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  1. RRetail Development

    (OMG, don't tell me I could teach you something ??? ) It's the same as for lots. In the Building Exemplar, if there are no Item Name and no Item Description properties, you add them (Add Property), you write the name of the lot, you delete the User Name and Item Description Key properties (Delete Property), Reindex and Save.
  2. RRetail Development

    Yes. Having something called "Blank" kind of throws me. It was easy enough to rectify here as I was testing with an empty, nothing-but-the-deps Plugins Folder, but I remember being really annoyed, as a player, by some lots named Blank or This was Typed by a Flying Monkey or NOT named at all. When you're looking for a problematic lot in a crowded PF, it makes for long and irritating searches...
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    OK, I managed to upload my evergreen trees, despite the STEX' hiccups (sigh).
  4. Tariel Trees Evergreen

    Version 1.0.0


    Tariel Trees Evergreens I like all SC4 trees, seasonal or not. But I noticed over the years that I preferred the more varied, often lighter green, spring version of many seasonal trees (those that have a spring season). Even the beautiful Girafe evergreen trees (where would we be without them ?) are a bit too dark for me. In fact, all summer versions of all trees look the same, too dark green for me. So I decided to get me some spring-only version of the seasonals I liked and was likely to use in my lotting or relotting. Here they are : CP trees, JENX (Xannepan) Trees (among which his uniquely beautiful Willow Tree), and PK (Porkissimo) Trees. I separated the more numerous CP trees in three folders, so you can pick and choose. • TL-CPv1 & v2 Evergreens 1 • TL-CPv1 & v2 Evergreens 2 • TL-CPv1 & v2 Evergreens 3 • TL-JENX Evergreens • TL-PK2 Evergreens • TL-Trees Evergreen TestLots : they will show up in your Parks menu ; they are TEST lots, to show what the trees look like in YOUR game (to check if you do have the deps, for instance…) ; then you can take them out so as not to clutter your menu. (Remember to let the game run for about a year, at speed to see them show up). The trees are optional. Meaning they can stay in your plugins folder if you wish : as long as they don’t load last, they won’t change anything. If loading last, they will change into springy evergreens any such seasonals used on any lot. I repeat : If you want to get them, they must load last. If you want to use them for your own lots-relots, they are in the Lot Editor under their original names. Remember you still must stack them (yes, that fun part…). The JENX “xmas” prop is for the fourth season so that they don't disappear in what should have been spring. For the PK trees, and JENX Willow tree, just put another summer prop on top of the winter one, it should do the trick. The originals’ properties haven’t been changed. Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world and is always generously ready to help. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Tyberius06, Matias93, Fantozzi, Catty-cb, Corinamarie…). We need help when we begin peeking under the hood of SC4. That the community is always there for us noobies is very comforting. _______________ Dependencies : YOU WILL NEED : BSC MegaProps CP Vol.1 BSC MegaProps CP Vol.2 JENX Tree Props vol.1 BSC [BTW : there is a testlot in that one ; just chuck it !] PorkieProps Vol.2 Enjoy, I hope !
  5. TL-Nexis BurgerCantine 2x3 CS $ PLOP

    I WISH !!!!! (Well, we live in the same Canadien province ; I could raid his house,maybe ? But his cats and dogs would maul me...)
  6. South American houses PACK

    Those are wonderful. Take a well-deserved break !!!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    TL-Nexis Burger Cantine 2x3 CS $ PLOP I’ve been a fan of Nexis (mrbisonn) ever since I discovered custom content gn-gn-gn years ago. I am therefore very glad and honoured he trusted me with one of his zillions secret, still unused models. A small thing, as a test. He approved. Nothing can stop me now. Dependencies BSC TexturePack JES vol6 BSC MegaProps_CP_Vol01.dat BSC MegaProps_MJB_Vol01.dat Nams Props Pack 1 & 2 : https://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/view/1780 https://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/view/1882 nos.17 essentials (nos.17_Car Collection_ortho.dat, SHK_individ_Ortho.dat) Paeng_resource_Parks205.dat SHK_ParkingPack.dat Tariel-Rivit’s Essentials wmp_power_props01.dat, in WMP Power Lots Many thanks to my technical gurus, Rsc204, Kosc and Dreadnought. And especially Rivit, who lighted my SC4world and is always generously ready to help. And the guys and gals on the forums (Twalsh, Matias93, Fantozzi, Tyberius06, Catty-cb, Corinamarie…). We need help when we begin peeking under the hood of SC4. That the community is always there for us noobies is very comforting. General warnings : (1) This is for SC4 Rush Hour. (2) I play with NAM36, RRW-EU selection (it shouldn’t interfere here, but you never know !) (3) I also play with Twrecks Maxis HD Tree Replacement (if you don’t use it, your trees might look a bit different ; perhaps you should use it…) (4) I play Nights. Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. If you dont want it, you can either tweak my lights in the Lot Editor or take them out of my Essentials folder dep. (5) I like trees. I make intensive use of trees. Especially Girafe tree collection on the LEX ; so here’s the link, once for all ; just follow it into the woods, when indicated.
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    As I said, I didn't find Jes textures vol6 on that list. Then again, perhaps my eyes are not as good as they used to be.
  9. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Could someone tell me where to find BSC Texture Pack Jes vol.6 ? I have it (I have been downloading a lot of props & textures packs for a lot of time !) but now that I have used it in one of my lots, I can't find a link (only to Jes texture pack # 4). It is not in the SC4D repository of deps and I can't find a thread saying in which megapack those textures have eventually been subsumed...
  10. RRetail Development

    er... no. Is it the same thing as BSC MEgaPack CP vol.1 ? Anyhow, that specific name, (or cycledogg vol1.b), is not mentioned in the list of deps, if I am not mistaken...) Gonna try it with it, though. EDIT : Yup, that did d it. You might want to add it to the deps list ? Also, just a thought for finicky -- OCD... ahem -- players like me : it would be nice if the names of the lots were available in-game for queries and such (I took the liberty of amending that in the Reader for my own use.)
  11. RRetail Development

    RR, I have missing parking textures on four lots : SG retirement home, SG Goobergen Urban Hospital, the PostOffice and the Uhaul lots. I do have all three parkings deps ! Testing in an empty plugins folder with only the deps ! Aaargh ! (etc.)
  12. RRetail Civic Relots - Version 2.0

    I like to see those old classics lovingly revived ! They deserve it. And as so many batters these days seem to think mostly of big towers, those revivals of smaller thing, very necessary also in well-balanced cities (or towns) are quite useful. Thank you ! However (I am currently trying them :-) there seems to be a missing dep : DK1 Substation ? (And I don't find it in DK1 content on the STEX ! Uh ?)
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    (oh, the look of the light --desaturated a bit, yes ? I don't know why but it feels very South-American to me, hot weather, not bright-sunny, just urban hot.)
  14. The King's Workshop

    Oh goodie, new toys !