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City-building game(s)

Found 88 results

  1. Recently, there have been some posts about education("questions about education," "the 550 year education experiment"), so I decided to perform a little experiment: First, I made a new area, and on the small grids, I built 5 different cities, all zoned kinda based on a post I made several months ago called "new neighborhood design," though I think I have modified it some since I made that post. In the first city's "city center", I put in a police station, fire station, harbor clinic hospital(that was overkill, but I will discuss that a bit more in my conclusion), and no educational facilities whatsoever. Then I built a city with the same "city center", but with an elementary school, then a third with both an elemetary and high school, then another with both types of schools, and the other educational facilities of branch library, museum, and community college. I decided also to build another city with not only all the educational facilities that come at the start of the game, but also the educational facilities that come with the "you don't deserve it" cheat. For the schools, I upped the amount they are funded from whatever the default is to the maximal amount, for other educational facilities (such as the branch library), I left the funding at the default level. In each city I put an "infinite money park" and let the city run for 2-3 months before I started zoning, so I would not have to worry about whether the city made or lost money. I also used the "cosmic neutrino power plant" so I did not have to worry about water or electricity (which also comes in a "business deal form that gives $50000/month), and I plonked down a hyperspace garbage disposal so I did not have to worry about that either. I hope this is an adequate description of the zoning I did in each city, but after I zoned them, I let them run for 20 game years, declining any rewards that I earned, though I think the only rewards I got were the upgraded pumps and schools, neither of which I needed (the upgraded schools would be very improtant if I had used high-density residential, but not with the medium-density that I did use). I also got the mayor's house, which probably does make some difference, but probably not a lot, and I wanted to be as consistent as I could from city to city. These are my results. Many of the numbers are my "best guess" from the appropriate graph, and I hope that I got them all transcribed correctly: No Education: Population: $-5600 $$-650 $$$-100 Industrial: D-3000 M-160 HT-0 C. Service: $-1200 $$-110 $$$-7 C. Office: $$-140 $$$-15 EQ: 0, Mayor Rating: 50, Cashflow (w/o mods) per month: -$3000 Elemetary: Population: $-3200 $$-2400 $$$-480 Industrial: D-1600 M-820 HT-9 C. Service: $-700 $$-400 $$$-28 C. Office: $$-660 $$$-87 EQ: 50, Mayor Rating: 65, Cashflow (w/o mods) per month: -$200 Elementary + High Population: $-4800 $$-4500 $$$-800 Industrial: D-1800 M-1100 HT-280 C. Service: $-450 $$-850 $$$-140 C. Office: $$-1200 $$$-500 EQ: 110, Mayor Rating: just over60, Cashflow (w/o mods) per month: +$500 Elementary + High + Other(comm. coll., library, museum) Population: $-11000 $$-5900 $$$-1500 Industrial: D-3000 M-1600 HT-1200 C. Service: $-24 $$-330 $$$-330 C. Office: $$-1200 $$$-1900 EQ: 140, Mayor Rating: just over 60, Cashflow (w/o mods) per month: -$400 All Education + "you don't deserve it" education cheats Population: $-1200 $$-2500 $$$-650 Industrial: D-280 M-200 HT-700 C. Service: $-0 $$-550 $$$-260 C. Office: $$-590 $$$-1100 EQ: almost 200, Mayor Rating: ~69, Cashflow (w/o mods) per month: -$2000 These are the conclusions I draw from the results of this experiment: One of the questions asked was whether it makes a difference if the coverage area of schools needs to cover inustrial/commercial areas. I don't think so, and the reason why I don't is that if you go to "data views", and select "education," stats ("low," "med," "high," etc) are shown for residential areas, but no education stats, positive or negative, are shown for industrial/commercial areas, though I suppose an experiment with educational coverage in just the residential areas vs. a city with coverage in all areas (residential or not), could be devised to determine this. I think overall the cities got "slightly better" in the cited statistics as educational facilities were added in, at least until the last city with the "you don't deserve it" cheats. Perhaps, using the cheat invoked some kind of penalty, that at least in the short term, made things "worse," I just don't know. However, I got to thinking, and although after a short amount of game years (20) the city with the "you don't deserve it" cheats was "almost as bad" in most of its stats as the "no education" city, I think that if the cities had run for a longer amount of time (100, 200, 500, or even 1000 game years), the "no education city" would not have gone much past where it was based on its stats (EQ=0, mayor rating = 50), but the "you don't deserve it" cheat city was poised to expand in terms of r$$$ population and HT indstry based on its stats (EQ=almost 200, mayor rating = 69.) I also think that without the mods (infinite money park, hyperspace garbage dump, cosmic neutrino power plant), each of these cities could have been tweaked (zoning, money spent on health care, education) to make money. As I mentioned before, the harbor clinic hospital was overkill because I looked the number of patients in the hospitals, and the number could have been handled by either a fully funded clinic or partially funded general hospital, both of which are cheaper than even the lowest level of funding for the harbor clinic hospital (I think). I also got to thinking about it and I think my final statistic, that I called "cashflow (w/o mods)" is perhaps a bit misleading. The reason I say this is because I subtracted the $50000 is got from the business deal of the cosmic neutrino plant and then compared the city income vs. city expenses. However, it is not quite this simple because I would have not had essentially free power and water either, but would have had to factor in the cost (both envirinmental and monetary) of having a power plant and water pumps supplied by the game. So my final conclusion is that educational facilities are not necessary at all, at least if the goal is to make money, as I think any of my "test" cities could be tweaked to make money without it. If the goal is to make the most money possible get a high EQ, or to attract rich people, or HT industry, they are essential. As to a question asked in the thread "question about education," whether high schools are necessary, the answer depends on your goal in playing the game. The city can probably be tweaked to make money without them, and in the short run they will cost money both to build and to operate. However in the long run they will increase the overall EQ, and thus increase the proportion of R$$$, HT industry, CS$$$, and CO$$$, all of which will increase your income. If your goals are something else, such as mayor rating, or whatever, increasing the EQ with more schools will probably help as well. Brian Christiansen
  2. Maroon Bay Cow County !

