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City-building game(s)

Found 30 results

  1. Chevrolet Impala- Police Edition

    Version 1.0.0


    At the heart of any well-balanced city is an order legislated to guarantee the welfare of all who live inside it's jurisdiction. Law Enforcement is one of the most important branches to a government, ensuring safety to all. Even if it's a traffic ticket now and then or a donut shop being stormed. Your departments need a sturdy car and the Impala is the perfect fit! For when the going gets tough in the streets, these new cruisers are well-equipped to take on anything! About the Upload- This mod converts the Police Car into a modified Chevrolet Impala. There are 8 different liveries included, based on various police departments from the United States. The liveries included are not specific to any real cities, so they can blend into almost any setting within the game. The shields on each side are custom emblems from GM to promote the Impala as a police unit. Static props included. Dependencies? None required, but if you would like to see these units in action (besides their regular patrols), it's recommended to download the Lots of Riots mod, which will spawn more frequent uprisings that allow you to actually use the police dispatch tool!
  2. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Version 1.0.1


    MAXIS TREE HD REPLACEMENT MOD 1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW Hey folks, you might not be aware of this, but this file actually marks my 100th STEX upload!! I think this justifies a little interruption of the usual IRM fare. I've been tinkering with such a mod for at least 2 years, but up until recently I had always run into a brick wall because there were simply not enough suitable tree models available. This is really harder than you might think because a tree must have the following characteristics to replace its Maxis counterpart: similar height (so it covers about as much as a Maxis tree would, but doesn't interfere with anything) similar diameter (so it doesn't cut into adjacent structures and will fit wherever the corresponding Maxis tree fits) LOD centered on the trunk and not the crown (so the trunk isn't off center and ends up next to a planter, bed, or dirt circle instead of right inside) lack of branches near the ground (so it won't cover entrances, benches and other stuff that's supposed to be under the tree crowns and not buried under twigs and leaves) Finding trees that fit the bill is really hard, but I'm positive that I finally did it. While this choice may not be perfect, I'm confident it's one of the best options available while I'm writing this. To my knowledge, while there have been noteworthy and admirable mods in the past, this is the first one that replaces all Maxis trees on lots and along streetsides/roadsides with 100% HD flora made by girafe and Orange_o_, two BAT masters whose flora props raised the bar considerably and set the standard these days IMO. It bugged me that so many Maxis trees - SD at 2003 quality level - were still to be seen everywhere when we already had modern, crisply rendered, high-definition flora for pretty much everything else. Well, not any more! This upload consists of three components - the base pack and two optional bonus packs. Here's a breakdown of these three components and what they'll do: -------------------- THE BASE PACK - this is the actual mod. The bonus packs work as extensions of this mod, i.e. they require this base pack as a dependency. It does the following: It will replace all Maxis trees on lots with beautiful HD trees. Lots already existing in your city will automatically switch to the new trees. Whatever grows or is plopped subsequently will show the new trees in place of the old Maxis ones. Besides, it will replace roadside trees that occasionally show up at the sides of streets and roads (T21's for the tech-savvy among you). All Mayor Mode and God Mode flora in the city map will remain unaffected. However, the Mayor Mode tools (menu icons) for setting Maxis trees are removed. Why? Well, if you use this mod, the tools will actually plant the new HD replacements for the Maxis trees. This is superfluous because you need the corresponding tree packages as dependencies anyway, and these come with far superior and more flexible Mayor Mode tools, which will show up in your menu instead. For those of you who don't like palm trees, the pack contains an optional palm tree override. If you decide to use it, all Maxis palms will not revert to better HD palms, but to cypress trees instead. They are similar in terms of dimension, and I think they also offer a nice flair that conveys the same feeling as the palms did - a wealthier area, warm climate... If you still don't like that, I'm afraid you'll have to pretend those tall and slender trees are actually poplars. I won't tell anyone, and I don't judge you.^^ The growing lot flora will also be replaced, but with full-grown trees. It would have been possible to recreate the effect of flora growing taller over time (just like the Maxis flora does), but unfortunately, the game will only display the shadow for the first, smallest version. Hence, as the tree grows to full size, the shadow of the sapling will remain. Apparently this is a game limitation. ______________ BONUS PACK 1, A PLUGIN FOR THE SFBT STREET TREE MOD - this is the first bonus pack intended for those of you who use SFBT's Street Tree Mod. