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City-building game(s)

Found 34 results

  1. In episode #1, we kickstart the city by building up a small island and than looking to spread out our city in the next episode. We so far have began to build our skyline, and commercial districts and the iconic japan neon light street. Project Japan is a humble attempt to build a somewhat realistic looking Japanese city situated somewhere between Okayama and Kobe on the northern shore of the Harima-nada sea. Japanese city series are almost non-existent, perhaps because of the serious ack of Japanese themed assets on the workshop. Finding inspiration can be tricky. Therefore, revamps are to be expected throughout the series, as i get better at building Japanese cityscapes and/or new assets become available. Find out more by watching my video below.
  2. I I I

    Hello everyone, The video is finally coming out, it's different from the others I've done so far. It is oriented rather political in general than on the game itself and you will understand it quickly by viewing it. If it took so long for it to come out, it's because I hesitated for a long time before deciding, because the video presents ideologies different from the norm and the media "main stream". I can understand the disagreement about people's opinions, but please remain respectful in the commentary space. I am open to all discussions as long as it is constructive. Good viewing! Images used in the video:
  3. Evolution

    Hello everyone, It has been a long time since I came on the forums, tonight I come back with a new video... A video a bit special, it's the first time I spend so much time to achieve one. It took me more or less two weeks, during all my evenings to lay this video, there are more than eight hours of films that had to be sorted and compressed. But the biggest particularity of this video is that it appeals to 21 other people than me, without whom, I could never make this video as we know it today! I want to thank everyone who took some of their time to make the video! Good viewing! Thanks for the comment! I did not invent any MMPs, all come from different mods. For the lots it's almost the same thing, I just used existing BATs in the LE. Thank you for your sharing! Thank you very much, it makes me very happy to have worked with you! I'm glad you're happy! Thank you very much Michael, I'm glad I worked with you too! Thank you! Thank you very much GoKingsGo! Thank you very much! Thank you very much korver! Thank you! Thank you very much, music plays an important role too! Well, thank you very much! For the textures of roads and streets, this is part of my work SNT: Textures are not available at the moment. The project should be realized in a few months! Thank you Krasner, glad you like it! Thank you very much for the comment! There is no problem, the resolution also goes as it is now! Thank you! Thank you very much for your comment and your participation, I am very happy! Well, thank you very much for all your kind words! It is true that I do not always have a lot of time to work on SC4, but I always try to find a moment to do what I like.
  4. Hello everyone, I open this new topic to let you know about my new project to create new textures for road networks in general (road, street and NWM). The same subject is opened on SC4D: Swiss Network Textures. There is very little full texture play to exploit them in the LE, which is why I start this work. I create textures for Swiss (CH) networks but also European because we use almost identical road signs. My main goal is simply to make textures overlays for the LotEditor (LE), I do not want to create textures for all NAM networks, but only a few in particular. In the future, when my pack is downloadable, you will be able to do what you want with the textures: modifications, mods, additions, etc ... My pack is basic and contains only simple orthogonal textures. Maybe in the future I will follow up with the diagonals, it takes a lot of time. For each type of network I assigned a code to identify more easily the types of textures / networks. I put most of the existing networks, Maxis and NAM, but I may have forgotten others. Here are the codes: Pictures: M01a : Click here M01b : Click here M02a : Click here M02b : Click here N07 : Click here N13 : Click here N20 : Click here P22 : Click here I apologize for presenting the Excel table in two parts, I have not found a better solution than that for now, I will see in the future if I find a more ergonomic solution in order to have the table with the links To see the pictures included in it. If you have any criticisms or suggestions you can let me know. Thank you for your attention, Aka
  5. Archipelago of Brebes

