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City-building game(s)

Found 114 results

  1. New Logo

    Here's a new logo for San Guillermo.
  2. Very simple, every Monday is when you'll find the newest Noggin Thinker released
  3. I'm a pretty new player with a good bit of Cities: Skylines experience. This is a whole new learning curve! My main problem so far is figuring out how people carefully plan exactly what buildings they want in their cities. Of course, commercials can be plopped, but residential can't. I know people have methods of controlling what grows - the main one I've seen so far is to zone a space exactly the right size and them demolish-rebuild-demolish-rebuild until you get exactly the right building. However, in order to zone a block of zoning which is exactly the right size for a specific lot, you need the dimensions of that lot. And that seems to be very very hard to find! Of course there's the lot editor, however lots often have cryptic and even completely non-descriptive names. The SC4tool database doesn't show dimensions, and refuses to add my custom buildings. Basically, all I want is the simplest possible tool, which shows me the density level and lot dimensions, for the default buildings and my custom dat files, so I know what size zones I need to build. Does this exist? or, perhaps, do I not need this and am missing something when it comes to trying to control which buildings grow?
  4. Looking for active and cooperative mayors to join region and continue a supportive community. Experienced or new mayors encouraged. Below is a link for a site that allows you to check all map plots to give you an idea before you claim it. (resources, wind direction, rail and boat/shipping connections etc.) http://www.simcityplanningguide.com/2013/10/traffic-and-rci-tips.html Rules/Guidelines: Original SimCity 2013 only please, no Cities of Tomorrow (all other adaptations are ok, just ask before deploying mods) Be active in communicating and collaborating with other mayors. 2 map lots per mayor (Please ask before claiming more than one map lot), preferably just 1 to start and eventually we'll roll into 2 cities per mayor if they are not occupied completely. play at your speed, don't feel rushed. Just enjoy and have fun! lets get some awesome skyline pictures and let the creativity flow and learn a thing or two from one another. If you want to discontinue playing with this group just let me know and please abandon the map so i can manage it and clear it for someone else to play. I chose Rambling Badlands because of it's fairly linear arrangement of terrain (other maps are much too gradient/sloping and cause graphics issues), plentiful resources and allows 7 cities on each side of mountain range with 1 great work on each side. I personally thought it was a much better set up than just 4 mayors per region quadrant. Also Rambling Badlands is extremely bug free. Badlands is also a nice change of scenery from the traditional maps. My Origin name is: Moogu69 I have been an active mayor since release of this title with 1300+ hours logged so please message me if you're interested! cheers!
  5. Hi community of Simtropolis! This is my first topic! Sorry for my bad english, but like the title says i'm in searching for active players! What i mean for active players is that he can play at least once at week for 2-4 hours! I have more than 700 Hours in that game, but if you respect some rules all of you can join! I hope there are someone that still playing this game, but i feel i'm the last one who playing "serious". Nickname Origin: Superivan94 Add me and if i didn't invite you send me a pm! Info: Server: Europa Occidental 1 / Western Europe 1 ( dunno how in the luncher is written ) Region name: OverSpringTropolis Map: Granite Lake Available slots: 9/10 Theme: There are no particular theme but i will like to see some style set like British Style Set, German etc... Ban: All building are ok! Rules: Try to comunicate in chat, if you have also a simple problem with fires try to ask some extra firefighters trucks Try to resolve all your problems with your city before ask a new territory You must ask to me first to claim a new territory Max 2 territory for 1 player with one city 10 years old Try to learn from who have more experience don' t give up if yours city is full of problems. Try to visit other cities, become inspired from them, build your city again from scratch; for sure one of us will give you some money to do so! Remember that high number of citizen does mean anything! try to build a functionat city and wonderfull to see for us! I want to take some photos to share in some social at the end Please respect this rules and others, thak you so much
  6. Hello! Although I have an odd feeling that no one will reply or bother to look at this thread, I would like to notify everyone that I am starting up a semi-serious simcity private region on Europe West 1. If you wish to join then add my origin: BulletFilter If you have any questions feel free to ask them with a simple reply. Thank you for taking the time to view this 3/7 CITIES CURRENTLY IN USE
  7. Hello and welcome to HotCuppaTV's beautiful tropical island.... The city of HotCuppa Tropics! An exciting series on Youtube. A regular Cities Skylines series for your viewing pleasure with an english commentator, relaxing jazz to soothe the soul and even some cheeky classical thrown in there. Cities Skylines: Episode 01 - Tropical Mountain Beaches, Thirsty Citizens and Fast Food Addictions! We begin on the most gorgeous tropical island although the fast food industry begins to rapidly consume our citizens attention. If this is your cup of tea feel free to follow along! HotCuppaTV
  8. New Planned District