    Maroon Bay Cow County ! Up to now all CJ all feature a lot of agriculture. Livestock is another area of country life I´d like to cover. SPAM up to now produced only one animal farm so I decided to create my own animal scape, using what ever available plopable bat´s. Just about half the county south east of highway 53 is dedicated to this way of life. Maroon Bay got to main large towns Maroon Bay City and Prospect City. Maroon Bay City is the administrative capital. Prospect is a more work and education related city. Various towns are squaterd over the rest of the county wich will be presented in this CJ ! We start with Prospect City. Founded in the fifties, it´s a relative new town with highschool and a industrial area away in the far corner ! Prospect City footbalclub ! Downtown Prospect City ! Prospect Highschool and Campus ! That conclude´s Prospect City ! Next we wonder around the title area of this CJ Cow County ! Dairy farming is conducted mostl in the southern area of Maroon County ! Small sheep plot ! Some pig´s ! Another Dairy ! Macon Junction ! Macon Junction small rail hub offers goods, livestock and passenger services for this remote part of the county ! A Vetenairy Practice is also present ! Cow handling require special skill, so a riding school was established in the Macon area ! Ingle just down the line ! Maroni Milk Corp. We visit New Albans halfway between Maroon Bay City and Prospect City ! New Albans - Woods ! Here the shuttle to Maroon Bay Port departs ! Maroon Bay Fishing Port is very busy 1 Little SPAM area allowed to complete Cape Hartford area ! Last now we visit the capital of Maroon County, Maroon Bay City ! Business area behind the main station ! Country fair and allotment ! West and East there´s a large recreational area for walking and horse riding ! Along the coast there´s a connecting horse trail ! That concludes this extensive CJ ! Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !
  3. Continuing what I briefly mentioned in @ammo8121's Education without schools thread, here's the education graph in a city tile with one elementary school, one library, and one museum with enough health care coverage that the average life span is about 89 years: (Edit: Oops this pic is after I started adding more schools. It was one of each up till about halfway thru that graph.) I decided to do a more in depth experiment. Here's the sleepy little town of H-2 where the life span is about 91 years: The whole town was developed in the first two years and I built one single City Museum then. No other educational facilities at this time. Here's the EQ graph after 75 years: Education by age in year 75: As all of the older generation reincarnates into younger Sims the average EQ begins to plumment in year 78: Let the game run until year 112 and we've cycled into a new older generation. EQ is back above 160: Let it run till year 178 and we've been thru another decline and peaked again: Education by age shows only the elders are educated: We're good until year 198 when the EQ plummets again: At this point I built two Local Branch Libraries that cover the whole town: The high plateau is slightly less than with the museum only in year 257: At the end of the 2nd plateau (which is higher than the prior one) I built two Elementary Schools covering the town: Let it run till year 360 and the EQ is roughly 170: In year 378 I added a High School: By year 423 we see EQ is about 195: In this next graph there was the dip while the population regenerated, but it recovered quickly. At year 475 I built a City College: At 500 years we've nearly achieved an average EQ of 200: By year 505 all age groups are as maxed as I believe they can go: So, to me, the most interesting part is that one can get slightly above 160 EQ with a single museum and good health coverage. In other tests I spread out the population so only a few Sims were reincarnating per year and that smoothed out the peaks and valleys in the EQ graph. 195 EQ is achievable without ever building a City College or University if that fits one's story line. Not that anyone will use this method, but it's fun for me inasmuch as I can achieve I-HT demand with one single educational facility (the museum) if I want to.
  4. Two simple civics relots