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that mod, it adds streetside parking and streetside trees, and it is highly modular and versatile. Several tree sets come with the mod (e.g. for Maxis and for Cycledogg trees), and depending on which of these tree sets you keep, the corresponding trees will appear. You can mix and match freely, use either set, any combination, or even all of them at the same time. This is what the bonus pack included in this upload will do: When used in conjunction with the SFBT Street Tree Mod, the contained files should replace the original files that made Maxis trees appear. Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD trees will grow instead of Maxis deciduous trees. Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD trees will grow instead of Maxis pine trees. Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat - replaces the file "SFBT_Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees.dat" and ensures that HD palms will grow instead of Maxis palm trees. Like the originals they are based on, these files can be mixed and matched freely. For example, if you select pine trees and palm trees, you'll get a mix of pines (well, their replacements) and palms. If you only use the files for deciduous trees and pine trees, you'll get all kinds of trees, but no palms. (This is independent from your selection for the main mod!) ___________ BONUS PACK 2, AN OVERRIDE FOR SITHLRD98's T21 MOD - this second bonus pack is intended for those of you who may use the WideRadius Curves T21 Mod by Sithlrd98. These add sidewalk pavement, streetlights and trees alonside many smooth road & avenue curves as well as FA (fractional angle) road sections. This is what the bonus pack will do: All trees will be replaced with HD versions from this mod Instead of the single tree that was used repetitively, randomised trees will now appear for a more varied appearance ___________ Each of the three packs is in a separate download because most of you probably won't use all of the stuff mentioned here. 2 - USE 2.1 - BASE PACK 2.1.1 - Installation Simply drop the files into your plugins folder. By default, they will unzip into a sub-folder called \Maxis Tree HD Replacement\. However, you can change this to pretty much anything you like. (It's a simple override of the default files, and anything anywhere in your plugins folder will override the game files because plugins load after the game itself). By default, you will also get the file Maxis Tree HD Replacement_PalmsToCypresses.dat. This file is the one that will override palm trees with cypresses. If you want to see palm trees, simply remove that file. As with the other files, you can also copy it out of and back into your plugins folder as you like, switching back and forth between palms and cypresses. 2.1.2 - Deinstallation Simply remove the file again. All affected trees will revert back to Maxis trees again, and the corresponding menu icons will no longer be blocked from your menu. No need to bulldoze anything. 2.2 - BONUS PACK 1 (for SFBT Street Tree Mod) 2.2.1 - Installation First of all, you need to have the SFBT Street Tree Mod installed (see "Dependencies" section for link). Then, I suggest you locate the tree props folder of that mod (by default \SFBT\Street Tree Mod\Tree Props). This folder will contain .dat files for all the tree types that you select while installing the SFBT Street Tree Mod. Simply delete the following files from that folder if present: SFBT_Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees.dat SFBT_Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees.dat SFBT_Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees.dat Then copy any one, two or all of the following files from Bonus Pack 1 into the aforementioned folder: Maxis_Street_Deciduous_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD deciduous tree replacements) Maxis_Street_Palm_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD palm tree replacements) Maxis_Street_Pine_Trees_HD_Replacement.dat (for HD pine tree replacements) You can leave the non-Maxis tree packs in there if you want. In this case, you may get a mixture of SD trees by Pegasus and/or Cycledogg and these HD trees, depending on what combination of packs you left in there. 2.2.2 - Deinstallation Simply remove the file again, and replace it with any tree packs for the SFBT Street Tree Mod that you want to use instead. If you delete the files from this download and fail to replace them with any of the original files again, no trees will show at all. For deinstallation of the entire SFBT Street Tree mod, see the documentation included in that download. 2.3 - BONUS PACK 2 (for Sithlrd98's T21 mod) 2.3.1 - Installation Place the included file anywhere in your plugins folder where it will load AFTER the original file. By default, the original file zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data .dat should be in a sub-folder named \Sithlrd98 WideRadius Curves T-21 Mod\. If you place the file from this bonus pack, zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data HD.dat, in the same sub-folder or in any folder that loads afterwards, the trees will change to the HD replacements. 2.3.2 - Deinstallation Simply delete the file zzzSithlrd98 Wide Radius Curves Curves T21 Data HD.dat from this download again. It will no longer override the original trees, and these should revert to default Maxis trees again. Once again, there's no need to bulldoze anything. 