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City-building game(s)

Found 29 results

  1. While playing on a custom map from Steam workshop I noticed that after reaching a population of around 80k, even on 3x speed that game runs slowly (but no lag, I have a fps counter). Later on I found out that my CPU maxed out and that it was using all of it's power to run it and it wasn't keeping up. Is there anyway to stop it from maxing out without buying new hardware? Currently using i5 1.7 GHz cpu, 8gb ram. 1tb harddrive (I know low spec right? but im poor AF)
  2. How do i solve traffic Problems in cities skylines? Such as massive traffic jams on the higwhay exit?
  3. Hey guys, could really use some help, been googling and searching the forums but no luck. I'm stuck at a population of 325. I've got houses, but no one will move in, and I got decent amount of jobs, maybe a little less than needed. But even if I start making businesses and stuff, it makes no difference and leads to budget overload. The only advice I've found online is "give it time" and believe you me, I've given it time, lots of it, and that's not the issue unless something is seriously wrong with the game. What do I do to make the city grow? Please?
  4. Hello everyone! I have some problems about CAM v2.1 (extended version). About a week ago, I decided to give a try to this mod as it promises a more realistic experience. I started a region with hard difficulty and after playing for 50 years, the population got stuck at 8k while having enormous demands on residential population (all of them are around 30k). I built a neighbor city to increase the region population, also I've experimented on the main city by zoning residential to almost all empty places. After having 14k population in the main city and 2.5k at the neighbor, the buildings did not change at all, only stage 2 buildings I had. I uninstalled the mod and run the vanilla. Opening the main city at 8k pop, I saw that I got some apartments after a few months. This enraged me a lot because I wasn't looking for a harder simcity experience at all (as hard is quite hard for me). The threshold values for stage 3 development are 3410, 5114, and 6818 according to the CAM manual. However, the values are taken from CAM v1.0, says InvisiChem. If the values have remained approximately the same, I should've got some small apartments. My question is: is this what CAM does indeed? If yes, how can one build well-developed cities by using this mod?I don't want to make the game harder or easier. To make a successful region, game takes too much time already. If this is the case, I guess I will go with the vanilla. I also want to say that I've installed anything but NAM. Thanks in advance!
  5. My region

    Hello All This is a glance at the region which I'm currently working on. I had help from so many wonderful people on this forum. special thanks to CorinaMarie, A Nonny Moose and cogeo, you have almost commented on every single of my thread, thanks for giving me so much guide, without you i won't have came this far. i also want to thank all others who help me out. anyways, there will be more photos coming. currently my region has just under 950K people, it's approaching 1M fast with very strong office and HT demand, plus MI and commercial services. Right now i'm trying to attract more rich people so i can have more CO$$$ skyscrapers, currently all my city tiles are dominated by CO$$ towers. so the CO$$$ are my next goal. Best Regards
  6. city stop growing

    I've been playing with my main city, reached 260 000 population and have highway/subway/industrial railroad system. But now, sims stop getting in my city (no demand on low/mid/high wealth). health/safety/mayor rating is the highest, every sector is covered with fire/police/hospital, and there's medium sky scrapers (3x3) all over the city, but it stop expand after I hit that population. I have enough high tech industry (1/10 of the land used for industry) to support the commercial, but seems the low tech industry are always needed. I got 3 city (2 industrial only and 1 normal medium wealth) connecting and 5 more that have air/ sea connection. what do I need to boost the city up again to build higher skyscrapers and grain more population?
  7. Rapid population growth

    Is there a way on SC4 to get rapid population growth in a city or region? And how should I take care of the RCI graphs? When I last play SC4, I would get negative demand for some zone type. How do I deal with this when I start up simcity 4 again? How do I evaluate what I should build next?
  8. There is demand but there is nobody coming to my city. Why is that?
  9. BUILDINGS, ROADS & POPULATION LIMITS It's almost a long lull since Skylines was released. Pre-release the dev's said the city sizes are 9 tiles - but with a mod can be expanded to 25 tiles. Skylines has sold over 1.5 million copies, it's been a truly success story. Now that the game is out there and most players knows they're limits - wouldn't it be time to raise the caps? Building limit and road limit. Most people have mid-range to high-end PC's and could easily utilize those 25 tiles better. I'm not saying build it full "wall to wall", but on the major markets Europa and North-America people do have good PC:s. Those who barely hit the minimum requirements knows they're limit - yet they can fully utilize those 9 tiles, and they in many cases stay away from mods and assets. Is there anymore point to the building & road limits? Or population limit? I could cope with the population limit well with 25 tiles but not building & road limits. Can please the limits be upgraded? Perhaps as a mod ? Or preferences in the settings panel? An option to increase the amount of items in the options, with a large red warning something along lines: 'your game might not work properly if you set this high and only have a minimum spec PC. This is not rare, I've seen it in games. Skylines is up for awards this year, give us players it's full potential. Along the time of After Dark? please.
