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  1. Little bit off topic - there is this book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, maybe you know, it's named "The little Prince." In this book he tells a story (and hereby I confess, I covered this story severall times in the forums). He, Antoine, as a child, paints a constrictor that has eaten an elephant. He show it to the grown-ups. But maybe you want to read yourself, what happens next: Well, you pointed out exactly my fail - because: these are no cherry trees. But now comes the funny part. Antoine tries a second time, now he tries it this way: And again he shows his picture to the grown-ups. And guess, what they say now? Why is the elephant wearing a coat? A small story. Much to learn from it.
  2. One Lot and Thousunds Props

    So it's Dr. Tarkus since 2013? One should do a research if there is a relation between NAM development cycles and end time theories showing up in the forums. Maybe like this: 3 months no NAM update: the good times are over. 6 months no NAM update: NAM is dead. 9 months no NAM update: SimCity 4 community is dead. 12 months no NAM update: the city builder genre is dead. 15 months no NAM update: We should discuss suicide. Instead ... still alive and well. Looking on the long list you posted, let me take the oportunity to say thank you, @Tarkus - making this patient - lying on the deathbed now for ten years - such a roaring, lively companion with colourfull little cars running through the veins.
  3. Yes, they make it acid. But the whole stage looks to nordic to put tomatoes in between. Maybe cabbbage or cows or sheeps. The two tomato plants are more factory style, made them after pictures from those giant tomato farms you can see in Spain. They won't fit level 5. So only level 7 - the landmark level - remains. As level 8 is the 'big sky country level', like we discussed at the beginning of this thread, only a few big farms and many wheat fields. Or maybe level 8? Thanks, my friend. I don't care if they are better or worse than someone elses work - but when you say they are okay, this really helps. I trust in your judgement. As also finally I have to agree - there is only one true girafe. I'll never get close.
  4. Nobody noticed me I made a conceptional error on Level 6. I put a norwegian saw mill and pinewood forests together with tomato fields. Doesn't work. Have to place the tomato fields somewhere else, on another level - they look strange in the middle of norther forrests.
  5. Ah! Snow! Shouldn't have written, I never seen this before (was born in Black Forrest). Sorry, never used it, can't say something about it or how it's intended to work. Maybe to google if this issue has been reported before and if solutions been provided.
  6. Seems to me as if something very white and flat - which I can't remember having seen before - overrides one of the maxis textures. It's impossible to have an overview what may do this override - there are simply to many mods with custom textures out there. So you have to find out. You can load one of the affected lots in lot editor. when you activate 'base texture' and hover with your mouse over the tile at the bottom (white letters on light blue - not easy to read) there will be shown the ID of the texture. Something 0x.... (with 8 digits after the x). You can note that. Then you can run rivits DataNode that will check for all the IDs and mark those overriding red. Among the red ones you can search for the id you wrote down. This will show you which custom pack contains the override. Another method, if you haven't the necessary tools installed or don't like to, would be to do a binary search until the override is identified. If you find the culprit you may report here. As this might be something faulty the author wants to fix. At least from the picture - this doesn't look to me like it was intended.
  7. London - Landmarks

    Why those red busses seem funny to me? Like a punch line in the endless story of traffic. I love especially the animated one, the antsiness, the hustle it does express.
  8. VIP RuralPack Expansion1

    Ups. Me too. Used this for years, never rated. There is a beautiful grey heron in this pack, best poplars ever, pampas gras, kayaks, cows, chickens ... in sum: plenty of fun.
  9. Underground freight transport

    Well, I guess, in this case people are thinking to big. Those delivery vans I see in hundreds in the city, did you ever observe them? They open the storage take single parcel and carry it to the pharmacy. The next van delivers 3 books ordered by a customer yesterday to the book store. Another van brings 20 mobile phones. And so on. All this traffic - but look into those delivery vans. I never noticed one being use to capacity. It's not that retail shops deal with tons of single products but with tons of diversified products and therefore delivered in smaller units and therefore causing a great amount of traffic because we deliver them still the old fashioned way while needs and consum changed. Like those amazon trucks coming to your home. If you have a chance look into them. They move around 5 tons of vehicle to deliver 50 kg of goods. They rarely are used to capacity. Imagine a logistic system making use of the sewerage. You simply had to put waterproof plastic tunnels up there. Yes indeed, like once letter shoot. Or think of how they manage luggage at the airport. This works too.
  10. A Nonny Moose Memorial

    To remember is the first act that needs to be done to give future a shape. So let's take this monument as a double symbol - for the one who guided us in the past and for where to go now - the future of SC4. As if he was here. But still with us - and so tomorrow. The community, a bunch of 'a nony mous' soldiers, wearing invisible antlers, carring them through time. And if one falls the next will pick them up, put them on his head. And walk on.
  11. One Lot and Thousunds Props