3 - DEPENDENCIES 3.1 - BASIC DEPENDENCIES (required in any case) Obviously, this mod relies on the tree models made by girafe and Orange_o_. In total, Maxis uses 42 tree props plus 8 flora objects that rely on 15 different individual models. The following packs were required to replace them all: BSC - VIP girafe ashes (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe beeches (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe Canary date palms (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe cypresses (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe lindens (v. 1.0) by girafe BSC - VIP girafe rowan trees (v. 1.0) by girafe VIP orange fagus seasonal flora (v. 1.0) by Orange_o_ 3.2 - DEPENDENCIES FOR BONUS PACK 1 - required for use with the SFBT Street Tree Mod SFBT Street Tree Mod (v. 1.0) by Andreas 3.3 - DEPENDENCIES FOR BONUS PACK 2 - required for use with Sithlrd98's T21 mod WideRadius Curves T21 Mod 1 - this makes trees and streetlights appear; it is the actual mod. If you want to see sidewalk along these smooth curves, you have the following options (only one is required): White Maxis pavement: Sithlrd98 AvenueCurves White Sidewalk Redone (avenue curves) Sithlrd98 Road Curves White v2 (road curves / FA road sections) Brown sandstone pavement (matching the SMP Sidewalk Reaplcement MOD 1): Sithlrd98 AvenueCurves Sandstone Sidewalk (avenue curves) Sithlrd98 Road Curves Sandstone v2 (road curves / FA road sections) SAP Euro Asphalt (matching the Euro asphalt sidewalk mod by SAP23): Sithlrd98 Avenue Cuves SAP Euro Asphalt Sidewalk texture (avenue curves) Sithlrd98 Road Curves SAP v2 2 (road curves / FA road sections Portuguese textures (matching the Portuguese texture set 1 by gn_leugim): Sithlrd98 Avenue Curves Gn leugim Portuguese Texture (avenue curves) Sithlrd98 Road Curves Gn leugim v2 (road curves / FA road sections JRJ sidewalk textures (matching the JRJ Sidewalks Mod (v1.0) by jeronij): Sithlrd98 WRC Sidewalk Texture Mod Jeronij Texture 1 (avenue as well as road curves / FA road sections) NOTE: For any dependency hosted at SC4Devotion (SC4D in short), you must be registered on that site and logged into the site's download area, the BSC File Exchange, in order to see the download button. Please bear in mind that there are separate logins for the forums and for the file exchange. For those of you who may still be unfamiliar with the site: SC4D is another major SimCity community with lots of unique content, so you will not regret making an account there. RECOMMENDED DOWNLOADS That's simple this time: If you like those HD trees that you see and you are not familiar with girafe's and Orange's entire portfolio, just go over to www.sc4devotion.com, access the BSC File Exchange, and use the power search feature to display all of their stuff. Voila, tons of great flora mods - from small flowers to towering trees - right at your fingertips! 4 - FINAL WORDS I'd like to dedicate this upload to the SimCity community as a whole. We all have been learning from one another, inspiring each other, and helping each other out for almost 15 years now. Whatever we do now benefits from stuff other people have done before us. We are really standing on the shoulders of giants these days, and I'm no exception in this respect. Just look at this upload: Maxis gave us the game we all love, and tools like the Lot Editor and the BAT, Sites like Simtropolis and their respective admin teams give us the place to come together and share, People like CowKilla and SimFox have been instrumental in making the use of 3dsmax viable for BAT, BAT artists like Girafe and Orange_o_ used this to great effect to model the wonderful trees I have been using, iLive and cogeo provided the additional tools that I have used to get these models to do what I had in mind, People like Andreas Roth and Equinox helped me take the first steps in those tools, getting me on the road to where I am now, rsc204 (a.k.a. MGB) taught me a method of making resizing overrides for existing props that I used to tweak the dimensions of some props, Due to all this, I merely had to put these foundations to good use and contribute my little part. So at a first glance, one might say this is "my mod". But it really is 95% community effort, made possible by a community whose spirit has always been characterised by non-profit sharing. It is a pleasure to be part of such a community, and here's to hoping that it will remain strong for years to come. That being said, extra kudos to flora masters girafe and Orange_o_ as well as T21 mod authors Andreas Roth and Sithlrd98 once again. You guys are awesome! T Wrecks, August 8, 2017 _________________________ NOTE FOR DOWNLOADERS WHO USE THE CASCADIA TREE CONTROLLER: @PaulSawyer kindly reported that he had problems with Maxis palms on roadsides not being replaced as they should by this mod. Apparently this problem could be fixed by changing the loading order. So if you use both the Cascadia Tree Controller and this Maxis HD Tree Replacement Mod and run into the same problem, try changing the order in which both mods load. If you don't know in which order the game loads plugins and/or need help changing the load order, you will find information on that with a little forum search. If you don't find anything, don't hesitate to ask on the forums or send a PM my way.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is the ''new'' house for our mayors. Just I added more walls for a better look. And of course, replace the original one INSTALLATION: Put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins ENJOY!
  4. Version 1.2


