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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    That's gonna be a splendid Old World city ! Although I don't quite get what you did with the res. in the railway station (last picture)
  2. Bridges props

    Are there somewhere bridge props whose water part is not baked-in (like in Peg CSK and, from what I see in my stash, every other canal system) ? I do not mean footbridges, but road-avenue-street bridges that can be used over plop-water -- or the props necessary to lot them...
  3. Textures Problems

    As I said, I didn't have that specific problem when I was playing on a Mac (and it was an earliest model, i.e. not as super-crunching as those of today.) My missing textures, when there were, were due to more mundane causes (like a hole between the player's two ears ! :-))) But Denis is playing through Steam, and I was not. Could that have an impact ?
  4. Textures Problems

    Duly noted !
  5. Textures Problems

    @markussaage I think I used the Parks 205 newer version (it's been a little while and I remember trying first with the first version). I didn't include the Texture changer (which if I remember right allows to go from one park texture to another one without installing ...er... I've never used it.... Well, it's a texture changer, not the texture pack, right ? The textures come with the Paeng texture Pack, and he updated them as he went along, they're retro-active. I'll look into it,thought, but I don't think that's it. And yes I have datanode and use it to check dependencies. I am not altogether sure how to interpret it, though, when it comes to other stuff, I'll have to refrsch ny memory and re-RTFM... @rsc204 : hmmmm. When I was still playing on a Mac, I had a plugins folder almost twice the size the one Denis has now and there was no texture problem with Paeng's parks or anything else. @matias93 : I hear you, but I am not going to (1) datpack files (2) for my companion's plugins, as he goes back to playing after years of hiatus and likes (like me, I must say) to see what he's got and move things around. We'll try to streamline that plugins folder even more -- and I'm going to go through it with a fine tooth comb.First, DataNode it is ! (and also, maybe roam the net to see what has been said and done about the problem, which is a rather common one, if I remember well.) Thanks, guys.
  6. My companion, Denis, wants to play SC4 again, after a very long while (to use my lots and relots, he says ; I'm flattered.) He asked that I build him a game plugins folder. He plays on a Mac (as I used to). But that shouldn't be a problem, we felt. So I copied my own game P. folder, (mostly for the Deps) with most of my lots and relots tagged "FINAL". He began plopping. And flags erupted all other the place. We toiled (mostly I toiled) on it all yesterday, and some of the problems have been solved, but some seem intractable -- and I can't understand what they are with my still limited understanding of the whole shebang. There are flags that correspond to props --OK, that is tractable, see below ; and they're is a problem of AWOL textures : many of my relots and lots now have a transparent texture. That one is the blood pressure elevating one. They're AWOL On Denis'a Mac. Not on my Windows virtual partition, where Everything Works Just Fine. He has the same deps folder as I. Hence my befuddlement. One of the main flaggy culprit LLB Modular version of my Obelisk lot. The flag seemed linked to the use of Amil timed people. After much hair tearing, I went the GRRR-WTF way : I took off all the timed people and replaced them by Del People --who are fixed but who didn't flag on the lots. Ditto for one "FloraBush"MA- flagging ion the mac in the relots of CAL SaintNicholas church. But the texture problem is way worse --it's the one I don't understand. It affects all green textures, from BSC parks relot to my relot of Paeng's White Sands Park. The lawns textures have just disappeared. The lots are transparent. Let's just take Paeng's White Sands Park. Apart from the deps I used to relot the pieces (which is only the lighting package made for me by Rivit, Blessed Be His Name), that one needs exactly four deps : Paeng Texturepack vol 01, -- which has been obsolete for some time since the last one was v.04 (in our deps folder) BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol02.dat -- ditto PorkieProps-Vol1.dat --ditto PorkieProps-Vol2.dat -- ditto What causes textures to disappear on lots (if they have not been taken out in the L.E., of course) ? Duplicates ? Loading order ? I have NO idea. Can someone please enlighten me ?
  7. PEG's boats

    Thanks, I'm gonna check them again. (And try to use PIM-X L.E. to locate stuff... )
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    @SC4L0ver : it is a gool-looking plaza but, for a Latin-American one, it looks... kinda drab. It's the iron grey concrete. Aren't they usually using lighter, sunnier materials over there ? Even in Latin Europe. I recently saw a recently made modern plaza in Dijon (which is not in the South, but an Old City if there ever was one), and although they used the same kind of small path as you, the rest is flagstone (with water effects all over, coming right from the pavement -- a bit dizzying ! )
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    It was a Lex hiccup. Downloaded, finally :-)
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Fred, Nexis, mrbisonm, all of you (and why can't I find the right Fred in the list to hail you properly ?) : you're baaack ! They're coming at last ! Farms, farms farms !!! @mattb325 : ouaou ! but, but but.... It doesn't download. The LEX says it does (three times !) but there is nothing in my upload box... aaargh ! What is happening ? @kelistmac : splendid.
  11. PEG's boats

    I have begun a massive project, relotting Diggis ponds. And I need some more boats. So I went looking for moar boats, like WMP skulls and punts, SG Grandpa Al's fishing boat et al. And Peg's beautiful sailboats. But this doesn't go into the "Can't find it" thread, because I am supposed to have them -- they are supposed to be in PEG CDK3 SUPER PACK, and indeed, they show up as "sailboat" in the Reader , (the ones I am looking for). But. I can't find them in the L.E. !!! First I had uploaded LAK7 pack of boats for plopwater (PEG, CAL, NOB) made with them. I have the deps for that --among which PEG CDK3 etc., as indicated in the readme. It works for CAL boats. PEG's remain AWOL. I even tried Paeng SmallBoat MMP (which sports both CAL and PEG's boats.) But additional snag here : when I tried to verify with the Reader that the boats were indeed there (and under which name), it refuses to open both the BSC CAL Small boats.dat and the SmallBoats.dat. UH ??? I've scoured the L.E. in all directions, and item by item. I can't find those dratted boats. HELP ?
  12. IRM I-HT Modern Warehouses by SimGoober

    Chiming on : glad to see another SG lots coming back to a new life !
  13. Parisian / Gotham Style monumental lights

    Monumental indeed ! I love it. (Would love even more if there were another, slightly less monumental, version (the pedestal) Maybe round ?
  14. Show Us What You're Working On

    My rabbit is perfectly happy, don't be afraid. We're not in Monthy Python Sacred Graal...
  15. Version 1.0.0


    LLB-Tariel Obelisk Place MODULAR I made the original Obelisk Place for Dreadnought a.k.a. LLB, who loves obelisks, columns, statues and assorted such grand urban art. He has since brought me to the Modular side of the Lotting Force, the practical beauty of which he illustrated perfectly with this relot of the original. I added a small 1x2 addon to balance the set-up when necessary. The dependencies are the same as in the original ___________________ REMINDER : Necessary for the lighting : RVT_ParkLights2.dat (included) zLightCones_RVTNite.dat (included) Depending on your using or not a Light Replacement Mod, the lighting will be slightly different, but There Will Be Light. (If using LRM and finding your own lights too dim, take out zLightCones_RVTNite.dat).