    Located in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific Ocean, the Archipelago of Brebes and a group of 67 islands spanning about 580 kilometers and also the country of Halruaah. The largest island is 120 kilometers long by 40 wide and is home to the capital Kawayan. The archipelago was colonized about 70,000 years ago by men, from 500 BC the archipelago became highly coveted by its resources and its strategic position, it will be the scene of numerous territorial clashes between several neighboring countries. It was in 1760 that the British Empire took power from the archipelago and added a new colony to its list. Two centuries later, the local population revolted, and demanded its independence. After the Second World War, the United Kingdom can not preserve its authority against revolt because it demands too much military and financial means, it folds and the independence of the country will be officially signed on June 6, 1953. The civil war will cost the life of 150,000 citizens. Today, the archipelago of Brebes has just over 15 million inhabitants, the majority of which are concentrated in Kawayan. The poverty line decreases ant the unemployment rate of 11.2% of the active population. The country's main economy comes from tourism, oil and copper. Have a nice trip! Kawayan, the largest city and capital of the country. The population reaches 9'000'000 in 2016 and demographers estimate that the city is reaching 10'000'000 inhabitants in about twenty years. The city is contrasted by poor neighborhoods, other neighborhoods rise with large buildings blending British architecture in the modern Asian and Australian era. There are a multitude of small villages like this spread over the entire archipelago. Most of these villages depend on fishing and agriculture, for some of them tourism operates the local economy. One of the four airfields in the country. Built in 1940 during the Second World War, it served the British Army for military operations on the islands neighboring archipelago. The aerodrome has been classified as one of the worst in the world by an aeronautical review because of its delicate position between the ocean and the cliffs, the pilots have courage ... There have already happened a few accidents, but never anything serious. An old colonial house of the British Empire isolated from everything. In the archipelago still lives some indigenous tribes they live mainly of the fishing. There are about 1,700 natives scattered over several islands. After the war, the country developed to the detriment of the natives. One of the few stream in the whole archipelago. The Hainia Atoll. It takes millions of years for an atoll to form: at first it is a volcano to which coral is formed around it in shallow and warm waters. The volcano collapses until it disappears completely leaving behind only a coral reef in the form of a ring. This process takes several million years. In 2006, a man was found on an island in the archipelago, surviving for a dozen years before a fisherman's boat noticed an unusual activity on the island. The man had made a huge fire and kept it up for several days before anyone noticed his presence. He says he had a great holiday! Thank you Silur. Thank you. No, I was not inspired by this CJ, although it is very beautiful. Thanks Michael, the next update will be in a long time. As soon I will not have much time to dedicate to SC4, and also I want to prepare something huge that will take me a lot of time. Why not! Thank you for the comment! Thank you, I enjoyed doing this little aerodrome. I'm glad to hear it, thank you very much. Yes why not. Thank you GoKingsGo! Thank you very much tariely!
  6. Deforestation

    Hello everyone, I have not posted anything more than a month. So I come up with a new YouTube video that this time is not a tutorial plus an experience of changing deforestation. I hope that this new concept will please you, if it works well I will do some times in the same genre. Good viewing! Thank you. I did not want to take a close look at deforestation for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a close-up would have asked for more details and therefore more time. The second reason, with a bigger zoom on deforestation is less impressive: if one takes the first and last image of deforestation there is a clear difference. The goal of the first part of the video is not to do anything incredibly detailed with the MMP, but simply to see "live" deforstation. Thank you, I'm glad to see that the video passes a good message. I already thought about doing Africa, but it will not be for now, but it will come! Thank you Michael! Thank you for your kind words! On the other hand, there are also trees near me that have been cut down, it dramatically changes the landscape and makes it uglier. Less and less trees for more concretes, unfortunately. Contact with nature is soon lost. Thank you very much RandyE. Thank you! Merci! Your message affects me a lot, I'm glad to hear these words, thank you again! Thanks to you for the comment.
  7. Hey guys ! This topic is made just for you. (!)Posts are going to be edited a lot so make sure to come often. I will mark new edits with a "!" Here we are going to talk about : - News about the SimCity Revive project - Screenshots of the mods - Comments about SCRevive - Q&A allowed! - Requests for the project
  8. Tutorial : Create a pond

    Hello everyone, For a moment I did not return to the forums because I had quite a lot to do. So to come back nicely I decided to make a video before continuing my Dahammas area. It is a video related to the creation of a pond, I hope you like it! Water : STEX - Paeng's Free Waters Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 STEX - VIP RuralPack Vegetation : LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe daisy LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks LEX - BSC - VIP girafe poppies LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis LEX - RRP Pasture Flora Various : LEX - Mayor Mode Ploppable Livestock LEX - SFBT Craftsmen House by voltaic STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP It's a bit like a habit, and even if there's a mistake you have to keep going because the video is spinning and I can not do too much time. Despite that, we do not see it, but I sometimes have moments of hesitation during the video. Thank you for your comment! Thank you very much raynev1! Thank to you! Seeing elsewhere is always interesting even when one is able to do the same.
  9. Eréphore - Pt. II

