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City-building game(s)

Found 26 results

  1. Maroon Bay Cow County !

    Maroon Bay Cow County ! Up to now all CJ all feature a lot of agriculture. Livestock is another area of country life I´d like to cover. SPAM up to now produced only one animal farm so I decided to create my own animal scape, using what ever available plopable bat´s. Just about half the county south east of highway 53 is dedicated to this way of life. Maroon Bay got to main large towns Maroon Bay City and Prospect City. Maroon Bay City is the administrative capital. Prospect is a more work and education related city. Various towns are squaterd over the rest of the county wich will be presented in this CJ ! We start with Prospect City. Founded in the fifties, it´s a relative new town with highschool and a industrial area away in the far corner ! Prospect City footbalclub ! Downtown Prospect City ! Prospect Highschool and Campus ! That conclude´s Prospect City ! Next we wonder around the title area of this CJ Cow County ! Dairy farming is conducted mostl in the southern area of Maroon County ! Small sheep plot ! Some pig´s ! Another Dairy ! Macon Junction ! Macon Junction small rail hub offers goods, livestock and passenger services for this remote part of the county ! A Vetenairy Practice is also present ! Cow handling require special skill, so a riding school was established in the Macon area ! Ingle just down the line ! Maroni Milk Corp. We visit New Albans halfway between Maroon Bay City and Prospect City ! New Albans - Woods ! Here the shuttle to Maroon Bay Port departs ! Maroon Bay Fishing Port is very busy 1 Little SPAM area allowed to complete Cape Hartford area ! Last now we visit the capital of Maroon County, Maroon Bay City ! Business area behind the main station ! Country fair and allotment ! West and East there´s a large recreational area for walking and horse riding ! Along the coast there´s a connecting horse trail ! That concludes this extensive CJ ! Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !
  2. Hartford Valley International Airport !

    Hartford Valley International Airport ! Finaly I can present to you a real live airport ! Hartford Mayon Airport as initialy know was inaugerated in early 30th´s of the last century ! A North-South runway was created at the west of Hartford Valley town, with a small later resized terminal. Air cargo aswell was started due north ! The 1950´s so a rapid rise of air travel, the terminal wasn´t big enough to handle the new traffic so a plan was made to create a complete new terminal south east of the present and addition of another longer runway to handle those big jets ! Initial plan consicted of a central core and some wings spreading away from it ! Later the Terminal D wing was extended to it´s present size in the 70´s ! Gate shortage in the 80´s and 90`s resulted in a extension of the Terminal C and D wings ! With this development aswell a mini subway was created so pasenger could have a better transfer transport ! Some pictures of the airport in detail ! Main Terminal ! Terminal C Terminal D ! Catering department ! Meals and beverages are brought here for distribution to the airport ! Freigth terminal, still in development ! Airport Control Tower ! Located at the junction of the three runway´s it has a wide view of the airport. Digital location and communication equipment has take over much ! Some parking zones at the main and at the east has been created for reserve planes ! Second we have a look at the airport surroundings ! Large busines and hotel quarters just of the Terminal D ! Hartford Valley Town (rather City, or to differentiate of Hartford City ) ! Two El-Subway lines run through Hartford Valley at both side to Hartford City ! Most citizens are quit rich due to taxes circumstances ! This supurb example of 70´s architectual design landed here from Brasil. Oscar Niemeyer´s Kopan building ! Here we conclude this CJ, next will be the last regular CJ of this years series of Mayon Province 2.0 ! ANNO Europe will be restarted and maybe some other series will come around, Mayon Province will return next year with a slight more green natural extension into the north east direction ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  3. Old Day´s Mineapolis - St Paul !

    Old day´s Mineapolis - St Paul ! Tonight I maid some time free to visit one of my older projects. SimCity 4 vanilla play ! Downtown Mineapolis ! University ! Business and Industrial area ! Some neighbourhood ! St Paul ! St Paul North Bridges ! Rich recreation area ! Agriculture ! Rural town Owatoona Mineapolis- St Paul Int Airport ! Enjoy !
  4. Roghue Island & More or less !

