, I want to try building my city without roundabouts or any other freeway tricks for industry to see how things would work out. Please have a look and let me know what you think!
  13. Celica City

    Hello everyone!!! After the closing of the Fairview Region City Journal, now I present to you brand new CJ! I dedicated this CJ to WRC, the sport that I really gotten into.... This is also means that most of my cities will be named after famous rally cars, and being mayored by the drivers that make the car famous.... Okay, for the very first city, I'll begin with..... Celica City !!! (it's only half the city, sorry ) and, this city named after this... Toyota Celica 1994 WRC and, the city is mayored by Didier Auriol, its own Toyota Celica driver in 1990's.... YAY!!! Okay, back in the city..... Celica is the very first settlement in Rallie Estele Region (yeah, you can see the name, Rallie ), and it's began as the very first big city in the region.... Quit talking let's review and take a look at the city... Residential : Well, Celica City does provide some basic stuff about residential, school, hospitals, and other civilian services, including police, fire station and plumbers.... As you can see below, this city has been grow rapidly, and the races of the apartments began.... Condominium here, apartment there, offices here, so rapid that some buildings just outgrown... I like this area personally, not that tall and not that abstract and scrambled as the North-East area above Just humble,European styled, mid-rise building, for mid-class family that began with just small family and growing business And here's the (not that) unfortunate one... Live right in the airport.... Just, weird how this people can cope with the busy sound from the airports... We'll discuss it later... Industrial : Since, the industrial outbreak hit low point lately, not much improvisation in the factory area, even they're look very small compared to the skyscraper. Let's take a walk to the pioneer area of the industrial era of the city... The Duckhams and Rothmans Roundabout connects 5 Main avenues that cross the cities, less congestion, but quite confusing for truck drivers, since there is restriction to drive through the city... Not much special about this one... only smokes, smokes, and steams... Not a great view for that green building... This is the North Rothmans Industrial area. The government has raise the taxes to prevent more industrial grows, and issues start to appear that these area gonna be replaced for Commercial area. But, who knows? Commercial : Skyscrapers,skyscrapers and skyscrapers.... The Duckhams Building, a cigarette corporation, need more info? The Convention Center, there was a chaos in here earlier, but I can't catch it, and I don't know what causing it... The Tanah Abang Textile Trading Center, not a market, but it's more like stock trading for textile. Its reputation came across India to France, providing world the best quality textiles.... The Pan-Libie Avenue, what causing it special? The park, where an infamous local plumber shot by thief. Does it really necessary? Windington Park, good for lunch break and take a nap. Just beware of children... The Old Tanchito Stadium, it's only used by local school club to play and practice, it's so small though.... Specials!!!! The Celica Fernseherturm! See that TV station? Nah, it's need more reach to another cities, so the mayor decide to built such tower, but not just for TV purpose, but also attracting tourism... There is many hotels in this city, but, Mr.Didier recommend this hotel. It has full treatment to your car too! The only baseball stadium in whole region, and also home for TRD Baseball Club... And of course, the whole city is sponsored by Toyota. Toyota sponsored the baseball club and the city multi purpose stadium.... St. Sainz de Pillar church, provides religious need and many cemeteries around them... O.k now the airport...... It was the very first airport at Rallie Estelle, the Aghine Airport. If it closed, it decreased the city income, but, the pilots worried about safety about the airport, since the building surrounding it..... O.K It's all people!! Thank you for the people who provide me with critics and comment for the previous CJ, so this time, as always, comment and critics are well appreciated... Regards, Roman...
  14. Fairview Finale (My Last Ever CJ)

