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Sketch Scape !

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About this City Journal

Sketch scape is a new series within some experimental diorama´s are created. Some maybe used for future series others only for the moment !

Entries in this City Journal


France (Postponed)

France (Postponed)

France Anno CJ for this month is postponed ! Research and work on the upcoming next Europa ANNO city unfortunaly takes up to much time, I decided to postponed the episode for this month ! When the next Europa ANNO city is established I will resume France ANNO series, this wil occur before any future Europa ANNO series city. As yoo can see in this series I like to have certain kind of infrastructure and terraforming in place before building up zones and landmarks. Showing I little bit of variety I don´t want jump right out to the next city; deciding wich city to start is very hard and  should be taken with great care. Obviously there will some of the recurring lots and transit modes. Street porps, MMP´s, tree´s other custom stuff will be different in every case !


Hope you enjoyed this see you back next time !


France Les Riches et Les Pauvres !


Today we take a short tour of french agricultural history ! EU in brussel today decides a lot about how agriculture economics is run. Some new force has arrived without any respect, the Super Marche´s who determine there own value´s on the market place. Ancient France and elswhere in europe this wasn´t much different, except the world was much smaller, more economic local. Every small region had one or two very rich landowners who allowed farmers to be tenant on there land. This right meant they where allowed to stay there in exchange for a great share of the sold profits. So if in above picture farms where on his land they all have to pay this price !



Chateax DÁmsnill on above picture a classic sample of these ancient french residences !



This is just a small land owner, now we gona see a real grand landowner. French nobility, was very keen to show there wealth to others !


Chateaux de Marceaux sur Lot !


Some part of the land ownde by this landowner !


Watch the differences in land sizes in between the village and the agricultural estate !

Grandeur on a large scale !


Forest around used for those big hunting parties !



Extensive back garden for those summer parties !


What should any high placed nobilty wish for else !


French revolution of 1789 changed everything ! Old rich nobility have to give up there rights to these large estates. French republic redistributed the land to the local farmer´s. Money will determine everyone´s status, not heritage !

As market prices plumped by the great demand some time later the first farming corporation´s where formed to give farmer´s a certain security over there income  ! This system worked well till the end of last 20th centurie when the big Super Marche´s where those who decided farmer´s faith !

Farmer´s again are Les Pauvres as some 200 years ago. Directors of the large super market chain´s again pressed there mark on the rural landscape !


On this old chateaux grounds a brand new architectual castle was errected, in glory of this new market force !



So the cycle of history is closed again ! Those who dominate the market determine wealth of the local people. French farmer´s protesting at the local Super Marche are the nightmare of every maniging director, blocking of access. ruining business, luckly local law enforcement is there to resort such riot´s.  That conclude´s this month CJ

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !



France Agricole II

France Agricole II

Last month we visited a typical little french railway town, wich still need some adjustments ! This month we venture a little bit more of track into the town of Cruxieu sur Lot. Little town wich is located about in the middle of france, sheltered from that bad oceanic weather wich most coastal area.s do have !

First some arial shot´s of the surrounding area and there afther the town !




Local hardwarestore and the eco friendly windmills !


These water sources where the start of this agricultural community !



Cruxieu sur Lot was established by the monks of the Benedict order !




Some town pictures !



Next month we move on the old and nouveax riche wich dominated country life for centuries. This series will move up and down France showing some typical french scapes; later we may visit other countries in the same way. That concludes this month Scetch scape !

Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !







France Agricole I

France Agricole I

Welcome to this new series in wich I try to escape from the urban jungle of last month´s urban stroll ! This series will be about short or medium breaks from larger projects, containing widely somekind of diorama like scene´s wich are some what experimental or not covered in current series !

Agriculture, haven´t been touched for just about half a year so we return in a France like scape. France Anno in wich this scape is created is quit different fromt ANNO Europe. As such other will be developed !


Some wider views !




France Tourisme is second nature !


Last we have a look at some typical medium town of wich there are so many !



Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !


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