    Version 1.0.0


    First: Thanks to tyberius06 for sorting all the dependencies out and creating the nice and comfortable html-readmes. I wouldn't have uploaded these without his support. The House of Philosophy It's a relot of Kleinen Plalais by debussyman - it's an educational lot with the function of a small university. If you plop this in your city don't wonder if your football players start to name themselves 'Socrates' or 'Schopenhauer'. 4x3 University - plop cost $800 Student Capacity: 444 Maintenance Cost: 777 Dependencies: Kleinen Palais - main building BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - Misc Vol01 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol01 BSC MEGA Props D66 Vol02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 Porkie Props Vol1 - European Street Accessories VIP RuralPack Fantozzi Audio Essentials v1.3 (if downloaded before: please get latest version (8/22/17) and delete older ones) BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b Gouvernal Palace Is a relot of Legislative Council of Hong Kong by Amthaak. It works mainly like a landmark supporting office jobs (monuments effect + medium caps relief) but it's found in the rewards menu. 5x4 reward, promotes office jobs Building costs: $ 42,000, Maintenance Fee: $ 175. Dependencies: Legislative Council of Hong Kong - main building Fantozzi Audio Essentials v1.3 (if downloaded before: please get latest version (8/22/17) and delete older ones) BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 BSC - VIP girafe lindens MAS71 PropPack Vol03 Nams Props Pack Vol 2 Porkie Props Vol1 - European Street Accessories SimFox Chestnuts VIP RuralPack BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC Textures Vol 03 BSC TexturePack Cycledogg V 01b USAGE Download and unzip the files. Place the folder named 'fantozzi' in your plugins folder. Consider to use the readme folder in a way the foldername suggests. Have fun. NOTE I just threw stuff together on a lot. Please consider to endorse the original creators as they did the main work.
  5. University

    Welcome to GVU,or Greenville University
  6. Bern, der Schweizer Kapital !

    Bern, der Schweizer Kapital ! This month we first visit the land of watches, chocolate, cheese and beyond ! This month three part "Show us what your building" took some effort away of this CJ build but gives a showcase of what might lies beyond the city building corner; specialy I like to see the grow of the SFBT Bern set wich would be awesome. Landmarks for this city aren´t well available so a lot to research. This map just like the Munchen map covers a imaginative part of the Berner land. Let´s start with innercity area ! Bern tram network got like a T shape in the downtown area, line to right going to the station area ! Kirchenfeld area accros the river on the left, houses a lot of educational facilties like the State library, Natural and Historic Museum. Rural west of Bern developing into a modern town ! Swiss gantry is quit different from German & middle european one´s , not completly acurate but to give this a little bit of accent I now use the swiss gantry mod with faded pole´s to give it a more modern look ! To conclude some pictures of the city tile ! The basic city layout is established, next time we continue filling in some gapes. This city will be on of the three swiss cities in this series ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  7. Muenchen Academica e Arte !

