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City-building game(s)

Found 71 results

  1. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 6 (Update 105)

    Hi everyone- Having a small bit of downtime at the moment, I'm going to sneak out a few updates of Tarkusian Cities for the first time in over a year. In this update, at long last, we will see the completion of the northern segment of the Chemeketa Red Line Light Rail, up to its terminus in the Lila Engel/Starpoint neighborhood. First off, long overdue replies: Thanks for the very kind words--given that you've done road work, I take that as quite the compliment! Thanks for the suggestion! I agree that lonesome power pole is a bit awkward. I'm probably going to be redoing that freeway at some point down the line, so that gap will probably go away in some fashion. And without further ado, here's Update 105. First off, here's a map of the area around which this project is centered. The red line with the squares is the routing that the light rail line will take through the area. After following the existing heavy rail line north of downtown Chemeketa, the Red Line will curve onto 33rd Avenue NE running down the median until just before the 5-leg roundabout, where 33rd meets McCabe Street, Creek Drive, and Starpoint Drive. The most challenging bit of this project will be the stretch where the Red Line crosses the rail line and begins its median running portion on 33rd. Here's the existing conditions at this part of the project (facing west). (Also, the rail crossing here looks a little funny--this image actually dates back to a very, very early prototype of the RRW plugin.) In order to facilitate through traffic to the residential neighborhood to the west, abutting the Chemeketa Parkway (Highway 215), as well as future work on 33rd, an extension of 34th Avenue was built to the north, connecting up with Bobcat Drive NE. The project study determined that the most effective method of handling the rail crossover was to trench it below, allowing the Red Line and 33rd Avenue to cross overhead (facing west). A little further along with construction (facing west). The stretch of 33rd east of Bobcat has now been closed off for reconstruction (facing west). This is part way through the reconstruction of the segment from Bobcat to Progress (facing west). The stretch up to and beyond Progress Street is now completed, along with some re-development and the construction of a new park-and-ride garage (facing west). Preparations are underway for the northern terminus of the Red Line. The road coming in from the top of this image is 33rd Avenue, and the line will terminate in the graded area behind the office buildings, making a northward jog before the roundabout (facing west). Here is the completed terminal station for the Red Line. A looping roadway and park-and-ride garage were constructed to facilitate access (facing west). This is a stretch of 33rd with the median running complete, through the industrial area between Progress and Ashcroft (facing west). And finally, here's the stretch right at the Ashcroft and 33rd intersection, just before the terminus (facing east). That does it for this update of Tarkusian Cities, and for the current work on Chemeketa's first major transit project--hope you enjoyed it. Next up will be some new road work in Chemeketa, and perhaps even a few "lost" updates from other regions, rescued from the "Tarkives". -Tarkus
  2. QWERTY-LAND, Chicago

    started this region few month ago,... after watch a ton of Haljackey vids. As well as tons of other vids on YouTube. Coming up with my own play style is easy... but not so easy to capture and share.... lol. The region used is from a down load map from simtropolis. There's a ton of maps of Chicago....
  3. SM2 Oakland GLR Stations

    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Oakland GLR Stations. Welcome back for more rail stations. These stations are trench style old concrete 15m sunken models and are suitable for sunken rail transportation related networks. GLR (Ground Light Rail) Each one has a capacity of 75,000 passengers. Lot size 6X3 Please follow the pictorial instructions included in this upload for best results. There are 2 models. 1 with a roof and one without (NR= No Roof) For the GLR stations you must use a GLR-Subway tunnel converter. Complete station pictures included. Have fun Simmer2 Dependencies SM2 Oakland Train Stations stations/ Hillside GLR to subway transition by morifari - Optional - any wall retainers you wish to use, to dress up the trench as you see fit. Simmer2
  4. As of just now, the current documentation for the NAM has been uploaded to the SC4 Devotion server, with the intent of making it easier to reference. It also has a fairly easy to remember URL, too: http://sc4devotion.com/namdoc -Tarkus
  5. Hello everyone. Welcome to my BAT orchestra. Please take a seat 'cause this symphony is about to start! In this thread I'll show you some of the other projects I'm working on (besides of my freight train prop pack). I want/need this space because sometimes I'm working on several things at the same time, and I thought it would be more comfortable to have all that in just one place, as many batters do. My finished projects are: Ok, enough introduction for now, let get this symphony begin!
  6. Hi, I've just started playing SimCity 4 again and downloaded the NAM - lots of great stuff thanks. Question: I've built canals but for the life of me I cannot find the canal "stations". I've also looked in the ST Exchange. I'm not the best at computers and am hoping someone can provide a link. I've tried searching but so many results and not what I am looking for. Many thanks (sorry if posted in wrong spot)
  7. scoty sub-bus A

