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A Tale of Two Towns



Once upon a time, there were two small towns in the Queenbee region, Bellaing and Marlinville, each on one side of the lake. Each had a very nice beach and the East Shore had not one but  two nice marinas. But when you wanted to go from one to the other on foot or on a bicycle, or go boating, you had to go all the way around South -- or swim across, of course, which was fine in summer, and young P. R. did that a lot of times, but it was not very practical otherwise. Until someone had a bright idea : "Let's build a bridge !" And they did. At some point. Much later. Because each town had its own idea what kind of bridge the bridge should be, where it should be, for how many cars per minute, and then some went all NYMBY on this stupid project from the West Shore side of the lake, or that stupid project from the East Shore... And meanwhile, nothing was done. Finally they did build a bridge. Not East-West but North-South. And then a lot of people complained, because it was made for cars, not pedestrians or bicycles which are the preferresd mode of locomotion in both towns, but still had to go the long way around (not that the bridge made it much shorter, either), and because there was one place where everybody sort of agreed would have been a great place for a bridge -- where the lake is at its narrowest. Why not there??? There was talk of bribes, land speculation, cronyism and outright gangsterism. While their elders were badmouthing each other, the young people from Bellaing and Marlinville were beginning to feel like Romeos and Juliets. And then they came of age and were allowed to vote in the local elections. And then it changed. (to be continued)

0 OverviewBellaingMarlinvilleLake22.JPG









1 MarinaLaketrail.JPG

2 Lakevillagenorthend4.JPG

3 Lakevillagenorthend6.JPG

4 Marina4.JPG

5 MarinaBoats1.JPG

6 Lakevillage2usinefish.JPG

7 Marinawalls.JPG


Recommended Comments

Those marinas and water side docks look good. Also really like that lumber yard, if you don't mind me asking could you tell me where you found it :)

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You know what, I must shamefacedly confess I don't know. I did that region quite some time ago... I think it's Paeng MTP Logging Addon vol.01 but I'm really, really not sure. I can inquire, though.

NB : It could also be a Nexis lot. Or NBVC. I've looked through my Logging Stuff folder and don't find the picture -- but some of those lots I don't have a jpg for, anyways... Sorry.

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A region is never to old if it´s got such quality. Fresh regions allways suffer of some more or less developed area´s; choice do we wait till all is done or show the potential earlier. It´s like a painting wich can only being watched when it´s fully finished or,., Any idea wich are the static train loco´s and cars, got a german set but these look more american ?

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 Thanks. I take so much pleasure "dressing"(MMPS & various plops)  when they're finished in my opinion  (i.e. with a reasonable population and a well-balanced budget !) that I could not, in fact, post a tile before its time !:-)))

Those train strips are Master Paeng's, a riff on Peg's.

**BTW, I asked about the plugin lot+rail and I'm told that my guess might be correct : Paeng's Logging addons 01. But if you do a search with "Logging" or "Lumber" you'll find plenty of great lots and MMPs:-)

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OK, Kschmidt, it's Paeng's MTP Lumberyard, later included in his Logging Addons, I think (but you can find it separately.) 

There, my OCD is satisfied !:-))

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Thank you, I wasn´t revering to the logging scene, but was more interested in the static loco and hopper cars in the middle of the track !

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