  10. First: If someone will tell me how to load an image, I will be happy to post a few to make it easier for you to understand my situation. Does Simtrop host images on-site? Second: I am running what has been described as a "pretty much vanilla" version of the game. My streets have no curves, only angles, and no such thing as an overpass. The water is Maxis, and there are not too many "Mod" plugins in my folder. Just to set the ground rules -- a REGION is composed of a random mix of small, medium, and large maps. A small map is 64 x 64 squares. A medium map is 128 x128 squares. A large map is 256 x 256 squares. I buy power from and dump trash in the small maps. They are just bare necessity towns to provide connections and resources. (Though I am considering fixing them up a bit to make the regional map look better. I have built a succession of cities (60 to 100) while learning how the game works and figuring out how to incorporate downloads and Mods from STEX, PLEX, and LEX. And it has allowed me to make a few lots of my own to beautify the cities and to detail some of my industry. I am beginning to get the "itch" to make my cities more realistic in appearance and planning the layout. Hence more downloads will be required for industry, ports, etc. Eventually, I will create a new regional map and try going for the real look of a "satellite view" of a single large city with port zones, industrial zones, etc. (Kinda like LA looks like on Google maps -- suburbs, ports, etc). But that is for the future. My goal for the moment is to see how many people I can get into a single map. This makes your regional view look exactly like what it is -- a series of crowded squares. This goal encourages you to cram stuff into every possible nook and cranny on the map and results in an ugly city that eventually runs out of space. Using a medium map, my largest population reached 333,529 people. No room left to build anything. Using a Large map, my largest population reached 398,611 people. About 2/3 of the map still available, but game speed became frustratingly slow and I decided to switch to another city. Regional population is currently 4,279,849 people with 53 cities connected. I would like to know how other people are doing with their city populations. Am I about right -- or is there a way to get more people into a city? What do other players use as cap-busters for business, etc, etc? Any tips and suggestions will be most welcome.
  11. I've noticed that young sims accompany new res areas. These sims then age. Do sims eventually die to be replaced by young sims or is the placement of new res areas the only way to get youngsters? Also, do sims move or stay in place? In other words, when a res area gets richer, should I think of that as poor sims earning more, or poor sims leave and wealthy sims move in? Since the housing density goes down with wealth, what happens to the population that is displaced?
  12. Hello, I want to explore different ways to increase population in my city. I have extremely high RES, CO, and IND demand and I have no trouble having large buildings for both RES and CO. However, my population is constantly fluctuating, never really increasing much from 100,000 to 140,000. I am planning to have a city with a population of about 1,000,000, but it seems something is hindering me from achieving that goal. Can someone told me what I should do to increase my population? Reply would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have read a lot of topics regarding population and residential demand and have had now a lot of time to play the game. The that city I will mention in the post is made on the hard mode. Once I make the change from low to high density residential it becomes a lot harder to get more residential demand. OK, it makes sense in part, because now when you zone a 4x4 R zones you can get up to 18,19 households at the same space you used to get 5. But on the other hand, you are now zoning high density C zones and offices while leveling up generic industry to level 3 which all requires A LOT more workers. So the balance should be back to where it was before you went to high density R zones. The Taxes also have a strong effect. I have notice that going up to 13% on high density residential will lower the demand by a lot. So I started using taxes at 11% while at the same time using the police for tax relief for HDR(-2% taxes) when I zone them and wait for buildings to come up. This helpt.. a bit. But still there is very low residential demand while even at 3% unemployment and 2,500 open jobs I have medium C and I demand and almost 0 R demand. Has anyone else found some solution or a way to keep a high R demand? Extra information: My average land value in R zones is about 45-50 with parks and recreation police, while with that one and high tech housing it goes up to 60 leveling up R zones to level 4. I don't have a single one at level 5. I cover all my areas with Police HQ, Fire Stations, Clinics(I don't use hospitals), crematoriums, elementary schools and high schools, and 50% of the city has university coverage. Almost 95% is cover so well with parks that the buildings are all very bright blue, signaling maximum coverage.