    Muenchen Academica e Arte ! Brief I encountered some problems with Europa ANNO. Fortunaly I had maid a backup. Progres continues with another CJ of Muenchen. Last CJ we covered the south of the city center. Now we move a little bit north into the educational and cultural heart of muenchen ! We start with the Technische Universitait Muenchen ! Koningplatz another popular land mark ! Main campus, there'r some other faculties else where in Muenchen ! Bayern's government Kanzler at the Hofgarten ! Cultural heart of Muenchen ! Bayerisch National Theather on right top, Kunsthalle Muenchen below, Bavarian State Theather to the left and Staatlige Museum Samlung ! Sankt Anna Parish church ! Maximilian Strasse and surroundings ! Faculty of the Technische Universitait Muenchen ! Last a small overview of part of the largest park in Muenchen ! Last a small overview of part of the largest park in Muenchen Die Englischer Garten ! That's all I wanted to show you this month. Last part there will be as ussual some sportive venue on the agenda ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  8. Muenchen Alt und Neu !

    Muenchen Alt und Neu ! This month we continue our city tour of Munich. We will explore the southside of the city center. We make a walk along the Isar and show some city build mechanics. Last some night shots ! Muenchener Cityhal with on the right the Pieter and Heiige Geist Kirche and below the Rinder Markt ! As in real the tramway bind is way through town ! We continue south to the area of the Gartner Platz Some building mechanics ! South of the Muenchener inner city rail ring lies the town of Sendling. Constructed as a direct business and residential ! Nice to see those Post war appartment buildings. The game now conscider them to be slums by today standards and are about to be abandoned for better living ! In between I added this part of new part of Sendling and the flags where gone, yet they stil neeed to be upgraded ! Finaly Sendling is complete ! Aswell the local traffic problems at the rail crossing where solved ! We now continue to the inner city along the Isar ! Museum Island with library and surrounding park ! Maximilian Strasse follow the street patern east of the Cityhal to the Isar ! Last we end the day with a so typical Biergarten at the Isar river shore ! We end with the nightshots of the centre and museum island ! Well that´s nice ! Tour isn´t over yet, and will continue next month with some cultural and educational venues ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  9. Budapest Óváros Újváros !

    Budapest Óváros Újváros : Old Town - New Town ! Today we for now sa goodbye to Budapest with a review of Buda Old and New town. Later we return to all cities with a special series ! Old town Mattheus Church with marketplace ! We continue with the Old Hotel - Restaurant district ! Some more Old town ! Now we visit the neighbouring Déli Pályaudvar - South Station Railstation quarters ! University of Budapest ! Quit modern all dust blown away or ? Commercial district and Hotel district ! High rise the latest ! Something for the imagination; not all so new or old ! Next month I will start with the fourth city in this series what will it be ? Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  10. Cologne Koeln Pillen Dreher und Mehr !

    Pillen Dreher und Mehr ! Pillen Dreher, who or what are they ? Lot´s of new stuff added. Some updates from last CJ to conclude ! Europa ANNO for now is mostly germany with Frankfurt and Cologne soon we will widen our view to cities like Vienna, Prague and even some bigger metropolis will arrive soon. A France ANNO and Germany ANNO have been setup so spreading out my wings over other cities is a possibility ! Let´s answer the question I stated above ! Cologne Koeln area was so wide that with some discretion I could put some part of Leverkusen in it. Famous town for only one big pharmasautical firm and it´s football team ! First a some view´s of Leverkusen ! Next what this town is all about ! Bayer AG Next the stadium of the famous footballclub the BAY Arena`! Conclude with some more pictures of Leverkusen ! Rail infrastructure east of the Koln Deutz junction has changed, cosirable, long viaducts has been replaced with embankments and some goods lines and freight area´s developed ! As sugested I tried the Railway Upgrade Mod of Rivet with a very nice outcome ! Akallan Thank you for the sugestion ! Now we continue furthur south to the area of the Technische Fach Hochschule ! There´s allways some problem with water or employment ! That concludes this part of town for this CJ, now the updates and some nightviews ! Technisch Fach Schulle at Night ! That conclude this month CJ ! Hope you like it and see you back next time !
  11. Thareau Ville Mirror Town !