    Veredas Santiaguinas A sidewalk mod made by matias93 Este mismo texto está en español adentro del archivo! AKNOWLEGDEMENTS: This mod couldn't be possible without the impressing work of Rivit and MGB204 (rsc204), creators of GoFSH and the (not yet published) Automated Sidewalk Mod. To make a mod as big as this by hand, as many other creators had done before, is a titanical task that deserves sheer aknowlegdement; I just created a couple of textures and clicked buttons once and then. DESCRIPTION: This textures are inspired in the 'veredas' or sidewalks that were built around 1980 in Santiago, Chile: they are little concrete tiles with geometrical designs, that form big square shapes using black or red tiles. In the game, I chose to keep an uniform colour, trying to avoid the sudden colour changes that make Maxis' textures so unappealing; instead, only coloured tiles change with wealth level, as the general condition of the sidewalk: ochre tiles with clean and orange-y concrete in high wealth sidewalks, red burgundy squares and grey concrete in mid-wealth textures, and blackish borders with stained concrete in the low-wealth sidewalk. Thanks to MGB204's scripts, this mod can change all textures that correspond originally to Maxis' white tiles: sidewalks on all streets, roads and avenues (including RHW intersections), crossings with all other networks, pedmalls, plazas and residential, commercial, industrial and services' lots; it is even compatible with the new additions on NAM 34. An important exception are GLR (tramway) tracks, that get sorrounded by the new texture but not completely replaced. Depending on the existence of more advanced scripts, this could change in a newer version. INSTRUCTIONS: <-- Jump here if you don't like the details This mod has to be installed MANUALLY. Is not enough to copy and paste everything: you'll end with a cluttered folder and surely your prefered networks will be oddly patched. Copy the folder called z___veredasstgo to your Plugins folder (the one that is on My Documents/Documents/). It is preferable that you delete all other sidewalk mods, but the folder is named in a way that will load it the last, overwriting other conflictive textures. Open the folder you just copied and delete the files you won't use: a. "Veredas Stgo BASE" chenges most street, road and avenue sidewalks, so you should keep it. b. "Veredas Stgo sitios y plazas (LOTS)" change the lots' textures, allowing a more uniform result. You should keep it; delete it only if you prefer to use another texture on lots and plazas. c. "Veredas Stgo NAM" folders will only work if you had installed the Network Addon Mod (very recommended); YOU MUST KEEP ONLY ONE FOLDER. Choose the one that corresponds to the driving side your game uses (LHD: on the left as in the United Kingdom, RHD: on the right as in Europe), and to the roads' lines colour (US: yellow lines as in the United States, EU: white lines as in Europe). Open the folder you had kept: there you'll find one or two more folders with options: a. Open the folder called "Rail Options" and delete the files that doesn't match the kind of rail tracks you use: Maxis, PEG or RealRailway (RRW). There shall to be just two files, with the same ending. b. Only if you have installed EU white lines with the NAM, open "TuLEP Options" folder and delete all the files that doesn't match to the TuLEP textures you installed with the NAM. Most surely you are using Maxis default ones, but make sure it is that way. There shall to be just two files, with the same name after the "TuLEP". Close the folder "z___veredasstgo". If you use DATpacker or other program that packs your plugins, get sure not to pack this folder, unless you are certain no other mod could overwrite this textures. DEPENDENCIES: This mod replaces textures without using any dependency. You can extract the textures to use it as dependencies for other creations, but they aren't currently in the right format to do so. COMPATIBILITY: This mod cannot be used with any other sidewalk mod, unless you combine it deleting parts of each one; if you know how to do that, you aren't surely reading this instructions. This mod also don't work with plugins that change some textures that seems non-modified after using. I'm refering particularly to MGB204's Super Light Asphalt AddOns; it changes the GLR textures already modified by this mod, and depending on the loading order, it could result on this mod overwriting MGB's one completely, or his mod changing GLR side textures to ML's Super Light Asphalt, which is lighter and non tiled. Anyway, is your option to test with this, but you are warned. LICENSE: This mod has a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International licence, what means you can use all its content directly or creating something derivately, while you give explicit attribution to all previous authors, and while you don't charge for accessing or using this content or a derivate you create of it. To create the textures, I used a tile texture made by Patrick Hoesly, a dirt texture by dfass12 and a grass one that is on the public domain. SUPPORT and HELP: I made a development and support thread on Simtropolis, you can visit it with the following link:
  5. I know Gobias eliminated his creations from the site, so there is no official support for them, but I'm betting anyone in the community has had done this before. I installed Gobias Sidewalk mod, specifically the New York slab, the plaza texture replacement and c.p.'s SCILT for the same texture. Everything is working, but the plaza texture replacement (which changes the texture used in the Lot Editor) is using another of the pack textures. Is there any way to configure this to force an specific texture to show in the game? I thought to eliminate all non-NY slab FSH with the reader, but I'm afraid that would broke the mod and I assume there has to be an easier way. Thanks for your answers!!
  6. Wrightbus New Routemaster