    And here is the second part of Eréphore! I wish you all with a little bit of advance, good holidays of end of years! A small village in the area, a few tourists pass by here to visit the fort and hike along the river. One of the two arms of the Thylis, The flow of the river is not very large and fertilizes not much land. Over the past thirty years, the flow of the river has further diminished due to increasingly intense farming. In the mountain of Gormios there is an ancient ruin of an ancient temple. It was destroyed by an earthquake around 500 AD and plundered intensely after that. The city center of Erephore and capital of the region, there are about 120'000 inhabitants. Upon returning to the "Blue Line", we can see the old desalination plant built some fifteen years ago and still functioning today. Due to demographic growth, in recent years, this plant is not enough and a second bigger one has been built. Thank you! Thank you, and Happy New Year! Thank you! Thank you very much pour your comment! Thank you! Thank you very much jmsepe! Thank you. Thank you. Yes, that's a lot of work!
  10. Eréphore - Pt. I

    The sun shines draining land in early summer, the south wind sweeps before the doors of houses. Today, the thermometer rise to 34°C on average across the country, the region of Eréphore was most affected by the heat wave, could be measured around noon a temperature of 39°C! Eréphore is one of two regions of the southernmost countries and their Mediterranean climate, the olives trees are thriving and are walking in part with the local economy behind tourism. This part of the country yet still remains very poor, people live mainly from agriculture, fishing and a few small travails often not reported to the state. Have fun watching these images, this is only the first part of Eréphore. Indeed, the work done so far is huge and is not finished yet. I have many ideas to run for the next update always on the same topic, and I do not want to wait several weeks before a new entry (soon it's been a month that I work on this update ). I wish you all a good viewing, see you soon! The "Blue Line" is the line of the oldest railway in the country, it has that name because it runs along the sea. Built during the First World War, in 1915, it was used primarily to link the north the territory to the south for the supply of the army. The end of the war, the line will operate for civilian use, and rail will grow in the country. The Thylis, a small River rises about 50 km to the west in the massive Gormios. The river is known for the motorway viaduct that crosses from east to west. Completed in 2008, it serves the Eréphore other region. The old tower, so she is appointed. This type of building built in the Middle Ages is common in the south. It was used to alert the town in case of an attack with a trumpet. At that time, there were often raids in villages. The plateau Eréphore with its abbey overlooking the semi-desert terrain, it is crossed by the National Road 7. A small village almost deserted, there are still 13 people... The houses each turn fall into ruin. Thank you feyss! No need to say more, if you do not feel it! ^^ Thank you very much! Thank you very much for your comment, I'm really glad to hear it! It took me a little time to create these five photos, Eréphore was born there about 20 days, but I have not worked on it every day. I think in total I had to make between 35 and 40 hours to get the results you see. Thank you! Yes, rocky parts are a bit more complex to do. I had to try several samples before making a decision. I'm usually bad for this type of MMP. Thank you very much Michael! Thank you Simmer2! Yes rural houses from the TSC: Nams BATS PROPS PACK Vol 01 Thank you for the comment! Thank you! Thank for you comment! Thank you! There is no need to build particular MMP under a bridge. You just have to click below with the MMP and it's all good! Thank you very much! Thank you for your nice comment TekindusT!
  11. Tutorial : create a road

    Hello everybody, Today I post a video tutorial on the roads. often compliment me about my road (MMP) and ask how to do it well. I hope that it will meet the expectations of some people. I wish you a good viewing! See you soon for future new updates will happen soon! Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 Road : LEX - RRP Draggable Paths ChrisAdamas3997 STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - VIP Carpack vol1 STEX - VIP Carpack vol2 STEX - VIP Carpack vol3 Vegetation : LEX - RRP Pasture Flora LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe maples v2 LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks Various : LEX - Les Murets de l'Aubrac Orange TSC STEX - Bikes STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP STEX - VIP RuralPack Thank you! Excuse me. I put the links of all MMPs used in this video. Thank you! Thank you! What is ASAP? Thank you for your comment! The speed of the video is x2.05. So I had about 20 minutes IRL to create this scene. Thank you Silur! Thank you for your nice comment! It takes a little practice at first to build straight roads. But one learns quickly! Thank you TekindusT! Thank you for your comment! Anything is possible with SC4! We learn new things every day, me too! Thank you. MMP routes have advantages, but also disadvantages. Everything depends on the context of their use. Thank you from the comment, I am glad that this is useful.
  12. Solid_Snake0911 Projects