    Thareau Ville Mirror Town ! Thareau Ville is a industrial town in the western half a Mayon Province. Since arrival of the railways it has gone fast and addition of a seaport added to it´s achiefments. Located on the border it is a important access way into the province. Grey cloud is hanging over Thareau Ville Old Town. Lot´s of coal have littered they air still there are 8 giant Oil powerplants and much loved Waiste to energy plant. Harbour providing industry with a new acces point to the world ! Industies localy flourish about great infrastructure present ! Yet business flurished a airport and airforce base arived. Thareau Ville Old Town is stille expanding into somekind of plaid of small neighbourhoods. Thareau Ville Nouvelle is situated on the southern shore of the Sampson Bay. Development is going rapid with the arrival of the university. Shore has got some beach life arround ! Thareau mass transit was primarely based on rail and bus transport. Recently a kind of seperate light rail network was added. Thareau Ville Nouvelles ! Across the Sampson bay is a new town part neighbouring Providence City ! Thareau Ville Nouvelles Downtown ! Shore neighbourhood and new university campus ! Reconstructed CJ has been updated so to show more highlite´s, pictures are as they are and might be updated in a future CJ,leave out what´s less important and will be covered elsewhere. Thareau Ville and Thareau Ville Nouvelles are exept a small portion quit new so still a lot to developement posible ! Wel that concludes this CJ. Hope to see you back in the next one !
  12. Hartford City Live !

    Hartford City Live ! Since last CJ progres stumbled on several difficulties from BaT´s wich will crash if ploped and saved to the fysical simulation spee it self ! This weekend I discovered that Photobucket is going to charge 200 Dollar for 3d party usage of there image hosting; Imgur for now is the new host; Mayon Province early may partly moved in time, Photobucket second account with Europä ANNO is for now not yet affected so watch it will you can, new CJ aswell will move to Imgur ! For now the technical stuff sorted, we have a look at Hartford City ! Hartford Cityhall with the substential Hartford Community Gardem and in the back the old Hartford University Campus ! Hartford earliest settlement, now largely modernized exept the Magdalena Church still spirtitual heart of Hartford City ! Hotel district wich is part of a park landscape neighbourhood wich aswell houses the Hartford Eagles baseball grounds ! Close by the Hartford Central Railroad station and some business development ! Update : Station Area ! Update : Business district ! Hartford audotorium close by the park and the university ! Some other highrise development ! Update : Highrise ! New third subway line the "Education Line" boost the conneciton between the Big Mall - Highrise living and the University Campus ! Super mall Mayon Next ! Low housing in very high demand by it´s citiznes, very much wanted ! Update: Neighbourhood with some startup difficulties ! Last we have a look at the new university campus and adjacent neighbourhood ! That´s all for today, Hartford city development will continue .. Next CJ I will shift the view to the commuter part of the Hartford area so lots of movement and local business and agriculture ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  13. Frankfurt Hochschule !

    Frankfurt Hochschule ! Last CJ I showed you a more wide view of the city and some of the startup problems ! Red-Green flag seem to be a road or street kind of road or street prop or mod using or confliciting with maxis props; relaying sections of road or street resolve the problem ! NAM 34 may resolve the catenary on rail bridges or replacing with HSR; Elevated rail do have pieces but connecting it to normal rail will crash the game. Last not mentioned where the large maxis estates in suburb wich connected four plots of 2x2 to a 4x4 lot; special mod would prevent this but making a plot historical is easier ! This CJ is relatively short, proges is made; city only development is taking it´s toll; endless neighbourhoods, road-rail infrastructure and at last some development on a neighbouring city wich will be revealed soon; some innercity works need to be finished first. Rural Europe will be there aswell but custom content not yet up to a reasonable level to do anything ! Well let´s start this CJ ! Frankfurt Hochschule was established late 19 Century, Universtiy was proposed but at the heart of Germany and with Heidelberg nearby a more technical education was more suiting ! Frankfurt Alte Bibliotheke ! Faculty´s for Science and Mathematics ! University and Hochschule have a good relation on sharing facilty´s !Some new labs at the university and the sporting grounds are a good example ! Another view of the Hochschule ! Last one shot of a neighbouring city wich will be revealed later in this series, picture for the imagination; European city´s seem to be more popular the last month´s so I don´t like to give away too much about it ! Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Inspired by the recent SC3000 uploads, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), San Francisco is a non-profit organisation and holds an internationally recognised collection of modern and contemporary art, and was the first museum on the US West Coast devoted solely to 20th Century art. The present building was designed by Mario Botta in the late 1980s and the building - as depicted here in SC4 - was completed in 1995. It was recently given a large extension in 2009, but I have not modelled that part of the building. This building acts as a Museum and sits on a 4x4 lot providing 315 highly desirable civic jobs and gives a large educational boost across a wide radius. It is found in the Education Menu. --------------------------------------- STATS MUSEUM: Lot size : 4x4 Growth Stage: Ploppable only; Plop Cost: § 22,250 Bulldoze Cost: §31,110 Wealth: §§ Jobs/Demand: § 43; §§ 195; §§§ 77 Catalogue Capacity: 310 Pollution: 7 (Air)/ 4 (Water)/ 3 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 3/4/0 Coverage Radius: 8,360 Capacity: 98,500 EQ Boost: 40 Power Consumed: 13 Mwh Water Consumed: 48 Gal/Month Occupant Group: Civic; Museum Cost: §900 --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: There are no external dependencies for this lot. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder.
  15. Eddy Hall Minnesota