    Version 1.0.0


    Your city has been filling out from border to border and it has done so quite nicely! Since there is only so much room to keep spreading out, there's really nowhere else to go but up. Now wait a minute! With all these sims and their cars clogging up your already-narrow streets, how is anyone supposed to make it to work on time? The best solution- build a bus network. And now here's a real concept- make the buses.. Double Decker! More people sharing a ride, with decent views to boot! Now, if only we can take care of those cyclists.. About the Upload- This file is a replacement of the Maxis City Bus. It will appear on your road networks whenever a bus station has been placed. For aesthetics sake, this file would best be implemented in a London, UK themed city or otherwise utilizing traffic driving on the left. Dependencies? None required. This file was requested by Cmdp123789 and has been made available to download!
  7. Hello fellow SimCity 4 players and citizens/mayor-gods of other city-like artificial structures! After some 12-13 years of research, SimScientists unveiled their newest technological breakthrough - different colors for the default Maxis monorail - which they called: (for some reason) In all seriousness, I couldn't find a mod or file that just changes the color of the white-striped red monorail (don't correct me if I'm wrong!). So my mind snapped, learned a bit about messing around with DATs, Ilive Reader functions, PNGtoFSH conversions, photoshopping - and a few hours of "copy ID, remove, insert & compress, paste ID"-ing later I had a few DATs that I want to share with you. What's in the box? The total amount of DAT files is 59 here which split into 2x2xN color choices of some prominent colors (yeah, I'm going to use that word A LOT now). Why 2x2? It occured to me that the original white stripe on the default monorail texture is quite a nice touch but not necessarily necessary (ha!). So, that's your first choice: Do you want your monorail trains with that stripe or not? The second choice is: default windows or NewWindows. There are actually two kinds of windows on the monorail if you look closely enough - one set for the passengers and one different one for the train driver/front section ... Yeah, I did have a bit too much time at hand, so you have the choice of unified windows, too! In short: - 13 colors with Original White Stripe (OWS), default windows - 15 colors without OWS (= a single color), default windows - 15 colors with OWS and NewWindows (+1 experimental) - 15 colors without OWS and with NewWindows The colors are (not following any official naming convention here): - Banana Day - Blue Ocean - Complete Red (the default red but without OWS) - Flashy Green - Fresh Green - Grass Green - Hot Pink - Intense Orange - Lazy Orange - Original Red (the default red again) - Spring Green (yeah, another one!) - Turquoise (turtle is the animal, this is the color mix of green and blue) - Tropic Blue - Violet Blue - Warm Yellow - White Grey (which doesn't have an OWS DAT - duh!) Also included is a fancy readme and an overview image (1920x1920 px) of the whole package in pure JPG glory ... sort of. Well, you know, JPG is not that nice to the colors but it keeps the filesize down. Any dependencies? Nope. You only need the default Maxis monorail. Maybe make sure that you don't have another DAT changing the color of the monorail part or a model that replaces it. But you should know better - it's your Plugins folder, you know! Anything else I need to know about this pack? Well, don't feed it after midnight, I guess. It's a color/texture replacement for the default Maxis monorail, so what more is there to know? Oh, the filesize is almost 2 MB for the ZIP file, the single DATs are some 11-20kb. I hope you enjoy some variations of the monorail colors - if there's enough interest or if I have energy for other color schemes I might add them in another pack. 59 DATs are quite a lot for the first release, I think, even if you only end up using one of them! Oh, and by the way: I am new here, so I am a bit unsure about uploading and threading/presenting here instead of the LEX. Tell me if I am wrong to do this here this time michiyls_MonoRailColorPack.zip
  8. UH-1 Iroquois "Huey"

    Version 1.0.0


    In the battle for tomorrow, there are often many challenges which must be overcome. Many times in war, the terrain has been a deciding factor in the final outcome. In a treacherous setting with steep mountains, winding valleys and dense foliage it can be very difficult to move units to the next rally point. Until now, the UH-1 Iroquois also known as the Huey can bypass even the most dangerous trails by air, cutting down travel time and proving to be a very resilient chopper in both cargo and frontline duties. About the upload: This file is a replacement of the Maxis Attack Helicopter. It will appear at the Army Base. This is also a revisiting of an older file which was released in 2012 and later taken down. Dependencies? None required The original file was requested by JLA123.
  9. Mayor's Suburban

    Version 1.0.0


    Ah, fame and fortune! One of the most sought after lifestyles on earth. And holding the title of Mayor provides a great stepping stone to it. But even the very best have their limits in taste- I mean, who rides in limosines anymore? Constantly needing to avoid wide turns and getting stuck on shallow inclines alone have prompted the elite to transfer to a more sensible means of transportation. The Chevrolet Suburban provides a touch of class all the while providing ample room for more of your friends and fans. About the upload: This file is a replacement for the Maxis Mayor's Limosine. The vehicle is a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban and is drivable once the Mayor's House is constructed in your city. Dependencies? None required.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Description: This mod Extends the super light asphalt mod by bringing some nicer textures to your low, medium & high-wealth zones. Of course you can also use any other sidewalk mod that provides good coverage for static network pieces that are wealth-independent. Dependencies: NONE Can be combined with: - base mod by Magneto http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28804-super-light-asphalt-mod/ - addons by MGB: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29789-mgb-super-light-asphalt-addons/ Installation: Make sure this mod loads after the used sidewalk mod and other texture-changing mods such as TGN by MGB (this mod should have at least 1 more underscore '_' in it's folder name). If for example you use the superlight asphalt mod and have named its folder like so : z_superlightasphaltmod, make sure you give this mod-folder a name starting with z__ (2 instead of 1 underscore). To slightly increase performance, remove the images. Optional: The included files found in the folder 'OPTIONAL_TULEPs_overrides' are optional and do some changes to the 'orto avenue x orto avenue' automatic tuleps (based on MAS71's work; http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2897.msg146604#msg146604), the ploppable 'road tulep Type A1 + Intersection' piece, and the 'road tulep-Type A-Dashed' piece (see pictures). For optimal visuals drag out the avenue at least 3 tiles from the intersection without intersecting any other networks. Credits & outro: Based on the superlight asphalt mod by magneto and paengs sandstone mod for identifying texture-ID's of interest. Avenue Tuleps inspired by MAS71's mod. All textures except medium and high wealth sidewalk are based on the work of the above mentioned people. Feel free to improve and redistribute for non-comercial purposes ;-)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    I am releasing the developer files for the Airbus A350. One of the main faults with SimCity is there exists very little variety for automata. This is to give others a chance to come up with their own liveries for the A350, which takes the place of the 767 made by Maxis. Enjoy the tools provided and we all look forward to seeing some much-needed new content for the Exchange! About the upload- This file includes a blank set of templates (specifically a texture and .dat file) as well as instructions in case you would like to create your own airlines. If you would like to upload your own textures to the Exchange, you may do so as long as I am given credit for the original model. Dependencies? None, other than the necessary programs to open the files to modify them. Consult the Tutorial folder for more information about those particular programs.
  12. Air France Airbus A350

