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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Roads on Hills

    I found a couple posts about building roads up some hills, but I couldn't find them again. I followed the "how to grow a gentle slope" but that is on a flat land. What I want to find is how to climb a hill with roads upwards. I tried terraforming with RR but that just flatens the terrain, and NOT climb up a hill. I won't go for the 45 degrees climb that Maxis allows, they look ridiculous. Any ideas ?
  2. Hills of Green

    Welcome to Enterprise! Enterprise is a town on the Foggy River. It started as town with a small suburb and a small shopping district. The center of Lilywood, the first suburb. I have a theme on that allows level one buildings to look like they are under construction. Also the elementary school is located in the center. The original entry point into Enterprise. The basics (fire, police, health care) are located here. View of the city behind hospital. A lot of construction is happening right now in Lilywood. The area on the hill is call Enterprise Hill. This is the utilities area. The town currently has 2,093 people and has a high demand for commercial Please go check this out: THIS IS NOT PART OF THE CITY JOURNAL. I ACCIDENTLY ADDED THIS VIDEO AND I CAN'T DELETE IT. THANKS. P.S.: You can still watch this, just say I sent you. ;-)
  3. Hey, first update! The first update will cover tile B3. Here's an overview of the city: The city tile itself can be described as the southern side of Medang, most of it, actually, since a small chunk is present in tile A3. It's an experiment by myself to see if an area could be built around an industrial district in lieu of the usual central business district and yes, you really do can. Industries need flat area so that's where they are, with the houses surrounding said industrial area. That's the theory. But does it actually work? Let's see... The industrial hub of the city, anchored by a freight yard and the city's power plant. More factories Residential districts around the industrial hub Notice that there are huge swathes of un-built land surrounding the industrial areas? Well, the pollution was much higher than I thought. And I thought the barrier of greenery between residential and industrial was enough....boy was I wrong! The low residential demand only compounds the issue further so that the undeveloped, remain undeveloped. My city though, or at least this part, turned out to have maxed out demands for both I-D and I-M. So the plan now, from now on, would be to prioritise my city building, and probably the whole region, around industry, wherever there is flat land I might try it. Also, notice the lack of parks? I might have to try building some, maybe it can drive residential demand, who knows? After making some evaluation (there is always room for evaluation and improvement in urban planning circles), I have come to these conclusions for future city planning: Double the buffer distance between industrial and residential areas. Have parks and sporting facilities from the start, build parks and sporting facilities where possible in already built tile(s). The forest isn't a suitable place for kids to play football or simply run/sit around. Increase percentage of industrial zoning, zone new industrial where possible in already built tile(s). Enact the Clean Air Act. However, some of my ideas have gone swimmingly: Zoning commercial along the main throughfares have been quite successful. Due to how I've developed and kept the forests in the hills, the city has more than enough publicly owned green area( >20%, Indonesian Ministry of Public Works Decree no. 5, 2008 ) than the Indonesian law specifies. Even though this part of the city has a pollution problem, the trees somewhat reduce the impact even if it isn't really that big of an impact. The circular city plan works very well traffic wise at least, commuters are using both lanes instead of having traffic jams on one lane while the other lane is empty. Also makes a future plan for trams somewhat viable, even though South Medang is highly unlikely to ever have tram service. Regional population: 28712 Percentage of population target: 0.28% Now that we've covered the planning part of the (south part of) city, we can now go on a tour of it! Kampung in the hills, this is the most Indonesian you could go to really, due to a lack of quintessentially "Indonesian" content for SC4. Made by 976, as used in his city journal Republic of Karasem, a great CJ everyone should read through. However, rising incomes might potentially make them nonexistent with the newly rich buying up kampung land where they can build their homes away from the pollution down in the valley. More of the same, just not as dense. The de facto "center" despite being located in the southeast corner of the city tile. Administrative offices are located here, so is the city market. So is the (ridiculously big) hospital, which is out of shot but nearby. Development in the southern part of the city. The vast expanse of empty land means it's possible for R$$ to develop without demolishing previous structures. Also present is the area's only church, built for the 800 strong population of minority Protestant Christians who live in the area. Plans have been put forth to demolish this small, illegal kampung near the industrial district and develop a park there. It's not without opposition though... ================================================================================================================================================ That's all guys! Like it? Leave a comment below, I'd really appreciate that. If that's taking too long, I'd like to give a big thanks for those who rate my entries 5 star! Replies to previous entry are in the comment section below!
  4. The Grand Lakes Region