    Ey gente, aqui Solid_Snake0911. A partir de hoy abriré este topico para publicar mis proyectos y QUIZAS algunos tip's para crear mis trabajos. Desde hace algunos años he tenido que ser autodidacta de todo esto del Bating para poder comprender y comenzar con edificios pequeños y la aplicación de los detalles y SOBRE TODO EL TEXTURIZADO. Creo que una de las cosas más dificiles de este pasatiempo tan genial, es el texturizado. Con los años aprendí a arreglarmelas por mi cuenta, sin embargo, caresco de conocimiento de sitios recomendados a los que pueda acudir para conseguir información, texturas, tutoriales o incluso, información sobre los edificios que me interesan modelar para Simcity 4. Hace casi 2 años comence un proyecto que por algunas dificultades (se daño mi computadora y tuve que esperar meses para comprar tan siquiera un disco duro nuevo) se retraso una y otra vez pero por fin podré adelantarles algo de lo que ya tengo terminado. Debo decir que en vista de lo dificil que se me hace trabajar con 3ds Max (por lo antigüedad de mi pc, tengo que sustituirla por completo y no tengo dinero ) aprendí a usar Google Sketchup para modelar, pero si uso 3ds Max para renderizar los modelos, a partir de alli no tengo problemas para agregar los modelos al juego. Antes de presentar mi adelanto del proyecto actual, me gustaria pedirle el mayor de los apoyos a toda la comunidad para ayudarme a continuar realizando mis trabajos a largo plazo. Ayuda con algunas paginas web de texturas (textures.com -no se si las politicas del foro me permita mencionar paginas web- ya la conosco), sitios web que me brinden información de arquitectura de los edificios (planos arquitectonicos o de cualquier tipo), algunos trucos, tutoriales o información para desarrollar mi agilidad para modelar, texturizar o crear nuevo material. De antemano les agredeceré su comprensión y colaboración en todo lo que me ayuden, de todas formas todo será con la finalidad de compartir con todos ustedes lo que pueda aprender y crear. Bueno sin nada más que agregar por ahora, les presento al... 120 Wall Street.
  13. Valley Tühbräk

    Seven days the emperor was murdered in the capital. Seven days, that the Empire is destabilized and frightened people. No one knows who the meurtrier is and for which it acts, can be an enemy of the Empire or a coup of state... But today is another day, that of a new emperor will rule as wisely as possible. We must restore the situation, the Empire needs a strong man ... The sun just beginning to rise as the city is already in motion, the garrison army prepares and secures down the path that the Emperor during his walk to the cathedral to take the wish. Meanwhile the lost in the countryside, the emperor prepares his speech at the castle, which is three hours on horseback from the capital. When he leaves, he will be escorted to the royal guard, his wife, his two children and other statesmen and religious. When he arrives in the capital, it will take about thirty minutes before arriving at the cathedral to finally complete the ceremony. As time passes and more people in the city is excited, there are people angry and more happy to finally have someone on the throne to regain control of the situation before things degenerate. Indeed, there has already been some revolts around the country, often small but end badly. Finally, it is high time that the Emperor sits on the throne, it is carried by a long reign worthy of the name! In this city is restless, but less campaign. The Emperor does not always win the heart of the rural population, poorer it has little to the life of these people. "A man or another to the throne, it changes nothing for us! It is not they who will reap wheat.", Said an old farmer. A small stream, near the castle from which governs the Emperor. Near the stream, the monks of the monastery are preparing for the ceremony. The cathedral, great symbol of Dahammas capital. The streets are crowded and it is difficult to move about, the army prepares the way. The Emperor should leave soon... ... Even though the quiet and beautiful scenery make you want to stay there! Thank you The mod is this bridge: Le Petit Pont de Pierre Thank you! Merci Golhbul! Non, je ne me suis pas trompé, en revanche il se peut que mon histoire soit un peu flou, je ne suis pas encore un grand conteur et je n'ai pas toujours les bons mots. Je cite Dahammas en clin d’œil à la R.C.D. simplement. Ce n'est donc pas une image provenant de la R.C.D., mais bel et bien une image de Tühbräk. J'espère avoir éclairci un peu ton doute. Thank you kschmidt! No, the lot is created by Simmer2: Schiffenberg Monastery Revisited. Thank you very much, glad you like it! Thank you Ln X! ^^ I try to create something exciting around images. But my English is bad and it does not do as well as French. I hope to improve! Anyway, thank you the comment! Thank you raynev1! Thank you Simmer2! The next update will be even better!
  14. Höreinn