    Roghue Island & More or less ! This month we visit just about the largest part of Roghue Island ! Roghue Island as you see conscist of about three tiles. Middle and Northern most agricuture and some industrie. South aswell got agriculture but business and leisure part is more dominant ! We start our tour not on Roghue Island itself but the Hartford County part north of Hartford City ! Stamford is a typical commuter town for Hartford ! Some commuters aren´t happy and show there desire to move despite low taxes ! Romford is a town still in development. end point of the short commuter line. Some Hi Tech to the right ! We now take highway 7 over the bridge to Roghue Island ! Welcome to Roghue Island ! We now proceed to the very south tip of Roghue Island ! Now we are in the northern part of Roghue Island Central. This is mostly agriculture and some towns ! We meet highway 5 with a northern interchange and Norwood ! Largest town supporting this area ! Roghue Mountain Nature Reserve ! Just accros the river from Romford lay´s the town of Salford ! Historicaly maybe older than Roghue Town it´s mostly agriculture and business wich make up local economy ! Socker and baseball make up local mayor sport line up ! Roghue Town insight ! Roghue Town ! Hi Tech made posible by low taxes ! Roghue Town Pioneer baseball ground ! That´s for the Roghue Island Central Tile ! Lake Mayon Island still in development ! Rogue Island Southern Tile ! Roghue Island conscist of the town of Camberwell, Lowewell and Cape Roghue ! We start with the agricultural part of Lowewell ! Camberwell started because of two sweatwater lakes available, small hamlet ! Gradualy, the town developed south into a commuter town for Hartford ! Modern demand required state of the art facilities like this mall ! Hospital and education and sporthal ! More wealthy neighbourhood with adjacent marina ! Beach facilties wher also necesary to educate lake swimming ! Life guard allway´s present ! Roghue Cape is very near and our last point of view for this CJ ! Roghue Cape conscist of a big marina, lot´s of hotel´s and restaurants and passenger terminal for the ferry to Hartford Marina ! Here we conclude our tour of Roghue Island for now. About two city tiles allmost completly filled with all things island life makes beautifull ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  5. Sampson Valley Agricultural Zone !

    Sampson Valley Agricultural Zone ! Sampson Valley the large agricultural area behind Mayon City is nearing it´s completion as agriculture concerned ! Small settlement halfway ! Lock´s halfway just up the valley ! Agricultural zone ! Sampson Ville area and detailed town ! Sampson valley community makes most out of it´s water flooded irrigation system wich makes it´s one of the most fruitful places in Mayon Province ! Sampson Valley Inglewood canal continues west through steep mountains ! Ships are towed by cable through a long tunnel to the Ingle wood side ! Some agricultural pictures of Mayon City South to show some vineyards, hop beer production and canal zone ! This concludes today´s CJ. Next time we will have a look at the town of Thareau Ville ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  6. Mayon Province River Park

    Mayon River Park ! The City needed more space for business Landmarks and expanded to the river island park. Manhatten arrived ! River shore shared medium business and residential area. Island as well some medium residential. Traffic on the bridges went to large and some RHW had to be added to ease congestion. RHW don´t excist so i had to relay the tunnel connection just about 3 or more times; replaced it with a maxis later. ! Some entertainment and recreation for the young are the Zoo and Aquatic Center Some more pictures to conclude ! Next journal we will go into the countryside, enjoying some of the inland and coastal agriculture ! Hope you will be there !
  7. Mayon Province Harbour Down Town Bay