    Version 1.0.0


    Eddy Hall, Minnesota, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Inspired by a picture posted by a member of Simtropolis, the real Eddy Hall was constructed in 1886 as the Mechanic Arts Building for the University of Minnesota. The actual building is a simplified Queen Anne style executed in red-brick and red sandstone trim. The square tower which is slightly offset from the centre of the building dominates the frontage; it, together with the multi-gabled roof, large windows, patterned brick panels and wrough iron cresting make this a charming, eye catching building. This version is not a 100% accurate copy, but it is true to the language of the architectural style of the original building and this is simply one that I made for myself, but have decided to share with the community. The lot comes in two flavours: a growable Commercial Services (3x2 and 3x3...there is always an insatiable need for CS§§§ in game) and a ploppable College on a 4x4 lot, which is found in the Education Menu. --------------------------------------- STATS CS§§§: Lot size : 3x2 & 3x3 Growth Stage: 4 & 5 (Medium and High Density Zoning) Bulldoze Cost: §610 Capacity Satisfied: CS§ 975, CS§§ 246, CS§§§100 Pollution: 6 (Air)/ 4 (Water)/ 8 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 6/7/0 Power Consumed: 28 Mwh Water Consumed: 249 Gal/Month Building Style: Chicago/NY/Houston/Euro Occupant Group: Commercial Services Building STATS COLLEGE: Lot size : 4x4 Growth Stage: Ploppable; Plop Cost §1,650 Bulldoze Cost: §140 Catalogue Capacity: 4,000 Pollution: 3 (Air)/ 2 (Water)/ 1 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 6/7/0 Coverage Radius: 5,600 EQ Boost: 24 Power Consumed: 6 Mwh Water Consumed: 23 Gal/Month Occupant Group: Civic; Strikable Education; College Cost: §650 --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: To ensure proper functionality, make sure the following files are in your plugins: *BSC BAT Props - Mattb325 Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383) *BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180) *BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790) *BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=746) *BSC Texture Pack - Cycledogg V01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=101) *SHK_ParkingPack.dat ( --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks, and enjoy!
  16. Rapson Library

    Version 1.0.0


    Rapson Library is an early 60s academic building based heavily on the University of Minnesota's Rapson Hall, located on the east bank of the Twin Cities campus. It is named for modernist architect Ralph Rapson, who was the head of the university's architecture department from 1954 to 1984. Though Rapson was responsible for a sizeable number of modernist works, perhaps he is best known for his Riverside Plaza apartment complex, which received mainstream attention when it was featured in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. To be clear, the real-world Rapson Hall was not designed by Ralph Rapson, but rather by Thorshov and Cerny, another Minneapolis-based firm. As the title suggests, I have modded this building as a library. One dependency is required - Volume 1 of the Cycledogg BSC texture pack. As always, I have included two options for the night scene: one that fits with the game's default night mode, and one that makes use of Simfox's delightful darknite mod. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or bugs you find. You can also check out my current projects here.
  17. Social Sciences Building