  14. I have an issue that I encounter in every single one of my cities and it is that I seem to always have way too many unsatisfied shoppers, but too many available jobs. Wont creating more commercial zones to satisfy the shoppers also give me more available jobs? And therefore the shops won't find enough workers? I could always dezone some industrial but wont that mean freight shipments are unfulfilled? Somebody help!
  15. Ses Isles Introduction

    PROLOGUE Thanks to my recent job inside the administrative department from the United Simnations, I’ve found a lot of reports from different countries, created for an expert team, to identify wich ones were able to enter in the organization. The one I’ve decided to show here, is the ‘Ses Isles’ report. INTRODUCTION 4th March 2000. Dear President of the United Simnations, My name is Winston Lápida, Foreign Affairs Chief Executive Officer. My department has been studying a lot of countries request to get part of our organization. Among them, the Aralar Country is one of the best options, because its good behavior to the citizens. This report will talk about the develop in ten years of a little region from Aralar. The region name is Ses Isles. First of all, I must to explain a few things about the country: Aralar Country is a very old land, with more than two thousand years of history. Formed by five different kingdoms, the country merged as a republic in 1795 after a bloody civil war, caused by the French revolution influence(1789). Since this moment, the democracy has increased and became stronger. The country is divided in five federal states(same territory as the old kingdoms), every of them subdivided in Autonomous regions or just regions. Ses Isles is a little island region. The first habitants here, arrived in 1713; founding a small fishing community, that has started to grow up now. Ses Isles 2000 Map SES ISLES ADMINISTRATIVE ASPECTS The Region is divided in two provinces: Els Tuduri and Fortaleça. The region Capital is in Els Tuduri, and it’s called Port Tuduri. The population is 23 812, 21 000 living in the four main towns: Por Tuduri, Fortaleça, Es fornots and Son gavilans. The economy is good, Ses Isles has 165 000 Simoleons aprox. Ready to be used, 100 000 from Por Tuduri and Es fornots. But because the independence tradition of the community, the regional government is divided into all the town halls. That means: -Regional Tourism Department is in Fortaleça. -Regional Public services Department is in Es fornots. -Regional Transport Department is in Son Gavilans. -Regional education Department and the regional parliament , wich include all the aspects not controlled by other departments, are in Port Tuduri. The main language in Ses Isles is the catalán, but Spanish and English are also co-official, and everyone in the island know to speak them. REGIONAL SERVICES ASPECTS The region is growing now, and there is a lot of things and projects to develop. By the moment there are a few global services: -Electricity: There are two Coal power plants in the region that Suplies energy to all Ses Isles, Controlled by The public company ‘Ses Isles Electricitat’, founded in 1902. the older and main plant is in the industrial area from Es Fornots. -Water: the water has been always a big problem in these islands, because there are no rivers or lakes. Since the 18th century, the people has obtain the water from underground aquifers. The problem is that the quality of this water has decay in the last 20 years. -Garbage: Since the beginin of 20th century the people has start to worry about the garbage. In the past, all was dropped into the sea. But the sea ecosystem is very strange, beautiful and fragile. And now there is a grabage incinerator in Son Gavilans. -Sewage treatment: As the garbage, all residual waters was emptied into the ocean. This has change, and now, there are a water treatment plant in Es Fornots. But this plant is old and has filtrations to the aquifers, creating a great menace to the water system. -Security: There is only one Police Station, in Port Tuduri, and four patrol cars for the region. -Fire prevention: The only Fire headquarters are in port Tuduri, with two trucks for the region . -Health: There is no hospitals in Ses Isles. Only health clinics in Fortaleça and Port Tuduri, the last one is the biggest. But the government has promise to solve this with a regional hospital, wich ubication still not decided . -Education: the population is low, and there’s only one school in the region, is the ‘Insitut de educació primária I secundaria Des Tro Pescador’ or shortly ‘I.E.P.S Des Tro Pescador’, the institution is in Port Tuduri, and the chool bus system only covers the Capital, that means the rest of students must go on car. -Transport: The transport is the big deficiency of Ses Isles. The old mines train line is abandoned, and there is no water conection between the towns. The only way to move around the region is using the highway. This should change because there is a great transport renovation project waiting for the validation of budgets in the parliament, that plans to create ports, train stations and buslines. Ses Isles Aerial View from the north
  16. Has someone problem with population stuck nowadays? My problem looks that, I build some residential zones and population grow in normal speed but when I build some parks and citizens upgrading their houses to new $$ or $$$ level then population decrease its normal. But In my case, population decreases and doesn't increase after upgraded houses. The number varies between 100-300 citizens. I had 368 population max.