    Version 1.1.0


    For my first plugin, I owe my inspiration to that of Uroncha in 2005 (see here) which I used until now. And for which I wanted to bring my personal touch. So I suggest you the same with newer Props. A big thank you to Namspopof, jth876, Giraffe, Vnaoned, Mcdrye, Rivit, the SFBT team and all the props authors used here. 12 Bus stop. On street and road ortho, diagonal, and intersections (T and X). On one way ortho and diagonal. On ortho and diagonal avenue. 8 metro stations (+ bus) On ortho, diagonal and intersection roads (T and X). On one-way, ortho, diagonal avenue. The T and X bus stations, can be placed along residences, with full acess!! You have the choice of the texture for the streets: NAM or Tar-sealed street of Rivit ; and for roads: NAM Euro or NAM US. The capacity of the bus stop: Street: 17000+ ; Road and oneway: 17000+ ; Avenue: 20000. The capacity of the metro stations: Road, one-way, avenue: 24000+. These lots appear in the menu: miscellaneous transports. Installation Place the contents of the Zip into your Plugins directory. In the subdirectory: scoty_bus_A_textures /, depending on NAM settings or other ..., delete one of the two files scoty_bus_tex_road_XX.dat, as well as one of the two scoty_bus_tex_street_nnnn.dat. Keep, of course, the file scoty_bus_tex.dat (!) Which gathers avenue and oneway textures. Dependencies It goes without saying that you have the plugin "All maxis building props with proper names" or the two files "bldgprop_vol1 & vol2". · Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2 · French Road Signs.dat · Urbanpack.dat · SFBT_Haltestellen_Fluggi_khoianh_Props.dat · SFBT_Khiyana_Props.dat · VV_Propspack vol. 1 · Grfe_props_pack_LE_lupins · Grfe_props_pack_LE_cypresses · Grfe_props_pack_LE_berries · Grfe_props_pack_LE_maples · SubwayProps, you can keep only the model: RoadsideSubstairs_Mcdrye_0x33317b90.SC4Model And the prop : RTMTV3_PropF_Subway_Mcdrye_SteelBlue.dat · Modern Realistic Subway Station V2, you can keep only the files: subwayiiredotextureattempti-0x5ad0e817_0x39671410_0x30000.SC4Model subwayiiredotextureattempti-0x6534284a-0x99472a58-0x796b3c63.SC4Desc Good game !
  8. NAM 36 Now Available

    The NAM Team is pleased to announce the official release of the 36th edition of the Network Addon Mod, NAM 36. This release was ten months in the making, and marks the debut of a few long-awaited features. New features in NAM Version 36 - 13 September 2017 New FLEX Turn Lanes (FTL) feature added, providing a more intuitive and flexible alternative to the old Turn Lane Extension Pieces (TuLEPs, now deprecated). Draggable Elevated RealRailway (RRW) viaducts added at L1 (7.5 meter) and L2 (15 meter) heights. One-Way Road Signalized Intersection and Turn Arrow Project (SITAP) expanded to cover intersections with FLEX Turn Lanes and Road-based multi-tile NWM networks. Street Addon Mod (SAM) Set 11 - IndustrieSAM by mgb204 added, providing a new, industrial-style Street texture. Draggable Wide-Radius Curve functionality added to all applicable Street Addon Mod (SAM) override networks. RealRailway (RRW) FlexTrack functionality expanded to cover additional setups. R5 radius Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs) added to the Road network. Diagonal FLEX On-Slope Transitions added to the RHW, supporting 1 and 2-level transitions for the RHW-2, RHW-4, and MIS networks. R4 and R5 radii Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs) added to the RealHighway (RHW) system, with support for the L0 RHW-2, L0 RHW-4, and L0 RHW-6S netwoks. Overlap ability also added to the ground-level R2 curves for the RHW, allowing for smoother loop ramps. Diagonal MIS Connection support added to the One-Way Road Roundabouts. Texture glitch fixed with the Euro version of the L1-L4 RHW-6S Type A2 FLEXRamps/DRIs. Minor pathing fix to improve zone access on the TLA-7 network in the Network Widening Mod (NWM). The compression scheme on the NAM Installer has been changed, making it such that the external 7-Zip SFX layer surrounding it is no longer needed. New edition of the NAM documentation started, marking a return to the HTML format used prior to the NAM 31.x releases of 2013. Please note that due to the incredible scope of the mod, and the amount of time to adequately document features, that some sections may remain in an incomplete state. The Windows version of the mod is available here on the STEX (and is hosted directly on the site once again, thanks to the benevolent @Dirktator): NAM 36 for Windows [STEX] The Windows version will be mirrored at SC4 Devotion and ModDB. The Mac version will only be available at ModDB, due to its filesize (686MB). For more details on the release, including information on compatibility and installation, see the Read First document included in the package, which is also attached below. Hope you enjoy the latest update to this long running mod (over 13 years and counting!) and thank you for your continued support. -The NAM Team read-first-nam36.zip
  9. Car Ferry Terminal

