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City-building game(s)

Found 30 results

  1. Hello fellow SimCity-lovers. The mod "God Terraforming in Mayor Mode" doesn't work when I have installed it. It simply doesn't show up on the left menu as it should. I have SimCity 4 Deluxe bought on steam. Does any of you know how I can make it work? Thanks in advance. You can see the mod here:
  2. I'm looking for some guidance. I have a save well underway, but I need to do some significant terraforming to continue. I tried creating a map several times, but just found I was terrible at it, so what I did was start with one of the vanilla maps that had one particular area I could start with, then planned to terraform around it. The problem is, after ND came out, terraforming creates massive tsunami waves that before ND would just go inland then eventually wash away with no problem, but now destroy huge chunks of my city. I need to get rid of all water on the map, then terraform, then bring the water back in the new shape without it destroying the city. Can anyone help me through that? I have the right mods, I just need to know the best way to go about actually doing it without causing a disaster, pun very much intended. Thanks.
  3. Hi I recently edited a map in the mapeditor. When I started playing I saw something weird. And as soon as I purchase the area As soon as I load the map the shoreline comes up. If I build quays on it the terrain is ridiculous. It only happens in purchased areas. How can I solve this?
  4. Prologue I

    In the Tau Ceti solar system, an immense starship drops out of warp space. The host of Celestials has arrived and will pass judgement on their experiments. On the ship’s bridge, several armored figures sit in silence, contemplating the planet visible in the view screen. The One Above All turns to the helm, commanding, “<Nezarr, set bearings for optimal orbit.>” “<Course plotted and laid in, One Above All>” The enormous vessel responds to the new coordinates, bearing down on the distant blue-green planet and settling smoothly into orbit. “<Arishem!>” The One Above All addresses the Celestial at his side, “<You will lead the away team. Take Gammenon, Tefral and Jemiah and make your judgement.>” Arishem acknowledges the command with a nod and gestures to the three who will accompany him to the planet’s surface. Together, they swiftly make their way from the bridge. The judgment is swift and dispassionate. Gammenon the Gatherer samples the planet’s lifeforms while Tefral the Surveyor notes the system’s geographic features. Jemiah completes his analysis of the samples Gammenon has collected and reports back to Arishem the Judge. “<Arishem, our experiments have failed to produce any tangible results. The standard lifeforms have not made any significant technological progress and the offshoot of Eternals has failed to mutate into a higher lifeform. Worse, the Deviants have apparently died out altogether.>” Jemiah gazes upon the cowering humanoids he holds in his palm as Arishem judges, “<Among our greater successes were the inhabitants of Skrullos who, in a barely greater span of time, have established a flourishing interstellar empire. These ones have likely reached the peak of their evolution.>” Jemiah kneels down and gently returns the terrified primitives to the ground. The gargantuan Celestials ignore the prostrating humanoids and return to their orbiting vessel. “<What is your judgement Arishem?>” the One Above All asks. “<Failure.>” “<To what extent?>” “<Complete.>” The One Above All lets out a barely audible sigh and gestures for another Celestial to come forward. “<Exitar, this planet has failed our tests. It will die.>” Exitar turns toward the view screen, raising his hand. A gem embedded in his palm begins to glow red. “<It is done,>” he simply states. The One Above All addresses the helm, “<Nezarr, plot a course away from the system. Set bearings to avoid the bow shock and make ready for warp. All hands brace.>” The Celestials’ craft accelerates swiftly out of orbit. Their collective attention turns to the screen as the asteroid Exitar has summoned approaches and the doomed planet is struck a mortal blow. “<Ashema, open a channel.>” “<Channel is open, One Above All.>” A new figure shimmers into view on the screen; Eson the Searcher. “<Eson, have you found a new candidate world?>” The reply comes, “<Behold; A spectral class G2V star system with multiple candidate worlds in the habitable zone. The most suitable has an axial tilt of 23.5° and experiences 4 distinct seasons across the majority of the planet. Composition is a molten iron core and rocky surface with active plate tectonics. The surface is approximately 71% water; of that 96.5% saline. Atmospheric analysis is 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% trace gases. There is high biodiversity and the world already hosts a likely dominant life form. This hominin will readily accept mutative experimentation as has already been confirmed by Ziran the Tester. Transmitting detailed analysis of prospective life form now.>” Nezarr the Calculator receives the transmission and rapidly determines the destiny of the candidate planet, “<The species will require 1,204,729 of their yearly cycles under average conditions to achieve basic success. Under optimal conditions, 43,116 yearly cycles can be subtracted. Given poor conditions, an additional 122,046 yearly cycles would be required. If the Skrullos experiment is held as a baseline comparable, an additional 234 yearly cycles would be necessary to achieve interstellar capabilities.>” The One Above All ponders a moment, “<Very well. Oneg the Prober will implement. Nezarr, set course for the Sol system.>” As the ship enters warp, a dying planet breathes its last gasp and perishes… To be continued soon...
  5. Terraforming Complete

