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  1. FSH BAT restoration

    I guess it depends on the size of the plane & the image etc. I downloaded the file...there's a microscopic difference (hardly worth worrying about) between 0 & 1. It might be beneficial to sharpen the images prior to using them as a texture? It's certainly cool either way. It reminds me of the somewhat similar method Maxis used to make their ingame trees
  2. FSH BAT restoration

    Excellent, indeed! The info was most helpful, Jason. To correct the blurriness, you can try using 3dsMax to sharpen the image: in the Mat editor, after selecting the bitmap that you've used, there is an option to reduce the blurriness (the default on Max and Gmax is 1.0). I would drop that to 0.
  3. FSH BAT restoration

    Stop attacking him, now. You are monumentally off-piste with your line of thinking. The option to insert FSHs is still very much part of the export process.
  4. FSH BAT restoration

    I don't think I could put it better myself, except it is you who has misread the post and as a result, it is you who has behaved in a bolshie fashion (not people as you purport). More than 10 unique posters have understood the gist of this thread. For your benefit (and so that the rest of us don't have to witness a 'moderator' attacking yet another batter, again), let me summarise from reading through the thread prior to your interjection in 2016: 1) Gutterclub found a N, S, E and W Zoom 5 picture of a BAT he liked in a thread. The batter (Simfox) never released it and there is no possibility of doing so; 2) Cockatoo made an alpha image of the the above Bat and stated that it could be photoshopped for Z4, 3, 2 and 1 and then pasted onto a rendered Box of similar dimensions; 3) Other batters have done this and attempted to assist Gutterclub; 4) This is how he has output files (from following the assistance of other batters and their instructions). I'm interested to see the outcome and resolution, it may have real merit once BAT4Max stops working for batters.
  5. What Should I Do to Change the World.

    I suspect we will be at cross-talk here, because the things you have listed are the world of 'trinkets' or the world of 'commodities' or the world of 'privilege' and to excel in any endeavor within that milieu will not necessarily change the world. At your young age, sadly, world influencers are the victims of unspeakable horror that should never befall anyone, let alone a child and, by speaking their truth, have had a rare opportunity to reach others. Here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malala_Yousafzai or here: https://twitter.com/muhammadnajem20 (be warned that the latter is at times truly confronting). These are but two examples of shining hope in a cruel, disgraceful world where your fate is determined only by where you were born. How many millions of others have suffered with no voice? So if you want to change the world you live by your truth. If your truth is grounded in compassion and fairness then you will always find ways to influence those around you for the better. If, however, you want to influence the world of 'trinkets' or 'commodities' then stay in school, study hard and don't allow yourself to be too distracted by video games.
  6. Plaza Hotel New York

    In the folder called "Mattb325 Plaza Hotel\Lot Files DO NOT DELETE", delete everything that doesn't start with the word 'Plop'. You will be left with only one file : "PLOP_4x5_Mattb325_Plaza_Hotel_b7ad32e1.SC4Lot". Make sure you keep at least one model file or you will see a brown box.
  7. Lot - Resources / Help

    As I stated, Vanderaaps bats are very old. In fact, amongst the first ever created for SC4, long before many other mods were made available or even thought of. His bats have also aged very well and still hold up today, which is very rare for stuff so old. To expect such creations to be flexible for things that he couldn't have forseen, but that you want a decade after their release, is quite unreasonable. CP's SCILT textures are all interchangeable with each other (so you can swap one SCILT pack for another) and give many extra options for matching textures when you are using the lot editor. So for instance, if you were to download the SMP Sidewalk mod from Simtropolis, it will only change the sidewalk textures adjacent to the networks. The SMP one doesn't, for instance, change the white base/overlays used on the lots. For this you have essentially two options to deal with the lots, either modding to over-ride all Maxis textures as rsc204 has pointed out above, or altering the textures using the lot editor, which is where the SCILT is useful (CP has made a matching SCILT for the SMP sidewalk) .
  8. Lot - Resources / Help