    Version 1.0.0


    Car Ferry Terminal, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- While I quite like the look of the Maxis Car Ferry Terminal, after almost 15 years of seeing the same ferry building in game, it's time for an upgrade. This is a fictional building which I made for that purpose. While the lot conforms to the existing Maxis Car Ferry Terminal, it does not replace the in-game building. It is also slightly easier to place along the shore line - if you have ever placed the in-game version, you will have no problems using this lot as the principles are identical. Additionally, it uses standard maxis pavement textures (rather than a batted base like the in game version) so the lot will blend in with any sidewalk mods that you have. Just like the ingame lot, this lot is transit enabled for road, and as long as you draw the road into the lot, cars will drive through the building. Car Ferry buildings are a great alternative/supplement to bridges, and I use them to ease congestion on the road network. Please note the Car Ferry Terminal is a separate network from the Passenger Ferry Terminal. Ferries that leave from a passenger ferry terminal do not use a car ferry terminal and vice versa. Now, this is no different from the function in the vanilla rush-hour game, but as there are so few custom ferry terminals available for download, it is important to point out. Therefore, I recommend placing this at least twice in any city tile (on opposite shorelines) to get use. The ferry terminal is a modern building with a bar and restaurant on the upper levels. It has similar stats in terms of capacity and monthly cost to the Maxis Car Passenger Ferry Terminal, but provides a few more jobs. It is also limited to a maximum of 16 terminals per city tile and both this building and the in-game car ferry terminal count towards the 16 terminal number. Obviously it is found in the water transit section of the transportation menu and obviously it can only be placed in a city where in-game water is present; it does not work on canals or ploppable water. It has been tested to work in Vanilla (Rush Hour) and various NAM releases, up to NAM 35. --------------------------------------- STATS: Lot size : 3x5 Plop Cost: §150 Bulldoze Cost: §10 Occupant Groups: Transportation, Strikable Transit, Ferry, Car Ferry, Water Transit Catalog Capacity: 1,000 Wealth: Medium Wealth Demand Created: Jobs§§§: 1, Jobs§§: 8, Jobs§: 18. Pollution: Air 1 over 1 tiles, Water 1 over 1 tiles, Garbage 1 over 0 tiles Power consumed: 10 MwH Water consumed: 38 Gallons/Month --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO file types in two seperate folders; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must choose only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: This file requires the following dependency: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27915-cruise-ship-terminal/ You can delete the main model and lot files if you wish not to use the cruise ship terminal, but be absoluetly sure to keep the two files marked 'Mattb325_RetainingWall-xxxxxxxx' If you do not download these, the ferry building will appear to float above the water. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
  10. Hello again! As you have been informed, today's entry will be a different kind from the usual posts I make in my CJ. Today, I wanted to share some of my recent changes and experiments regarding to how Mistral's roadways could look in the future and whether if that prospect seems to be promising enough that I will keep the changes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recreating the Roadways: Using the JPN Sidewalk Mod Interestingly, this change came to be due to some overriding base texture problems with Paeng's Sandstone Texture Mod and RMIP Airport Lots. Finding a solution to this problem was quite tough for me to solve without the help of other people, but it did give me another opportunity to change the sidewalk mod I was currently using at that time to something else. This is when I glossed through the internet for potential listings and the JPN Sidewalk Mod was a definitive answer to that desire. Here are some pictures I took in Birdwater Point to see what the effect it would have on my city. However, one of the sidewalk mod's weakness is that it does not appear on NWM roads as well as some curved roadways. Still, I awfully like the changes it brings. Overall, I have been pleased with this mod. It is especially very good at spicing up urban areas where buildings are bunched up together in close proximity. Indeed, I felt that this can give me the "Mistralian" city look that I always wanted. However, on the flip side, the street version is not up to snuff with the sole idea that this mod can and will blocks people's driveways with fences in my suburbs. That idea will just not fly with me anytime soon. Still, I might have to replace those streets with SAM oriented ones. Do note that I am still deciding to keep the mod or revert that change anytime in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One More Thing... If you have stuck around long enough to read about my excited ramblings, then I will award you yet another thing I am working on at the moment. Do note that its still a WIP and is still subject to change as I get to grips on how airports work. (I spent two days figuring out what the RMIP lots do in order to get me to this point.) Do leave a comment about your thoughts and thank you for your time! - Artimus
  11. Entry 4: Welcome to Birdwater Point

    Replies: @_Michael: Thanks! I'm always trying to improve my highway work through learning what others have done. I strive to implement interesting details in every aspect of my work. @kschmidt: I appreciate your thoughts on my work! I highly encourage you and all other people to comment what you liked or not, and what ways you can suggest some ideas. @korver: MMP is a taxing but worthwhile addition to my work. Sorry about not being able to get myself up after a nasty burnout of ideas and inspiration! @BLANKBLANK: Thanks! I will think about getting this featured if I can. @raynev1: I am honored that my last entry was considered to be the top ten in Simcitizen's Destinations! Hopefully this one will be interesting to see. @Takingyouthere: Yea, I now fully understand the aftereffects of a burnout when I try to play a little too much of SC4. Game has a way to revert yout work back by hours on end. @juliok92012: Thanks! I mostly implement MMP in my screenshots but a bit of the Tree Controller is used as well. I try not to get too crazy with my details! @kingofsimcity: Thank you! I am pretty happy with my flora collection as I am aiming for more of a Mediterranean climate brush. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: First and foremost, I am terribly sorry about my half-year absence in Simtropolis. College was a pain to work through while I was running low on ideas to work on a large city tile that was to be the site of this entry. In fact, many areas had to be overhauled to meet my standards. However, my desire for creating has returned and with a half of year to rejuvenate, finishing the city tile became a breeze once I took a good look on what needed to be done. The city has evolved constantly in some areas, up until it met the quality work I was looking for. I hope that my hard work and revision was worth the wait for those who are following my CJ. With tender love, Artimus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The First of Many Stops: Birdwater Point Greetings fellow travelers! As we approach the city of Birdwater Point, we take the main exit to the downtown area on the right. We take a view of the bustling mini-metropolis in action. The foremost tallest tower is on the right is universally called "The Celestial Tower" as many residents often see the skyscraper reach into the heavens above. In this picture, you can clearly see the city hall and park along with Grant Hill that houses a auxiliary radio tower. As we pass through downtown, we are now heading to the waterfront property of the city. Here we can find some premium offices, sea-side stores selling exotic goods of the sea, a marina, and of course some more beach going goodness! Anyone thinking of an overnight stay? As with any sea-oriented city, there is always a seaport for industrial goods and materials to be imported and exported to other neighboring countries. From electronics to machinery to spare components to raw materials, this port has sizable economic impact on the city itself and surrounding regions. Container Ports are often an approximate measure of economic activity. A part of the port dedicated to raw material handling. An overview of the port: Well, here are some shots that show off some nice details and landmarks that are present in the city. Note that they are not listed in order. Please, take the time to look and feast on the details I put in each image! Consider it a banquet of my latest effort! Coast Guard Base. Industrial Offices and Parks. Some more beaches. The Celestial Tower at night. Edmonton Park. Hampshire Park. Grant Hill. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some more notes: Working on this entry took me over four hours of compiling and developing. But still, I am in no rush to finish an entry when I feel that it lacks substantial quality to warrant its release. Sadly, I do not have a "direct" teaser for my next entry, but perhaps this next image will lead us to it! (I might mean it literally and/or metaphorically). Additionally, I encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions as they provide a source of valuable info on improvements and inspiration for future use. No comment goes unread by me! Where could that route lead us to next? That will be all for now folks! - Artimus
  12. Chemeketa Red Line - Part 5 (Update 104)

