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  1. SC4D Fix dll problem

  2. SC4D Fix dll problem

    mentioned here: https://city-builders.info/cb-documents/9-SimCity-4/60-command-line-options
  3. Introduce Yourself Here!

    With site administrators superb like this - you shouldn't be worried at all. A week or two - and they will talk to you in your sleep. So, welcome Retro!
  4. Twinkle, twinkle, little BAT...

    Well me, I always had a real need for your bats - the bigger skyscrapers by maxis i never liked, while some of the smaller maxis bats are quite nice. Now your bats. growing here and there concile the maxis stuff with the shiny custom highrise stuff and giving back an overall harmony. If there weren't your bats - there would be a signifcant visual gap in my citites between low and highrise. Therefore they came quite important to me. The same their size. Also in size they fill a gap, especially as I am a CAM user and have 15 stages to smooth the growing process from small to highrise - so in the middle, in the midrise stages I have a peek and a need, where your bats matches. Maybe they don't stand out from the overall city skyline - but that's exactly how I need them, to smooth and blend what's in my plugin folder. The only thing - I wouldn't mind if there were some more residentials of the same type/style too ( @Aaron Graham used to make them) as the gap (to me) exists on both, commercial and residential buildings. So thanks for keeping up this great work having both - style and usability.
  5. SC4D Fix dll problem

    Hm, theoretically it could be something else happened in the meantime that prevents your game to start. It seems only sc4fix.dll to be the culprit, because this was your action - to put it in. But, well, modern computers tend to perform their own actions without asking you. A graphic driver update, Win7 updating with this: BTW. - did you edit the command line - properties of the executable like the one shown in the picture by @CorinaMarie? Maybe to check this too on spelling errors. Also I would be curious to know, when starting the programm, what you do exactly - where do you double click, on the icon on the screen or in the startup menu, which are independent links to the executable and must be edited seperately. Also - when double click on the icon - does happen nothing at all or is there the hourglass or something that indicates windows try to start the executable but fails? Some message box perhaps?
  6. Quote of the Day

    Friedrich Hölderlin - HALF OF LIFE Charged by yellow pears And full of wild roses bends the land into the lake Your dainty swans, And drunken from all those kisses You plunge your heads Into the holy-demure water Poor me, where, when winter comes, to gather flowers, and where sunlight and earthly shadows? Wordless and cold stand the walls, in the wind Weathercocks clashing (own translation)
  7. The False News and False Science Movement

    What about real journalism faking science. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-the-chocolate-diet-hoax-fooled-millions/
  8. Mom demands for Sleeping Beauty to be banned from school

    Well it's a story about parents can't surpress that at a certain age children get interest in sexuality. The spell some day your daughter will be bleeding - put on sleeping beauty by a granny fairy while all other fairies are lovely and young) represents the fathers subconscious wish - no other man should ever touch her, she never should become adult, my love always should be the only love to protect her. He can't stand the old fairy -> being afraid of being old. To ban all spinning wheels means - to forbid women to discover this pleasurees (think of a merry go round, the dance of life, the turn of times, the wheel of life - fertility). Being hurt by the spindle - so first time bleeding at the age of 15 (won't explain here what this metaphor means but think off it's related to the nature of females) makes her fall asleep for 100 years -> not growing older and getting her own life but always remaing the child of her father - the natural progression of life stops - the whole land falls asleep - as the father tries to surpress the natures circles, he's getting old while her daughter herself get's married, becomes children and grow old herself. So this the refuse of natural changes instead everthing has to stay the same. But the father can't take away the spell, it must be a young man - a concurrent to the father's love, a, well, lover - who can kiss her awake - means: to make her an adult woman. Helicopter parents, they also become unfree and too much dependend on their children, so they can't go on without them neither. So the prince doesn't simply kiss the daughter awake, he awakes the whole kindom, by breaking into the family relationship he breaks the spell on all, freed the whole family from being stuck. He took the spell also from the father, who tried to protect the daughter from life. Also he can go on now.. So the basic meaning is: there comes a day you must set your children free. You can't protect them from sexual experience and so making them dependend on your parential love being the only love permitted. Or maybe: fathers shouldn't be jealous on the lovers of their daughters. As to protect your children from growing up is like to stop the wheel of life from turning. So that's the humor of it - this mother making the same mistake as the king. Maybe she understood the story pretty well and that's her worries. My daughter dreaming of a prince? Oh, no, never! Never ever she should get in contact with sexuality - better she sleeps for 100 years.
  9. yes: image -> merge visible layers -> cut to image size. view -> snap to grid.
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Prices start from $1000 for bed/night, If I'm right, so: This was a hint, I guess. ?
  11. Colossus Farming