    In the far north, a territory lost through time in almost total silence and gives way to the fantastic white world: that of Höreinn! The huge territory has never been colonized, too wild and cold, it has pushed the men set foot there permanently. It is only since the late 20th century a few huts and cottages were built. The first buildings were those of came poachers hunt bear and some deer, then melting ice will still come men on land. The region still may be populated by a few hundred men in the next ten years, actually, with melting ice, some oil companies plan to drill offshore where it was impossible to reach there half a century... Höreinn still keeps its splendor, here are some pictures to illustrate it. This is a small update, because winter and snow miss with the hot weather! I hope you enjoy it, see you soon! The largest chalet of any Höreinn! Set in the very south of the territory, he undergoes a milder climate than the rest of the territory to the north... ... Finally, we are still in the North! The bear is getting lost... So thank you again! Thank you kschmidt! Yes, the winter theme is very difficult to do, especially for plants in my opinion. Thanks feyss! Thank you for your comment! You will have time to warm you until next real winter! Thank you! In the picture, I see well. Maybe your screen dark setting? Thank you kingofsimcity! Thank you very much! Your comment makes me happy! Winter is my favorite season, I live in Switzerland, yet even here the snow starts to become scarce (in low altitude). I then created few landscapes to remember that winter is beautiful! Thank you Takingyouthere, and it's not finished! Thank you! Thank you very much Ln X!
  15. Creek Neliah

    Story of an inhabitant: "Legend has it that 11th century, a small ship would be near a large creek during an autumn night. It seems that they saw a strange light shining from above, the captain ordered to land on a beach a few kilometers from this cliff. Throughout the night, the team of sailors marched through the forest. At dawn, the team finally reaches the top of the cliff, we could not see the light because of the sunrise, the marine team decides to mount camps waiting to see the famous light. Night came, and still nothing ... The nights go, the weeks go ... But nothing, no light. Lack of resources there, the sailors began to turn back. They left the island, thinking that it was madness or the region were enchanted. No matter for them, it's time to leave! The creek is discovered, but the mystery remains. During the late 17th century, it will Edvard Neliah, a little superstitious adventurer out to conquer the creek with settlers in search of glory and honor. At their establishment at the top of the cliff, nothing happened during nights ... Until one night, the light appears next to the village, Neliah will rush alone to view it, more he approached, and more the light disappeared into the dark forest. In the morning, the villagers realized that Neliah was not there, they decided to go looking for him. Until late in the day, no one found the man, and no trace. Neliah was never found and will be reported missing or dead. The settlers decided to name the creek "Neliah", in honor of the first man died on this land that thanks to him, a village was built." Since the disappearance of Edvard Neliah, the region counted a dozen earthquakes, the last earthquake dates back about two months., and the village was depopulated a little more each earthquake. Today, the villagers believe hard as iron in this legend. But scientists are trying to find explanations, in vain. I wish you all a good visit this famous cliff! See you soon! The latest earthquake did not make big mess, it's a chance! This small green house belonged to Neliah. She has since abandoned, some say hear strange noises within these four walls... This is definitely a band of squatters! Thank you very much. The wooden house in the chicken coop or at the edge of the village? I put you two links : SPAM (House of chicken coop) / Maison Troyenne 1 Thank you Takingyouthere! I use single mod Chrisadams3997: RRP Draggable Paths Thank you! Thank you very much Michael. I do not like to waste time, unfortunately the R.C.D. is over. It is inutil to self-pity, we must move forward. Thank you very much! But what is this page which you speak? Thank you! Merci feyss! Mais de quelle page parles-tu? nos.17 me fait une remarque similaire à la tienne... ( EN - But what page are you talking about? nos.17 me a similar point to yours... ) Hey Korver, thank you! Thank you! There possibly SAM No. 7 looks like it, otherwise do a new SAM texture... Thank you! Thank you very much kschmidt! Oh ok. I do not know, thank you for the information! I made a proposal. No this is not an unbearable point, quite the contrary! Now that you have this reflection, I find it true. Thank you anyway! Hey, thanks you! Thank you very much RandyE! Thank you very much Ln X. I proposed this article in the "Features". But for some reason, Dirktator failed to put my story on page header. (Yet he tried several times to put it. In vain...) Thank you! Thank you very much. I try to make things as captivating as possible. Thank you! Thank you very much tankmank!
  16. DU Tigers Fieldhouse