    Hi everyone- I'm back to share even more Tarkusian Cities progress, by picking up where we left off with the construction on Chemeketa's Red Line. For those of you who commented on Update 103, I've replied to your comments over on that thread--I appreciate the support! Coincidentally, an alert reader at the SC4D edition, SimCity V6, pointed out that June 17th--still today here in the western US--happens to be the 10th anniversary of my first-ever post in Tarkusian Cities, so it's a rather fortuitous day for an update. I'm still in shock that Tarkusian Cities is that old . . . and it makes me feel old, too. Before we resume, here's the map again: When we left off last time, the 9th/10th Street SE couplet was being extended one block, both halves of the couplet planned to cross over both the existing railroad and the new Red Line tracks. (facing north) Work has begun on building the overpasses. There's also a lot of other things to note here. Since the plan entails lowering the existing railroad to cross under the new couplet, the C&O line through downtown had to be temporary closed. Rail Ave SE has also been reconstructed between 9th and 10th Streets, since it no longer has to serve as a de facto part of the couplet. However, Liberty Street SE is being widened to 4 travel lanes between 8th and 11th Streets, in order to fulfill the same purpose, and some structures have been demolished in preparation. (facing north) Here's the finished product. In order to seamlessly integrate with the couplet, the new 4-lane section of Liberty has been given dual left turn lanes onto the extended 9th Street. 9th Street east of Liberty, however, now ends at a cul-de-sac just before the new intersection, in order to better control access and mitigate impact on the residential neighborhood. (facing north) Here's a little farther north on the line. In order to mitigate the need for further demolition and new right-of-way (ROW) acquisition along Rail Ave, the portion of the Red Line between Salisbury Way SE (the road that comes in where 6th Street SE would be) and 8th Avenue NE is being run down the median of the road. Crews have already been at work on some parts of the track north of downtown, so here's where that advance work is going to connect into the median running. (facing north) Here's the completed Salisbury split, the south end of the median running. You can see the 9th Street overpass at the bottom. (facing north) And finally, here's the Red Line running underneath Highway 36. (facing north) That does it for this update . . . there will be a Part 6 for the Red Line coming shortly, where we'll see the northern segment under construction. -Alex
  13. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 4

    Hi everyone- Thank you all for the warm welcome back! As many of you may have hoped after my little teaser three days ago, I am happy to confirm that Tarkusian Cities is indeed returning from its 3 1/2-year hiatus. The plans to bring Tarkusian Cities back actually happened as a happy accident--Simtropolis' own Dirktator and Cyclone Boom tasked me with obtaining some NAM-related screenshots for a project. I dusted off Chemeketa and both versions of Argentum to that end. I wanted to get a good sampling of GLR and GLR Dual-Networking features, and ended up spending a fair bit of time playing around in Chemeketa, resolving the light rail "cliffhanger" set up by Update 102, which originated back in December 2013. It was the first time I had truly played the game in quite some time, outside of my normal NAM development work, and I had a blast. I'm not sure how much longer I'll really be able to do anything with the Chemeketa region, as my attempts to try to use an earlier backup to avert a Prop Pox issue in the downtown tile have unfortunately proved unsuccessful, and one of the other built-up tiles shows evidence of disabled props in SC4 Savegame Explorer. Argentum 2.0 also hit a point where I wasn't really feeling it anymore, though I do actually have some archives I've located of some projects I've done there that haven't seen the light of day, which I'm hoping to process into updates. In all likelihood, I'll be starting a new region in the near future, though pending RL (I'm looking at moving out of Oregon, possibly as early as this summer) might put things back on hiatus for a bit. So, without further ado, here's Update 103, where we'll be picking up with the construction of the Chemeketa Red Line light rail system. The Red Line is designed to connect between Chemeketa Regional Airport to the office and high tech area in the Lila Engel neighborhood, near the intersection of 39th Avenue NE and Ashcroft Street. When we last left off, construction was wrapping up on southern portion of the line, paralleling the newly-reconstructed and realigned Tweedy Boulevard SE. This update will pick up with the central segment of the line, which will run through Downtown Chemeketa. The route will continue to mostly parallel the existing C&O Railroad line, though in order to minimize disruptions to C&O's operations, and minimize demolition, it includes a "crossover" over the existing rail line, just south of 20th Street SE, and a stretch where it will run in the median of an expanded Rail Avenue, roughly between Salisbury Way SE and 8th Avenue NE. Additionally, the 9th/10th Avenue SE couplet will be extended one block east, from Rail Avenue SE to Liberty Street SE, in order to reconfigure some less intuitive intersections, and allow for a grade-separated crossing of both the Red Line and C&O Railroad. Here's a look at the finalized routing through downtown and vicinity (click to enlarge). This is just south of 20th Street SE, near the point where the crossover will be constructed (facing north). The road just to the east is Anglia Way SE (which is now connected directly to Tweedy Boulevard, just south of here). The crossover is needed due to the presence of the rail junction just north of here. The crossover under construction (facing north) Here is the current alignment along 10th Street SE, where the couplet with 9th Street SE will be extended one block east (facing north) The completed crossover (facing north) The 20th Street SE station on the Red Line, just south of the C&O junction (facing north) Work begins at 10th Street SE (facing north). The portion of 10th Street SE between Rail Avenue SE and Liberty Street SE has been closed, in preparation for excavation work (facing north). This part of the central segment of the Red Line is actually the only one where building demolition was required, due to the more extensive reconfiguration of traffic patterns at this spot. Preparation work also begins on extending 9th Street SE from Rail to Liberty (facing north) That wraps up this construction update. For Update 104, we'll continue with the 10th Avenue SE reconstruction, and enter into the heart of downtown. -Tarkus
  14. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 3