  17. OK... So after creating numerous threads like these there is a bit of relief from the dead stuck population growth problem that I was having. So my main problem was my population was always stuck at 5000-6000 even after providing all the civic services and I was just wondering what's wrong. So this is what I was doing. As soon as I established my city and the basic railroad network and roadway networks are laid down, I started establishing the Elementary school, the Medical Clinic and the Police station with full coverage to my resident Sims. At this time hardly my population will be about 300-500 as the city is just 5-8 years old. Now as the population rose to some 2000-3000, I established the High School and the City College. Also I made very few (2-3 industry buildings) I-D in my main city and quite a few I-D in a second city only meant for industries. This second city only had some I-D and may be a power plant. Now as the population in my main city rose to 5000, I-M and I-HT would start coming because of extremely good education, health and police system. Also because of extremely high civic services, there was high demand of C$, C$$ and C$$$ and R$, R$$ and R$$$. I also used to zone a lot of low density residential & commercial zones and all of them were filled up as well but they will not grow upwards even after making them medium/high density zones provided with water. And then the dead stuck population problem begins… My population won’t grow above 6000 even after 40 games years. And here is the solution… I think so… So I deleted all my previous cities and started afresh. This time also I created two cities. One main residential city & the other one as main industrial and power generation city. I also used the Industry Doubler Mod though this has nothing to do with population growth. So in my industrial city, I zoned some industrial zones and in my main res. city I zoned some res. zones. Both the cities are inter-connected together. The main concept is that Sims will live in this city and go to work on the neighboring industrial city for work. As soon as the residential (R$) demand went to zero or to -ve, I saved and closed this city to go to the industrial city to create more industrial zones. And as soon as the I-D demand in this city went to zero or to -ve, I saved and closed this city to come back to the residential city to create more zones. And this is the way I continued… And in this residential city, I have only created Medical clinics to provide 100% medical coverage. No more schools, no Police stations and no fire building. The taxes of R$$ and R$$$ are also set to 12% to prevent them from entering the city. And here is my city now So I think what happens here is very much similar to real life situation. If a city becomes too much developed (high civic services) then the population growth slows down drastically. Whereas a city without any education and other services has high population growth. OK...so I will be stopping here for now. Thank you Update: Here is the Regional Railway... taking a massive responsibility
  18. Im on a MAC. I did everything to start a city. Zones, Utilities, Roads, etc. However, "As soon as part of your city is labeled as a Residential zone, Sims automatically move in," is not happening for me. I've sat here for over an hour, even started another city... Nothing. it's as if the sims that drive by have no interest in my city making abilities
  19. Hello People! I've downloaded some mods such as NAM, pollution plant reducer (can't remember the name) and traffic pollution reducer etc. Which makes my city look nice.. But I was wondering how to keep your city successful? So no people move out & get bored.. In the small cities I also make a industry-only city too. For instance, just say if I have 50,000 Sims living in my city.. how many schools do I need? How many hospitals do I need? Thanks very much guys :-) Have a good day.
  20. City won't develop

    Hi!! This is my first post, and I need some help with my citiy development. Let's do it simple, I'll tell you about it a bit, and show a couple of screenshots I've got. City Manhattan (it's supposed to be, in the future, my great city): Population: 10.220 Commercial Jobs: 4182 Industrial Jobs: 3762 I've got parks, plazas, a football field, several tennis and basketball courts.. There's a subway transportation system, also a passengers train. Fire & Crime: small fire station, big fire station, big police station Education: 2 primary schools, 1 superior school, 1 district library, 1 municipal school, 1 municipal university. There's water everywhere, electricity is covered, so garbage too. Here's a screenshot of it.. Here's one of the RCI bars, where you can see some minimum stats of Manhattan.. The thing is: my city WON'T develop!!! I know it sounds dumb, but I can't get more than 10k residents. This is frustrating, look how many years I've been playing!!!!! May sound novice, but that's what I am. I am in need or urgent advice If you could suggest some advice, I'd be thankful to everyone. Sorry about my English, it isn't my native language Thanks!!!!
