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  1. Kazuki's Underbridge Lots #2

    Thank you very much for preserving such a small but useful addon
  2. Prepping my First Region

    I like the design of your communities, with the farms in the middle and the homes surrounding them. I'll try to make a small city based on your designs, taking I guess the concept of urban farming to a new level
  3. Terrain Mod Pack

    For those who wonder how did I made those domed cities floating in Space, this is my secret
  4. Show us your futuristic creations

    Guess who's back
  5. Quadrahedron Matrix

    The plop-without-a-building problem was also a big deal breaker for me and that's so sad. Those buildings are so cool and giving them jobs makes them more useful, but what's the point if they will also make a huge mess with your city? Your version doesn't have jobs but it's better because it's way more reliable. But why there is no + version, with 4 bridges forming a + configuration? That would be even more useful. I think I'll try to expand this set, adding a second level as well, and even a 3rd one. We'll see...
  6. Complete Power Package

    One of the most useful and well done mods, hands down
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    That's another way to build virtual connectors, but I've found a way to do it without the need of removing the lot. NAM pieces again. First, let's build a virtual road connector. Check the El-Over-Road pieces and find the "T intersection 2". Place it on a way that the extra overhanging El tile looks at the opposite direction of the lot. And then remove that extra El tile. And that's all. The virtual connector is ready. You can remove the extra road tiles if you wish. You can even replace them with one-ways, avenues or streets. Do whatever you wish. Just don't bulldoze the connector itself. Can we build a street virtual connector? Yes, we can. Choose the "El-Over-Street intersection 2" from the same menu and repeat. And here is a nice example. Just remove the streets where you want to build the connectors and start the construction. And remember, we don't have to touch the lot itself (although we might have to touch some other lots). Much better, right? But how about one-ways and avenues? Can we build avenue and one-way virtual connectors? Right now I don't know. I have no idea how it can be, but maybe playing around with other NAM pieces will allow us to do it. That's another thing I like about NAM. It allows us not only to build more, but to experiment more as well.
  8. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    A Maxis-made city that has been changed by me.
  9. Show us Your Oddities!

    The picture with the farm reminds me the old trailers and intros of video games from the 90's.
  10. Baryonic Collision - Fateful Journey
  11. Show us your railroads

    This picture might not be something interesting for some of you. But for me, it's a proof (mostly to myself) that after 4 years I can finally play my favorite game.
  12. No Space for Plugins in SimCity 4

    Hello and welcome to Simtropolis You haven't unzip your plugins yet. Unzip them and extract them to the plugins folder. All but the .pkg file, because these kind of files are for installing things on macOS and not on Windows.
  13. Love/Hate

    The word "love" is too little to describe Peanuts.
  14. The Preference Game

    Comparing to Trump, everybody is better (even Bush!), so I'd say Obama. Facebook or Twitter?