    Note: This update was originally posted in 2013 in the SC4 Devotion edition of Tarkusian Cities, as part of a special feature, but had not made it over to the Simtropolis version. It has been slightly edited to fit with the context of the Simtropolis edition. Hi everyone- The Tarkusian Cities update splurge continues. Last we left off, the Ashcroft overpass had been built, along with a good bit of the new routing of Tweedy Blvd, and work on the light rail line. Now, we're going to delve a little further into that project. This is at the south end of the Ashcroft overpass (facing east), where Ashcroft has been temporarily routed to end at 45th St SE. This temporarily alignment will give way to the permanent alignment this update. The short, curvy connector roadway between 45th and Stiratt will be replaced by the Ashcroft extension, which will be built to include 4 travel lanes, at least between 45th and 61st during this phase. Here's the progress on that (facing east). This is the new Ashcroft/Stiratt intersection, after completion (facing east). The old connector road can be seen in the lower left corner. The new Ashcroft/45th intersection (facing east). The section of 45th up top formerly crossed the tracks and intersected Tweedy Blvd, but now dead-ends just before the tracks. You can also see the remnants of the old connector road and the temporary Ashcroft alignment here. The Ashcroft overpass is seen here, fully open to traffic, with preliminary work on the Ashcroft stop on the new Chemeketa Red Line (facing east). This is along the Tweedy Blvd extension. (facing east) Part of the old alignment of 35th has been turned into a roadway paralleling Tweedy on the other side of the Red Line tracks. You can also see the city's "trial" passenger train from C&O running on the heavy rail tracks. In order to provide access from Tweedy to Ashcroft, an access road was built, hooking into the 36th/37th St couplet through the industrial area, and providing more direct access to Ashcroft Station (facing east). The next update will provide a little further clarity as to all the myriad changes undertaken as part of this project. -Tarkus
  15. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 2

    Note: This update was originally posted in 2013 in the SC4 Devotion edition of Tarkusian Cities, as part of a special feature, but had not made it over to the Simtropolis version. It has been slightly edited to fit with the context of the Simtropolis edition. Hi everyone- Something you don't see very often--two Tarkusian Cities updates in a week. We'll delve further into construction on the Tweedy/Ashcroft Corridor and the light rail project this update. Last we left off, Tweedy Blvd had been closed, and work was starting on realigning and extending Ashcroft Street, instead of having Ashcroft run into Tweedy, south of 35th. This is facing west at that same spot, after work has begun on building an overpass (facing west). Ashcroft will pass over the extended section of Tweedy Blvd, with access being provided by a future connector roadway, which will be built a bit later. This is to the south of that area, showing where the extended Ashcroft Street will meet with 45th Street SE (facing west). Upon completion of the project, 45th will be closed off just east of this future intersection, instead of continuing across the tracks and meeting up with the old alignment of McCabe Street. The overpass on Ashcroft is coming along nicely. Now it just needs some more things to go under it (facing west). The elevated part of the Ashcroft extension is now hooked into the existing northern section (facing west). The 36th/37th couplet is still in place. A temporary alignment of the Ashcroft extension, terminating at 45th, has been built, to alleviate traffic displaced by the Tweedy Blvd closure (facing west). The new Tweedy alignment is being built under the Ashcroft overpass (facing west). This is along 35th, past the end of the 36th/37th couplet, and just a bit west of the intersection that had been demolished (facing west). As you can see, 35th has some substantial issues of its own, prompting Tweedy Blvd extension. So, that intersection is getting demolished, too (facing west). You can see the Tweedy Blvd extension sneaking into the picture in the bottom left corner. This is at the intersection of Nego Way (named after long-time TC supporter Nego) and Anglia Way (facing west), which, as you can see, is also very congested. Tweedy Blvd will be extended to meet and overtake Anglia Way's present alignment at this spot. The extension has now been built (facing west). This is where Tweedy Blvd meets up with the aforementioned "connector" to the grade-separated section of Ashcroft (facing east). The diagonal road paralleling the rebuilt Tweedy Blvd is part of the old alignment of 35th. The road that previously intersected 35th has been cut off at the tracks. A little further realignment work south of Tweedy along the extension (facing east). This will be put into better context soon. That does it for this installment. Stay tuned for Part 3 of this project, coming next time. -Tarkus
  16. Chemeketa Plans