  21. (Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, this one took a while to make. Images are 1080p, to see them much larger, click on them) (Yellow Text is construction crew, Green Text is news crew/author, Red text is Dennis Brown (mayor of Ashville cities) and Blue text is Jack Green (Mayor of Coastland Metropolis.) Breaking news! Ashville population now at 700,000! Mayor Dennis Brown now has his eyes on becoming the first city to EVER to break 1 million population on Hard mode, as he approaches the 3/4th mark. We're live here at Ashville Metropolis, Anything you got to say mayor Brown? "I...I can't believe I actually made it that far, Ashville has stopped growing after 600,000 but then it bloomed again. I look forward to making the headlines and breaking this barrier. I know that getting those last 300,000 is going to be much more difficult, but I'm going to do it, I want to break 1 Million Sims!" Wow, your population is at 728,000 right now! At the rate yours is growing, you'll definitely hit the barrier. Coastland Metropolis will be the 2nd city to hit 1 million on hard, but that's still a great honor for them! "Hey, I gotta thank Mayor Green, if he didn't build that high speed rail, this city would be gridlocked!' "Did you not hit some kind of demand cap or anything?" "Yes, but like any responsible mayor, I Googled my city's issues and found several solutions' Good, well thank you for your time! Keep up that city! GOOGLE? You used GOOGLE to solve your city's problems?! Ah, I admit I used it a couple times too, helped me break my demand cap. (Commercial area at Ashville Metropolis) 'Mayor Green, Your city is at 520,000 sims, we're the biggest cities in this region...But gosh this is getting harder! I actually wiped out ALL my dirty industry from my city and built it up north, connecting it to I-45. YOU DID WHAT?! See for yourself: (The Great Coast region) (4:57 PM) I know you moved the industries to another tile, but mayor you're showing no regard to the environment, you're disrespecting mother nature. I know you're trying to reach 1 million sims, but at what cost? "It's worth it" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5:50 A.M. Good Morning! We have recently widened our main avenues, and now we're going to connect Interstate 45, with interstate 565, to go west. We're going to build a 4 way interchange! Here are the plans: The highway that runs through Coastland City is now Interstate-35, and route 466 will merge with another highway (In the yellow) and intersect with interstate 45, and head up north. I-45 will intersect with I-35, and Highway 565, and go west. The red line there is Coastland Avenue (for clearer picture) and the purple are the monorails. Also, notice the new towns that were started, now Ashville has some towns built to the right, and a new one in our County called District 121, which, like District 105, is mostly of medium wealth houses. (New York Style) Today, we're headed to the one on the left, deemed as: Interchange City 1. (I-City 1 for short) Anyways, let's head outside and...RAIN?! (6:01 A.M.) Rainy morning Downtown Coastland Metropolis Aw man! I forgot the weatherman called for rain ALL DAY. We'll have to keep building anyways, come on! We're headed to I-City 1! By the way, those two water towers you see there were the VERY first ones ever built. They've been dead for a while, but they're landmarks now, for historical purposes. Drivin' through our newly widened Coastland Boulevard: (6:09 A.M.) Raining pretty hard... (6:11 A.M.) Coastland Boulevard intersects 45th Avenue You might need this... Press play... http://youtu.be/p7XmVCfC_LY Highway 35... (6:17 A.M.) We're here! Woah, it's swampy out here. And POURING! Man, it's raining cats, dogs, elephants and monkeys! (7:28 A.M.) Let's see if anyone's out here.. I see someone! Let's ask that him if anyone's working! (Rolls down window) Hey! Is anyone working out here? Mayor Green is that you? No, we're not working today, the Area's closed due to the weather. We're packing up for today, the rain has made the area too dangerous and muddy, so we decided to take today off. Here's what we were working on yesterday: We couldn't find the right piece, but thanks to a Simtropolian, who helped us find the right