    Version 1.1.0


    Another Minnesota building! It's almost as if I have a preference for that sort of thing. This particular building is located by the Mississippi River's western bank, right at the heart of the western portion of the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. Dating to 1963, it was among the first buildings to be completed as part of the university's expansion across the river. Over 50 years later, it remains the tallest university building on the western side of the river and is home to, unsurprisingly, a number of social science departmental offices. I've modded it as a ploppable college building as well as a growable CO$$ building. As usual, both darknite and maxisnite versions are included. The darknite scene requires this lovely mod from Simfox. Otherwise, this baby is dependency free. Note that two versions of this model are included - one with modeled ground and one with an editable lot. I kept the editable version simple so you can play around with it freely - I'm curious to see what you all come up with! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or bugs you find. You can also check out my current projects here.
  18. Let's say I built 2 elementary schools next to each others, do they boost the areas where their coverage circles overlap by 24 or 48?
  19. Education Effectiveness over Average Household Age 20 Years 0.0 30 Years 0.5 40 Years 5.0 50 Years 2.5 60 Years 0.0 70 Years 0.0 80 Years 0.0 This is taken from http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com. It is the mentioned stat from Maxis Large High School. If I want to understand exactly how this works? Does it mean that all the area within the coverage circle, the mentioned average ages will enjoy an education effectiveness as indicated in the table? Or does it mean that only the students that are registered in this school will enjoy these stats? Please I want accurate answers. Also, a question that is not so important, why the hell did maxis make high schools increase EQ of the ages that are actually in real life had graduated from university? xD
  20. Entry 5: Educating the Farmers

    Replies: korver: Thanks, glad you like the industry, I'm a bit of a sucker for industrial areas and grunge and I love overviews! Entry 5: Educating the farmers! So, were back in Rokton today with another small update for you all (basically not a hell of a lot of note has actually happened but we'll pretend lots has!). Jumping straight in, were pleased (and relieved in Mayor Hennings case) to say that we finally got a school built and actually staffed in Henning Bay. Alongside this he also found some money in the budget to actually build some services so people wont have to rely on Rokton for their safety which is a bonus for them as can be seen in the picture below. Meanwhile, across the highway we've seen some rather large agricultural growth (large in relation to what we had before in any case), the towns having collectively decided that growing your own food is much cheaper than importing it (maybe not so reliable though given the skills of some of these farmers) Fields a bit small you say? Well here in Rokton getting sizeable plots of land is a bit hard as Mr Rokton is very fair with his land rental laws and reasons that everyone should have a chance to own some (ok he's tight). So we've come up with the novel idea of having co-operative farms which share machinery and supplies and each farmer works his own little field. Much friendlier than huge open fields (screw efficiency, who needs that? Also the friendly might be a bit of a stretch, everyone seems to have planted huge tree rows around their fields. At least it keeps in the noise in). Its not all corn and wheat though in Rokton, As we hit 5000 population, it's getting increasingly likely that you might have a dump sited next to your house as rubbish spirals out of control a bit. Luckily though, someone apparently has a brilliant idea (oh god........) so we'll have to see how that pans out next time as I leave you with this short entry and the obligatory overview. Till next time!
  21. University of Frankfurt

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Old University of Frankfurt
  22. Clerkenwell Library

