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City-building game(s)

Found 18 results

  1. Hello all! I found this on the workshop. Basically it's a setup that allows for multiple metro exits from one platform. Or atleast did, I don't know if it still works. http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=577719153 So is it possible to connect different metro stations via underground passages? I tried just putting and moving tunnels with MoveIt in game but could not make it work. Why do I want this? * Realism. Say we have two lines on different depths, pedestrians walk UP to street level and to the next station. * Practicality, too many pedestrians in the way for cars, trams, buses. Same as IRL. So I am not a modder, I just want to put this out there to see if it's remotely plausible. And if so, hopefully inspire someone in this fantastic community. Actually, when I Think about it. Paradox should make a DLC on this: The Underground. Passages with shops, malls and different exits, levels etc.
  2. I am new to 3d modeling. I have successfully used Blender to make extensive modifications to some existing models dumped vie ModTools. I have noticed that all the models have about a 1 meter "skirt" that extends down underground from the outside walls. I assume this is in case the model is placed on a slope and some of it is exposed then there won't be a hollow section. However in some cases the models have pretty extensive underground sections using a lot of tris matching all the detail above ground. If my assumption is correct, can't I just have a single piece (2 tris) covering the whole side wall? Here's I picture of a garage model showing all the extra tris below ground (the red line). In this case they are also double walled. Can I get rid of them for more efficiency? Should I replace with a single double tri underground piece?
  3. Okay so, long story short, I'm starting a futuristic conversion for Cities Skylines. Think Anno 2205 but without all the micromanagement Creating the models and textures aren't really an issue anymore (other than the time it takes)... But before I start, many of my concepts involve visible "underground" or "below ground level" portions of the asset. Any idea how the asset editor handles these? Similar to this: See how the center part is "underground"? If it's not possible then I need to modify my concepts. Just curious if anyone knew.
  4. Bipin's Cosmetic FLUP Covers

    Version 1.0.0


    Believe it or not, I'm still alive and kicking! In the works for over a year, these FLUP models do just what the title says; they're cosmetic models that overlap the old, standard FLUP entrance and exit models. These new tunnel portals will have your Sims practically throwing money at you - they want to pay taxes, because these BAT's are just that good! These tunnel entrances are modeled loosely after those in Boston - part of the infamous Big Dig. However, they're generic enough that they may be used in any situation that calls for some some new infrastructure. They stand out as something fresh, but they're worn enough to appear well-used. Included in this download are three (3) cosmetic FLUP portals; an entrance portal, an exit portal, and a two-lane road portal. These can all be found in the Power Menu with a lot icon like the one below: Don't forget to download the following dependency: Enjoy your new FLUP tunnels portals. I know your Sims will!
  5. hi guys can somebody make mod with will be possible build colored underground rail? i mean i want build tube with red line, blue line, black line etc. the same like in london or new york. and where i select underground wiew i can see different colors of lines. sorry for me english but i hope understand... thanks
  6. Version


    Metro station pack is a collection of my old, 2006 and 2007 made metro (subway/underground) station in Helsinki-style. Some of the stations are recreations, others fictional. There are total 8 stations, 3 orthogonal, 4 diagonal and one diagonal corner. And believe or not, that big orange M-station is a recreation of Itäkeskus metro station's entrance. And if you don't like the Helsinki metro's orange colour-scheme, don't download STATS: Capacity: 2 000 passangers Plop cost: 100 § No dependacies, but because some buildings are diagonal and overhangin, there is that "hidden building" which gives the stats. Everyone got a free ride at Krioworks
  7. Train walk and underground revamp

    A little issue of people paths and how they don't like them. Put a walkway tunnel and they still cross the tracks in front of oncoming trains! So... ...no more tunnel. Different issue was the two congested roundabouts and what to do? Painstakingly got this to work... ...and a closer look at what replaced two underground roundabouts and the congestion of ramps and roads. Immediately I see the entrance ramp from the roundabout to the Cargo Terminal needs to be longer. Traffic, on occasion, has backed up due to some missed shifts or dropped cellphones I presume? Here I thought in the year 2226 we all had implants! We kept the midnight oil lamps burning brightly, working up to 2 am and then a good nap until those pesky crows made such a ruckus! Today is garbage day and I was reminded to put the can out. Thing is, we have Monday and Thursday pickups and I switched to Monday... now if I was Mayor of Chicago, do you think I would be putting my trash out? No way. I'd have it carted off to Altgeld Gardens! I really do need some fresh air, a nap and then some coffee... cause... I'm starting to ramble. Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo
  8. Underground in Ashton

