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City-building game(s)

Found 34 results

  1. Christmas 2016 in Medrean City

    THE MUNICIPALITY OF MEDREAN CITY WHISHES YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Following a beautiful tradition, the entire city has been decorated and highlighted for the Christmas season. Like every year, Colonius Avenue trees have been illuminated as well as the top of some of the most iconic skyscrapers of the downtown. Moreover, Conelly Square, one of the main public park of the city, is welcoming the famous Christmas market with a fifteen meters Christmas tree. An iconic ice rink has also been installed until february in Conelly Square. Whishing you a Merry christmas and season greetings !
  2. Merry Christmas from Perseus

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The Persusian Legislative Assembly Building in Passau bedecked in Christmas finery and lights for the festive season. Larger .png version available here
  3. Christmas 2016 Announcement

    Long time no see, but Merry Christmas!! Christmas 2016 Announcement
  4. I'll be home...

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    I've never been big on Christmas Day. I like Christmas Eve. The anticipation. The gathering of family and friends. The excitemtent of what's to come tomorrow. That's what these two images are meant to invoke. Here are two uniquely Midwestern spins on winter, and Christmas. A late evening train bringing families together, as the local townspeople put the final touches on the decorations. A tree lighting ceremony in the town square complete with music and warm drinks. Celebrations of winter at it's best!
  5. Niederbauen Old Town

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    A scene from the previously un-showcased city of Niederbauen, currently experiencing a light snow flurry. You can also see the city Christmas tree and one of the many Christmas markets to the right of the image. Hope you like the city! A full resolution image can be seen below.

    © _Michael 2016

  6. Christmas Special

    Replies @ Paulobergonci : Thanks for looking! And, yes, I just lost concentration! @ TowerDude : Thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm sure the Sims have a great sightseeing trip. Today's Update Well.. it's that time of year again. Christmas. Things have been getting rather chilly recently. Here are some main headlines from across SimWorld. New New York News Snow has been causing havoc in New New York as freak storms hit by surprise. Adeland National News All settlements in the country have been affected by freezing temperatures as they fall into the -20ºC region. The Karkland Times Snow postpones major football clash between Karkcity and Eylton United as 12 Inches Fall. Lorshire Leader Roads across the country are clogged with travellers as the Christmas Holiday period arrives. Vorland National Newspaper Major travel disruption caused by non-stop blizzards across the region. So.. the very short and pictureless Christmas update has come to an end. Or has it..? This was a picture taken from a news chopper reporting on the travel disruption in Vorland.. Is that really Santa and the reindeer? Always Believe... That's it from this update.. sorry it's short! This is all I had time for.. Sam =) Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.
  7. Merry Christmas 2015

    What's this? New SorGun back from the dead? I told you I wasn't finished with this yet I am deeply honored that the members of Simtropolis nominated this CJ for a number of 2014 Trixies. Thank you so much for your support, I greatly appreciate it! As a little 'thank you' I am offering a Christmas present, followed by some details of what will happen with this CJ in 2016... enjoy! 250 strands of lights, 100 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights. 25,000... I dedicate this house to the New SorGun family Christmas. Drum roll please... ... Drum roll! taaa dada dadada dadad dadadadaadada... Joy to the world... Taddadadadadaddadadadadadadadadaa... Merry Christmas everybody, and may your best day in 2015 be your worst day in 2016. Now, let's get down to business... what's in store for this CJ in 2016? If you are looking for a quick way to recap what has transpired over the course of this CJ, be sure to check out this entry. We left off just as the great debate was about to begin. We will pick it up right where we left off, so Happy New Year and get ready for New SorGun once again
  8. 75 - Snow Spirit

    It's my 75th Entry! I wanted to have a bigger Christmas entry but unfortunately my graphics card died. It's fixed now and all my SimCity data is safe, however I didn't have the time to take all the pictures I wanted or do all the photo editing I had planned. A big thanks to all those who visited, commented on, and rated my CJ in 2015. I had fewer entries this year so I'll continue this 'season' in 2016. A lot of the stuff I'm working on in SC4 is really big so it's taking longer to finish. Thanks for all your great advice and support. Another thanks to all all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keeps SC4 alive and makes it better than ever. And finally, thanks to all the Mods and Admins who keep the site up and running. Anyway, here are a few shots to put you in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Happy Holidays! See you in the future... raynev1: Nice entry. It looks pretty cool. Thank you raynev. gviper: Spectacular! These images are simply living and active candy to the eyes! I desperately want to see some night shots of the first series. The precipitation in the shots lends me to feel the lighting is a bit too bright, but then again, perhaps it's an isolated shower moving through the area and sunbreaks are all around. Hey, that would beckon for a rainbow effect, course that might not be possible with Photoshop (I dunno) but if pulled off would be merely window dressing on an otherwise fabulous presentation! Yeah I guess you kind of have to imagine the sun is peering through the clouds or suspend your disbelief a bit. I used a different rain effect this time. I'll try something else next time and see if it works better. Thanks. tariely: "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring..." I like the strange cheerfulness of those pictures.:-) Don't wake up the old man. Thank tariely. Ln X: The public green areas and plazas look amazing as do the ancient monuments and canal areas. Malory Park is one hell of a bat, mind you the sunken stuff done right is always great. I do have a query though- have you ever considered changing the pavement textures? Gobias' HD Sidewalk Mod contains ten different pavements, as a bonus it also changes the Maxis pavement textures for any other lot or bat. As always though you have some spot-on city design. Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know why I never really considered it. I like the white color of the default maxis pavement but I guess the texture isn't so good. I'll look in to it. Schulmanator: Looking awesome! Too bad about the rain... still an awesome place to visit. Now to pack my bags and head to the nearest stargate! Then as usual we shall prepare our finest for your visit. TekindusT: I need one of those Stargates, to travel to Ionica in RL. It's not a game anymore... michae95l: Looking great, I especially like how you've integrated the stadium. BTW, what the name of the seawall pack in the second image? Thanks. Keep up the amazing work! It's the JENXPARIS Quais de Seine from sc4 devotion. takemethere: Cool title and nice change in ambiance with the rainfall. I'm a bit curious about that weird looking road bridge in the 3rd image... not sure I'd feel comfortable driving over that one! Lol yeah, that bridge. It bothers me a lot but changing it required more work than I wanted to put in at the time. Thanks. dedgren: Don't get me wrong- I love fall trees and other flora and was an early advocate for their use in SC4. But if you are going to use seasonal stuff it needs to be consistent across your gamesquare- it shouldn't be fall in one place and summer on the lots next door. I know from experience that doing this is a huge task. But it is that sort of attention to detail that is the difference between an interesting pic and a compelling one. As long as I am in critic mode here, your use of the fall trees would have been greatly improved by randomly rotating them when you placed each tree. The trees in front of St. Michael's Chapel and around the Temple of Zeus illustrate this point. Again, don't get me wrong. I really like this CJ. But such is life- often the reward for a good performance is to be asked to step up one's game and make the next one truly great. Since this was the only fall entry of the year I didn't see it worthwhile investing the time to change all those trees. Also this is my first foray into seasonal flora. Thanks for the advice tho. Rotating the trees is a really great idea and I'll do that next time. kschmidt: Atlantis feel, about ! Posseidon raising from the deep; skyscraper like, stadium australian football ? Some trees don´t have such a big seasonal change still something to watch out for, but for the all over view not real disturbing. Like the canal parks with the raised plateau connections, well done ! Thanks kschmidt, glad you enjoy it.
  9. Merry Christmas!