    Mayon Province Harbour Down Town Bay Mayon Province has become a mayor player in harbour business. Container port is state of the art with a size of allmost the hole down town area. Old canal port is still functioning, a new fishing is being constructed on the south side. Let´s have a overview ! Canal Port Constructed as a interchange inbetween canal and seaworthy vessel or bulk or cargo boats. Container Terminal 1,2,3 Mayor containershipment facilities for road or rail on/off or transit transport ! Cargo trains wich are sorted for further transport are brought to this impresive railyard beside the terminal, oposite the wide road is Mayon Lager Beer company situated. Let´s finish the harbour facilities with a equal impresive oil terminal and refinery ! Mayon Province do have some offshore oil platforms but the mayority has to be imported from oil rich country´s. Notice the special oil tanker loading facilities ! Well that´s just about the grandious harbour facilities there are, we now move on to what frequently be called the manhatten like Down Town Area. Equal impresive absolutely ! Business District North with it´s impresive offices beside the govermential offices Mid town Living quarters with recreational parks. Heart of this part of town the Sampson ´Triangle´ Park Now we go for the final piece the resistance. Super Silverline Skyline of the head of the City. How about that ! Who can resist not living on such a beautiful island tip ! Well that was a very large episode, next time we take at a look at various scenes ! Hope you will join next´s journal !
  8. Muenchen Stern in der Welt

    Muenchen Stern in der Welt ! Muenchen a international city, present on all different levels. This CJ we cover the busines and sport section. The city up to last episode mostly developed on the west side of the Isar. Development boosted and the eastern side got it´s own city scape on the map ! We start at the Maximilanium a building errected for gifted students later used as the Bayerisch Landestag or local state parliament. Ornimental, quit close in shape the Detroit Press Building, restriction road layout is quit different. North south the Maximilianum Anlage. Maxemilian Anlage ! Gasteig is the mayor cultural center for fine music ! Tjibaou Cultue center, quit excotic real much more concrete some comparison perhaps. Mayor layout of the so called Steinhausen area east of the Isar ! Below we see the buseness area and silicon valley of Muenchen ! Lot of large companies like Siemens, BMW and the Europeische Octrooi Amt have there seat in this city. This business activities serve a lot of people. Trains, Metro, Strassebahn bus specialy rail traffic in these pictures ! Last we move on to the sport section ! Muenchen will with regret always remembered with the 1972 mascered. Today seems unfortunaly much like yesterday in respect ! Olympic Campus in real is much larger. Fitting here the Shenzhen Universiade lots. Left corner small Nyphenburg and next ! Bayern´s numer one car manufacturer, the museum and the Welt ! Last we finish with the Star of the south what is actualy the title of this famous football club, der recordmeister, Bayern Muenchen ! Still got some room left for the Allianze Arena, actualy located quit more distant from the town center That concludes this city for now. Next time we will visit a city with a more traditional feeling ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  9. Mayon Lake Mayon !

    Mayon Lake Mayon ! Located on the east of the Cape Mayon peninsula is a beach resort with a lot of business, sport and Hi Tec ! The Promenade with the downtown area and trainstation. The Casino Motorsports park and Horseracingtrack Golfcourse custom made ! and at last the marina and cruise terminal ! Some variety of pictures Cricket Stadium ! University ! Hi Tech ! Business ! Airport ! SimCity Overview redone as Mayon Lake Mayon ! Some redoing and reshooting shot´s as they where lost ! Hope you like it, if you haven´t done so ! Hope you will enjoy this CJ and see you back next time !
  10. Mayon Province Town Town Town´s