    Replies Kisa Atsuko : Thanks for your advice! Sometimes repetition is undeniably weird... 89James89 : Fancy a beer? I'll pay the next round.... infamousjbe : You may not notice it, but I build few underground parking facility.... SimRico : Really? Thanks!!! It has come to an (abrupt) end..... After providing you and promoting about some cities in the Fairview Region, it's time to close the Region, and moving on... In this entry, I'll show you the last ever city I build and show to Simtropolis and, also the last city in Fairview. This is the city of Pacitan, the city that I named after a city in southern East Java. It is only mid-growth city, so not as dense as the city I built before. Approximately 24.000 peoples living in this area and providing more than 20000 commercial jobs and 1000 industrial jobs. This city is the proper city for they who do not like the busy street of Lomonosov, and don't like the quiet and loneliness of suburbs. As normal as the other cities, this city completed with many public facilities. Hospitals, schools, college, parks, police station, fire station, you name it. But, what make Pacitan grateful is this building.... Hard Rock Cafe of Pacitan.... where the youngsters have fun but still responsible to their environment... There is not much to tell anymore about this city, so I'll let you see few pictures in the city.... The Mid-Residential and some Commerce building... The industrial area... Natural Gas Powerplant and few High Tech factories........ The Commerce Avenue... The City Hall, and historical Redwood tree to remember the death of Capt. Suhadi Sadono (the city folk's hero) The Cemetery and Astronomical Telescope facility... Pacitan College and Pacitan Public Swimming Pool.... The Hawkes Roundabout, for commerce areas also acted as bus stop Another look at Residential Area.... The Twin Gerber Rd. roundabouts... The mansion in the middle is Gerbers family house, one of the city founder... The Prasasti Hotel of Pacitan, serve you more than ever.... and, for total randomness, this picture.... that dead man must be a giant, since his body is as huge as car parking lot, and not very proprtional... This is the end of the Fairview City Journal.... This last entry dedicated to : 89james89 : Thanks for making my name in of your village, sorry that I can't make yours... jdenm8 : Thanks for your help with the keyboard issues, your help saves my life..... nielsc007 : Thanks for helping me with the awesome maps and building interchanges... SimRico : To be honest, I still don't understand your updates, but you make me lively.... jmsepe : Your support gives me hope, and thanks for the helps! Kisa Atsuko : I never thought that Karasem were built by you, you encourage me to make this CJ Titanicbuff : Your lesson about roundabouts make me interested into roundabouts.... Tonraq, __a, Haljackey, meister1235, Mandelsoft, ROFLyoshi, and many more people that guide me via forums and chat, my thanks and salute are intended to all of you... GOOD BYE!!!!
  15. Pier 44

    Yes, the city name is Pier 44, since I don't have any idea what the city should be named..... Okay, now let me introduce you to North-West City in Fairview, Pier 44. Once called the Cypress Islands, but after a huge crime crisis causing the city to shut down, the city rebuilt, and given a new name, Pier 44. The current mayor is Sebastien Bugalski, mix-match name after two best French Rally Driver ever, Phillipe Bugalski and Sebastien Loeb. R.I.P Phillipe Bugalski 1963-2012 The city was a huge casino city, but due to the crime crisis, the casino shut down, and everything is repaired to the brim. Currently about 100,000+ people stayed at the city. Between the West and East Islands, each islands have their main attraction. And there is one island that is purposed for industrial and seaport only. There are 2 bridges that connecting each island. Take a look at West Island..... (The CBD and Hi-Tech Industrial at south of Tchung-Hwa Highway) (North Residential Area) (West Residential Area) (CBD Area and Bugalski Memorial Roundabout) (San Remo Beach at the East side of West Island (no nudist beach)) (The Tchung Hwa Highway that cross the island and connecting the two islands) The Tchung-Hwa Bridge connecting East and West Islands... Now the East Island.... (It's pretty rough on the slopes.... ) (Cruise Ship entering the Pier and Commerce area...) (Tchung-Hwa Highway also cross the East Island) (Another look at Residential and Cruise Ship Pier) The Industrial Islands.... (the only shoot I take at the island) (Cole Bridge that connected West Island and Industrial Island) Thank you all, comment and critics are well appreciated... Replies : 89james89: Yea...I was thinking of good landmark and how to raise desireability.... Schulmanator : I hardly can see the road....
  16. Lomonosov

