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  1. Is this too grungy? Before and SC3KU Original: After: Keeping in mind that the whiteness of it in SC3KU was probably due to the way lighting was done for all the building renders :3 Also could someone point out how to make the renders sharper? I finally removed the graininess but having moved to 2014 last year and not been BATing since (should've opted for something more updated) I can't seem to figure out the settings to make this work properly like it used to with 2012.
  2. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I suppose I could always render two versions when the time comes. Gotta fix my gmax though, it keeps botching the zoom 4 and 5 renders Also hopefully, once the roof junk's on it, you won't notice the podium dimension differences too much
  3. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Was feeling in the mood to do a little BATing out of the blue, so here's a building no one's asked for (yet)
  4. AND - Eos System | "New Frontier"

    _____________________________________________________________________ Note: Well lol, hello. Randomly decided to make something quick again. It's a shame I haven't been able to make anything more ambitious, but I thought this would be a nice intro to the other side of the Mass Effect Universe. _____________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________
  5. Thanks for the help, both of you You'll probably here from me some time (something's bound to go wrong) but hopefully I'll be able to do it more or less
  6. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I've been inactive for almost 2 years, and when I read this it was definitely quite shocking and unexpected to see the loss of such an active member of the community. I just wanted to stop by and pay my respects to a man who gave so much to Simtropolis and was always kind and willing to help anyone who needed it. R.I.P. A Nonny Moose
  7. Hey, I just thought I'd give this a shot and see if anyone could possibly point me out to a tutorial for creating MMP/Mayor Mode Ploppables? There's virtually nothing on the internet (that's obvious) that I can find regarding the conversion of props for use as MMP or how to even do that? I've been wondering how to do this since I first started BATing sci-fi props and would totally appreciate any help anyone could provide on this
  8. U1: The Price of Expansion

    Hey Simtropolis I've caught a small break between my second and last exam, so I thought it'd be fun to try something SC4 related after such a long while. I decided to just make-do with what I already had, despite there being no real fresh BATs in this image. Starting out with a small scene, like I usually do, but it turned out quite nice "Despite our drive to reach for new stars and tame new worlds; there always lurks, a disaster at every corner. We realize that the galaxy is even wilder than we could possibly imagine, and no amount of technology could prepare us for the reality and the challenges it brings."
  9. Things I Gone and Done

    Just a bunch of random pics and teasers
  10. It's been so long. Just thought I'd stop by and try easing back in. Might try and dust off a few dead projects too. :P

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      Welcome back, man *:golly:

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      Great to see you back *:thumb:

  11. Are you still working on your Mass Effect projects? They look fantastic.

  12. Maxis References

    Just had to post this, not sure if anyone's ever picked up on this already, but I just figured that Mayhem Memorial Plaza from SC3KU may have taken some inspiration from Ikebukuro's Sunshine 60 Tower: Ha, couldn't get a higher res photo, so had to use an old SC3KU screenshot for my SC4 version of MMP
  13. American City Bank

    How do you churn out so many quality BATs in such a short space of time? May be JP's right Great stuff though 100/5
  14. Rio 2016 Project

    Thanks elavery and everyone else @JP Schriefer Well I did a little work with the Torre Almirante. If I can manage to squeeze time and effort into it between uni-work and general responsibilities, may be it'll be contributable before the olympics I might also try BATing some filler residentials and commercials. All depends on my ability to invest time into BATing D:
  15. GBT: 105 Lélio Gama

    @Ln X It's more or less a W2W on one side