piece (I think his name was Indiana Joe or somethin'). We were able to finish the main interchange. Well, what are ya'll working on then? We're putting up the signs and finishing the connections. Lights were finished, here's some images from yesterday: (1:52 PM) (Interstate 45 (East to West) intersecting Highway 565 (South to North) (11:24 PM) Yesterday Sorry to disappoint you'all! I know you want to show the simtropolians how we build our highways... This is jank, we wanted to see some construction. Now what are we going to do to entertain these people? Why don't you drive around, and show them the new town you built over there, let's see... District 121? And then Coastland Farming? I heard they're building new apartments! Nice! Let's go! Yeah....We get a lot of rain in the summer, but usually in the afternoon. This storm season's an active one this year. 8:24 A.M. Let's see...go to Techville's SPUI interchange, then take a right and go north to District 121... Here we are! This is a little town I started to satisfy some of that middle class demand. They're some nice suburbs for people who prefer to live in houses away from the city. Here it is: (8:46 A.M.) Umm Mayor, what a lovely town you got up there, would be nice if I could actually SEE IT. Oh, sorry about that, it's too high up, but if you look really closely you can make out the avenue, which comes from Techville (south, or bottom of above image). The neighbor connector is covered by the cloud but it's right around the bottom of the avenue. Here are some closer shots: (8:50 A.M.) Main city streets soaked as rain comes down, water running down the roofs and backyards appear soaked too. (The town's main avenue is to the right of this image) Most Sims are indoors right now, watching TV, or just doing stuff to pass the time. On the left side of the avenue (actually called Tech Avenue) are the estates, these houses have bigger lots, with bigger front and back yards: (9:01 A.M.) Elementary school closed for summer I love these neighborhoods, they're peaceful, and the smell after the rain is amazing. Alright, let's go to Highlands, I need to buy some food at the new Walmart they built (I'm not mayor of highlands) we'll take the monorail! We have arrived... (9:25 A.M) 50% off back to School special for only today! Even the rain won't stop these shoppers... Wow... Is this rain going to stop at all? Alrighty we finally found a parking lot... (Courtesy of Google) My boots are soaked! Let's see... Random person: Hey, aren't you the mayor of Coastland? Yes, me and my friend. We're shopping for food. Can I have your autograph? Hey I'm a mayor not some famous celebrity! You will me if you beat Ashville Metropolis and reach 1 million people first! Sorry, I'd rather pay respect to mother nature and get 2nd than to build all that dirty industry. _____________________________________________________________________ In fact, here's an image from yesterday of new growth: (2:20 pm) New buildings in Coastland Metropolis (Same place right now) Those new buildings got the population to 518,000 Sims. We'll see you around! See ya later! Now let's check out those apartments at Coastal Farming: (10:01 A.M.) Still raining! Alright, I'm waiting this rain out, We're going to Coastal Metropolis, (The city down the beach) hopefully it's not raining there too hard!) Here's an image of where we're going (taken yesterday) (Yesterday, 3:40 PM) Coastland Boulevard) Yes, that's Coastland Boulevard, This avenue cuts through Coastland City (north of this image) and Cuts through Coastland Metropolis. The mayor of Coastal Metropolis widened his stretch to 6 lanes, and built Hi-tech industries and commercials. Here we are! (11:24 A.M.) Quite a drive isn't it! I drove through all that rain, but the rain finally stopped here! Children are out playing in puddles, the fresh after rain smell in the air... These roads are pretty wet though. This storm's moving west to Ashville now, they're getting rained on. Anyways, I'm going to stay here for tonight, and we'll see you again soon! I hope you all enjoyed this big update, and sorry about the rain, it's only nature. Thank you all for reading! Remember if you want to hear the history of Coastland, check out the first 3 updates. We'll see you later!