    Hi guys!So lately I've planned a new district and I will call it Nassau Bay.It will contain many hotels,a few casinos,a waterfront,and possibly a Marina if I can build one.It may take me about 2-5 weeks or more because of other life events and school.
  9. I'm sure there are tons of people out there using @andreharv and @BloodyPenguin"s MOM. However, I'm wondering if anyone out there has heard whether MTSE is going to be updated to support MOM. I know you would need their permission to update for them but It seems like they have abandoned.... Consider this a request, can someone PLEASE create a new version?!?!
  10. 1900 AD - A New Century!

    Welcome back to Winton, ready to begin the new 20th century? I can't wait to see the technological ideals arising, and to rise. Maybe more trains, and transportation, heck even maybe horses made of gears! It'll help out at the corral that's for sure. We do as the new year begins for us, have a new landmark for our little town. Welcome back, we see the general store and such at night lit up along Goodwin St. People gathering at the courthouse for a New Years celebration. Inside a band will be playing, food, and all in the first floor! Square Dancing, and so much more. All is welcomed! Free of charge! The neighborhoods are quiet, people are gathering at the courthouse, to see the quiet small streets like Broadmoor street here in its fine beauty. The school is also planting a small community garden, wish them luck in our climate; but it teaches the kids about real outdoorsy skills, and them not stuck inside on their washboards and guitars. This is the future, all of us outside, having a fun time! Now for the big landmark we were talking about! Which is named the, Alan Coleman Gazebo, after Doctor Alan Coleman, who was the town doctor till 1899 when he died at the age of 74. A great doctor he was, we miss him much in our town. We'll see you all in 1903.
  11. Comming back!

    So I've got the itch to play again. I've got a windows 7 computer with a fresh install of the game and the maxis patch nothing else, I booted up and we're good to go. What would you guys recommend installing next Nam, Terraformer? I have a USB drive devoted to simcity 4 that i dug out that has a lot of stuff saved on it. I'm just looking for some pointers on a smooth transition back into the game. Anything big happen in the 2 years I've been gone? Any must have bat's lot's? Any significant changes? Thanks for any replies! Cant wait to start this game again!
  12. Umm... hi :D

    Hello everyone! My name is Sentry (As you can clearly see ) And l'm new in here just joined now.
  13. New Cemetery

    Version 3.0


    This is a new cemetery for your city!. Cost $12000! DEPENDENCIES: PEG Memorial Park Kit INSTALLATION: Put the dat file in Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins ENJOY!
  14. Site Suggestion Box

    Got some ideas? Here's a place where you can recommend any improvements to Simtropolis. It's about time we had one of these. Even though the site continues to develop, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how it can be further refined and made better for everyone. Whether it be a simple layout/design tweak, or a completely brand new feature, post away in this thread! While we can't promise everything will be possible or implemented, each idea will be read and considered. I'm sure you'll appreciate there are limitations, both technically and financially. To report any issues with an existing site feature, or something not working as intended, please instead use the Bugs Thread. Guidelines For clarity, please keep one idea per post. Double posts are acceptable if you've more than one idea at once. Note: To prevent successive replies from auto-merging, you may need to wait 5 minutes. Give a subheading, describing briefly what the idea is. Explain the idea -- it helps to give as much detail as possible. Pictures or diagrams are acceptable, but not required. Why would this be of benefit to the community? If you value anyone's idea, please Like it to show your support. This helps to give a rough indication of how well an idea is received. If commenting on an idea, please quote/copy the subheading so it's clear what is being discussed. Progress Status Once processed, ideas will be tagged with one of the following: NOT PLANNED - The idea is appreciated, but at this stage, is not feasible to implement. INTERNAL REVIEW - We like the idea, and will pursue whether it's currently feasible to implement. PLANNED - We have decided to implement the idea, and are finding the best ways to go about it. IMPLEMENTED - The idea has been added as a new site feature! This will change depending on ongoing progress with implementation. Thanks all! -The Admins
  15. Solid_Snake0911 Projects

