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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone We would like to introduce you to our upcoming game Playfield. Earth / Urban Management. PFE / Urban Management will be a mix of city builder and comprehensive city management. We want to go completely new ways in this genre, the player takes over existing cities, districts, villages or metropolitan regions with all their characteristics, specifics and challenges. PFE / Urban Management offers different sub-gameplays (game modes) that simulate all aspects of real urban planning, urban management and typical municipal politics: - Urban planning - Traffic & transport - Public safety management - Society management - Economy & infrastructure management - A mayor mode - A multiplayer mode in which players take over a municipal government Our trailer shows some of the pre-alpha builds and features we are planning: We are looking forward to your opinions, ideas and criticisms, here in the forum. Our website and social channels: https://playfield.earth/en/gameplays-en/urbanmanagement https://www.reddit.com/r/playfieldearth https://twitter.com/playfieldearth https://www.facebook.com/playfieldearth
  2. Tropico 5 increase hapiness

    How do i increase the hapiness in tropico 5? and how do i build an strong good economy? any tipps?
  3. Dawn of Humanity is a town-building strategy game that puts you in control as you experience the growth and development of your hunter-gatherer tribal settlement into a prosperous town fit for a modern civilization. Starting in 10,000 BC, you must ensure that you evolve and grow your village through the perils of prehistoric Stone Age to the challenges and opportunities presented by the late Middle Ages up to the Renaissance era. The player will have a choice of four different civilizations and cultures in which to develop their town that will be based on the climate and geographical location of the original settlement. To secure victory, the player must ensure that all available resources are used to their best potential in order to have a healthy, happy and productive population who will be the backbone of your success. Check out more details on Kickstarter and feel free to contact me if you need any more details Kickstarter Facebook
  4. CitiesCorp Concept

    Hi All, Today, CitiesCorp Concept has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. The basic idea is to scale and shape your buildings, putting them into complexes, setting own productions lines and many more features. This gives you a different city building experience in comparison to the well established brands. Check it out on Steam Greenlight and if you like it, vote Yes! Small town during testing Control Panel to control what is going on inside the building
  5. Russian Affairs

    The buckwheat crisis Buckwheat (a Russian stable - greshka) is disappearing from store shelves. Could Mr. Putin and his elite circle have a five-year plan on buckwheat? No more greshka, no more Putin?
  6. 13.Future and Economy 2/2

    FUTURE AND ECHONOMY 2/2 7th February 2010, Dear President of the United Nations, Ses Isles Qiuck Gowth in port Tuduri In these ten years I have seen grow building construction, investment firms and tourism and recreation centers. The means of transport are exceptional safety and health assistance, too. Port Tuduri as a Tourism Center Dear President,The final decision must be taken by all member countries, but if the entire nation of Aralar has progressed as it has this region, of course, is a country that should be part of the organization. Univeristy in Port Tuduri SES ISLES MAP AND OVERVIEW
  7. Ses Isles Introduction