    Note: This update was originally posted in 2013 in the SC4 Devotion edition of Tarkusian Cities, as part of a special feature, but had not made it over to the Simtropolis version. It has been slightly edited to fit with the context of the Simtropolis edition. Hi everyone- Well, at long last, after a couple teasers, we've rolled the odometer to Update 100. And aside from the fact that there's three digits now, this update will simply be a dose of good old-fashioned Tarkusian Cities, something which has been a bit of a scarcity lately. I'm going to continue along the lines of the teasers, and show you all the start of what will be the start of a modest light rail system in Chemeketa, along with a number of road realignment and extension projects that will accompany it. The continuation of Update 99's couplet project in Argentum (2.0) will serve as a bit of an intermission in what should be a multi-update arc, and I may take a little peek back at a couple of Tarkusian Cities you may not have seen in some time, including the discovery of a "lost update" from 2009. Chemeketa, unfortunately, has begun to experience the dreaded prop pox in its downtown tile, and I've yet to ascertain just what is causing it, so I am considering a full Plugins reboot and a new Tarkusian region in the near future. As it's been a few years since I've done that--since Chemeketa's start some 4 years ago--it's actually a process I'm somewhat looking forward to undertaking. Below is the map of Chemeketa, with a rough sketch of some of the proposed changes shown. Road realignments or additions are in dashed lines, reflecting the color of the new roadway's expected functional classification, and the new light rail line is shown on the map as the "Proposed Red Line". As my long-time stand-by for large maps, Gmapuploader, is no longer offering the service I used, I'm trying out Zoom.it and using my space at SimTarkus for image hosting. (Edit as of June 2017: It appears Zoom.it has also broken down since, too. I am hoping to find an alternate solution, and am adding it to the list of things I need to do to fully restore Tarkusian Cities.) Now to see the "proposals" in action. The two major projects you'll see under way during this project are the start of the Red Line, and the Tweedy-Ashcroft Corridor project, which are symbiotically related. (If you're curious as to the namesakes for those roads, see here and here, respectively.) The Red Line, as a whole, is intended to begin at the Chemeketa Airport, wind its way past the university and through downtown parallel to the railroad tracks, and eventually curve onto 33rd Avenue NE, heading through a high-tech area and ending in the Starpoint District, serving to link up downtown with the airport, and alleviate commute-related traffic on the south end of the Chemeketa Parkway. This first image is at the intersection of Stiratt Road SE and Link Road SE. Link Road acts as a little connector between Tweedy Boulevard and Stiratt Road, which are important arterials in the area, and it is surprisingly congested, even more so by the fact that it has an at-grade rail crossing along both it and Stiratt, right near the intersection. McCabe Street SE is planned to be realigned to meet up with Link Road at Tweedy, and overpasses will be built to cross over both the existing rail line, and the under-construction light rail line. Stiratt Road traffic was temporary diverted and briefly closed, to make room for the overpass construction (facing north). Overpass work under way (facing north). This is facing west. The 4-lane structure is the replacement for Link Road, which will be renamed as an extension of McCabe Street. This is at the new Tweedy/McCabe intersection (facing west). This intersection's completion is a necessary step in preparing for the Tweedy Boulevard re-alignment and Red Line construction. More construction. This is where the existing McCabe Street alignment meets with the new alignment (facing west). The road will now continue south to meet with the former Link Road, instead of southwest to align with 45th Street. And the new alignment after completion (facing west). The new intersection at Tweedy is open for business (facing west). Two roads through the industrial area along McCabe have been converted to one-way traffic, in order to handle the loads caused by the Tweedy Blvd closure. This is where Tweedy and Ashcroft currently converge, at the intersection with 35th St SE. The new one-way couplet hooks in here as well. Ashcroft will eventually be extended south, some 35 blocks, to meet up with the proposed Western Bypass. (facing west) 35th is also being realigned (its naming is actually a bit odd, as it actually intersects Tweedy/Ashcroft where 38th should be), and the eastbound part of the couplet now connects into it, a temporary change. (facing west). Tweedy Blvd west of the new McCabe Street intersection has now been torn out, and work begins on extending Ashcroft Street (facing west). Upon the project's completion, Ashcroft Street will have an overpass atop Tweedy Boulevard, allowing for smoother traffic flow. That does it for this installment of Tarkusian Cities. -Tarkus
  17. 06/11/2017 - ???