    You know, in real life, I haven't seen everything match up 100%, ever. While I appreciate some folks will state that the Bats 'mess up' their sidewalk mod, it is important to remember that these bats are quite old, made before retexturing mods were generally available, and vanderaap would have made them for his purposes which he then shared with the community, so they were done by him, for him. Not the other way around. But to address your issue, I would approach the problem from a totally different angle to what has been suggested here as batted pieces will always have graphical glitches and probably give you less than satisfactory results as the LODs of vanderaaps buildings extend to include the brown sidewalk area. My suggestion is simply to get a sidewalk mod that lessens the contrast between vanderaaps batted pavement and the in-game versions. All of vanderaaps buildings used that same pavement in his bats, so getting a sidewalk mod to match that is the easier of the two solutions, especially if you love his dutch buildings (and what's not to love, they are great little recreations!) There are some textures in this set: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2850 that may suit your purposes and are certainly closer in colour to the vanderaaps pavement (the preview image from his file is in the picture), and CP also made lot editor textures which can then be used to replace the standard white Maxis overlays that are used. You can browse through the numerous versions here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_search_00.php?query=eyJjcmVhdG9yIjoiMjUiLCJleGNsdWRlX2xvY2tlZCI6IjEiLCJleGNsdWRlX25vdGNlcnQiOiIwIiwicXVlcnkiOiIifQ== There is also this set, which is an OK match: But there are plenty of others, such as paengs' mod etc...just do a search to find one that suits your taste
  9. Gertrude Apartments

    @adam_SVK, please check the following to locate the cause of the brown box: 1) You have unzipped the file(s) - which includes the dependencies - prior to installing in your plugins; 2) You have the most up-to-date dependencies listed (re-download if needed) 3) You have at least one model file (either Maxis Nite or Dark Nite...i.e. you haven't accidentally deleted both of them); 4) If everything checks above out, then your computer may not like the length of the file/folder structure name, so where, in your plugins, it might look something like: \Mattb325 Gertrude Apartments\Model Files KEEP ONLY ONE SET\Gertrude Apartments DARK NITE, try taking the model file out of the the folder called 'Model Files KEEP ONLY ONE SET' and deleting that folder altogether (that folder is only there for instruction purposes) so that you end up with a structure along the lines of \Mattb325 Gertrude Apartments\Gertrude Apartments DARK NITE Thanks PS: to the admin/moderator who moved this from the ratings section, thankyou.
  10. Palace of Westminster