    Version 1.0.0


    We understand. The hassle of going through the airport security. The long wait times for your flight to arrive. And then boarding just to wait for the time you'll arrive at your destination. Airline travel hasn't been one of the most painless experiences; and it's about to change for the better. Designed to offer a much more relaxing flight, and featuring the greenest and most advanced aeronautical engineering to date. About the upload- This file is a replacement of the Maxis 767. It will appear in the skies above the city (with an international airport or other lot which spawns the plane) as well as in the region view. Dependencies? None required. This file was originally requested by C4TheArchitect and has been made available for all to download!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    SPAM Small Landing Strip By Craig-Abcvs Way back in June 2010 the MTP abcvs Small Landing Strip one of my first ever lots was released. It was also pre-spam so did not include any of the better props and textures from that pack. The landing strip has now been given a mini make-over with a few of the newer SPAM props and textures. The movie set trailer check in facilities have been given a small upgrade to an A-Frame chalet. The rollo-gate prop has now also been fixed, and the main gate will now open and close properly. The parking lot is now transit enabled for vehicles and pedestrians. This lot will replace the Maxis Small Landing Strip in-game however all costs and stats remain the same as the Maxis original. To install unzip and place the lot file in: Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins **If you are using the original MTP abcvs Small Landing strip please delete that file from your plugins and replace it with this one. To un-install simply delete the file from your plug-in folder, and the original Maxis landing strip will return to your game. Original Features include: Improved taxi-ways with runway lighting. SPAM / MTP / rural themed textures, flora and props. Timed aircraft props to simulate aircraft movement. Different day and night timed people and cars. Security Guards will come on and off shift during the day and night at the main security checkpoint. The security gate on the far side of the airport will line up with the gates on the MTP Econo-Airbase, or the Mountain Airforce Base to provide a paved runway for the cash-strapped MTP airforce. UDI - This airport still includes the Skydiving, Crop Dusting and Stunt Plane "U-Drive it" planes. Dependencies: PEG MTP Super Pack **PEG SPAM Super Resource Pack **Note this dependency is not required if you already have the full SPAM mod installed. PEG Security Fencing Kit **PEG-MTP Growable RES - R$ A-Frames **Only the PEG-MTP_R$$_AFrame_RESOURCE.dat is required. Optional: The lot has aircraft automata and timed aircraft props. If desired a mod may be used to re-skin the aircraft to whatever look is desired. Example - World Travel Airlines Plane Pack
  14. Version 1.0.0


    SPAMMAr- SPAM Municipal Airport By Craig-Abcvs This airport is the second largest, designed to compliment SPAM and MTP communities and will replace the Maxis Municipal Airport. The parking lots are transit enabled for vehicles. All costs, stats and lot size remain the same as the Maxis original. Installation: Unzip and place in plugins folder. Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins To un-install delete the file from your plug-in folder, and the original Maxis airport will return. Dependencies: PEG MTP Super Pack **PEG SPAM Super Resource Pack **Note this dependency is not required if you already have the full SPAM mod installed. PEG Security Fencing Kit Optional: The lot has aircraft automata and timed aircraft props. If desired a mod may be used to re-skin the aircraft to whatever look is desired. Example: World Travel Airlines Plane Pack Additional Screenies:
  15. DC-10 Developer Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    As a suggestion by MisterGiggles, I am releasing the developer files for the updated PanAm DC-10. One of the main faults with SimCity is there exists very little variety for automata. To give others a chance to come up with their own liveries for the DC-10, which gets takes the place of the 767 made by Maxis. Enjoy the tools provided and we all look forward to seeing some much-needed new content for the Exchange! About the upload- This file includes a blank set of templates (specifically a texture and .dat file) as well as instructions in case you would like to create your own airlines. If you would like to upload your own textures to the Exchange, you may do so as long as I am given credit for the original model. Dependencies? None, other than the necessary programs to open the files to modify them. Consult the Tutorial folder for more information about those particular programs.
  16. Sayonara! Maxis Trees