    One no and many yes. The no: to add content and make it work, to resolve conflicts with mods - that's part of every serious gamers life no matter on which game you are. May sound strange: put the pain is part of the fun and finally getting mods to work is a success too, giving the same feeling like collected 1000 golden eggs ingame. I remember when you helped me getting the first farmfield working. To see - it finally works what I created, gave me a feeling of happyness and satisfaction. So one shouldn't see this side of gaming only negative but this hunting for mods to sort them out and get them working being part of the fun. And me personally, I think this is one of the things that can make SC4 still attractive amongst citybuilders - if you search for special content, the chance you find it on SC4 is simply the best. Regarding community supported content - it's by far the best strategy game ever. But, yes, still I think you're on the right path. The problem I see here has two parts. First part is: SC4 is a childrens game. When you purchase, install and run it you many be disappointed because first impression is the impression of a childrens game. You just need to explain people and make propaganda and campaigns - that you can change it into a very sophisticated and complex city-designing and modelling and conceptional software by adding mods. The difference from the entry level and the level where you get with modding is very extreme. Most games mods add diversity. On SC4 modds are essential to make the childrens game an andvanced and serious game - practically you get whole new audience and game with modding. So practically - selling the base game they comply to another audience then we do. Oh yes, I imagine a newbie seeing the city journals by @korver. He buys the game, starts it, plays it for 10 minutes and most probably he will think, he was framed by korver. This was done all by photoshop - and korver must defend himself: no, there isn't much photoshop, it's custom content. So we disucssed this before and I think your arguments on this a very right and quite important. We have to find a way to make this first step - the starting and getting into the 'matured game' easier. People will stay away from the child game and they will not have the patience to learn for years - like you and me and many of us - to turn the game into the sophisticated piece of city designer it can be. We need this combination of tutorial/introducion and preconfigured 'starter packs.' We don't have to do on all the content. But access to the mature version of the game is really hard. And yes - players create the demand, not the content creators. And players with getting needs will become creators. So to me it's wrong to search for more creators. They will be born automaticly if the game becomes more attractive for players. We need a mainstream, an index. Imagine a bibliothek with 50.000 books and no method, no system, no index they are sorted. And now you search for a book where there is a chapter that answers your question - you start with a need and go for searching for something that fills that need. On SC4 content - this is really hard, it's chaos. Not every game would need such an index like by @catty-cb to find content. It's simply so much that the likelihood to get lost and fumbling stuff together that never will work in a pleasant way is much higher than getting it right from the start. You know when I have to fix something with two cables on it - I can do that without much experience. But when there is a box with thousands of cables to connect, I need a plan or some help but mostly a combination of both. With BSC there were also certain standards, consolidation of content etc - and this did much on popularity because access was simply easier. Yes, we really have to think about this imho - access. Making all the power there's under the hood more accessible.
  12. MGB BATs

    Wow, fast progress today. And they look good to me. But your acacia trees - they have a spring time?
  13. I'm unshure. I bought many books because they were on offer and I said to myself: I will read them later, when I have time. Lately I watched my bookshelf and noticed: this 'later' - many years ago seemed something big and plenty - became thinner and briefer. I'm unshure there's left enough time to me to read all those books I collected once ago to read them later. Could be, the affluent society is worst on words. The same - I have a folder where I put all the SC4-downloads in. It holds actually 246 items. To check and play and use 'later'. A 'later' like ice becomming thinner each year and still I want to put even more load on it. The same I downloaded NAM35 and didn't find the time to install and play until NAM36 was there. Time becomes a bottleneck. And at a certain point you move data from one location to another, delete and refresh and update ... and the whole world become busy in processing data - like the valves on an engine moving rapidly up and down - being busy, making noise, runing economy, running business - but the motor these valves are on does nothing - just noise, just running. You spend your lifetime collecting things you don't find the time to use and get some fun out of them because you are much to busy to hunt and collect them. So I wouldn't call this an 'activity' - downloading things. Like people collect colours. Millions of colours. Much to busy to notice - if you have three of them, you have them all. It's just a question to make good use of those three. The same with books. Why to collect hundreds of them if there are only a handfull having a meaning to you. As meaning doesn't show up with simply collecting them. And maybe the same with custom content?
  14. Urban Tarsealed Street Modd

    Thank you for the maintenance making this mod such a trusty companion through the years. Many years ago SC4 was still in its childhood. Like me. Me, I grew up, looking adult now, but still a child. The game grew up and became mature. Thanks to modders like you. As this looks so much better than the street from the childhood days of SC4.
  15. Some basic new player questions

    Welcome @moodyhun, first: don't be shy to start a new topic to get more attention to your question. second: the last years been quite interesting regarding SC4 modding, many things we wouldn't have even imagined to be possible came true. So to start all over now should be quite a little fun. I'd recomment to go through this list of links, they can give some orientation: Mostly you'll have more questions than before (that's a strange phenomenon at least to me, I'll always have more question after reading things) but we'll do our best to answer them. There must be roundabout 50.000 downloads, maybe more on the web for SC4. It's impossible to get an overview in a week or two. This really takes time. So to get started it's overwhelming for most of us and needs a little endurance. But you get payed back later with much fun. Third: Go with Corina in first place. She is a good guide.