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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. I've seen a few other peep's images turning into this and now mine have too: So, every guide and Shoppe I've created are now worthless. And they want $400 per year to allow me to post images here on Simtropolis.
  2. In-Game BMPs (images)

    Just in case someone would want these for a CJ or whatever, I've extracted the .BMP image files from the .IXF files using the BMPext32 program. It only works on plain 3000 and not unlimited. Here's samples: I had to use the .7z compression to make it fit as an attachment. GameBMPs.7z
  3. Simtropolis = where to keep images ? I had a FROG, now PHOTOBUCKET there is a box in Simtroplis. But there is no single Bank. We see that all the work turns to dust. There are normal thoughts? I tried to work with OneDrive by Microsoft - but it only gives a link to my jpg. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  4. Article #1 - Entering Metzú

    Article #1 - "Metzú, Land of opportunities": Last year, the Government approved a new program called "Viendo Mi País" ("Watching My Nation"). This initiative promotes tourism and new bussiness opportunities for Metzú Republic. This will be done expanding the budget for infraestructure (transport, buildings, subsidies, principally), by the Government. It will involve an important loan from private funds, with low taxes. By this gazette, our readers can learn more about Metzú Republic, visit our cities, look our landscapes, our Life's Style. 1.1 Entering Metzú Republic Capital City (and largest city): Yuti (+200.000) Most populated citites: Yuti, Wainor, Krupó, Jalai Language: Spanish, English (unofficial) Religion: 60% Catholicism, 30% Non-religious, 10% Others Denomyn: metzuanuan, metzuano. Government: Federal Presidential Independence: from Spain, 1899 Population: 546.488 (2017) HDI: 0,811 Currency: (M$) Peso Metzuano Official Map of Metzú Republic (Ministerio de Turismo) Metzú Republic by Air. Metzú, República de Metzú (Official) or Metzú Republic is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Metzú is situated some 900 kilometres east of Australia. Has high-income economy and has one of the best standards of living in Oceania. Is the only nation with Spanish as official language in Oceania. 2.1 Economy His main economical activities are Commercial Services, Tourism and Manufactured Industry. Last year there were a high increase of commercial demand, with investments of China, principally. 2.1.1 Tourism In Metzú, one of his main economical activities is tourism. Cities like Xá, Jalai, Bahía Azul and Wer are great importance, economically. You can travel to Metzú by airplane and cruise ships. Available Airports: 5 Most important airport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City) Available Seaports: 3 Most Important airport: Yuti International Seaport (Yuti City) 3.1 Culture Metzú has a very strong spanish influence. His foods, traditions and music. Metzú has an important latin influence too (from Argentina, principally). Sports like football are very popular here. 3.1.1 Name of Country The name of "Metzú" comes from "Mensú", word referred to the rural worker of the jungle. The "Mensú" inhabits Paraguay and north Argentina. The first colonzers came with a lot of people of this zones to work fields. The name is in honor of them. 4.1 Living Metzú A quick view of Metzú... 1. Xá Downtown - Xá City, a financial and touristic place. 2. Main Avenue - Yuti City, capital of Metzú Republic. 3. Krupó Landscape - Krupó, an Industrial Centre of Metzú. 4. San Roque Beach - Jalai City. 5. Coast Avenue - Wainor, an important commercial centre. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Boletín Oficial de la República de Metzú Editorial del Estado S.E Av. Principal 774 Piso 5° Oficina 2 - Ciudad de Yuti www.metzu.gov.mtz/turismo
  5. I have taken screenshots of all standard buildings in the game, including DLCs, and made them available here. You are also given the option to load the content to your own computer for better performance. The buildings are identified by their in-game name. So, you can refer to a building like I have done here: L1 4x4 Detached02. Hope someone finds this useful.
  6. Nightmare on Sim St.

