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  1. Guess Who's Next V2

    Si Metarvo
  2. Congratulations everyone, and Thank you for my first trixies, would like to Thank whomever nominated me...something tells me it was like someone's write in category
  3. Guess Who's Next V2

    yes! Raynev
  4. Guess Who's Next V2

    philnev matias?
  5. Guess Who's Next V2

    no its me abrams3.14..
  6. Guess Who's Next V2

    thats not me cool Mr Saturn is back this time prophet
  7. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope matias?
  8. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope prophet?
  9. Palais Garnier Remastered

    5 stars isn't enough, this is spectacular
  10. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope Prophet?
  11. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5881 I recently did the rewatch of the various Star Treks series...still not sure of my favorite or least..I think I know but I think I mix them up a bit
  12. *receives masonry supplies delivery receipt* *inserts selfie stick, string, paperclip, and a can of sardines*
  13. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5875 but it chugs along
  14. Guess Who's Next V2

    nope tonyr?
  15. Houston Place Apartments

    I think this is the first time I have seen a building in this game that I would really like to actually build in real life. I'm a Project Engineer in the construction industry and this type of building is my bread & butter and this is a beautiful design I would like see built in real life. Thank you