    DAVYNSBURGH UNIVERSITY PROJECT This is a 11x15 Landmark lot and is a fictional university stadium. Part of the Davynsburgh University Project and is the home of the Tigers basketball and hockey teams. The stadium was built using Sketchup and currently has no nightlights. It features a large outdoor viewing screen for fans to watch and cheer from the East end of the stadium. Special gameday concerts are held at the same end on the PLB Stage. No Dependencies Feel free to check out the other DU Project buildings here: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31054-du-rivers-stadium/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31119-du-main-library/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31120-du-tigers-stadium/ http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31126-du-entrances/
  17. Hello everybody. I released a new custom lot which is pretty much my first custom lot to actually be good enough to release. If you want to check it out and download it it, go ahead. The link will be below. I also included the Sketchup Model so you can modify and make your own Turning Torso buildings! Here is the link: The Turning Torso If you do decide to download it, I hope you enjoy it!! There is a CO$$$ Version included, but I messed that version up. There is for some reason no jobs in it. So, the landmark version is pretty much the only one that works. And sorry, I don't know how to make growable lots yet, or how to put night lights on buildings. Gmax was actually cooperating with me when I rendered it! A snapshot of the building is the attachment. Again, If you do get it, I hope you enjoy! -VeeTHis
  18. I found something to do in CapTown!
  19. I'm looking at starting a large project and I'm hoping to bring on some help. I need builders as well as content creators, and possibly at least a little help from modders depending on what issues arise. I'm aiming to create a large city within very specific guidelines and need help. I can get into more detail for anyone who might be interested. What I envision is something of a community build project, with support from creators for specific buildings and features. I have a wishlist of people from this community who I'd ideally like to participate. If you're interested in hearing more, please post here or message me. Thank you.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    http://puu.sh/m5Ngi/535e6e94c6.png _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Standing at over 328 meters, the Sky Tower [Auckland, New Zealand] is one of the tallest man-made structures in the Southern Hemisphere. It boasts a restaurant and nightlife complemented with a observational viewing deck to look over the downtown Auckland area and the city's skyline. It also functions and broadcasting tower, with a mast that adorns the tower. This BAT is available in both Maxis-nite and Darknite. It comes with two files for each night setting. You can install both light settings without confusing your game -- also be advised, that this version only includes the white lighting for the meantime. Not-So-Fun fact: This BAT was initially meant to have 6 color schemes, which will hopefully be implemented slowly in the near-future -- So keep an eye out for any new updates! Three proposed schemes are displayed above, May be there'll be a Christmas themed lighting for tomorrow? [imghttp://puu.sh/m5O19/f2a4f5442a.png] [imghttp://puu.sh/m5O73/a9e3d1e7c7.png] In-game Demonstration http://puu.sh/m5NE4/776a6612c1.jpg _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Landmark (Non-fuctional) --------------------------- Lot Size - 4x4 Type - Landmark Plop Cost - §380k / §385k Dependencies BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 by CP LRM Prop Pack 02 by mandelsoft SimFox Day and Nite Modd [Optional] by SimFox Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any The Random Project BATs (an exception for TRP Prop models), contact me for permission before releasing the lots.** _________________________________________________________________________
  21. Version


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At the request of , I completed his Toshiba Tower BAT. That said, this W2W corner office occupies a space of 1x1 SC4 tiles, has 24 floors and is pretty much the definition of the average pencil tower, which seem to be breaking out in the world's most modernized of cities. This building grows at stage 7-8, and are CO§§ and CS§§§. It also has two Landmark ploppables, one functional and the other non-functional. This BAT is available in both Maxis-nite and Darknite. It comes with two files for each night setting. Only one file should be used at a time, relative to your preferred night setting. In-game Demonstration _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Growable --------------------------- Lot Size - 1x1 Type - Commercial Office [CO], Commercial Service [CS] Wealth - CO§§, CS§§§ Growth Stage - Med/High...Stage 7/8 City Style - New York, Chicago, Euro Contemporary, Houston Landmark (functional) --------------------------- Lot Size - 1x1 Worker Occupancy - 150 Type - CO§§ Landmark, Landmark Plop Cost - §50,000 / §25,000 Dependencies SimFox Day and Nite Modd [Optional] Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Credits Original model by "SimCity 4 builder" Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any The Random Project BATs (an exception for TRP Prop models), contact me for permission before releasing the lots.** _________________________________________________________________________
  22. Version


