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About this City Journal

Spanning a thin mountainous coast line dotted with many unique small islands, Loscil consists of 3 large Diverse cities and many smaller towns nestled variously between the islands. Home of sunshine and prosperity

Entries in this City Journal


After some frustration and having to re-install NAM 31 twice I finally got it to work. And although I don't have much time now to work on the most grand of the cities in the region a practiced out on a few little towns with about 6.000 and 24,000.

MAJOR props to NAM!

This screen shot is the smaller town of about 6,000, the drag-able angled roads wrap perfectly around the river and other terrain. A few new bridges, along with the ability to make triangular blocks now! edgewood_jun__13__001362374490_by_soulproductions-d5wx57j.png

Below is the larger town of about 24,000. The Textures for the urban zoning around the angled roads match perfectly with the city and buildings now.




That;s all for now!


Here is a NAM Traffic update, The first 3X3 tile in the region is mostly going to consist of suburbs, so not to many tall buildings, mostly outlet malls, and rows upon rows of housing. However there are 2 highways that intersect through the region so lots of traffic from near by cities as shown here will be flowing through, Hopefully to be done by tomorrow night this will be a fun project.


Tonight's progress...


Ok here is the last update until final presentation of Carrie, I am about to press play and I shall update you guys tonight!




These are photos of my first major downtown city using the NAM highway mod, It took just as long to build the highway as the zoning and entire city itself. It was a lot of fun though other then the occasional crash. But anyway check it out. comment?

nam_mod_sc4__downtown_stretch_by_soulproductions-d5rxxut.pngDowntown Kuan Yin, at night


Here are some apartments from the lower part of the mountain


here is a close up of some diagonals,

diagonal_sc4_by_soulproductions-d5rxyn5.pngThe coast linecoastline__sc4_by_soulproductions-d5rxyy2.png

A little bit I've been working with in the country a few counties over.


more urban sprawl


Well I'm going to go sking tomorrow morning and I need sleep, next update, suburbs + MORE NAM, I have 4 large Tiles left in the region and as long as its cold out the cities will keep on coming! :D ahh one last one




It has taken me some time now to finish up my region of Loscil. But now I come close to done with nearly 2 million people in the whole region. Kinda small but a nice diversity of city and nature. I have many cities to present and all well worth looking at, But I want to ask fist, which area of the region would you like to see first? Leave some comments below for my next city journal.

choose from:

1) The large bustling cities of the north east and central regions.

2) The quiet and peaceful suburbs of the eastern highlands.

3) Central industrial and shipping zones

4) Southern farming and small quiet towns along the coast.

5) The serenity of nature bordering western coastline.

6) Man made city islands connected by a web of plains trains and automobiles.

7) Somewhere of your choice???

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