    What a really beautiful, beautiful, stunning piece of work and on a scale that I thought precluded this from ever seeing the light of day in game. I've had a very, very quick look in game and in the reader, and oh boy from that alone, I can say that your screenshots simply don't do this work justice. I will be nominating this for 2018's best recreation.
  11. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    I didn't cherry pick from the passage. I've pretty much well listed it in its entirety: while you give air-time to both sides of the argument, based on the amount of words you have devoted to only one side of the argument (that which favors the content creator), it is clear to the reader what the intentions might be and I most certainly have not mis-read the passage quoted or the broader element of your involvement in that thread. However, if you say that I have misunderstood the gist of your passage that describes the problems faced by content creators and implores the community to treat them better, and that this thread rather than those words represents your true feelings, then so be it (or in your words: Pish!). It is admirable indeed that you have taken ownership of it; it goes without saying that I don't know what went on behind closed doors, but I can certainly see the outcome and the outcome alone is all any of us who aren't staff can see, so I guess you should make your outcomes count. It makes two of us....I stand by my beliefs & words as well: and I don't think that continuing to provide a community where the folks entrusted to support the interests of those providing on-going content are willing to turn away from the content creators is "running away" - to quote your passage "That's why as a community we need to do a little more to support creators if you ask me." Oh, and this, for the record, is "cherry-picking". Sure, let's for a moment ignore the complete turn-around in behavior...but think for a minute (and here I am talking to the rsc204 of May 2017), you could have left your words as a comment rather than a rating which is all I am asking and all I have ever asked. The stars aren't available on SC3000 content (only comments) and on the competition uploads. I have never once said to remove the comments section and I have never once asked for things that aren't currently in place on the site. To be honest, your comments were fair, and I didn't ignore them as you imply, but you are not actually in prime position to give this creator a 3/5. For the record, neither am I. This user is clearly not a native English speaker. Try to imagine for just one minute how difficult it would have been for him to navigate all of the forums to find the information on gmax, sketch-up, the PIM, the lot editor and so-forth and run the information through the mash-up of google to translate it, and then share the fruits of his labor with us. It would have been a herculean task. Have you so completely forgotten what was involved in your own journey, and you didn't have the impediment of language? And for someone new to the content scene, (and this addresses matias93 as well) his efforts ARE a 5/5 based on where he is at this moment in time on his content creation journey. Take a look at the files again. He has placed a like on most of the users comments, but only one of your 3/5 stars has a like from the content creator.
  12. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    @Bombardiere, I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience as well, but given that this system being defended by some is so structurally unfair in the first instance, it is not unsurprising. @rsc204 , let me take this opportunity to remind you of your thoughts on this exact topic less than one year ago. Do you recall this? If not, here are your words, when you removed a 3/5 star rating on my file (that I didn't even request to be removed, though I am grateful for it) ******************************** "I don't think anyone is suggesting constructive criticism is not OK, but if there really was nothing subjectively wrong with your work, then that's another story. It's great you don't let these things get to you, but we're not all as strong, I know in the past I've taken some comments very badly. But it depends on the fairness of the comments, want to rate something 3/5 because it has a genuine flaw I can see, no problem. Like you I'd take that as a challenge to improve it. But there has to be objective substance to such comments, otherwise it becomes something else altogether. Getting into the whole why of this (note: my personal opinions, not that of the site/staff). Content creators have one of the hardest lives of any member of the SC4 community. We come under intense criticism sometimes. Are expected to support users through everything, many of which fail to read the documentation we took the time to write. "I don't like the colour", "That bit should be different, "You should spend longer making pieces I want". You know what?, if you want things exactly a certain way, make it yourself. I make content for me, things I want to see in the game. Then I spend a monumental amount of time adapting things so I can release them for you to use. Ask nicely and I'll help you with problems, advise you how to customise things, sometimes even make that unique thing you want. Be unpleasant about it and you can feel lucky that the rules prohibit me from saying what I'm thinking. Here's some examples of when it's not really appropriate, fair or friendly to downrate work: Rated lower due to some user preference Ratings of such files is just one part of this cycle of negativity that can seriously get under one's skin. I made a yellow house, I wanted it to be yellow, there is nothing wrong with it, oh but you've gone and rated it 3/5 because you wanted it blue? How is that fair to me? Now my file doesn't look as attractive a proposition to others. They may see the lower rating and wrongly think something is wrong with it. Or that it isn't good quality work, they may not take the time to evaluate why. All because you selfishly decided something should be the colour you wanted, not the one I envisioned. Rated lower because I've yet to test in-game Then don't rate it please until you have? What my content is bad because you didn't check it yet?, so you'll assume there is a problem, not that it's fine? Hmm, well you haven't made a friend there. FYI, I am a perfectionist, I can't tell you how much testing I do for my mods. So it's personally insulting when someone makes an