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Leading in various fields, chiefly in experimental, pseudo and technological developments, the Huston Corporation aims to innovate, educate, develop and further the scientific and technological understandings. With heavy investment in R&D, many breakthrough's have been met and shared with the world. Despite our allegedly 'evil' reputation, we're anything but and are only devoted to the betterment of the lives of people. Huston Corporation is here to lead Earth and Humanity to a better tomorrow. Anything but an evil intention. This BAT is available in both Maxis-nite and Darknite. It comes with two files for each night setting. Only download one files, relative to your preferred night setting. Fun fact: This BAT has a custom LOD, and has been manipulated to be friendly with object placement on its helipad! Lotters alike will enjoy knowing that a helicopter, or other aircraft-like vehicle will be able to land on the building, without mysteriously disappearing or crashing! In-game Demonstration _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Growable Lot Size - 3x2 (standard) Type - Commercial Office Wealth - CO§§§ Growth Stage - 8 (medium density+) City Style - New York Miscellaneous - Lotted in place over Wren Insurance, so it may grow like a weed in your cities Landmark (Currently Non-Functional) Lot Size - 3x2 (standard) Type - Landmark Monthly Cost - §500 Plop Cost - §360,500 Landmark Effect - 2000 Growth Stage - 8 (medium density+) Dependencies METMW: Prop Pack Alpha (1.1 or later) BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol.02 (V1.0) LRM Prop Pack 02 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (V1.0) SimFox Day and Nite Modd [Optional] Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any The Random Project BATs (an exception for TRP Prop models), contact me for permission before releasing the lots.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  23. Hello, everyone . I have been working on the implementation of stadium parking garage modules for a few months now, and I am almost finished. However, the project is still not complete. Currently, I would like you guys to test out the Alpha version of Project Amphitheater. It has been tested before, but has not been thoroughly tested. The parking garage modules currently do not function in the sense of attendance, which is what I'm working on and what I need help with. I want to make it so that plopping one module will increase the attendance of the stadium by a certain amount. If anyone with modding experience is willing to help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it. HOWEVER, the modules should allow for cars to park inside of them. Here is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ldkrh1vdyw1z8f9/ALPHAStadiumParkingGarage.zip?dl=0 Once you have finished testing, I would really appreciate it if you leave some feedback on the mod and report any bugs you notice. This will help me better the mod and prepare it for release. Thanks, Cap
  24. Hello Simtropolitans ! How are you ? For myself, very good ! So, today I would like to announce you the beginning of a Work in progress MOD for SimCity : Cities of Tomorrow. What I am talking about is maybe, for you, similar to some mods that you have seen on the ST/Exchange. Well, let's talk about what this mod will be and what are his functionalities and how it will work. First, the Core Project name is "Cities of Tomorrow : The "plus (+)" Addon" Let me introduce you to the first part of this Core Project. Let's look at how it's made : https://www.dropbox....e.graph.001.png So for now, I have started the "Core «ControlNet»". I am looking for testers and modders that are able to add some properties to the mods such as : Bulldozable, fix the showing "value" (etc.) in game. Criterias for testers : You have to make a log file : ".txt" file with what you seen (what do u think is going wrong, etc.), have Skype (please leave yours in my Private Inbox on Simtropolis) (having Skype is optional but I would recommend you to have it). Being able to speak at least : English OR French (Both is also accepted). Thanks for reading, hoping that mod will be a success and will reach the official version. -=Update=- Re-hello guys ! Talking about this Work In Progress. Once the "ControlNet Tower" will be fixed and working properly, we will start to build a MegaTower Level. Hmmm ? Interesting ? what is that "Level" about ? Well, you'll see later (if success) new levels who will work at your choices (Pumping water, etc.) for you ! This addon is a part of you and US. =) -=Update=- Here are ".txt" files who contains all the informations for new stuff to come. At the moment, take a look a these ones. -=Help process (Support us!)=- To apply to a task or to help us, please reply and use the following chart here : Thanks for reading and supporting me ! It's a huge project! -=Trylk=-
  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72P_vVL7lZU Welcome to the new series! Enjoy!

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