    Back again friends, to say more about Ashton. We took a break from the meeting because someone brought a vegetable platter (true story) to a morning meeting. Everyone expects coffee and donuts. We like to get hyped in these typical boring meetings! Ashton industrial is served by turnpike, rail and ship. The railroad and ship terminals are at opposite sides of the industry to relieve the traffic congestion. Truckers were paramount in mind for their ease to get to and from the railroad and ship terminals. The ship cargo terminal is fed by the underground express route making groung travel almost pleasant. And, yes you do see a remnant from a discarded exit ramp that in forever captured under the railroad terminal. We thought of making a story of this being an underground vault from a gangster and getting that guy to come and dig it out... but no. Work on the entrance and exit to the ship cargo terminal has succeeded in preventing apposing traffic snarls. The railroad cargo terminal is another story. Traffic enters and crosses itself to get out. Normally, this would be a problem, but upon extended inspection it works quite nice. Attempts were made to reverse the flow and all sorts of logistical headaches ensued. We ate many vegetable platters that night! Speaking of vegetable platters, I've got word our donuts and coffee await our presence and we can resume the meeting. A heads up... I can tell you the Drosovilas Stadium was rejected because of an ₡18,000 shortfall. Don't know what caused that. And now we are hearing desires of a circus, thermal spa and an opera house. Well, that would sure give variety to the entertainment! Have a Happy Day! Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo
  9. That Underground Highway

    Neighbors: A lot of little here and there to report, yet I'll delve back into the traffic just to get it out of the way. Getting out of the way seems to be a problem these days. One big tie-up was caused by a new Ferrari and a reluctance to accelerate (true, happened on the turnpike). We start with Timboh's Pentagon Intersection which, if minds are in gear, flows mighty fine... except when this happens -- Yes, friends a tie-up preventing your customers from getting to your business expediently. Now, lets look at Ashton The Autobahn style roundabout intersection feeds the industrial/commercial complex while the modified cloverleaf with roundabout feeds our residence. Takes a ton of traffic out of sight and a cacophony away from hearing while business and residence enjoy the bountiful terra firma. We'll take a closer look at the industrial problem/solution... sorry, got an urgent request for a meeting about our new baseball stadium and entertainment spot. I appologize for this hasty exit. Be right back... Mayor (Acting) Haylo Stachoo
  10. I've seen multiple asset creators texturing underground parts of their meshes. Did I miss something completely or is this done thru mod tools? I'm looking for a way to texture static (Park) blocks, so I cannot use Japanese Garden. The only way I found so far is to make the whole model into a prop, surely there's some other way? For reference here's what I'm working on:
  11. Venish Transit Hub UG

    An underground view of the transit hub, where all the action's at. A mass or mess of tube lines! You can get to anywhere in the city from here!