    #BringingTarkyBack? Stay tuned. -Tarkus
  18. Chicago L in highway

    I was wondering if there is any custom content that would help me build an L in a RHW system like in Chicago? Here, some lines run in the middle of highway with stations on overpasses.
  19. I thought it's time to get my own topic running as I started some more advanced, larger project a day ago. Besides the vehicles I created before I started working on some vanilla-style modular airport, based on the vanilla airport and international airport assets. Due to my quiet limited time caused by real life don't expect extra-fast progress Still I've got to update my "old" vehicle assets too, but the vehicle editor seems to be kinda messed up since the last patch - anyway I'll look into this too by time as I already promised! For now I got the following types of buildings planned for this airport set which is heavily inspired by the AC teams set for Sim City 4 functional terminal block with three "small" gates functional terminal block with two "large" gate non-functional terminal filler pieces with gates terminal piece with control tower (RICO Office) terminal block without gate (RICO commercial low) monorail / (elevated) metro / train terminal pieces terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) terminal block with road maintenance service building (connected to the tarmac side to simulate road-traffic on the airport ) functional terminal with concourse (4 + gates using sub buildings) "T - style" functional concourse piece (featuring gates on both sides, will probably require network extensions as it has to be entered on foot from the underground using pedestrian "roads") eye candy ends for concourse, left and right eye candy transition piece between one-level and two-level terminals (maybe even RICO - enabled, we'll see) two-level functional terminal blocks (will be a challange to be set up - I try to set the entrances on the upper level, the exits on the lower level) two-level terminal with control tower (probably RICO office + functional (using sub building - I don't know yet if something like this is possible)) large fake-entrance piece for two-level terminals (RICO commercial high) (so especially when using rush hour many people gonna go into this one) monorail / (elevated) metro / train two-level terminal pieces two-level terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) two-level terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) simple helipads with one of each natural disasters helicopters working doppler radar dome (requires ND - a non working version is available on the workshop) stand-alone ATC towers surface movement radar tower some props like (enhanced) vanilla jet bridges, stand guidance displays and other small things which will be pretty Special features: rotating radar domes for ATC towers and the radar tower (gotta look into this!) usage of the "vehicle rotor" shader discovered by @Ronyx69 for large glass parts of the terminals (I try to work around the lod-problem) stock-game style as I use the textures and models from the game as my start-point usage of the "loading screen mods" benefits → as I use the same texture with the same name most of the times it will be loaded only once into VRAM when using this mod - which is great! living airports by the use of RICO settings - which you don't have to use at all (those buildings will work as an landmark if you don't use that mod ) more space between planes and terminals due to longer jet bridges - you'll be able to draw some road in between using the anarchy tool of your choise Downsides: jet bridges will disappear after a certain distance as I'll convert them to props. I decided to do so to increase flexibility on creating different terminal types and styles by using many working two-gate assets ingame the airport will get really congested! That's the reason for me to include non-functional versions too. Later on I might create a mod to enhance the vanilla runways and taxiways. I looked up the networks in mod tools and changed some values to test something which turned out to be possible: different wide runways (40m up to 65m for realistic regional and international airports - new network meshes needed) more realistic markings with lights on runways (probably by adding more segments to one network, segment[0] would be just asphalt to place some indicator like "20L", segment[1] would be the threshold, segment[2] would contain the dashed line only, segment [3] dashed line + precision marking followed by 2x (segment[2] again, then segment[3]) and finally segment[2] for the whole middle part to start in reverse after - dunno if that's possible at all) two-way taxiways (for special use-cases) taxiways with "shoulders" (a bit wider than now) and green lights in their middle taxilanes (taxiways with some flat mesh and without dirt-shoulders to be used on aprons. probably just the yellow line with green lights.) more realistic speeds for taxiways and taxilanes I gonna provide one screenshot just to show you the difference: On the left you can see the vanilla runway which is about 30m wide + 2m "shoulder" (mesh edge) → 32m footprint. The next ones footprint is 46m wide which would fit most regional/domestic airports. The one on the right is 60m wide which fits for large aircraft like the A380. ----------------------------------------snip---------------------------------------- First I gonna take off by showing you some first work I've done before starting this topic. This is going to be the first wall-to-wall terminal building featuring three gates (just like the vanilla airport). I removed the jet bridges and details on the left and right to save some polys and - of course - to get the bounding box right Next step will be to map those filled holes, after this I gonna cut the windows and create some basic interior as those will get some semi-transparent love they deserve
  20. Now I stopped modding for a while and decided to "play" the game. I forgot how additcing it was. While working on my city, I decided to a bit vertical and build a residential zone on a hill. The main type of transportation is currently trams, going to the local train station and cims are being distributed to the rest of the city. Railwhales are pretty good handling the high amount of cims and their train variants are hauling cims to the main station or nearby stations connected to metro networks. The concept is working but I intend to improve it, thus this idea came up. The main issue with trams is the fact that they do not cover the same zone as metro network. Trams works fine on a street level, but when you want to deliver "transport" to a small district, they fail, even if you create walkways between streets and through apartments to increase the accesibility. Metro does that well. You can transport crapload of people between districts and since it's underground there's no traffic. I like metro because of this. The problem with metro though, just like train stations, you can't build them on slope. Even if you do, they will look weird just like below (ignore the budget, free public transportatin is killing it) So that's where this idea came in; funicular. Funiculars are basically sloped trains or metros, consider how you will. While they are not widely popular around the world, they still have use. I live in a country which most of the cities are built around hills and thus we use funiculars a lot. There are 2 cases I'd like to talk about: 1. Istanbul, where funicular is still used but somewhat integrated into metro network. 2. Lausanne, where funicular line is upgraded into Metro network. So while the system is currently a metro network (with metro cars and all that, it actually operates on old funicular line) I know that it's imposible to build slope train stations (smh), but stops can be added on sloped roads if it's bus or a tram station. So 2 possiblity comes to mind: a. Create a new road connection (just like tram only roads) call them funicular line. Since they are roads, stops can be added on sloped terrain. There will 3 issues to settle: 1. Underground stops 2. Adding proper stations 3. Giving them same coverage as metros b. Use existing metro network. This one is better but a bit hairy because of: 1. Will require MOM mod. So it will not be compatible with existing cities or will require to destroy metro tunnels and rebuild (some issue I had in my playthrough, they clip the terrain when there are too close to the ground level) 2. Will require underground metro depots for funiculars. 3. New stations will have to be made, which they wont be long default stations but much shorter so it won't look weird on sloped terrain. (4 or 5 units long perhaps) 4. I don't usually care how tracks look like so current MOM style would be fine. Cars have to be modeled, obviously.
  21. Well, it seems Ive finally tried the impossible. Ive always lived in hilly areas and it is very, very common to have roads/streets/rail what have you cross each other. I used the land bridge mod to create the bridge but cannot find any way to get a road/avenue/highway to plop (is that the right word?) under the bridge tile. My searching has revealed either it doesn't exist or it doesn't exist. I found a reference to a Japanese mod for under bridge extenders but the site redirects to dead locations. Does anyone know how to do this or where to find extenders? Or how to build roads under land bridges? I see there are tons of extenders for other items...just no roadways. Thanks in advance, John
  22. BRT Project

