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  1. First town Using NAM 31 update... zones...

    Kinda looks like that from there. But its actually 2 different bridges, the one on the right was dragged and the one on the left is the 7.5 m plop bridge that is new to the NAM tools. 
  2. Teaser: Port Neworth

    Looks awesome! cant wait to see it! 
  3. 11: First Looks at Gene, Folland

    I like the plane on the first image, nice editing. 
  4. First town Using NAM 31 update... zones...

    After some frustration and having to re-install NAM 31 twice I finally got it to work. And although I don't have much time now to work on the most grand of the cities in the region a practiced out on a few little towns with about 6.000 and 24,000. MAJOR props to NAM! This screen shot is the smaller town of about 6,000, the drag-able angled roads wrap perfectly around the river and other terrain. A few new bridges, along with the ability to make triangular blocks now! Below is the larger town of about 24,000. The Textures for the urban zoning around the angled roads match perfectly with the city and buildings now. That;s all for now!
  5. Penthesili progress

    could you upload a transportation map? your whole region looks awesome! Where did you get the white brick river embankments those are really cool!
  6. Saiko: Trains, Canals, Beauty

    wow what an excellent combo of SC4 and Photoshop skills, great work, that first pic is so perfectly detailed.
  7. my "Grande Region"

    looks like an awesome freeway system, I can't wait to see it, I vote you show that first!
  8. NL: Vinira: Technological Revolution

    Wow, nice new take on a futuristic city, I love it!
  9. Update 12: Jowlon a Suburb on the Fringe

    Very nice layout, you get far better traffic flow through the NAM highways, I can't wait to see the whole city!
  10. NAM Version 31 Release Date Announcement

    Ahh man, I feel this is the Kick SC4 needed to stay in up there with the release of SC5 this year, ahh I just learned how to finally get the hang of all of the NAM roads and this will just make it better!
  11. This is Tonight's Project... Suburbs Teaser!

    Schulmanator - this is what the downtown turned out like, a bit smaller then normal, but still looks pretty good I think! [img]http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/021/8/0/downtown_night_2_by_soulproductions-d5sb3ze.png[/img]
  12. 6 hr's of NAM Highway Re-placement on my Downtown.

    Benedict - I built the off-ramp that goes over the avenue just for looks in the beginning but it proved very efficient for the traffic going past the downtown area. It helped with the abandonment too.
  13. 6 hr's of NAM Highway Re-placement on my Downtown.

    Fox - Glad that you like it, I like doing a nice mix of both cities in nature, you can get into the detail of both which is cool. Thanks.
  14. This is Tonight's Project... Suburbs Teaser!

    Here is a NAM Traffic update, The first 3X3 tile in the region is mostly going to consist of suburbs, so not to many tall buildings, mostly outlet malls, and rows upon rows of housing. However there are 2 highways that intersect through the region so lots of traffic from near by cities as shown here will be flowing through, Hopefully to be done by tomorrow night this will be a fun project. Tonight's progress... Ok here is the last update until final presentation of Carrie, I am about to press play and I shall update you guys tonight! SOUL
  15. July, 57EL: Twists

    Thats such a long on ramp!