    © Kyle Spokes

  12. Version 1.1


    This is my London Underground Subway Station. Needs at least 1 Vanilla station to work. Same stats as vanilla station. Have fun!
  13. Why Sim City 4 very very long switches from the underground to the ground survey in the construction of the subway. (5-10 minutes).Stex collection installed,Nam installed.Plugins folder size iz 6,83Gb,not dat packed.
  14. I am trying to make an underwater rail tunnel using NAM. If it were a road, I would just plop down FLUP ramps on both sides and connect them using transparent underground network puzzle pieces going through the body of water. For rail, I've been able to find rail to underground rail transition ramps but could not find the corresponding transparent underground rail puzzle pieces. I've tried the regular FLUP puzzle pieces, but they don't work for rail. There are plenty of underground rail puzzle pieces that function correctly, but they're not transparent so it looks wrong.
  15. Overview ~ The City of Ark'bor is notorious for its criminal links to Omega Station. Major merc and gang factions from across the Terminus Systems base themselves here, but not typically on Ark'bor, but it's underbelly. The Underground City below Ark'bor is a city devised to test even the most fool-hardy people. No person is safe from death, and no place here is devoid of danger. Like Omega Station, corruption, social tension and confrontations are a big part of the Underground, and so are an eternal nightlife, brothels galore and black markets as far as thee I can see. It's hell under an industrial nightmare. And it's waiting for you. Ggamgus: Thanks a lot, and don't mind at all if you do that Forthwall: Thanks Forth! Kakado_to_save: Haha, funny you should say Thanks Eytan! Aaron Graham: Thanks! MilitantRadical: Thanks a lot! Dabadon5: Thanks! Alex_1210: Thank you! K50: Thanks k50 KonstantinII: Nice of you to explain, but I'm already fully aware of the physics I take a lot of interest in astronomy, and watch documentaries as well as read books, but I am again, following the game Mass Effect, and in the game, those are the given details of the planet "Tosal Nym". Thanks though Liszak: Really? Please don't, I can't have someone erasing there work because of me Lol, Thanks for the comment RepublicMaster: Thanks Will, always nice to see you around Linoa06: My all time favorite game series Thanks a lot!! SimCoug: It actually didn't require much considering I only used one type of tree, and it was dead (and some shrubs, dirt and rocks ) Thanks SimCoug MamaLuigi945: Wow, you're really too kind Thanks a lot! #1SithLord: Couldn't agree with you more _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Happy Easter everyone! And since it's easter, I've decided to whip up a rather special and interesting concept for SimCity, something that I'm sure no one has attempted. By using photoshop (a big contributor to making updates), I've tried to make the illusion that the city is underground by blackening/blocking out the rooftops. It hasn't exactly turned out great, but hopefully, it'll be a break from the typical above-ground cities we all make. Also, just to note, I've changed the name of the Antheon Nebula Cluster (my own star cluster creation for the Mass Effect Universe) and renamed it to the Violaceus Nebula Cluster, which sounded more appropriate for the nebula. So, in short, the Antheon Nebula is now the Violaceus Nebula. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From the Xe Cha system's Tosal Nym in the Shrike Abyssal, to the Citadel in the Serpent Nebula. After hopping from system to system, cluster to cluster, we're now returning to the Violaceus Nebula (fomerly Antheon Nebula/Plain) to re-visit the Nesu'luun star system's Kanaze. To repeat, Kanaze is a planet, notorious in the galaxy for its criminal links to Omega Station, a carved asteroid joint with an inhabited space station in the Omega Nebula. The polluted planet's controversial capital city, Ark'bor, is the center of all the activies between Omega Station and Stagnum. Major mercenery bands and criminal factions in the Terminus Systems like the Blue Suns, Blood Pack and the Eclipse base many hideouts and gang operations between these two locales, often causing extreme havoc and deadly confrontations and in the process, killing civilians caught in the cross-fire or are not co-operative. Though often enough, the activities of these factions are not always evident on Kanaze's capital city. Most of the chaos happens in the city's true underbelly. A place where no mere person can survive without a tough outershell. In a place where hostilities are always a possibility, and where danger lurks more often than you'd probably like it to. That is, Ark'bor's Underground City. A large underground system of slums and cheap apartments, it's also home to the merceneries and gang factions of Omega and Kanaze. They often take base in the Underground's many abandoned offices and markets, turning them into their hideouts and base of operation in Ark'bor. Plunged into an internal darkness, the Underground is lit eternally with lights, illuminated signs and holograms that wildly appear around the city. All over the Underground, nightclubs and disguised brothels litter the city, likewise on the surface. Though the action in the Underground is more active than above ground, due to business being under the table, and invisible to higher galactic authorities. Every race in the galaxy lives under Ark'bor, in this poverty stricken subterrenean metropolis. Drell, Turians, Elcor, Asari, Humans, Salarians, Vorcha, Batarians, Volus, Quarians and even Krogan live under one city, side by side. And being so close to each other, confrontations between some are always an inevitability; with street fights, riots and widespread violence around the Underground found common. Along the sewage canal and some of the supporting beams keeping the city under safe from collapse, a roadway littered with trash and wildly parked vehicles, the Underground's inhabitants walk through as if a normal day, and the signs above their head continue to flicker and glow, illuminating the dark underground city. Pawnshops, markets, bars and strip clubs existing side by side. A popular go amongst all of the city's people. Crowds, more stores and clubs along the sewage canal. The poorest of the Underground's inhabitants setup tents along the roadway as affording or inhabiting cheap housing above them is either overated, overpriced, or overly dangerous. Meanwhile, in anther part of the Underground, a young Quarian is on his pilgrimage, leaving his previous life on the Migrant Fleet and instead living in Ark'bor's Underground City. He lives out his life in hopes that one day he'll be able to make something of himself. For now, he does nothing more than stare at his omni-tool, dazed and bored, sitting precariously on the weak aluminum and iron roof. Some parts of the Underground remain quiet. Empty. But when you look in deeper, there's always something that's bound to surprise you. Along the sewage canal again, trash, tents and more stores as well as another nightclub and brothel in the building. And a strange and suspicious looking faint "Blue Suns" logo is painted on the wall of the building. Could it be? Skycars pass by, the few who can manage to even own one, yet strange that they live in the poverty-stricken zone of the city, under all the glamor of spacious high-rises that tower above Ark'bor's smoggy industrial skyline. While people walk, minding themselves, the scene of Blue Suns mercs killing an unco-operative Salarian affiliate causes people to stop, watch for a split second in shock, and then scramble as fast as they can. The Salarians blood begins to spread over the roadway, an example of how easy it is to die in the Underground. In another part of the Underground, more people are found walking in the streets, obstructing a flatbed skytruck. It's looking more and more like the driver is about to target somebody. Best be outta' the way. This poverty stricken city, continues to prevail, at the cost of lives. Mercs hide behind every corner, and it's only a matter of time 'til someone else is targeted. The poor continue to live out their lives and signs illuminate the narrow roadways of the city. And no matter how you look at it, this city will always be shadowed in the darkness of the prevelent gangs that ride between Omega and Kanaze. Forever a city of death, despair, pain and survival. This is the Underground. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for viewing TMW! Rate, comment and +1 if you enjoyed the update.
  16. Version 1