    Ey gente, aqui Solid_Snake0911. A partir de hoy abriré este topico para publicar mis proyectos y QUIZAS algunos tip's para crear mis trabajos. Desde hace algunos años he tenido que ser autodidacta de todo esto del Bating para poder comprender y comenzar con edificios pequeños y la aplicación de los detalles y SOBRE TODO EL TEXTURIZADO. Creo que una de las cosas más dificiles de este pasatiempo tan genial, es el texturizado. Con los años aprendí a arreglarmelas por mi cuenta, sin embargo, caresco de conocimiento de sitios recomendados a los que pueda acudir para conseguir información, texturas, tutoriales o incluso, información sobre los edificios que me interesan modelar para Simcity 4. Hace casi 2 años comence un proyecto que por algunas dificultades (se daño mi computadora y tuve que esperar meses para comprar tan siquiera un disco duro nuevo) se retraso una y otra vez pero por fin podré adelantarles algo de lo que ya tengo terminado. Debo decir que en vista de lo dificil que se me hace trabajar con 3ds Max (por lo antigüedad de mi pc, tengo que sustituirla por completo y no tengo dinero ) aprendí a usar Google Sketchup para modelar, pero si uso 3ds Max para renderizar los modelos, a partir de alli no tengo problemas para agregar los modelos al juego. Antes de presentar mi adelanto del proyecto actual, me gustaria pedirle el mayor de los apoyos a toda la comunidad para ayudarme a continuar realizando mis trabajos a largo plazo. Ayuda con algunas paginas web de texturas (textures.com -no se si las politicas del foro me permita mencionar paginas web- ya la conosco), sitios web que me brinden información de arquitectura de los edificios (planos arquitectonicos o de cualquier tipo), algunos trucos, tutoriales o información para desarrollar mi agilidad para modelar, texturizar o crear nuevo material. De antemano les agredeceré su comprensión y colaboración en todo lo que me ayuden, de todas formas todo será con la finalidad de compartir con todos ustedes lo que pueda aprender y crear. Bueno sin nada más que agregar por ahora, les presento al... 120 Wall Street.
  16. Plopped Right In: Harinsburg Part I