assumption my work isn't of a high standard. Where faults/errors are found, I'm very quick to deal with and patch them. In fact, I test way after release often, I'm usually the first to find the errors. Downrated because things are "missing" For something to be missing, I must have forgotten to include it. But if the item or set I provide is as intended, then nothing is missing. So you buy a car without a radio, you can't say the radio is missing, it simply doesn't have one. You knew you weren't getting one when you bought it, so what cause have you to complain about it? If you wanted a radio, you bought the wrong car. Likewise, if you want something the upload doesn't contain, that's on you, the creator hasn't done anything wrong. You are free to re-use the content to try and realise that or make something by yourself. Otherwise if the content doesn't fit your needs, don't download it or rate it. Download doesn't work - when it clearly does I've had this, 1/5 because it doesn't work/appear. Well what if it does work and the person writing the review is the problem? Maybe the answer is in the readme you didn't check, maybe you could have asked me on the forums for help? Nope, much better to thoughtlessly downrate my work, because that's OK right? Of course it's not and this type of thing needs to be moderated IMO. Download has dependencies - Seriously, are we still discussing this in 2017? *sigh* Yes, that's right, there is a thing called dependencies and you will probably need some at some point. Some creators love to use them, they'll use as many as they need to get the exact look they want. Others try hard not to include any or work diligently to keep them to a reduced number. But whatever your personal feelings, the work is still as intended and regardless of the number used, this is not a fair reason to downrate an upload. Of course the problem is that it may seem like we're saying that users are not allowed to downrate work. That's not true at all, the intention is never to take that possibility away from users. But we are asking you to think carefully about the rating and be fair in your judgement of someone's hard work. Because if everyone went around downrating work, the STEX would become a lot smaller very quickly, let me be very clear about that. Is this what we want? To alienate those who work tirelessly to provide our beloved game with new content? So there has to be balance to reviews, comments and just generally how we treat creators. Sometimes I think people are clueless as to how much work goes into some of this stuff. To downrate works without fairness is treating those people very unkindly if you ask me. We have feelings, if people don't think our work is any good, maybe we don't continue to make it. Creators need to know if users don't treat them fairly, moderators will step in to ensure fairness. Otherwise we're sticking two fingers up at the creators, sacrificing their rights for user's rights to an opinion. So when thinking about why some moderation is taking place on such comments, please know it's a balancing act. Between users rights to express their opinion and the creators rights to have their work fairly judged publicly. There are valid reasons for not rating a work 5/5, but a review should try to be objective in the face of the creators intent. Because I'm not making your game how you want it, well maybe I am, but that's just a coincidence, I'm making it how I want it. You are lucky enough to have my files available, treat that privilege with respect or potentially loose it. That's why as a community we need to do a little more to support creators if you ask me. Because some people sadly don't see the connection between negativity towards creators and their motivation". **************************************** You spoke what I can only presume were your truest feelings; the passage was eloquent and purposeful. To see such a change between your words from then to now is disconcerting, because it means that one set of words isn't true: that, in this thread, you feel 'damned if you do, damned if you don't' now would suggest that you are operating against your beliefs; when you operate in line with your truest convictions, you rarely face such dilemmas. And, just like the site is dependent on active contributors to survive, the webmaster needs his moderators more than they need him (remember as a moderator you are also doing something for nothing and with a skill set, like batting, that is not easily transferable to the real world). So, if you fall on your own principles so easily (unless of course they aren't true), It is little wonder you are expressing feeling conflicted. What sits so poorly in this saga is this: to prove a point of policy (and mark a decided change in moderator behavior from the last year), you (and by you, I mean the staff involved in this action) have allowed @lmca9000 to take the fall. Here was a situation where two content creators both received 1 star malicious ratings from two long-standing, active community members. Simmaster07s 1 star was swiftly removed (including the status update that also pointed to the rating) while lmc9000 1 star sat there for all to see. I can only presume that the reason behind this vast difference of handling the mess was that you have a great use for simmaster07s work and want to see more of it, but don't have the same need for Venezuelan buildings. That you (note I am now referring to you in the singular) then went and rated his work 3 stars is really the final kicker in an exercise of exceedingly poor taste and runs so contrary to what you said on May 17 and to any sort of fairness or principles of even-handedness.
  13. sad to see your message  but understand why

  14. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    The user I pointed out as being given a 1 star in malice - I simply don't know how else such a comment can be interpreted. Well, you've made your point loud and clear. I won't bother you again.
  15. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    Thanks Cyclone Boom for taking the time to reply. As I said, I'm certainly not trying to have a dig at the staff...I actually feel for you having to defend a system that is open to misuse, and it also takes your time away from other things that you would get more enjoyment from, not only to deal with the misuse, but to deal with the folks such as myself agitating to see a change. Now, if I may offer the following.... ...there has been a specific, seperate code of conduct in place for some time.