    From the album Thrilling Traffic (S3-09-W)

    A True Thrilling Traffic Story: There are no plugins in either folder. Can anybody tell me why there are no sims on the street going to work in the commercial and industrial zones? When I connected the residential area to the region the trucks rolled across Sim St., but still nobody went to work and neither did they move out. So who exactly is working in the commercial and industrial zones and driving those trucks? My God, they must be invisible zombies!
  7. Transpo-Nexus Civic Center

    From the album Urban Features (S3-02-E)

    Overgrazing by Llamas and excessive use of Reticulating Splines resulted in rising sea levels which terra-formed vast regions of inland islands now connected by highways and railroads spanning out from the Transpo-Nexus Civic Center. This urban feature includes the Simolean Bank, the Simulator Office, institutions of Nanotechnology, Quantum Research, Arcology and Astrosimiology (for the terra-forming of asteroids). Currently, engineers are working on a device that will eradicate those pesky invaders from the anti-sim world.
  8. Misc cities around the Nation

    Here are some pictures about some cities around the country (actually, some of my experimental/incomplete works that I never showed/featured anywhere): Experimental Swartzia Decided that the forest need more flowers and less diversity of pines, even if maybe I exaggerated in the number of flowers in the actual Swartzia. Also, I switch some buildings to make a better fit. This is just a scratch, there is nothing around this scenery area. Saint Paul It is based in a more fantasy version of the Brazilian City São Paulo ("São Paulo" means Saint Paul in english), in the super small size map of SC4. The result was good, but a bit far from the real Saint Paul (São Paulo). I really thing that I should have took this far, it would be a good work. I used to have trouble at generating traffic with external plaza, but I happened to find a mod that would generate traffic right on the streets without needing a car plaza. (Unnamed) Multiple Islands City Not a bad idea, but not a new one either. It is commonly used in some racing games. The more common approach for islands is to make something rural, paradise style, with beachs, some trees, etc... However, the idea here is to create a big and dense city spread in several islands. The main problem I found was finding something different than a beach to put on the coast, something a bit more creative and functional. Not much buildings done that. Lierenopolis I could look on google for a more "Anselli" style name, but I decided to just put the one I used. It was supposed to be a creative medium size city, with the objective to be a vacation city to a big center. The final result was a bit weird...Maybe too much creative...In the end I decided that it was too exotic to render something interesting. Claire Coast I named this originally as "Bright Coast" in portuguese ("Costa Clara"), and it was supposed to be one of my two main cities (that had portuguese CJ´s of their own: "San Matheus" and "Arvoral", the first was completely reworked and redone once and has 2 versions). However, the city file corrupted suddenly and I had no backup, just very few pictures (in the end I just archived one). Some concepts were re-used for later cities, but the idea of big parks and important governmental buildings was reserved for the capital of Anselli (I was supposed to get it done last year but found no motivation to do so, I got tired of SC4 again after getting Viminalis and Swartzia done). Phoenix With portuguese name "Renascença" (Reborn in portuguese, Phoenix is a more elegant but unprecise translation), I decided to take a new style that I never done before. I think it is based on some poor New York Style, not sure. I actually not disliked the work, but I had a shot with it on a brazilian version of one of these images competition ("ImageVSImage") (originally started on SC4Devotion) and it was a failure. The city look kind depressive and not pretty, and, even having a style didnt compensated its flaws. Experimental sunset on San Matheus The idea was to create a different mix of colors, and create a blur effect on the ground that decreased with the highness. Not bad, but it wasnt an "oh!" work and it took too much work to get it done, and my photoshoping skills are actually not good (I know just the very basics for 00´s days). That´s it!
  9. Article 2 - Complement

    If you havent seen Article 2, I recommend to do so before seeing this update: Comments @dedgren: Its time to wait and see... However, I think it is going to be 5-10 years, not 4-5 years... Article 2 - Complement Hi all, I expect that some of you enjoyed my latter article ^^. In this update (next one I go back to SC4), we are going to have a look at some scenario shots of two racing games: 1) DriveClub 2) Gran Turismo 6 You may ask me what kind of City Journal is, a weird one indeed. Well, I don’t have much idea where to put these content. “Make a topic” some would suggest. But I wonder if the topic would get lost in some other thousands ones. And these kind of stuff are not tutorials. So lets get started… 1) DriveClub DriveClub is all about driving cars on the road in some good-looking scenario. It is not simulation-intended. There are more environment shots than urban ones, and the only big city is the one that was shown on the last update. Here are some extra pictures of DC: All these DriveClub pictures were taken from: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/driveclub-scenery.320510/ 2) Gran Turismo 6 Gran Turismo 6 is a racing simulation game. It has some cities tracks, and more urban areas than DriveClub (also known as DC). However, Gran Turismo 6 is old generation on PS3, it has less graphic content than dc. Also, in GT6 the quality of the out-track pictures are variable. Here are some 10 shots from GT6: Heavy edited: All of these Gran Turismo 6 Pictures were taken from: https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/scenery.292306/ Please keep in mind that these cities and scenario are not my work. DriveClub© is a work by Evolution Studios (http://www.evos.net/), released in 2014. GranTurismo© is a trademark from Polyphony Digital (http://www.polyphony.co.jp/english/), and its 6th version was released in December 2013.
  10. Posting pictures