    Mayon Province Town Town Town´s Mayon got except the Mayon City and the River Park area a lot of small to medium settlements. Mayon City South may have the largest amount, often with sometimes a special purpose. Let´s have a look at these town´s. First the administrative center. Town Medium Residential Zoned Sellfsustained with it´s own industrial area and a landing strip it provides home´s to worker´s who work in the neighbouring harbour area wich is at the back. Yet the business community has grown so large a special business landingstrip has been provided for ! Second largest with a lower residential zoning a area well connected more like a suburb for Mayon City ! Last in this part of town the very special purpose settlement. First a railway town with a medium size railyard with load unload faciltities ! Next a closer look at the wood industrial plot ! Last we conclude with a mountainious wellness resort ! Next we take a look at some town north of Mayon City. This area is as split inbetween agriculture and industrial enterprise ! First the administrative area wich has on the left some suburb wich are meant to provide home´s for the workers on the big industrial complex of Mayon City on the bordering left. Iron ore mining and agriculture area with some industrial activity ! Mining materials collected are transported to a neer by steelplant to be processed in various products. Nearby town also got a large goods sorting facilties to serve most of goods traffic before proceeding ! Well that´s are lot´s of jobs provided to our local inhabitants Hope you like´d the pictures, and see you next time !
  11. Cologne Koeln Pillen Dreher und Mehr !

    Pillen Dreher und Mehr ! Pillen Dreher, who or what are they ? Lot´s of new stuff added. Some updates from last CJ to conclude ! Europa ANNO for now is mostly germany with Frankfurt and Cologne soon we will widen our view to cities like Vienna, Prague and even some bigger metropolis will arrive soon. A France ANNO and Germany ANNO have been setup so spreading out my wings over other cities is a possibility ! Let´s answer the question I stated above ! Cologne Koeln area was so wide that with some discretion I could put some part of Leverkusen in it. Famous town for only one big pharmasautical firm and it´s football team ! First a some view´s of Leverkusen ! Next what this town is all about ! Bayer AG Next the stadium of the famous footballclub the BAY Arena`! Conclude with some more pictures of Leverkusen ! Rail infrastructure east of the Koln Deutz junction has changed, cosirable, long viaducts has been replaced with embankments and some goods lines and freight area´s developed ! As sugested I tried the Railway Upgrade Mod of Rivet with a very nice outcome ! Akallan Thank you for the sugestion ! Now we continue furthur south to the area of the Technische Fach Hochschule ! There´s allways some problem with water or employment ! That concludes this part of town for this CJ, now the updates and some nightviews ! Technisch Fach Schulle at Night ! That conclude this month CJ ! Hope you like it and see you back next time !
  12. Evans Ville Regatta !

    Evans Ville Regatta ! This CJ I introduce to you the annual Evans Ville Regatta ! All year except the off season there lot´s of events. First have a look at Evansville ! Evans Ville as Thareau ville are the close neighbour towns of Providence City ! Evans Ville is mainly a business town providing everything for the super rich ! Let´s have a look ! Down Town ! Commercial and Hitech boosting ! Some Neighbourhoods ! Evans Ville Modern Marina ! Horse Racing and Golf Club ! Leisure Resort Hotels Let´s return to the title of this CJ the Regatta ! Competitors gather in the old natural harbour ! Race is closely monitored by the judges boat ! Let´s get started ! Evan´s Ville Rock Islands are to be rounded to complete the course ! As short as the race is there´s a victor wich will compete in the next round ! Those who are eliminated from the competition still have there booz ready in on of the Marina´s Bar´s ! Well this concludes this month Mayon Province CJ ! As anounced there will be a new CJ EUROPE ANNO ! Focus will be on establshing this CJ so Mayon Province CJ 2.0 will be on a on-off basis for some time; developement will continue ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  13. Sampson Woods 1

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Sampson City
  14. Providence City Skyline

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Providence City Skyline
  15. Cape Hartford City

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Cape Hartford City
  16. Fort Grayon Skyline

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Fort Grayon Skyline
  17. Mayon City Business

    From the album Mayon Province !