    PROLOGUE Thanks to my recent job inside the administrative department from the United Simnations, I’ve found a lot of reports from different countries, created for an expert team, to identify wich ones were able to enter in the organization. The one I’ve decided to show here, is the ‘Ses Isles’ report. INTRODUCTION 4th March 2000. Dear President of the United Simnations, My name is Winston Lápida, Foreign Affairs Chief Executive Officer. My department has been studying a lot of countries request to get part of our organization. Among them, the Aralar Country is one of the best options, because its good behavior to the citizens. This report will talk about the develop in ten years of a little region from Aralar. The region name is Ses Isles. First of all, I must to explain a few things about the country: Aralar Country is a very old land, with more than two thousand years of history. Formed by five different kingdoms, the country merged as a republic in 1795 after a bloody civil war, caused by the French revolution influence(1789). Since this moment, the democracy has increased and became stronger. The country is divided in five federal states(same territory as the old kingdoms), every of them subdivided in Autonomous regions or just regions. Ses Isles is a little island region. The first habitants here, arrived in 1713; founding a small fishing community, that has started to grow up now. Ses Isles 2000 Map SES ISLES ADMINISTRATIVE ASPECTS The Region is divided in two provinces: Els Tuduri and Fortaleça. The region Capital is in Els Tuduri, and it’s called Port Tuduri. The population is 23 812, 21 000 living in the four main towns: Por Tuduri, Fortaleça, Es fornots and Son gavilans. The economy is good, Ses Isles has 165 000 Simoleons aprox. Ready to be used, 100 000 from Por Tuduri and Es fornots. But because the independence tradition of the community, the regional government is divided into all the town halls. That means: -Regional Tourism Department is in Fortaleça. -Regional Public services Department is in Es fornots. -Regional Transport Department is in Son Gavilans. -Regional education Department and the regional parliament , wich include all the aspects not controlled by other departments, are in Port Tuduri. The main language in Ses Isles is the catalán, but Spanish and English are also co-official, and everyone in the island know to speak them. REGIONAL SERVICES ASPECTS The region is growing now, and there is a lot of things and projects to develop. By the moment there are a few global services: -Electricity: There are two Coal power plants in the region that Suplies energy to all Ses Isles, Controlled by The public company ‘Ses Isles Electricitat’, founded in 1902. the older and main plant is in the industrial area from Es Fornots. -Water: the water has been always a big problem in these islands, because there are no rivers or lakes. Since the 18th century, the people has obtain the water from underground aquifers. The problem is that the quality of this water has decay in the last 20 years. -Garbage: Since the beginin of 20th century the people has start to worry about the garbage. In the past, all was dropped into the sea. But the sea ecosystem is very strange, beautiful and fragile. And now there is a grabage incinerator in Son Gavilans. -Sewage treatment: As the garbage, all residual waters was emptied into the ocean. This has change, and now, there are a water treatment plant in Es Fornots. But this plant is old and has filtrations to the aquifers, creating a great menace to the water system. -Security: There is only one Police Station, in Port Tuduri, and four patrol cars for the region. -Fire prevention: The only Fire headquarters are in port Tuduri, with two trucks for the region . -Health: There is no hospitals in Ses Isles. Only health clinics in Fortaleça and Port Tuduri, the last one is the biggest. But the government has promise to solve this with a regional hospital, wich ubication still not decided . -Education: the population is low, and there’s only one school in the region, is the ‘Insitut de educació primária I secundaria Des Tro Pescador’ or shortly ‘I.E.P.S Des Tro Pescador’, the institution is in Port Tuduri, and the chool bus system only covers the Capital, that means the rest of students must go on car. -Transport: The transport is the big deficiency of Ses Isles. The old mines train line is abandoned, and there is no water conection between the towns. The only way to move around the region is using the highway. This should change because there is a great transport renovation project waiting for the validation of budgets in the parliament, that plans to create ports, train stations and buslines. Ses Isles Aerial View from the north
  8. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/apr/30/china-overtake-us-worlds-largest-economy Everyone saw this coming, but it has come a few years earlier than expected. The US has been the world's largest economic power since the late 1800's (1872?).
  9. Please help, i have a major complicated problem involving the economics of my city in sc4. Specifically the resident average income continues to collapse, and am not sure why? First i should explain that my city is created in more of a realistic space, meaning that my main city encompases 8 full squares, and a couple of partial squares. The first time i had this problem in the main square, which holds about a million people, slowly dropping as i expand. i have been able to balance that city at about 10k a year, but now the problem is happening at the secondary squares, This would not bother me, except that it will drop so far that it goes below zero and the computer can not register negative numbers so it thinks i am broke and shuts the city down and tells me to run for senator. Has anyone else had this problem? I have erased the poor people from my city, and replaced them with a lower density residential to increase desirability, but that does not seem to effect the income, for example a city of about 400k will only have 4k in poor people, but the income will keep dropping. should i bring back poor people? I know the odds of a collapse greatly increase when a new square is opened up, but in order to get the cities to grow, a new square has to open up. Despite the economy this is one of the best cities i have ever seen, or made. I would love to show it to other people with similar designs, specifically created a region based city, instead of being restricted by the squares. If someone could give me directions i would love to show this city to the sim universe. Maybe i can help someone, maybe some one can help me. I have an amazing traffic structure, and can help people with that. ALL HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED, and would love some collaberation at this point.
  10. Help Please, I have a major problem involving the economics of my city. It has to do with the resident average income collapsing, which in turn makes the game think that the citizens make less than zero dollars, which the computer cannot compute and shuts the game down telling me to run for senator. What can fix this? First of all i should say that i made this city more realistic in space, so the city itself encompases 8 full squares, and a couple of partial squares. I know that the more cities that are opened up the lower that the average income becomes in the major urban centers. At first i had this happen in my major urban center, but now that square has balanced at about 10k a year. The next cities are the ones being affected now, specifically the 4th biggest square in the city. When i enter it starts at about 25k a year, but when the month changes it completely collapses. I know this has to do with expansion, and desirability, but cant figure out the specifics. what i have tried: 1-i have erased the need for poor people(maybe good, maybe bad) all large, and medium poor people buildings i have replaced with a lower density residential. This has eliminated the poor throuought my entire region. It makes the city look great, but am not sure if the city needs poor people to function. Odd though, the stats will say no poor people live in my city, but the residential average income continues to change regardless. 2 i go back into citys and try to keep the income as high as possible in all cities. Not sure if i should. Maybe there needs to be a ghetto? 3- when the demand is high, but things wont grow, that means its time to expand to a new city, which i do, but that is what always drops the income everywhere. If there is a way to show my city on these forums please give me instructions. i am not super internet savvy, but it is an impressive city, and it may help other people that do a similar multi square city design. ALL HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED, AND WELCOME.