    can any one explain how to post pictures now that we have a new format on the site? before I would go to my imgur site click the BBcode and copy it to the post this seems not to work anymore thanks for any help.
  11. I just got the game for Mac and I have to admit it's pretty fun, but I encountered a problem yesterday. When I attempted to purchase something for my city, none of the images of the assets were shown. All I had was a grey background. I've attached a picture to show what it looks like. I can still hover over the image to find out what it is and buy it but it's tedious. I was wondering if there was a fix for this bug. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Quality should improve, only just uploaded. Hey Everyone, Welcome back to part 2 of South City. This episode was largely based around expanding the RHW out to the north, building a second RHW that will cut from the east and go into the city and also build a small industrial zone. There were also some big expansions (kinda of blocky) to the residential and commercial zones just north of the previous commercial zones. The junction linking the East-West highway to the North-South one. The new junction, along with the new industrial zone and a new, smaller residential zone to fund development in the industrial zone. The blocky bit I built near the end... not so sure on this bit, but could not really think what else would fit in. I tried to make it similar to British inner-cities, but I don't think the style of flats goes very well with that idea. I might go back over this next episode and space things out, as well as maybe downgrading to low density residential instead of mid-density. An image of Cleverdon District so far. Still a lot of space to work with, especially to the East, just past the mountains. Looking forward to stretching the RHW out there and building some nice suburbia. And an image of south city in general. The surrounding area seems big, and this is only a fraction of the whole region. Thanks for looking/watching, and be sure to comment/rate with any useful tips or criticisms. Any suggestions for good lots would be appreciated, as I really want to expand the variety of buildings, but don't know where to start. Haso/Rodriguez
  13. As a site that is dedicated to different city building games, it would only be natural that among us here are city aficionados and connoisseurs. So I am starting a thread wherein everyone can post images of any cities around the world. It may be a skyline, a rural area, a park, transportation etc as long as you want to share them. To limit though, it should at most be one image per post and there should be a caption of what city is featured in the image. To start off, let me give this beautiful gem. Bangkok, Thailand (2015)
  14. Hello guys, lately I've started using the forum and needless to say, it is awesome and I have learned SO much from the community.- Having said that, I came across a MASSIVE amount of topics that had pretty much all the images not working... so I'm writing this to see if there is a way we can get together and work out a solution, since having tutorials with no images is kinda useless.. So let's hear your ideas about how to best address this issue? I propose sending a message to users letting them know they have a determined amount of time to fix their posts or they will be deleted, or something along these lines.... Anyway, I felt this needed to be addressed, and as a quick search for "broken image links" returned no results, I took the liberty to start this thread. Thoughts?
  15. Maybe we have some images of what we imagine future cities might look like. My view of cities is very highly industrial and hi-tech like some of Somy's creations.
  16. Cant see images

    hello i have downloaded the files and have extracted them and put them into the plugin files but i don't see the buildings when i place them . please help
  17. THE 3 PROVINCES OF LOMAS DEL VIENTO: THE PROVINCE OF ISLA GRANDE: Official name: Gran Provincia de Isla Grande Population: 345.514 (63,68% of total) Capital: Williams City Adjective: granlense Description: It concentrates big industries and is the financial province with Revelión City, it has the largest city of the country. THE PROVINCE OF KUTULU: Official name: United Province of Kutulu Population: 152.644 (28,13% of total) Capital: Jerai City Adjective: Kutuliano Description: Is the province more technologically advanced of the country. THE PROVINCE OF LAMPRODIA: Official name: Lamprodia Island Province Population: 44.357 (8,17% of total) Capital: Kleverson City Adjective: Laprodiano Description: There is a small province. You population is 8% of total of lomaterrienses. Their main activity is a Tourism. STATS OF LOMAS DEL VIENTO by National CENSUS (December, 2011): Population: 542.515 (1 December, 2011) Largest city: Revelión City (151.000) Smallest city: Parada Durazno (97) Most polluted city: Grownson, Lamprodia Most "industrialized" city: Jerai City (58.000 industrial jobs) Most "commercial" city: Williams (115.000 commercial jobs)

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