  18. Mayon City Highrise

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Mayon City Highrise
  19. Frankfurter Messe

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Frankfurter Messe
  20. A long awaited update

    The last time I updated this CJ was a teaser and was many months ago. I haven't touched Simtropolis much since then but I still play Simcity 4 albeit not regularly. Not only that I'm more preoccupied with university life, actual urban planning (or at least studying it) is way more fun than I thought it would be and possibly more fun than playing this game. Well, moving on to the city journal itself, here's what the picture in the aforementioned 'teaser' has come to: It is the center of the old town, or the old town that used to exist here when the place was still the fertile, agricultural village it used to be before tall office buildings took over. The 'Alun - Alun', one of the few remaining remnants of the old village, is where people used to and still do congregate for various events and festivals. It has since been renovated and renewed into that of a modern park rather than the flat, open grass area it used to be. Additionally, the government of the region is still based here, like it used to be many many years ago. More remnants of the former old town; some slums as well as the old commercial center and market. This part of town is protected from commercial encroachment as a heritage to the city's simple past. Needless to say, it's a seedy place with much prostitution and many of the richer populace, as well as some hard-line local Islamists want the place to no longer demolished. Also in picture is the central train station, that services an hourly commuter rail service. It also serves to link the city with Jakarta to the north and Bandung to the east. The CBD extends itself to the north; development is less dense with many high end stores catering to the more well-off people of the city as well as a cinema. Well, that closes out this update, keep following this CJ for the next update, I promise it won't be long!
  21. I need help with installation on Windows OS Vista Business please? Im on the older side of 50+ but have a pretty good idea on how things work. i use a Windows based PC for older games and my main computer is a MacBook Air. I've tried all sorts of ways to instal SC4 Deluxe, but I just can't get it to start.
  22. Welcome to Richardson! Richardson is a small city tile holding exclusively commercial lots and some residential (the mayor's gotta live somewhere). Those leafy mansions in other parts of Metro? Tons of those yuppies commute here to work. Richardson is surrounded by medium lots with many residents. Those lots had their respective CBD's (like Middleton), however, space ran out when it came time to build new commercial lots. The space where Richardson is used to be large spacious lots belonging to wealthier residents. The government acquired the land in order to plan the much needed office blocks and the construction boom began in the 1980's. The transport is excellent and planned, mostly subway with a highway connection on the bottom right. Richardson doesn't really have interesting transport features because I made it before installing NAM. Maybe I'll make some changes later down in the road. Perhaps I should add a green space as well. Beautiful hyperdensity Night view One of the few residential spaces of the city. The mayor and many of the state employees live here. Quaint corner in the big city _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. Oosterpolder - the Central Business District