    Hey Guys! One year ago, I was hunting for some "in the median" bus stations to make a BRT concept, that lately I developed and showed here: Well, I wasn't able to find it, and I realize that I should change my concept of what a BRT should look like in SC4. With the help of rsc204(that did the hard work and I have to say thank you, again) , I was able to use a Station that looks like the real thing and attends the diagram of a BRT Station, being scaled: (Scale in meters) Some real world images: Aerial Images of 2.0 concept What Brings me to the main reason that I am opening this, expanding and making the project popular. This topic will unite evolutions in the concept, links to Stations/Terminals that should be useful, and custom creations of transit stations, terminals and hubs, that would increment style in a lot of cities. So, that's it, and welcome! Little video to explain the concept:
  23. When we place subway stations right now, we are limited to either north south and east west orientation. But I think we should be able to rotate it so that it can also go in north east to south west and north west to southeast orientation. This gives greater flexibility in the way we lay our subway tracks. Subway stations should have multiple platforms to accommodate different lines that intersect at the same station. This is how subway stations work in most Asian metropolises and it is more efficient because it will reduce traffic congestion. Subway stations, trams stops, and bus stops (and other public mass transportation systems that may be released in the future expansions) should have some kind of integration functions. For example, currently airports have subway stations build into the airport structures. Similarly, we should have subway stations that have tram and bus stops/bust interchanges build into the subway station structures. That way, passengers who just got out of subway station can immediately get onto the tram stops or bus stops. In effect, I realize that this feature is probably not necessary because all one has to do is to lay a tram/bus stops right next to the subway station in order to accomplish the same goal. But I thought having something like this is a nice touch. Subway stations, and parks (including gardens, playground, basketball courts) shouldn't need to be placed right next to the road as long as they are accessible by pedestrian walkways. I recommend a new park feature where you simply paint the squares much like you would paint residential/commerce/industrial areas. The painted squares would automatically generate nicely manicured grass areas with walkways and road lights. I recommend this because in my experience of building cities, I usually find that there are gaps between strips of residential or commercial areas. I find it too tedious to place trees and pedestrian path in these gaps to beautify the area; but to leave it unfurnished is a shame. Having this feature would make it easier for us.
  24. UPDATE: Solved, see bottom edit. Hey guys, I'm trying to mod the regional transportation view, and while i've managed to get RHW to show (by copying the exemplar), i can't seem to figure out how to make it any other color than black. Now, i know Heblem did it awhile back, but by putting those exemplars side by side, there are no differences whatsoever, besides a few missing properties which seem to do nothing relevant. If i copy the exemplar from Heblem's mod, POOF! It's magically orange. It makes no sense, unless there's something reader just isn't telling me. I've used 1.5, and 0.93, and no dice. Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Real Highway Mod\RealHighway_Regional_Transport_Map.dat Look at exemplar 0x6534284a,0x690f693f,0x4a0b68f3 in both. Yes, there is a color ramp property, no it does not do anything because it's missing in Heblem's mod and yet it's orange. Believe me, i've tested the hell out of both mods, modified, swapped exemplars, and the results baffle me. A little insight would be nice. EDIT: Just figured it out. If you go to the exemplar i mention earlier and change the color ramp property (i changed all 4, don't know which one does what) to your highway color. Just in case the colors confuse you, it's 0xAARRGGBB (alpha, red, green, blue). I left the alpha untouched. I still don't know why Heblem's mod doesn't have a color ramp in the 2nd exemplar. Oh well, at least i figured my end out.
  25. Entry 3: The Oceanic Highway Belt - Longbeach

    Replies: @korver: I appreciate your comment! I always strive to excel at my MMP work in this journal. @Ln X: Haha, I promise you that the beaches are only going to get better with each little experience I learn. @kschmidt: Thank you! Yes, I am thinking about implementing more ploppable buildings rather than the growable ones into my work. @_Michael: Thanks! This next one will surely elaborate on this theme! @raynev1: Always thankful for your comments! I guess this makes Mistral Isle the #1 place for sim beachgoes around Simtropolis perhaps? @kingofsimcity: Thanks! I am always fascinated with creating idyllic small towns and beaches, those are always themes I like to play around with when I start the game. @Takingyouthere: I agree, I like scaling things to realistic levels. Indeed, one of my focuses on this CJ is realism, both on scale and scene alike. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing along the OHB: Longbeach Greetings to you all! For what it seemed to be a looooong while, I have stopped playing SC4 in order to take a break from a near burnout I was experiencing. But as time progressed, my interest in continuing my CJ had waxed and waned until I was invigorated with the reminder of the reason of starting it in the first place: to share my work with the rest of the community. Additionally, I had a life long goal of actually finishing a region in SC4 and so that only added my excitement in coming back to create again. Without further interruption, I present the next entry in this CJ. Further east from Blythe, we hit the outskirts of Longbeach, a small suburban community that sits along the beautiful beach line south. In actuality, however, Longbeach is part of the greater Birdwater city area, but for this entry we will explore its scenes and views. We hit a local interchange that leads to the original main street of Longbeach. Since then, the community has grown to encompass the surrounding areas in support of the neighboring districts. Main Street. Below Main Street is the beach houses along the shore in the dawn of morning. We keep going along eastward, often taking in the rows of houses and farmland, which has started to recede in favor for more suburban housing. Some more additional interchanges taken from dusk. This is the second interchange, a rather interesting diamond variant unique for this situation. At night... Third interchange along the OHB. Similar angle, but at night. (The Nightshift has begun.) There is always fun in the sun and water in Mistral. (I apologize for the jagged edges on the waterline, for I am not sure how to fix that.) Lastly, here is some more pictures for you to enjoy. Some Additional Info: The next entry after this will be bigger in scope and detail, but will consequently require more time to create, polish and finish. However, I am not very far off from finishing the neighboring city east of Longbeach, and the entry will probably be in during the end of the year, if not next year at January. For you to keep on your toes, I have three teaser shots for what might be hinting in the next entry. *wink* *wink* That will be all folks! - Artimus

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