    Welcome to Harinsburg! This is my first entry, so I want to tell you a few things about myself: I've played SimCity 4 for the past 7 years. I haven't played SC4 with mods until just this past year. I am by no means a good designer, so cut me a little slack when my cities look terrible OK, with that through, let's see what we have to work with. I've been working on Harinsburg for about 1 hour every other week since the beginning of July, and this is how far I've gotten: Yeah, so not very far. We can work with it, I think. Let's take a tour of each "neighborhood." Downtown Harinsburg Welcome to downtown Harinsburg, which currently house the majority of our city's population and employment. In the future this area will become a major commercial center. Our extensive train network runs all over Harinsburg and is constantly being expanded, The heart of Harinsburg, at the crossing of Burg Ave and 1st. Unemployment is a bit of an issue here in Harinsburg, but nothing to get too concerned about, I assure you. Weltham Heights Weltham Heights is a fantastic new development housing most of our R$$ citizens. Right outside the city center, residents have easy access to the future Hub of Harinsburg. Harold H. Weltham Elementary, with the Mary G. Weltham Soccer and Softball Fields in the background. Weltham Heights inhabitants currently commute to the city center on the Weltham Loop, (the one-way road), but the first stages of Harinsburg SR 1 are almost complete, offtering speedier transport. The Weltham Loop The Grange District Ah, Grange. The dreariest, tiniest, and most temporary of my neighborhoods. It has industry. Really ugly industry. A crossing of railroad and Harinsburg SR 1. SR 1 Cuts between Downtown Harinsburg and Grange District. Check out the full Imgur album here. I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here. Thanks for checking out my humble Harinsburg! There'll be update posts coming out at least every month.
  17. It must begin. Sorry.
  18. I have recently installed SC via the app store and am attempting to add custom content however I am struggling to find NAM, terrain mods etc. that are workable with my system. I have read up about file juicer and have searched for the Mac installer versions of some of these mods and I either find outdated links or installers that don't work. Can anyone offer any advice? I am on a Mac Book Pro running OS X Yosemite. Thanks!
  19. The newest area is seeing growth!
  20. Hello. I am using SC4Tool currently to edit some of my newly created lots. However, I want to both add new lots, and replace existing lots. How do I replace certain in-game buildings, as well as add new ones without altering content? My lots are named and are unlocked when: EMERGENCY SERVICES CV2x1_2enginestationhouse (Fire Kiosk) --- Replaces "Small Fire Station" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_4enginestationhouse (Fire Station) --- Replaces "Large Fire Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_8enginestationhouse (Fire Department) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_16enginestationhouse (Fire Headquarters) --- Replaces "Fire Department Landing Strip" --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims CV2x1_KioskLocalPrecinct (Police Kiosk) --- Replaces "Police Kiosk" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_SmallLocalPrecinct (Police Station) --- Replaces "Small Police Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_LargeLocalPrecinct (Police Department) --- Replaces "Large Police Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_DeluxeLocalPrecinct (Police Headquarters) --- Replaces "Deluxe Police Station" --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims CV2x1_HealthClinic (Health Clinic) --- Replaces "Urgent Care Center/Health Clinic" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_HealthCenter (Medical Center) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_HealthHospital (General Hospital) --- Replaces "Large Medical Center" --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_HealthDepartment (Emergency Complex) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims SCHOOLING SERVICES CV2x1_LocalLowDistrict (Local Elementary School) --- Additional Content --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_SmallLowDistrict (Small Elementary School) --- Replaces "Small Elementary School" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV4x3_LargeLowDistrict (Large Elementary School) --- Replaces "Large Elementary School" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_DeluxeLowDistrict (Deluxe Elementary School) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV3x2_LocalHighDistrict (Local Highschool) --- Additional Content --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV4x3_SmallHighDistrict (Small Highschool) --- Replaces "Small Highschool" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_LargeHighDistrict (Large Highschool) - Replaces "Large Highschool" --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV6x5_DeluxeHighDistrict (Deluxe Highschool) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV4x3_LocalCollege (Local College) --- Replaces "City College" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_SmallCollege (Small College) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV6x5_LargeCollege (Large Collge) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV7x6_DeluxeCollege (Deluxe College) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" city education score, city population must exceed 125 thousand sims REWARD SERVICES CV1x1_CommunityLibrary (Community Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city, city population must exceed 5 thousand sims CV3x3_CityLibrary (City Library) --- Replaces "Main Library" --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV6x6_StateLibrary (State Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" city education score, city population must exceed 125 thousand sims CV10x10_NationalLibrary (National Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with an "excellent" city education score, city population must exceed 625 thousand sims CV4x4_CommunityCollege (Community College) --- Additional Content - unlocks with a "fair" regional education score, city population must exceed 75 thousand sims, region population must exceed 125 thousand sims CV10x10_CityCollege (City College) --- Replaces "University" --- unlocks with a "good" city regional education score, city population must exceed 150 thousand sims, region population must exceed 250 thousand sims CV22x22_StateUniversity (State University) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" regional education score, city population must exceed 300 thousand sims, region population must exceed regional population must exceed 500 thousand sims CV46x46_NationalUniversity (National University) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with an "excellent" regional education score, city population must exceed 600 thousand sims, regional population must exceed 1 million sims Unaltered Data Private Schools Local Branch Library Museums Operas
  21. Teaser 1

    Teaser Another image to set you brainstorming Website under construction
  22. So many things to do to get colonization of the new area ready!
  23. Greetings Mayors!

    Good Evening Mayors! Portuguese guy from Algarve, south of the Country. I'm looking forward to improve much more my City Management with your help and Tips! I've always been SimCity fan since the first one on NES! Played that one and got hooked right away! Then, since I didn't have a pc by then, I only got to play SimCity 4 and now SimCity 5 and can't wait for a New One!! Thank You and Good Game!
  24. Welcome back to cities skylines, today we start to work on creating a new city, in which we will hopefully be able to keep the low levels of traffic in, like we did for the first city!
  25. I just started playing Cities Skylines. After spending on hour on building roads and small zoning, I still feel I don't like my layout. Not sure why. May be because I keep watching videos on Youtube to see how amazing some people cities are! As I progress, I feel a but overwhelm with what to do next. Like suddenly garbage, schools, then the harder like Bus and Taxi. Then I just feel like giving up. Can give me some tips on what I should do to improve actually? Any particularly good video out there to may be recommend? Thanks in advance!

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