    As promised this journal entry will look at Oosterpolder and the Central Business District. The shot above gives a good overview of the whole Oosterpolder ('Eastern land-reclamation'). What was originally a spit of land reaching into the shallow sea, has been expanded over the centuries using a system of dams, canals and land drainage. Taken together this is the 'polder' system of land reclamation. In the case of Pieterdam's Oosterpolder, this has allowed several square kilometers of prime real-estate to be reclaimed from the sea. This land has not gone to waste; as you can see, the part closest to the city has become a densely-developed Central Business District. Here you can see some of Pieterdam's largest employers. To the front left is the Zentraal Zikenhuis, the Central Hospital. To the right is the De Wolf department store - one of the older buildings in the area, which managed to survive the major warehouse fire that cleared the area at the turn of the 20th century. Behind these are the Servicing Services and Digirealms buildings - just two of the corporations which make their home in Pieterdam. The Science Centre is another major employer. It provides office and laboratory space, as a commercial spin-off of the University of Pieterdam. The University's main campus is located about a kilometer away, on the Oosterpolder side of the Oudekade: : Another notable landmark is the picturesque Oosterpolderpark, famous for its lake and open-air arboretum: A view from the lakeside: The Oosterpolder closest to Oudekade and the city centre is some of the most expensive in the city. Besides shopping centers and offices, the area contains a large number of hotels to cater for Pieterdam's significant tourist economy. Below you can make out two of the more famous hotels in the area; the Hilton (by far the largest hotel in the city, with nearly 1.000 beds), and the Prism, an independent hotel popular with LGBT visitors; indeed, the area around it has become something of a 'gay village' with many cafe-bars, late clubs and boutique stores catering for this community. Just to the right of the Prism you can see the West Holland Civichuis, seat of the provincial government. And over the other side of the water you can just make out the Stadhuis, the City Hall which administrates Pieterdam itself. Together the Civichuis and Stadhuis host the political life of West Holland. By now we've been here all day, and soon the sun will be setting - but life in the Oosterpolder continues After Dark! When the sun goes down, the lights come on! The Vermeerplein (above) is a good example of Pieterdam's night-life - bustling with open-air restaurants and market stalls, it also hosts the Rondo Drome Cinema, a real gem of 1920's Modernist architecture: When the restaurants and theaters close, some of us go to our beds - but others continue partying the whole night through! Far from the city center, near the furthest edges of the Oosterpolder, is the Tramwegstraat, also known its English name 'Tramway Street', which is the definitive center of Pieterdam's alternative and late-night club scenes: Refuse trucks going to work, whilst exhausted revelers wait for a tram back to the city center and Old Town... As the sun comes up, the music continues at the legendary 5 AM Club. Up-and-down the Tramwegstraat abandoned buildings are squatted by youth groups (above), whilst other buildings cater for the seedier side of life (below): Pieterdam lacks a polished, touristic 'red light district' like the one found in Amsterdam; instead brothels operate out of several low-rent premises along the Tramwegstraat. This area nearby has the lowest land value in all the Oosterpolder, and for that reason it has become home to various low-rise 'out-of-town' retail outlets - as well as the Zoo Palast multi-screen cinema: A large parcel of land adjacent to the cinema is currently being developed into Pieterdam's first true 'shopping mall' - the city council hope that this will help to regenerate the area around the Tramwegstraat, although some local residents are resistant to this idea and vow to maintain the distinctive character of the area - for better or worse! This whole area borders the actual dam, from which Pieterdam takes its name. The original dam dates back centuries, but it has been extensively improved down the years. Where the river meets the sea, the resulting polder-land has been developed into a series of quiet suburbs: Traffic bypasses these suburbs completely as it heads towards the bridges and overpasses that line the riverside: Next time, let's take a look at where all that traffic is heading: towards the heavy industrial areas of the Docklands, over on the far side of the river from the city. That's all for this journal! Dank je wel...
  24. Radisson - The Southern Border

    "Thank you for flying Delta Airlines. We have just landed in Radisson. We hope that you've enjoyed the flight and we are looking forward to flying with you again." Welcome to the city of Radisson! This city is just one of the many that comprise Avenois, the capital of Vatel. Located at the southern border at the confluence of the Kyle, Kyrye, and Ghant Rivers, Radisson has been enjoying progress for the past 50 years of its existence. Founded in the late 50's by Delaney Kirkman, Radisson has experienced fast growth despite suffering from a mild depression in 1996. From Radisson Intercontinental Airport, we pass by the buildings that contain the many offices of different airlines that fly to RIA. Among them is the recently-resurrected Pan American Airlines thanks to the efforts of a valiant group of investors. Pan Am now calls RIA home. Northeast of the airport lies Sauvignon, a small neighborhood that house some of Radisson's rich and famous. Directly north of the airport is the Thygert Correctional Compound. Here, criminals are incarcerated and rehabilitated for release back in society instead of simply putting them in a cell to rot. Thygert borders the Radisson Industry and Processing Zone, an expansive industrial area that spills out into neighboring cities. Right beside the RIPZ, lies the narrow Riverbank District which houses the Metro Convention Center and Greenwood Stadium. Moving away from the western border of Radisson and eastward across the Kyle River, we enter the Fairways District which is dominated by the Fairways Country Club and Resort. Moving east from Fairways lies Academia, the university district. This is where Kerrigan University - one of the top institutes of higher learning in Vatel - is located. Academia isn't as wealthy as neighboring Fairways, but it has decent homes and businesses catering to students. North of Fairways and Academia is Highpoint, the Central Business District. Towering above the streets are the tall buildings housing numerous offices, headquarters, businesses, and the like. Right across the arch bridge from Highpoint is Hepburn. This district is still in the process of rehabilitation and redevelopment. Ironically, this was the first district to be founded. A massive fire broke out in 2000 that razed the entire area to the ground. Nothing was spared except for George's Hall and the old panopticon constructed for the regional fair. So there you have it! The City of Radisson in all its glory! For a better perspective, here's a couple of bird's-eye view shots taken from an inbound Pan Am flight. Thanks for stopping by Radisson! We hope to see you again! Coming Soon - Marriott : Recalimed from the Waters
  25. A New Format and New Changes! Also, The City Eye?