    Hello again Simtropolis! The new update now bring us to my favorite city in Fairview. Lomonosov!!! Originated to build the glorious Lomonosov Moscow State University, the plan failed due to gigantic size of the BAT and LOT, also the result is hideous and ridiculous. So, I deleted the university and carry on continuing building the city. There are approximately 84,000+ people living in the city. Around 78% of them are High-Wealth people that started to move from Stirling (the neighbor). Since then, the developer races to each other to build as many and as high Luxury Condominium and Apartment as they can. The demand of residential area keep growing and growing after many public facilities has been built, and hence, due the lack of space, the building get higher and higher..... (I'll explain the awkward highway later...) Here is another shoot at the residential area..... Now, we move on to the Commercial and Business aspect of the city. Since the rich guy started to move to Lomonosov, many offices and rich shops also start to move to Lomonosov. And as usual, High-Rise offices started to built and dominates the skyline of Lomonosov. The iconic building of Lomonosov is Amethys Hotel Tower(left one). With around 700 luxurious room, this hotel is one of the attraction of the city, due to the unique design of the building, and the luxury around the building. The Plaza, is where all the accountant, lawyer, CEO, or bunch of that, have a rest and nice lunch, and a little bit enjoyment outside the office. Sometimes called the K-LOM Plaza, since the city radio station build at The Plaza. It is also attracted more tourist and bussinesman to the city. The city also had a huge concern about education. Since the failure of the Lomonosov University, the government peoples redeemed themselves by building Guggenheim Museum and Main City Library. Also, the Education Ministry is run well with the amount of money concentrated to education. Guggenheim Museum now become one of the cultural attraction in the city, as well as street performer also like to play around the avenue.... This city also built the replica of The St.Petersburg famous Church, and hence, it also the home of the Orthodox Church Community of Lomonosov. But, the amazement didn't stop here, since the building is so small compared to all of the skyscrapers. It's colorful theme become the heart of the city. But the avenues have to be replaced, and a roundabout was made, circling the church. P.S: It's also main attraction of the city! Nokia, (no, not that Nokia), proposed for a little bit area for High-Tech Industry, since all the engineers and the advanced programmers start to move to Lomonosov. So, Nokia have a little plant at Lomonosov, and added jobs to the people of Lomonosov. Labor Avenue is the most controversial area of the Lomonosov city. The Stock Exchange is build in that avenue, and every Labor Day, the road always closed due to protest and demonstration. And not just that, it once was set on fire due to massive protest in Nokia workers. (It's real!) Now, I'll explain that awkward highway before. Since a lot of offices build in Lomonosov, workers in Stirling also has to commute to Lomonosov for jobs, and the North Bic Avenue always crowded with traffic at rush hour. So, without any further planning, the highway built blatantly, and sadly make the city look little bit uglier. But, hey, at least the money is still keep running! And now, lets take a look at the night view of the city.... Thanks for visiting! Comment, critics and suggestion are well appreciated.
  17. Shinshunimachi

    Hello again Simtropolis! After showing you the overall Fairview Region, now I can show the very first city I build in Fairview. Shinshunimachi.... Name based on one of the rally stages in Colin McRae 04 in Japan, (yes I'm a rally and WRC fan), this is the city where I learned the basics of SC4 and city planning. So, yes, it is monotone and little bit blocky. Currently hold up about 111,000 peoples, this city now try to balance up the crime rate that went up after the opening of neighboring city Rock Port. The purification plant is always red in Crime Data View...(help?) One of the iconic building is the BNI 46 building (the big blue one), which acted as the national bank. Thanks to the BAT creator (I forgot his name), now Shinshunimachi also being the region capital city. (The other shoot) As usual, thanks for take a look at my journal, and critics and suggestion well appreciated.

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