    Version 1.0.0


    This small wall-to-wall library is inspired by a real life building, Karl Marx Memorial Library, in Clerkenwell, London. This is no political statement, I just like its Georgian look and it fits into my current playstyle. There are not that many historical libraries for wall-to-wall urban environment, so I decided to create one. I have made two versions, a grey stucco functional education library and an additional red brick high wealth office building. The real life building is from Georgian era, built around 1769, but has been heavily modified during its life. It has served many functions, including as a shop. During 1980's the building was renovated and the original look was restored. This BAT is based on how facade looks today. HD model with Maxis and Dark Night version. Night versions share IDs, so if you have both versions in the city, those will most likely conflict. It has a custom foundation, so it is slope friendly. I have included in a 1x1 FAR angle option of the Library building. The FAR model is included in the file and perhaps someone can do a better lotting than I did. Simmer2 has been helpful with the lotting and he has provided a custom texture for the lots. The texture dat file is included in the download. Thank You Simmer2. The props are mostly HD to go with the HD BAT. Dependencies BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 British Props http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29965-british-boxes/?tab=comments Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2.dat https://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/view/1882 Grfe_props_pack_LE_sparaxis.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2980 Grfe_props_pack_LE_elms.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3347 Grfe_props_pack_LE_daisy.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3251 Grfe_props_pack_LE_ashes.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2854 Grfe_props_pack_LE_berries.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2888 Clerkenwell Library Lot 1x2 Capacity 30 000 Plop cost 400 Monthly upkeep 350 Coverage Radius 1880 Jobs Created 8 R$ 9 R$$ Clerkenwell Library FAR Lot 1x1 Capacity 25 000 Plop cost 350 Monthly upkeep 300 Coverage Radius 1760 Jobs Created 7 R$ 8 R$$ Clerkenwell Office Lot 1x2 Capacity satisfied CO $$$ 20 Building Value 218 Bulldoze Cost 212 Pollution Air: 1, Water: 1, Garbage 4 Water Consumed 23 Power Consumed 1 © 2016 Simmer2 and Bombardiere
  23. Education and the Classics

    New Latin College. There has always been an interest in Church Latin among Catholics, but this implies more than that. I had four years of scholarly Latin in high-school and it helped me greatly over the years, especially with my two years if university Italian. How many Simtroplitans have had similar experiences? How many of us have no exposure? How many could have taken Latin in high-school but didn't? Yes, I know this could have been a poll, but I'd rather hear from those who care.
  24. Anderson Hall

    Version 1.0


    I'll open by saying that I have a personal hatred for this building. I made this model as a way of coping with the fact that, despite my absolute best efforts, I have been unable to avoid this building. I'll sign up for a class in another lecture hall, and then check my schedule the day before classes begin only to see that the lecture has been moved to this soulless behemoth. The dim fluorescent lighting, crumbling concrete interior, leaky ceilings, propensity to act as a staging ground for muggings, and overpowering musty smell all contribute to an ambiance that is unique to late 60s university buildings built for pennies on the dollar. To make matters worse, none of the four "pods" visible on the building are connected by any sort of hallway except for one in the basement, meaning that one must often exit the building entirely in order to travel between sections. During Minnesota winters, this isn't the most desirable setup. A quick visit to the building's Foursquare page gives some excellent insights into the building's many selling points: "Most depressing building on campus." "What monster designed this building? Surely someone with a strong hatred of people." "Remember to pay attention to what door you are going in because each door only let's [sic] you access certain classrooms!" "If you enjoy flesh eating and antibiotic resistant diseases, I urge you to use the restrooms in this hall." Anyway, despite being blacklisted by the university a few years back, it seems Anderson Hall is here to stay. It contains several full-sized lecture halls, making it a valuable commodity that is very difficult to effectively replace. Perhaps I overreacted - I suppose it does a good job of fulfilling its intended role, and I'd probably better just get used to it. At least the lecture halls have plenty of leg room. When you get away from the building for a while (as is fortunately an option for me this semester), you can actually begin to appreciate the building's place in history. In the early 60s, the University of Minnesota was looking to expand its campus. The west bank of the Mississippi River (directly across the Washington Avenue Bridge from main campus) was deemed a desirable site for this expansion, though a large swath of the existing neighborhood needed to be demolished to make room. Anderson Hall (1967) is just one of the many buildings constructed on west bank, the majority of which were designed by renowned firm Setter Leach & Lindstrom. Due to the building's rather generic appearance, I have modded it as both a college building and a library. Both sit on a 2x6 lot. As always, both Maxisnite and Darknite versions are available - download and install only one at a time, or you'll wish you had never been born. The Darknite version requires Simfox's mod available here. I sincerely hope this BAT brings you far more joy than its real life counterpart has brought me over the past few years. As always, please leave feedback below! Thank you all for your support, and click here to see my current projects!
  25. Show us your... Schools!

    Show us your very successful, (Or horrible) schools! Wether it being a High School or University. It could be eyecandy, or an eyesore, no shame at all! Here I'll start off with my largest High School!

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