    Version 1.1


    100% inspired by Marsh's Maxis Tree Replacement Mod, I present you the Sayonara! Maxis Trees Mod, my personal take on Maxis flora replacement. It will instantly replace every instance of Maxis tree flora and tree props from your lots, T21 mods and mayor mode plopped trees. While I acknowledge Marsh's mod has a fine and visually appealing selection of trees, it sometimes does take a bit too much space and leads to undesired effects, making lots and streets look a bit overcrowded in my opinion. This mod was created to avoid this - the mindset was to replace trees with trees of similar size and volume. Palm trees were deliberatly omitted as they do not fit in every type of city, but you still can use SHK's Maxis Palm Replacement Mod if you wish to have palm trees; just make sure it loads after the present mod and you'll be set. Update 1.1 Originally the mod used quite extensively beeches props as replacement but those were unavalaible to download for some time. Now that Girafe released a new livery of the beeches, the mod is exactly how I designed it in the first place. Also flora parameters left in their original state could lead to unpredictable and/or undesirable effects when used with advanced tree controllers- those were corrected to ensure proper functionality with said controllers. Many thanks to blunder for the heads-up! PS: the screenshots haven't been updated... Feeling lazy Installation Drop anywhere in your plugins folder to enable, delete to revert. Additional Note This mod was separated in 2 parts: one for prop replacement, the other for flora. You'll notice there are 2 flora replacement files: Maxis Tree Flora Replacement Regular.dat and Maxis Tree Flora Replacement Enhanced.dat. They both replace the same trees but the "Boost" version is twice more effective against pollution and the radius has been increased too (originally -2 over 2 tiles, improved to -4 over 4 tiles). Choose one and delete the other. Should you keep them both for whatever reason, the regular version will override the enhanced version. Regular or enhanced? I didn't have the time to test this extensively, The use of enhanced version in an existing region may trigger undesired effects related to pollution. Therefore I advise to avoid it's use in such circumstances. However if you start fresh, you should have no troubles using the enhanced iteration as long as you keep it in your plugins (and do not swap for regular every now and then). Fortune may favors the bold! Dependencies BSC mega props cp vol 01 BSC mega props cp vol 02 BSC - VIP girafe honey locust (only Grfe_props_pack_LE_HONEYLOCUST.dat is needed) BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts (only Grfe_props_pack_MM_chestnuts.dat is needed) BSC - VIP girafe lindens (only Grfe_props_pack_LE_lindens.dat is needed) BSC - VIP girafe ashes (only Grfe_props_pack_LE_ashes.dat is needed) BSC - VIP girafe oaks (only Grfe_props_pack_oaks.dat is needed) BSC - VIP girafe beeches (only Grfe_props_pack_LE_beeches.dat is needed) VIP orange aesculus (only VIP_Or_Aesculus_Props.dat is needed) VIP orange fagus (only VIP_Or_Fagus_Props.dat is needed) ! To avoid brown boxes, be sure to have the latest version of those files. Credits -thanks to Girafe for the superb tree models; -thanks to blunder for sharing his knowledge and many 0s; -...and thanks to _marsh_ for the original idea! さようなら Suggestions or Problems with this mod: report here please
  17. Maxis Parkings Override

    Version 1.1


    Have you grown tired of those Maxis textures on your lots? Here's another little mod - a texture replacement actually - that will replace every occurence of these too much seen parking textures with newer textures. The mod is separated in 2 parts, one for the $ wealth level and the other for $$-$$$. Also, as can be seen in the mosaic, dimensional changes were kept to a minimum to avoid misplaced props issues, so things should run smooth on that side too. Installation To use this, simply toss the folder in your plugins. I'm unaware of other texture mods of this kind so anywhere in your folder should be fine, but note that a few textures are from the BSC texture packs, so if you use them ensure the mod loads after. More! Now that the textures are updated, how about updating the Maxis cars that sits on them? I strongly recommend you to get the Car Automata Pack 1.0 or any of mikeseith's car replacements available here on the STEX. Goodbye outdated Maxis parkings No dependencies Credits - thanks to Jim for the amazing textures which have been used as a base for $$ & $$$ parking replacement. - thanks to Shy Dude for suggesting shaded textures Suggestions or Problems with this mod: report here please
  18. Large School Bus - Grade School Upgrade