    So how cool would it be if we could run electrical power cables underground instead of stringing unsightly transmission towers across the pristine landscape? Well... now we can. Sort of. For those of us who always hated to have ugly power transmission towers in our cities, the alternative was to plop a lot, often a park, tree or forest lot... every 5 tiles that would extend the juice from a distant power plant to our blossoming city. Not very realistic... but functional as far as the game was concerned. The Underground Conduit lots use the same principle. But instead of trying to conceal the mysterious power connection, they stick it out there for all the world to see. The 1x1 lot contains a concrete service/access hatch to an imaginary underground conduit. By plopping these lots in a string every 5 tiles, you can extend your power grid while having a realistic visual aid to see where your power is coming from and going to. To further enhance that visual aid, each lot has a red light sitting atop a sign post. The red light flashes only when the lot is connected to the grid and receiving power. This will allow you to quickly spot any connection problems along the line... and looks pretty darn cool at night. Each lot is a single tile... and serves as a functional alternative to above-ground transmission towers. The lot is located in the Power Utilities menu, directly below the transmission towers. Each lot is a mere §5 to pop and cost nothing to maintain. They produce no pollution and have no other impact on the environment or game, either good or bad. The lots have a transparent texture so they will blend with any terrain. They also have extended foundations and can be plopped on any slope. For best results, plop with the orientation arrow pointed uphill. * These lots can also be used atop water pipes or subway tunnels... to use as visual markers as to where your pipes or subway routes run. They could also be used as sewer access hatches for an imaginary sewage system. They also don't look bad around industrial areas and are useful to plop in that one zoned tile that will never develop or constantly gets a No Road Access Zot. ** This lot has no dependencies. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  17. 3x3 Subway Station



    It's the ingame sub station with parking around it. U can use it as a sqare, but dont work as it. Plop Details: Passenger Capacity: 5000 Plop Cost: 2000 Bulldoz Cost: 200 Please leave a comment!!
  18. Subway Station 3x1



    It's a ingame Sub station with parking. Plop Details: Passenger Capacity: 3000 Plop Cost: 750 Bulldoze Cost: 75

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