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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    Very nice work ! Terminal 2 little small - 4 maybe refurbished as it´s little lean: paralel taxiway´s make swift flight operations posible, some i preffer to be double size for 747´s and larger aswell the runway´s. Overall Business area mostly will provide enough to make this economicly feasible, yet set taxes accordingly. well done !
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    ANNO Europe RHW II ! Small progres : Leverkusen Town has been saved from destruction ! Western extension of Frankfurt into the direction of Bern has taken a vital step. Last I mentioned Leverkusen town formed a obstical in the RHW W/E corridor. Obviously a above ground sollution was no option. A bridge- tunnel sollution would still destroy much so I resorted to the RHW Tunnel subway entrances ! Entrances from Leverkusen might be posible but a paralel avenue offers acces from the frankfurt area ! With this cleared there are still some obstacles to deal with ! Airport area and some industrial zones like .lll Enjoy !
  3. Show Us What You're Working On

    ANNO Europe RHW ! ANNO Europe cities are connected by any means. Rail play´s a vital role, RHW and road traffic have to fill the gapes ? From the start ANNO Europe was meant to be in th 50th - 60th Postwar ! Some kind of like moterway like the Koeln . Bonn first highway initial, later a north.south project was setup to link Budapest with Zurich. Last Bern CJ and Show what youré about showed the extension in that sector. Koeln city area is so dense there´s only room for a city highway avenue, so or some part of leverkusen have to go Third part now slowely developing is a connection from the Koeln border via Frankfurt North to the Vienna - Prague area ! Left is the Bern RHW part - Koeln blue shows the city highway - Budapest to Zurich N/S part - Third part to the right the Koeln Frankfurt to Vienna and Prague section under construction ! Munich might alternatively linked from the Vienna area ! Little exchange in between the N/S and W/E axis in frankfurt ! Beyond this exchange the real highway will start going east, in this to the top of the picture in between rail tracks wich are prepared so ! Red route preferd as it cover´s most of the city area. Blue more direct has more room for exchanges and ramps but left up rail station area isolated ! Long term as development on ANNO CJ has priority above all ! Hope you like this update on the ANNO Europe RHW network development !
  4. Another Update on Pololomia

    Good use of the FAR road breaking the street patern sightly. Great FrankU dutchpark element use; havn´t explored it myself fully yet. Horse race way little tiney, dowtown maybe one diagonal office bat to many. Industrial railyard nicely weaven in between industries, well done !
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    BSC Container terminal and BSC BAT PROPS T1 vol 3 may so, havn´t only used the cranes, prefered the Port Realisme pack II v1 and props and stacked containers ! Moderate use of props aswell might be the cause, think realisticly; super detailed harbour combined with a large CBD with lots of parks might be too much ! Realisticly there needs some space to load, unload container´s or bulk goods or loose crates, prefer rail transport and small away unloading facilites opposed to too much truck loading, if longterm storage necesary make a seperate area, well done !
  6. Show Us What You're Working On

    Oak Ridges South Area development yet again continued ! A galery with pictures of all developed city parts in this area would be nice; udi are Ok but pictures say everything ?
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    Very nicely exceuted small sport´s plane airport ! Nice selection of terminal and hangar uildings. RMIP very nicely detailed, real Helipod maybe and some privat plane hangars certainly missing as all this capital of planes on open air concrete. Taxiway directions showing I would fill the lenght along taxi runway to loose those nasty edges, grassivying everything isn´t necesary at all, well done !
  8. London - Canary Wharf

    Real display of this business district ! DLR and Jubillee line stations incorporated stations, well done !
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    Excellent ! ANNO Europe series is on yet now, but some side show I´d like to put on to escape the endless cityscape´s maybe a specialized subject. Yet Mayon Province satisfied most of my needs for the summer periode; Well done !
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Sudbury -Wiltburgh area might be next to develope ! Left of Patrew ridge farmland to be spared at least riverside area green zone. Halton Heights and Coast Hills migt be developed, as a more expesive low residential area ?
  11. Lynnfield - Update 1

    SC3K a sequel to SC2K I hardlyr touched much as it was a graphicaly a refurbished version of SC2K, just as the graphical sets for SimCity Classic ! SC2K perculiiar never botherd to ask for the original cdrom made it far more populair. Bugs and updates where a little bit more common. Legaly I endorse legitimate copy´s of official games; beside aswell I encourage some sort of comfort to the user not being bothered too mcuh with copy protection.GoG release will without doubt have me take a look at it again, well done !
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Nice regional airport ! Taxiway set different from RMIP 2 or edited ? Runway RMIP 2 compatibel wide Bripizza style ? Well lighted, left terminal ramps blocking each other, crowded may delay fast flight operations Well done !
  13. There Will Be Diagonals!

    Thank you, my question answered ! Yes you have the No Abbandonedment mod ? Anti Abbandonment Dielpation Mod or Less abbandonement ! First radicaly blocks it preventing gray plots, Second prevents undesired Highwealth wear they shouldn´t only allowing sunstainable growht ! Plopping residential lots I rarely do unless for time considerations and certainty it will be sustainable; plop some diagonal lots SimCough diagonals might conscider if the´r not to many, well done !
  14. Mayon Province 2.0 Hartford -Maroon - Roghue Island about to be finished for now  ! Special showing roundup may  be on. ANNO Europe series will continue with a last look at Bern. Vienna will be the next city, side Sketch scape may folow aswell, if time permits. Next year we return to Mayon Province in a more eco friendly way !

  15. Worlds on the Edge

    Raw terrain here used a slope mod is useless, yet using a digger some embankment be adjusted making it a more smooth ride !