    Version 1.0


    A large region, 64km 64km. Contains lots of steep hills and lakes for building interesting cities. Everything has been made nice and smooth but is still a challenge!
  5. Danville the main quarter which is located in Inner City. It is the area which is most visited by tourists, a favourite place of citizens, after all the set of administrative and cultural objects exactly here settled down. Quarter with a set of bars, restaurants, night clubs, movie theaters, shops, boutiques, markets and many other things. There come hundreds of people to acquire fashionable expensive branded clothes and accessories. Also there are clothing stores with more democratic prices. In a quarter the Danville very convenient transport connection, there are two metro stations, the big bus final. It also the oldest district of the city with the mixed architectural styles. Shevioc Square It is the biggest square in the city, it and most important. On the square the city hall settles down, here - in 1922 the bronze statue of the first mayor was built. Here you can see smart flower beds. On the square also there are restaurants, cafe and Parallel to the area there passes the Roodville street, a pedestrian shopping street. On this street the set of expensive boutiques, bars, shops and luxurious restaurants settles down. The national museum was constructed in the middle of the 18th century and still kept the greatness. The main entrance in the museum settles down from the first boulevard ring (which I mentioned last time), and back gate on a wide pedestrian Rodbrowns street . This street is crossed with Roodville street. In a courtyard of the museum there is a remarkable small green corner for rest of visitors, and on the other hand a parking. Opposite to back gate there is a beautiful fountain. The oldest market in the city, and also the biggest in the territory of historic center. The market is open daily till the evening. Daily he is visited by not less than one thousand people. Opposite to the market there are two identical buildings. In one of them I settled down the oldest post office, and in - the second administrative court and the tax inspection.
  6. I was looking through the "Shows us your region" thread and it seems like most people's regions are either entirely flat, or if they have hills and mountains, the cities aren't built on them. My current region is just the default Timbuktu region with some tile sizes changed--so it's pretty hilly overall and many of my cities are on hills (many of the "downtown grids" in some areas have steep streets like in San Francisco). Obviously it's easier to get the zone shapes you want on flat land, but does anyone else build on hilly land?
  7. Halton Hills

    From the album Weekly Challenge #22 - High-rise Lifestyle

    A hilly city
  8. Astoria OR - Boreal

    Version 1.0.0


    Never say die! Welcome to scenic Astoria, Oregon, home of The Goonies. I'm a Goonie. Are you? Astoria is a wee bit west of Portland and just about to the end of the Lewis & Clark Trail. This map began with a height map of Astoria (fiddled with in Wilbur) and was developed for challenging game play, as opposed to loyally following the real life map. This map has almost everything you could want: abundant resources, scenic views, bayside beach, hilly terrain, ample transport connections--including prime seaport and scenic walkway locations--and, of course, pirate coves. ARR, MATEY! Well, what are you waiting for? It's up to you to save the Goondocks.
  9. Version v 0.1.2


    About the original landmark: The Hollywood Sign (formerly the Hollywoodland Sign) is a landmark and American cultural icon located in Los Angeles, California. It is situated on Mount Lee in the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The sign overlooks Hollywood, Los Angeles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia About this file: Hollywood Sign Letters.rar contains asset files consisting of 26 letters(A-Z) created with Hollywood Hills Font. Each letter is a park with zero stats which only costs 250 to plop and 50 to maintain. They can be plopped anywhere and do not require to be next to a road. It's hard to find the letters from the parks menu so I recommend you to plop all the letters you want in advance then use "replace" (Fixed on v0.1.2) Installation: Simply Unrar the contents to To Do List • ☐ add details to support thingy • ☐ add texture • ☐ resize each support thingy to match each letters width • ☐ add icons to each letter(in-game menu) • ☐ add numbers • ☑ Prioritize assets in the menu to list the letters from A to Z • ☑ Fix "F" • ☐ add LOD models so letters won't be distorted when viewed from far away • ... • please add any of your requests in reviews
  10. FloopyLands

    Version 1.0


    Steam Workshop Link >>> FloopyLand Hello Ladies And Gentlemen and welcome to FLOOPY LANDS ! First of all I suggest you subscribe to one of the 2 mods that allow to extand the tiles to 25 All Spaces Unlockable - With Right Price OR All 25 Areas purchasable And btw the mod that unlocks achievements Mod Achievement Enabler So why Floopy Lands Well ... I've always liked to build on cliffs so I created a map with cliffs. Yep. I started the design of the map here based on a nice but very mixed heightmap and the result wasn't a very user oriented map, to be honest it was unplayable. So I had to fix it to make it more friendly-building. (And it took longer than I expected ) The map remains a challenge and sometimes you'll need to submit to the curves of the cliffs and forsake the practical side. I hesitated to get the begining on the map on the beach as adventurous pioneers but, I finally adopt a traditional start to let you the choice of expansion. We could divide the map into several regions An artificially landscaped area. (Beginning of the map) A relatively steep terrain San Fransisco style. (Southern map) A nice flat beach for a free construction. (Well... where there's sand) Wide areas with low height variations for a free construciton but in addition it, it's beautiful. (Top of map) Challanged-areas with 2 mountains. The great cliff at east of the map And... And a small secret area. Oh oh mysterious, mysterious... Of course all conveyance are avalaible. This is the first version of my map, so feel free to bring your sugestions or bugs, and even map names... ( but i like Floopy Lands ;D ) , and especially post your screenshots of your cities i will be glad to see them.
  11. Hamalton Hills