    Version 1.0


    Mod of the Week! February 23, 2014 - http://scdnews.com/february-23-mod-of-the-week-large-school-bus-grade-school-upgrade-by-parkerwyoung/ Transport your grade school students the right way with the Large School Bus Upgrade! Features - Upgrade for your Grade School's buses - Doubles school bus capacity from 40 to 80 students - Uses existing models and textures, only swaps the school bus and bus lots Note - The default bus lot is visually identical to the large school buses. However, these two buses are technically "small buses" and will only transport 40 students. You may bulldoze this lot and replace it with a new bus lot to gain the extra capacity. I am working on a fix for this with a future update. Instructions - Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder - Plop a Grade School and gain access to standard School Buses with 80 student capacity - You may rename the Mod File, but make sure it comes before "SimCity_App" alphabetically Warning - Modifying files is still experimental and might lead to city rollbacks - There is no official statement from Maxis nor EA about using mods, so use at your own risk - For more information on EA mod policy: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/9729407.page Related Vehicle Mods - Moving Trucks - http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29277-moving-trucks-variety-set/ This is a replacement mod for the Small School Buses used with the Grade School in SimCity. Now, you can have access to large, 80-capacity school buses for your grade school and your high school simultaneously. This mod should help with transporting students and will hopefully bring more aesthetic charm to your city. If you notice any problems, please report them in the comments and I will look at the issues as soon as possible. Be looking for more mods like this very soon! Thanks for your support. Happy modding Parker Special thanks to Oppie, creator of SimCityPak: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/ Special thanks to Princess Cake for testing the mod and for screenshot contribution
  19. Hi, guys. I'm having a little problem with my SimCity 4 gaming experience: I'm totally unable to have any palm tree whatsoever in my cities. I don't know what mod did that, but I just can't have no palms in plazas or anywhere else. And I don't know what to do! I'm having maples and aspen instead (and who know what else), but just not palms! I've even made a search to find solutions but I didn't seem to find any. Can someone help? Thank you for your consideration and happy building!
  20. HAWX Space Shuttle

    Version 1.1


    After years of successful missions and glorious launches, the mighty space shuttle that has inspired millions of little sims, is in the process of retirement and will be put on display for all to see. Fortunately, the high tech industries in your city have been hard at work designing a new more advanced shuttle to fill in the shoes of its predecessor. Ready on the launch pad, this new shuttle will be carrying the torch of your space program for many more years to come. About the upload- This is a replacement for the Maxis space shuttle. It will launch and reappear at the spaceport. Dependencies? None. The model and textures for this upload are from the game HAWX and therefore belong to Ubisoft.
  21. So, I basically downloaded a ton of Japanese architecture bats, because I've been wanting to make an Asian city in SimCity 4. But the thing is, every time I build something, it shows up initially. But then, about 5-10 minutes (real-time) later, it gets instantly replaced by default SC4 growable buildings for residential/commercial/industrial. I'm wondering if you guys know if there's any method to replace all the default residential/commercial/industrial growable lots with purely custom content? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  22. Version


    EBLTeam proudly presents, Dirty Industry Texture Replacement. Have you ever wanted to your industrial areas to look better, not so earth like? Do you not like the maxis texture for ID lots? But don't want to spend some time reloting everything to change the textures? Fear no more! Here is the solution! This simple mod replaces all seven textures used in the ID lots for some concrete look textures, and also have some variations as cracks, dirt and so on. It comes with a installer file, no dependencies, no conflicts known. Enjoy, rate and comment!
  23. Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod



    Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod It is a well known fact, that as our plugin folders, get ever larger, that our city tiles take longer and longer to load... So what are we to do while we wait for the tile to load? Well there are a few options, such as going and fixing a snack or going to the bathroom... but for those of us who have a pathological need to stare intently at the loading screen, wouldn't it be good if there was something new to keep us amused, rather than the original Maxis loading texts, which while they were probably funny 10 yrs ago, maybe we would appreciate something different to smile at while the tile loads. Never fear the Craig-Abcvs Text Loading Mod is here! 120 or so lines of all new wit from the Screw Pile Developments, South Pacific Down-Under Division... Simply place the dat file in your plugin folder, load the game, select a tile and sit back and enjoy what the game loading minions slaving away in the virtual recesses of your hard drive really think about how much stuff you have crammed in your plugin folder! If you decide that you are bored again, and wish to revert to the original Maxis text simply delete the dat file from your plugins. *Instructions on how to make your very own text loading mod are in the read-me! Credits: Pegasus - for his original PEG Text Loading Mod which I used as the template for this new version, which you in turn can now use for your own! Paeng - for the cool animated text gif. Simpeg Community - for helping to brainstorm a fair few of the ideas!
  24. Pan Am DC-10

    Version 2


    "Space Ship. That's our DC-10. With space to move around. Space to relax. Stretch out. Even more space to see out, because the DC-10 has the largest windows of any commercial jetliner. And you can cover more space in a DC-10, too. Dc-10's fly to more cities, more often than any wide-cabin jet. So next trip, ask for the Space Ship. A DC-10. Chosen by more than 40 airlines around the world. You couldn't ask for more than the DC-10." -McDonnell Douglas, 1970's advertisement. About the upload- This is a revisiting of an older file I released back in 2012. It is a completely reconstructed model, including accurate proportions, better detailing, and new textures. It is an entirely new package that only shares the name and airline with the old model. Dependencies? None Required.
  25. Maxis Tree Replacement Mod



    This mod replaces all of the maxis trees in-game, oaks, pines & palms. It makes your neighborhoods much more "full" as they should be in real life. And you no longer have to wait for saplings to grow over the years. A recommended mod is SFBTs' street tree mod (used in the pictures) or similar. Dependencies: Simfoxes Chestnuts BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 BSCPropsMattb325_Vol02

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