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North American aimed CJ. From rural to urban

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Luiz P. Romanini - Thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it :)

89James89 - Haha nothing against farmland I see, just trying to make a realistic approach to the region, from rural to urban. Im eager to get the map built up myself, thanks for the comment! :)

Forthwall - Thanks I think I remembered this time haha! :)

Alright I am back with my region, it's been awhile since I last posted mainly because of work and becoming busy. The region has grown quite a ways and still in the process. From the looks of it Jasper and Tifton are going to be small residential communities in the outer region since most of the growth has taken place down the river. Unless New Port continues to boom in population its possible could be space for industrial, but only time can tell.

The region as of now


Compared to last entry


Transportation Map that has expanded since last entry


New growth has taken place along the river. Mainly residential "slums" since industrial is saturated over the region. Many new places to work so I guess that's what happens!


Tad bit of more country, I have been experimenting with rural fences. Here is the small bedroom community of Marion, population 388.






This leads us to the city of New Port, population 37,888 . Pictures below show some industrial growth that has occurred which allowed for the population growth on the other side of the river.



Residential slums that have sprung up, tenements, apartments, brick walk up oh my! :/




The city of Monroe population 36,919 . Picture below shows the interstate crossing the river which is the end of the avenue that runs parallel to the river into the slums. Notice the tunnel, it travels through the hills out on the other side which will be a main fair thru for sims to travel once the other side is constructed.


More of the industrial boom


Slums, slums and more slums!!



Well that's about it all, thanks for looking once again I will try to get more done quick this time, lol. Feel free to make any suggestions or tips, as this is only my second entry in the CJ. I guess ill ride with this residential slum showcase and see where it takes me. As I was doing this entry I thought of how cool it would be to have a night shot of a region available in region view! But anyways later everyone! :)


Hello everyone this is my first CJ, I have been playing Sim City 4 for awhile now but go off and on. Figured Id make a CJ that has North American feel starting from rural and eventually urban and just terraforming as I go about the region. SimCity 2013 I don't think is for me at least until they work out the kinks in it as well I like the region play in SC4 a whole lot better. But anyways feel free to let me know tips or mods that you think would make the game even better. I have a lot but can use more! Please no criticism in the comments. Thanks!

Here just a region shot so far, not so much but will get bigger.


Transportation Map




Eagle Ridge






Yes I know I forgot to turn the grid off my bad lol. That's all for now though will be working more in the upcoming days. Like I said feel free to comment! Thanks for looking!


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