  11. I've made some (painfully slow) progress on implementing the core simulation code for my Since I'm finally giving the economic simulation some concrete attention, I am curious about what the community might think of a particular feature that is currently part of that core. The general feature in mind is that the cost, speed, and quality of various player-initiated activities can be affected by the current state of the economic simulation. (Such activities include stuff like road construction or the routine operation of city services.) For example, cities with a strong steel industry might allow the player to build bridges more cheaply, rather than having to import more expensive steel. But cities with a weak construction industry might experience slower construction times and higher construction costs due to the need to import construction labor from out of town. Similarly, the prevalence of a well educated work force and a large high-tech equipment manufacturing sector could make it cheaper to operate a hospital, but lack of a well educated work force could cause schools to be more expensive to run or have less educational effect due to not being able to easily hire good teachers. In addition to the player being affected by the economic simulation, the economy could conversely be affected by player-initiated city activities. If the player goes through a few years of building a lot of stuff, the local construction industry might boom. But if the player quits building and zoning for a while, then the construction industry might experience a contraction if the city were a major source of construction work. In all these cases, I envision the behavior arising simply because the player is essentially just another participant in the economic simulation, not because the specific behaviors are pre-designed and hard-coded into the game. I realize that getting the desired kinds of emergent behavior out of a simulation can be tricky, but for now I'm hopeful on that front. On the other hand, if I can achieve such emergent behavior, I'm still not sure about what impact such behavior would have on the sense of fun that players would experience. Here are some hopes and worries: Speculated Pros The city will feel move "alive" and reactive, and the player will have more "interesting decisions" available. The player will feel like their decisions have more meaning to the evolution of the city. The player will feel like their decisions are influenced more strongly and obviously by the current circumstances of the city. It sets the stage for an interesting variety of designed scenarios or challenges, rather than faking such scenarios using superficial or blunt mechanics. Speculated Cons Changing prices might be more frustrating than fun. Relevant economic data might be hard for the player to quickly find, evaluate, understand, and respond to. The quantity of relevant data and the potentially complex consequences of player decisions might inhibit more casual play. (I don't want to "dumb down" gameplay, but I don't want the gameplay to turn into a tedious desk job either! ) I have some ideas to mitigate con #1, but even with those ideas, prices for the player will still change, just not very rapidly. For con #2, I imagine this will just require the proper effort to design high quality charts and maps. Once I have a simulation producing lots of this relevant data, I'll be able to more easily evaluate what it takes to understand it, and solicit feedback and insight from others about how best to present it visually. For con #3, the balance that I'll be attempting to achieve is for the player to be capable of mostly ignoring the details and still being able to build a reasonable city without dooming it all to failure. But for the players that want to dig deeper, I want the economic simulation to provide that meaningful depth. And I want interesting tidbits of those details to be poking up near the surface, easy to find if you're looking for them. Ultimately, I envision the economic simulation as a major source of story telling elements that the players will use to build narratives for their city. Do you share any of these hopes or worries? Have any additional hopes, worries, or general ideas to add to the mix?
  12. Hi everyone, this is my first post and already a request (sorry, my bad) well, anyway, i've been playing the game for a while and downloaded tons of mods (increadible job by the modders!) and there is some thing that's been bugging me, and please correct me if i'm wrong (its the main purpose of this thread); the fact that there's no synergy between the diferent industries and between industries the population (and, of course, commercial)... sure all things contribute, but, as far as i know, you can have an economy without farms, dirty or manufacture industry... or not? What i was thinking was a mod (dont know if its even possible) where the caps where influenced by the fact that thers other industries around. I mean, you would need a chain of goods to get to high tech industries (sure you can have a few by virtualy importing raw goods, but, in the end, it'd get to a cap due to high costs). This way, the concept of specializing your cities would be more than pure cosmetics. Notes: this is just the core idea. *I dont know if this is possible or someone has the time or will to do this. *I dont have any programing or modding knowledge but i'd be more than happy to help in any way I can (research, discussion, concept developing...) *If this mod already exists, please link me!
  13. This thread arises from the Current Events Topic A serious dislocation in the automotive industry is greatly feared by the U.S. economists as evidenced by the GM/Chrysler bailout of a few years back. No lesson was really learned by that near collapse, other than the public is highly fickle when it comes to choosing an automobile. Certainly the heads that should have rolled in the executive and board rooms of the rescued companies were conspicuous by either not rolling at all or rolling uphill. What if Chrysler, the perennial also ran, had been allowed to go to the wall? GM? There would have been a serious dislocation in employment in not only those particular companies but also many other industries dependent on them. Would anyone, even the government, been able to pick up the pieces? I believe it would have made the 1930s look like a Sunday school picnic, and it would have taken the world economy with it. You don't solve a dysfunction in the economy by throwing money at it. The travesty of the rescue of Goldman Sachs was a similar situation. I'd rather have brokers raining down on wall street than see a government toss tax-payer money, hard wrung from the populace, into a financial sewer like that. Who really benefits? The Wall Street fat cats just licked up the cream and continued as if nothing had happened. If this is a capitalist economy, the weak must go to the wall. Supply and demand is the first principle.
  14. American Economy