    Version 1.0


    Hamalton Hills is a diverse map, featuring large areas of rocky mountains, as well as flat, fertile land by the river. The land has several highways and rail lines. Hope you enjoy it! INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: WINDOWS: Navigate to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps Copy the .crp file to this folder. Load game. Click on 'Content Manager'. Click on ‘Maps’. Find the item. Ensure the box is blue. Enjoy! MAC (Easy way): Subscribe on Steam >>>Click Here For The Steam Link<<< Load game. Click on 'Content Manager'. Click on ‘Maps’. Find the item. Ensure the box is blue. Enjoy! MAC (Harder way): Naviagte to: /Users/MJC/Library/Application Support/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Maps Copy the .crp file to this folder. Load game. Click on 'Content Manager'. Click on ‘Maps’. Find the item. Ensure the box is blue. Enjoy!
  12. A history of Wellsville Ohio

    Wellsville is a small town along the Ohio River in Columbiana County of Ohio. Wellsville was founded in 1795 and peeked in population in 1920 at 8,849 residence. Population in 2010 was down to 3,541. Wellsville was a huge pottery industry town and was a major part of the railway connections to Pittsburgh and Cleveland. The drop in population in large part was due to the closing of many pottery plants and factories throughout the area. Also due to the construction of the Route 7 highway which took out a very large part of the edge of the city in the 1970's.
  13. Journey.zip



    Welcome to Journey. +++ While I was looking for maps on the several different exchanges for SimCity 4 I came to the realization, there are no maps anywhere that fit all of my criteria. Things I need from a map: I need to be able to use diggers no less than 15 meters all over the map. My rivers cannot be too deep. My rivers cannot be too shallow. My regions cannot be absolutely flat, that is just boring. I need rivers everywhere so that ferries can be relevant. I need enough level(but not completely flat) ground so that I can have my very large cities (2 or more tiles large) Journey meets all of those requirements. +++ There are things journey is missing however, it is missing an ocean front and lakes. I ususally just use a pond kit or ploppable water for lakes, so that one is okay(for me). Can't do anything about an ocean on this map though(I usually don't like to make too much of the map covered in water, can't build cities on water.) This map is not real in any way shape or form BUT it is very playable. Inside of this .zip file you will find this readme, the 1281X1281(5X5 large tiles or 20X20 small tiles(for SC4Terraformer purposes))config.bmp and the Journey.SC4M file and a couple of screen shots. The instructions for install are in the readme.
  14. New Terrain.

    Hi, again. After sadly I couldn't continue my project back this summer, I started something different this time and I hope I will be able to carry it on with you guys. You were really nice to me the first time around and I thank you for that, so I'm optimistic all will be great once again. The ground rules are simple: This is a huge region. I did the config.bmp thing rather late at night and my memory kinda erased it I guess, but I think this is a 12x22 Quad region. Okay, compared to other projects like 3RR that's a lame fart, but for me it's a pretty large thing do be dealing with. Next, terraforming is done all by hand, without external programs. I'd love to say I do this because I like the challenge, the authenticity of such a large project, but the actual reason would be that the terraformer doesn't run on my system. Should I not have disclosed it that way? Damnit. And then, for all the purists out there: I will cheat the living hell out of the game, pretty much disabling funding and giving me money as much as I want. Yeah, I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm trying to create a beautiful, realistic region while being limited to the gameplay mechanics. I don't wanna do that. Now, to at least put some meat on this first post's bones: I started terraforming yesternight in the northernmost corner of the region. There is a handdrawn map of what the region is supposed to end up looking one day that I will scan sometime in the near future. Until then, feast your eyes. It came up a little bit in my last CJ, but I thought I'd just get a little more specific about the way I usually terraform when there's no particular landscape layout I have in mind, 'cause I thought I found a pretty nifty trick to create rolling, random hills and appealing terrain. I start by dropping large parts of the area I wanna terraform below water level. And then use the hill tools to take it back up again: This creates some pretty random hillsides and valleys and saves a lot of time in terraforming. You can take it as it is or you can do some retouching on the landscape to make it fit your desires even more. I smoothened everything up a little bit aaaaand: Neat. Also started treeing it already: There are some rules on how trees would grow in a real environment that I keep in the very back of my head, but in general, I just zoom in, start treeing and let the terrain lead me a bit, like I'm using a brush to accentuate (is that a word? I think it might not be) the terrain. So yeah, that's tile number one, I also already did another rather unspectacular tile directly to the south of it: And then that's all for now. I have terriblie loading times at the moment, game startup takes over 5 freaking minutes for some reason and then there's also some resolution issues ruining everyone's party in the game, so those are issues to be fixed, but I'll get back to this as fast as I can. Yay!

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