  22. March 2013 Census!

    MARCH 2013 CENSUS It's that time again! Another quarter has passed which means it is time for another census here in Holt District. A lot has happened this most recent quarter: the region has been booming under BoldNewHD, faced its first significant natural disaster in years and faced some, shall we say, "interesting" political mess formed. As usual, this census will feature update population figures for all municipalities for the region, including commercial and industrial statistics, and an updated region view. Growth boomed again this quarter, and the region hit a pretty massive milestone this time. Let's scroll down to see what it might be... If you've never seen a census before, the data below is presented in a pretty format, since I like doing things that way. As mentioned, a major milestone was reached this past quarter - and furthermore there was a shakeup in the order of municipality size in terms of population. Manatee has fallen from second place after sitting there for its entire existence, and the regions existence. 2 towns are dueling for growth rate supremacy while the remainder of the list saw significant shake ups as well. This text blurb is also here so you get to see the pretty banner for the census, in addition to the pretty normal banners. Seriously. We begin the census with statistics for the overall region. Holt District passed a major milestone this census - it surpassed the 1 000 000 in population mark for the first time. Overall the region grew by approximately 30% due in large part to suburban sprawl in the western parts of the region. We move to the first municipality: Sherkston, which holds on to the title of largest city in Holt District. More condominium construction and several new single-family housing developments kept Sherkston on the growth train for yet another quarter. Moving into second place after unseating Manatee is Kuhan. Kuhan more than doubled in size again this quarter. The town has grown thanks to huge amounts of single-family homes constructed and several condominiums near Everest Peaks. Kuhan did not, however, win the growth rate supremacy contest this quarter... Falling to third place is Manatee. Manatee grew by a tiny 0.9% this quarter. This is a fair grwoth rate, especially after the destruction caused by the tornado which left approximately 5000 homeless. Booming up to 4th place is the former Township of Saltfield - now the Town of Flynn! Flynn was the fastest growing municipality in Holt District this past quarter. The construction scene in the background is the new large-format arena being constructed as part of BoldNewHD. Dofino put up solid numbers again this quarter, due in large part because of lower land price and new, affordable condos available close to its charming downtown core. Shorecoast is reaching for 100 000 in population with these 2 large residential towers. The increase in population in the town is due nearly in all part from these towers. They provide excellent photo-taking opportunities... Midport continues to grow after a modest decline in the first census that was published here. Growing by 25% the town continues to be a hotbed for single family homes and condominiums over looking the water. To Norecount, we go! Norecount is facing sprawl, pushing its population up nearly 8%. In the background photo you can see the sprawl meeting an established neighbourhood. We finish the statistical portion of this quarter's census update in Old Port which grew very modestly this quarter. With the developer of the planned community pre-occupied with sprawl in Kuhan and Flynn only a section of phase 3 was completed this quarter. Of course, that's not the only part of this census update. It's time for an updated region view! Below are 2 region views - one displaying the region in all its awesomeness ( ) and another with labels highlighting projects under construction as part of BoldNewHD. You will notice the region continues to sprawl out at a rapid pace. Especially in the west, where Everest Peaks and the surrounding development now grace the landscape. In the more developed portions of the region surrounding Manatee and Sherkston the region continues to fill out nicely. Region View #1 Region View #2 That's it for this quarter's census! I hope you enjoyed the census and looking at the conitnuing growth of Holt District. Come back in late-June for another census update! What will happen this quarter? Nobody knows yet, but guessing continued growth wouldn't be a bad start.
  23. Oil Development and Expansion

    Hohenburg Shores is pumping and trading oil into the region with vast success. Our population is just over 40K sims, we've got over 1M simoleons in the bank and cash flow is over $3700/HR. Crime is under control, fire coverage is good, medical is a bit of a challenge but under control as well. Utility requirements have surpassed the available supply that can be bought in the region and I had to drop two water towers. Our region still has two open city slots for anyone interested. If someone joins I will gift $100K to help them get their city going. Learn more at -
  24. I wonder if many people have experimented with using SimCity 2013 to create a town and tried to keep it that way. I've created 4 or 5 cities the past week or two and I have to say I don't find them aesthetically pleasing. They all seem to balloon to mammoth size well before they should. Part of this may be a problem with the zoning advisor and the population panel which seems to constantly push you to expansion and higher density due to "worker shortages." But it leads to very silly cities. One of my cities had a population of 60,000 people and looked like Manhattan. Totally unrealistic. Would be like Palo Alto, California or Brockton, Massachusetts with 50 and 60 story buildings. My new mission is to create a town of 5,000-8,000 souls who are happy and live in a beautiful town. I am paying less attention to "winning" the game and more on making a town look like it should. For instance, the game pushes you to place your town buildings in random places to increase land value, but I'd prefer a town where the town buildings (school, city hall, library, clinic, police station) are clustered around a town green. (Incidentally, I wish Sim City had a post office and courthouse, two other civic buildings which look very much in place in a downtown). The game also pushes you to constantly increase street density, but I'm keeping the town small by using low density roads except around the very outside of the city where I'll allow some larger density buildings to grow (not skyscrapers). I wonder if anyone else has tried using this model with any success. Will the game's intrinsic nature to want every city to be Manhattan eventually override my efforts? For instance, will my citizens start to demand larger streets and move out if I don't give it to them? Will the game contend that my stores want more and more workers even though the businesses and factories are in synch with a town of 5,000 people? Any comments appreciated!
  25. Hello all, Is there a way to determine how many Sims you have of each economic class? I'm trying to build a solar plant and I need 3k $$$ residential sims. I don't know how many I have. Is there a way to break down the population of my cities into demographics? Thanks

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