    The map making process is finally over. Below are some pics from the map. If anyone is interested, the map has been posted on the stream workshop under the name Blue Gill Lake. The region history, story, and feature labels are all to come. Lots of work still to do before I actually start on the city. History of Blue Gill Lake should be posted by this weekend.
  6. Terraforming Update 4

    Looking southwest across the Blue Gill Lake. Nearing the final stretch. After over two weeks of creating Blue Gill Lake, the finish line is near. Nearly all of the terraforming of the mountains, streams, rivers, and lake beds is complete, and the task of adding vegetation has begun. Still probably another few days are left before the map is completed. Items still left to complete are as follows: Adding all trees and other vegetation. Completing the remaining terraforming on the southern end of the map. Adding Highways, county roads, and rail connections. Fine tuning the lake beaches. Completing the marshlands where Blue Gill Lake drains back into the Blue Gill River. An overview map of the region with all points of interest labeled. Creating the story line for the region with a history of the lake. Customizing the current map theme. Looking towards the Northeast. Blue Mountain Lake near the southeast corner of the map. Shores of Blue Mountain Lake.
  7. Terraforming Update 3

    The section of the map in the background is nearing completion. I've stared adding trees, grass, and rocks, adding a new dimension to the region. it is starting to look more like an alpine lake now. Better Satellite view centered on the Blue Gill River. The snow on the mountain tops has a slightly brownish tint due to using the oil resource to simulate snow. To be honest I am still debating where I want to develop Frontier City at, but as the map progresses I'll get a better idea. One of the challenges when developing the city is that there is little flat ground. All of the region experiences some sort of elevation change. Even the areas that look flat on the map experience 10 to 30 meter elevation changes over relatively short distances. One of the most treacherous passes in the map, as you can see from the numerous rocks, this region is subject to frequent rock-slides. The regions primary interstate will pass through this area. Still working on this area, need to add some trees and might modify the cliff sides some to add extra depth to the rocks. Water-fall swimming hole, formed at the base of one of the numerous mountain streams that feed Blue Gill Lake. One of Blue Gill Lakes numerous beaches. The beach still needs some work with forests and grass to blend the sand with the surrounding area better. Looking towards the Northwest on one of the numerous small islands in the lake. The abandoned light house on this island enjoys spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains.
  8. Terraforming Update 1

    Progress on the Frontier City map is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. This could take several weeks to complete. I am trying to get the map to be as realistic and perfect as possible. So far, I have the base contours created as well as some of the mountain smoothed out. The lake is complete as well as Blue Gill Island, which sits in the center of the lake. The theme I am going for is a combination rocky bluff/ alpine forest type environment. The theme currently being used is the Alpine Theme, but I might end up changing this if I can find a more appropriate rock texture. Below are a few pics of the region as it stands. Overview of what the entire region currently looks like. One of the streams feeding Blue Gill Lake. Sand Bar island in the center of the Blue Gill river looking towards the bluffs. Blue Gill Island in the center of the Lake. - This island is complete, but I might fine tune it some more. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions. Still lots of work to do.
  9. Hello to you all, sorry for bothering all of you, but it seems that I am stuck on a very large project that I've been working on for some time, and all because of some unexpected trouble with sc4 terraformer. I'm using global mapper for the DEM data. I had cut a piece of the map, exported elevation grid and made a geotiff file. I used the file into Photoshop, cut it and made .png version. Then, I made a new region 11x8 huge tiles, config file and opened that png file in terraformer. I worked on it, made it ready to save, but when I clicked on save button I was constantly getting this message: UnicodeEncodeError: 'charmap' codec can't encode character 'u\u0106' in position 57: character map to <undefined> I've made tons of regions with this configuration, this win system, this terraformer. I installed nothing new that could jeopardize this program. Any idea, please?
  10. Episode 1 - Creating a map!

    Here's the first episode hope you all enjoy! feeback and suggestions welcome.
  11. Region : Isle 001

    Hello people! My name is Seb and today I am sharing with you a Region I just began to create. The name is a little bit odd... It might change as the region isn't complete yet. So the idea of the map I am building is to make it a large island with many medium/large sized islands on the other sides. Also, the coasts are very high and the most flat part is at the top of those cliffes. So now, let take a look at the work wich has been done yet. Feel free to message me here. Or even on Steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/trylk248seb/ Now let see the work! Whoops! Images are unavailable... I currently am working to get 'em back!
  12. Canal Vs River