    Let's start this topic off with the laugh of the year. This is the same stupidity that the old Social Credit Party of Canada espoused. I don't see any SoCreds around much any more. Coining is the same as printing as far as currency is concerned. It doesn't matter what the face value is if it won't buy anything. As the article says, money is a myth that we have all agreed to believe in. The only real value rises from production of new goods and services. Since governments are completely non-productive, having them as small as possible is one of the great tenets of economics. Governments are there to provide collective service that could otherwise not be so easily provided to the citizenry and nothing else.
  15. Better Heavy Industry

    Version 1.0


    Welcome to the age of factory automation and mass production. It increases production of the high-density heavy industry by 2.5 times, and makes it pay more taxes too, at the "cost" of also hiring about a third more unskilled workers per factory. It will leave the low and mid density factories unchanged, because I didn't want to screw up your economy while you still have a tiny city and can't build much else to provide jobs. But as soon as you're big enough to zone for high-density heavy industry, you can demolish the old factories and zone for these more efficient ones. And use the left over space and workforce for, I dunno, manufacturing or high tech. The basic story is that I hated having to build that much heavy industry, and the pitiful taxes they paid didn't even cover the cost of cleaning up their pollution. I COULD use the wonderful sandbox mod, but it's not very realistic, and trips my suspension of disbelief. I wanted something which still maintains at least a thin pretense of realism. So the changes are as follows: - as mentioned, I increased each factory's production by 2.5 times. You'll still need to zone several full square blocks before coming anywhere near a sandbox factory, but you don't have to fill half the map with heavy industry either. - I've increased their workforce from 3 unskilled, 3 skilled and 2 executives to 4 unskilled, 3 skilled, and 2 executives. On the whole, because you need less heavy factories and can build more manufacturing and high-tech, you'll still end up with a lot less unskilled workers in the city, but I still wanted to have a half-way believable number of them. A city with twice as many elites as unskilled workers is kinda silly. - I've reduced their profits per unit sold to half (mass-production lowers prices), and increased their maintenance per factory by 6 times, so they don't pay insanely high taxes. They still do pay a lot more tax per factory, but it is still quite a bit lower than an equivalent manufacturing factory. The point I'm aiming at is basically that zoning for it isn't a loss, but it doesn't turn into a cash cheat, either, and it doesn't remove the incentive to build more manufacturing and high-tech instead if you can. How to install it: just unpack the .zip file in your Paks folder. Any existing high-density heavy factories will be automatically upgraded, so in a large city you'll end up with an instant surplus. Sell it or demolish some. How to uninstall it: just delete the .patch file from your Paks folder. Any existing high-density heavy factories will be automatically downgraded to the vanilla ones. I.e., large cities will have a massive defficit of heavy industry until you build some more to make up for the downgrade. IMPORTANT NOTE: This has only been tested with Cities XL 2012. I have no idea if it works with any other version.

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