    Cue the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey because... I'm back!! Over the many months since the last entry, I have done away with the old format of focusing solely on one aspect of the city and have decided to just show you cool stuff in it. Much has changed since last time, so I'll start off with a map. Legend 1. City Eye Business District (NEW) 2. South Lake Chinatown (NEW) 3. West Side Financial District 4. The East Ridge Bridge 5. Mountain Slope Estates, "The Snake", and The East Ridge Financial District As you can see, new developments have popped up in the South-East End. For some odd reason (pollution) high tech just wouldn't survive in the Eastern Industrial Zone, so city council voted to set up a new area for high tech industry in the then, undeveloped South-East. The only problem was, because it was developed away from everything else, there wasn't any reason to travel up there other than work or if you were lucky enough to own an apartment there. The South Lake Chinatown was built to fix that problem, to connect The City Eye Business Centre with the rest of the city. Perfect placed between the two, you can get some really good shots of both The City Eye and The West Side skyscrapers. These are some pictures of S.L.C.T and C.E.B.C Here is S.L.C.T. and W.S.F.D As you can see, City Eye isn't as massive as West Side but it does look nice just sitting a top the city. Here are a couple of pics of both of them together. This shot is from East Ridge-Valley Acres which are basically the growing suburbs of Jerolle. The city hasn't worked on them that much, but they will help balance the Skyscraper to Lower Building ratio. (If that is a thing?) Anyway, if you live in in East Ridge-Valley Acres, you get a spectacular view of 2/3 of the cities main Business Districts. (There's one hiding...) The next shot is just east of the W.S.F.D.. I love this shot, it just feels so cinematic (I just wanted to say, that the hotel in the Eye reminds me of La Grande Arche in La Defense, Paris) So, that's it for now with The Eye and West Side, let's move on to a Financial District that I mentioned earlier that isn't always visible. You may not be able to see it, but The East Ridge Financial District is probably THE most important business district in town (that has yet been established). It's far away from the lake, like, REALLY FAR, but that isn't always a bad thing. It means that it's away from all the tourist in town, similar in function to that of Downtown NYC. People go to Midtown NYC to shop and such but all the business happens in the South much like East Jerolle. Tourist go to The West Side and City Eye, but all the business is up on the Ridge. People who have enough money to buy the houses in the Mountain Slope Estates get a view the most spectacular skyline in Jerolle that can rival the West Side and City Eye double skyline (one picture up ) That curvey bridge you see in the middle is called Snake Bridge or locally as "The Snake". It becomes super dangerous in the winter due to ice and snow. Many time, city council have almost shut down the bridge in the winter because of this problem, but have decided against it because they figure it as a convenience for the people of Mountain Slope Estates, which was why it was built. I think they consider it part of the increasing popular trend of "Road Art". (A piece of road designing to not only be functional but also appealing to the eye.) Speaking of "Road Art", here a glimpse of the finest piece the city has to offer (so far, because more are on the way!). The East Lake Overpass functions as well, an overpass. It connects the West Side Financial District with Highway Side Avenue (which leads to the South Lake Chinatown). In this picture you can see some of the roads of the Overpass but on the map you can see that it spills out into the lake. (You can also see it in the West Side/South Lake C.T picture) Anywho, that's all from me at the moment, leave some comments and some suggestion on places that you want to see next. Au revoir mes amis

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