    Version 1.0.0


    Mod content: 134 growable CAM-patible farm lots, each one individually designed, ranging from tiny romantic (stage 1) to dystopian agricultural scifi (stage 10). 45 new or completely reworked field lots with crops like canola, cabbage, bamboo, potatoes, strawberries, artichokes, animated lifestock or elements like grow tunnels, greenhouses, vertical farms. 250 new props/bats. 70 new textures 6 ploppable functional lots 13 cosmetic puzzle pieces to add fences and farm tracks to the fields. Mod's purpose: Collecting some of the best farming stuff, adding own stuff where needed and creating something with an overall concept from it. This means building up complete themes like winery, lumber industries, lifestock farming, grain production, including different elements of the productions chains (grain -> brewery, life stock -> slaughtery) - so for each city of your region there can be different main focus of agricultural production. Mod's challenge: This mod can be very demanding on computer/game performance and there may be actions to take about this. Also setup requires some patience as you have to make certain decissions and you have to select and sort content different according to this decissions. It's recommended to wait for a rainy afternoon to install this mod. It's essential to read chapter 1,2 and 3 of the included documentation. Dependencies This mod requires at least 38 dependencies (depending on your choices more). This is no put and play - you need to follow installation instructions of the documentation). Do this step by step. For easier management the dependencies are broken down into five sections. For performance reasons it's recommended to datpack some of the sections containing smaller files into a single bigger one after you are done and everything works. Section 1 (Megapacks) BSC Textures Vol 01.dat BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01.dat SPAM_Super_Resource_Pack BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat BSC MEGA Props - NewmanInc Vol01.dat BSC MEGA Props - NewmanInc Vol02.dat fz_AudioEssentials_1_3.dat Section 2 (JMyer's Stuff) BSC Mega Props - JMyersAgriculture01.dat BSC Mega props JMyers Agriculture 02.dat JMyers Hydrophonics JMyers Dairy Farms JMyers Corn Crops Vol.2 Section 3 (French stuff) Nams BAT PROPS PACK Vol 02.dat Nams BAT PROPS PACK Vol 03.dat Nams PROPS PACK Vol 1.dat Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2.dat Girafe Vines Girafe Wheat Manchou_Houses_AG.dat VIP_RuralPack VIP RuralPack Expansion1 VIP Agri Pack Section 4 (Working Man Production) wmp_docklands3_props1.dat wmp_spam_freight_props2.dat wmp_garden_props.dat wmp_garden_props02.dat Section 5 (the assorted section) Nexis_GreenhouseSet.dat Wieśpak by fordoniak RFR Maize Set Jenxfauna_cows Jenxfauna_sheeps Jenxfauna_pigs Sunflower (Shadows) by HunD88 SFBT Weinberge Cycledoggs Organ Works Cycledoggs Hankie Mill Optional Stuff Colossus Addon Mod 2.1.0 (the CAM - strongly recommended) A maxis farm blocker or a maxis farms replacement mod compatible with CAM or SPAM (recommended) Simmer2 Stone walls VIP Les Murets d'Aubrac CP Seasonal woods Special thanks to rsc204 and T Wrecks for the technical assistence. Many thanks to T Wrecks, OcramsRzr, rivit, matias93 and nos.17 for the creative and fruitfull ideas. Thanks to nos.17 and markussaage for reviewing the documentation. This mod is dedicated to the developers of the Colossus Addon Mod, RippleJet and IvisiChem. Feel free to post screenshots, discoveries, your personal favorites, critics and questions (not covered by the documentation) in the development thread. Happy farming.
  12. Hey, @markussaage, good eye! Thanks for finding those double space errors, they are usually hard to detect.
  13. NAM - placing various elements

    Well me using the NAM for many years still having the exact same 'issue' and I'm afraid being of no much help here. Often I download You-Tube videos from players they created something similar me wants to create and then I replay them at very low speed and simply copy each step done in the video. That's the only way I found to learn on this complex mod - I think it's not possible to learn it systematically (by learning the 'grammar' rules of this mod) but by exercising, practicing - to watch how the geeks resolve a task and to copy their techniques (like you would learn a foreign language not by reading a dozends of grammar books but by repeating sentences constantly in class - you start with simple conversation and advance - you would learn the grammar implicit). Regarding the connection issue I think you have to leave more space (at least one complete tile, better two) between the angled road and the straight and then try to connect starting from the angled part, not from the straight part. I think that's because they working as overrides of the default and so when starting from the 'default side' isn't recognized as fitting but when starting from the 'override side' instead it is. The same like on starter and puzzle pieces. You can't drag from the standard to the override instead have to start from the override side towards the standard. And there has to be space between them. I think this space is needed because basically there must be placed a 'transition part' that can't be only half a tile or two halfs of a tile but needs at least one complete tile of empty space between them, sometimes two. Hope this was right and you have some progress. There is a subforum for NAM in this forum. And also there are many players knowing NAM better than me. So let's see their comments.
  14. STEX CDs and Donations

    Saturday morning, rain is hammering on the window, thermometer shows 4°. The family drove for the shopping center (the annual secret "christmas-coming-soon-shopping-tour" where daddy isn't allowed to join) and the dog lies in the basket next to the heating. And there lies a new STEX DVD on the desk, waiting to be put into the drive. How fortunate I am to know - at least for the next hours - this gonna be a great day.
  15. Are hospitals necessary to raise HQ?

    Side note. Even if it's true - you need a great amount of civics to cover a city, I can't see something negative or unrealistic here but instead a potential that Maxis left uncovered. If I look on my hometome there are also a great amount of medical facilities. There are dentists, outreach clinics, pediatrists, gynecologist, radiologists ... I think the main problem is, in Sc4 they covered the whole area with something generic like 'hospitals'. But to me to add realism here was not to make the hospitals bigger (as it's true you have only a few hosptials in a region) but to lot me some smaller medical facilities similar to maxis small medical clinic and name them according to the many different tasks there are in the medical sector. Imho this way you can add quite some realism to the game. The same with other civics - police buildings f.e. - they aren't all with the same function. So the main problem regarding realism is that the type of buildings aren't diversified as much as they could be. But baisically I enjoy needing many schools and many medical facilities - it's just that you need many different ones - language schools, polytechnic institutes, schools for medical care ... to add realism. Basically there is still a big field for lotters to work on - to diversify the whole civics sector.