    I downloaded the Busan map and one of the cities has a river that extends inland into the next city. I want to extend it even further through a valley to connect to another river to simulate a shipping canal for barges carrying agricultural goods, sort of like how the Erie Canal connected the Hudson River to the Great Lakes. When I began looking into canal pieces, mods, etc here I started to learn that you can't really connect a canal to another "natural" waterway (basically, the canal can't connect to open water, it has to be a self contained network). Is this really the case? If so, I guess my only option is to actually extend the river itself. I wanted to use this river to create a canal with a shopping/medium density residential district, sort of like in Amsterdam, and then of course also have facilities for delivering and processing the raw agricultural materials that are being barged in. If I do it as a river, though, what mods/downloads/etc should I be considering to line the river?
  13. Entry 2 - Revision

    I've got some really interesting comments. Thanks to kschmidt and dedgren, I've been looking at the road now I can see that it's very monotonous and doesn't feel organic enough. There are too much and too long straightways and not enough winding. I've decided to restart that tile, give the mountain a better feel to it. Use more FAR and wide curves section and make the road smooth out along the mountain slope better. I'll be challenging, but I'll try my best. Here's what I have now. The mountain was created with the in-game tool.. This is actually the best mountain I've ever modeled, considering I'm really bad at this, this is quite an achievement! I'll start working on the road itself tomorrow since I'm tired today. (Just when I was finally getting some good sleep last night, my alarm rang.. It was 7AM already...) Again, if anyone has any idea what to use for the pass top and mountain top (apart from antenna, I got that covered), I'd gladly use some thoughts about it. I liked the idea of the spa, lodge.. I don't really know any BATs for that so if you have any idea that could fit in my style (Japanese) I'll be really happy.
  14. Schieffelin-County-1445557465.png

    From the album Schieffelin

    To the East, the larger metropolis should be developed. Complete with farming in mind, the shores will host to some of the more affluent homes on the water.
  15. Schieffelin-County-1445557214.png

    From the album Schieffelin

    To the west, the region will feature a mountainous farming and trading town. In the bay's inlet, the large trading ports will be used to ship goods out.
  16. Schieffelin-County-1445556995.png

    From the album Schieffelin

    Formed in October 2015, Schieffelin County is a reconfiguration of a region that ceases to exist. After being erased from the maps, a freshly terraformed region awaits to be built on.
  17. Region Ready

    I've finished terraforming the region that I have drafted from scrap graph paper and I must admit: I'm not overly impressed. Yes, it's my region that I created, but it's as if it were too small. I knew it would be smaller than I imagined, but I guess that I haven't fully thought about it. Well. I will deal with it nonetheless. Here's my fully rendered region. I've rounded the mountains, and I have softened the coasts. The cape in the center could be quite an amazing property view. I haven't fully decided on what to do. To the west, the region will feature a mountainous farming and trading town. In the bay's inlet, large trading ports will be used to ship goods out. To the East, the larger metropolis should be developed. Complete with farming in mind, the shores will host to some of the more affluent homes on the water. The region has 4 large, 5 medium, and 3 small usable cities. Most of the cities will be built close to the water and could all link together. --- Volume 1, Issue 2
  18. Drafting Plans

    In the beginning, when I created Schieffelin County, I wanted to build something that similar to New York or San Francisco. I didn't like the idea of carving water from land, so I decided that land should arise from the waters below. So on a new slate, I drew plans for a vast bay filled with rivers leading to the mountains where the water is sourced. This city journal will be based off of the entire region, and multiple cities will be involved. This why I have entitled my design as Schieffelin County Life, as if it were a regional magazine. I drew my plans on a piece of graph paper to a certain scale. I've uploaded a scan of it below. In the picture, I've created mountains the Northwest and Northeast, with three rivers flowing between four peninsulas of land. The lower half of the region will be called Schieffelin Bay. I haven't decided on other names yet, but I'm open to some suggestions. I haven't made any plans to decide how large I want each city to be. The boundaries between mountains, rough plains, and rivers are all not yet set in stone. I do know that in the past, I couldn't change the city sizes in the terraformer after saving it. --- Volume 1, Issue 1
  19. Hello everyone, how are you doing today ? For myself, I'm doing well. So, here folks I have started a project on Cities Skylines (map editor). Well, I think it will please you to see my great (as I self consider good) work. Alright, there aren't yet any picture/images of the map right now but I can give you the Key Features of it. Stay tunned for more infos coming soon.
  20. Terraform Tool 0.3 by rollo "Allows terrain modification in-game" link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=411095553
  21. Hey guys. I haven't been on for a while, good to be back. So, many times I would see regions that connect with each other very well and seem to flow. So I've made some regions using a tool, but I don't know how to make different landscapes in one region (i.e, mountains, plains, and lakes in the same region). Thanks.
  22. This video will show you how to terraform using roads. Dig or raise the land, build overpasses, underpasses, tunnels even on flat maps. Also how to use bridges over land.

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