    Thanks to all of you that took the time to read and comment over this year. The on-going support is much appreciated. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year!
  10. Just a quick note to remind people that if you have to play SimCity 4 on Christmas Day (system date 12/25/xxxx) you will get snow in your mountains will-ye, nil-ye. It is a built-in Easter Egg from the developers Every year we get panic entries in the forum about this because people think something has gone wrong. It hasn't. Enjoy the effect. And so, if the pickle doesn't run away with the spoon, Santa should come on time. He likes big chocolate chip cookies and warm milk. Merry Christmas.
  11. 67 - One Magical Night

    Just a small Holiday Season entry composed of a few new and old pics for Christmas. Thank you to all those who visited, commented, and rated my CJ in 2014. I didn't manage to build all the things I planned at the beginning of the year but I had 22 solid entries and I'm quite proud of that. I would once again like to thank all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keep SC4 alive and make it better than ever. I would also like to thank all the Mods and Admins who keep the site up and running. Enjoy! Here is a little teaser of something I'm working on for 2015: Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Happy Holidays. See you in the future! Ln X: The Hanging Gardens of Ionica! A temple of science and technology, lol! Actually the Lotus Flower, or the Lotus Temple, is a Baha'i house of worship in New Delhi, the actual BAT is really well done and perfectly captures the architectural style of using the number 9. The 9-sided star, the 9 walkways and the 18 petal-like walls. Anyway, good work on the repetitive architecture and the multi-layered symmetry. Yeah I know what it is, but of course I had to invent a new identity for it to fit in Ionica. Thanks. Schulmanator: Nice! What an inventive way to take a new twist on an old idea. Babylon would be envious! Rock on! Oh you bet I'm rockin' on! Thanks Schul! Sexysark:P: That is the lotus temple in Delhi i live in Delhi you should see that in real-life an engineering marvel next time i go i am gonna click a pic for you as always you outlive our expectation I'd love to see it in real life. Thanks Prophet42: Wow!! Very well planned out and beautiful. Took a little while to get things right but it worked out. Thanks. TekindusT: This is maaaaaaaassive!!! And you have gone one step further when it goes in SC4 awesomeness with this update! I'm always trying to impress ya. Thanks Tek! Mymyjp: Absolutely fabulous! I can so see myself walking there....excellent work as always! It would be quite an amazing park to walk in if it really existed wouldn't it? Thanks. KonstantinII: Ionica: Combining the best of the utopian and cyberpunk worlds. This nice green complex you have there. Jacque Fresco would be proud. I could spend all my day in that park! By the way, it reminds me of this image. Also, how in the world did you make the water at different levels? I didn't think it was possible. Ah, that's a good slogan for Ionica. Maybe I'll use it in 2015. I've just used PEG ponds and waterfalls. Masissar: I have no words, just amazement. This is amazing, the use of the waterfalls and the terrain. just amazing!!! So happy you're amazed! Thanks. Huston: EPIC pyramid waterfall AI tech complex Puts the hanging gardens of Babylon to shame. Ionica 1, Babylon 0. Booyah! Thanks. SAVAGExPHOENIX: Okay, so I want you to know that I'm stealing this idea for the Illium City's Shrine of the Fallen (our war memorial). It's so stunningly beautiful that I can't *NOT* use it!!! Wonderful update. I hope mine looks half as good as yours (although my Peg water gets brown boxes and I have no idea why so I'll have to use something else.) Go for it. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I wonder why you're getting brown boxes. Maybe you should review the dependencies. Thanks. feeroz123: Stunning! The concept is beautiful and the execution is perfect. Thank you very much feeroz123. __A: That is absolutely stunning! I'm sure that Lotus Flower is secretly a nuclear weapon MUAHAHA What an amusing but terrifying idea. Thanks. nas786: awesome. just awesome. These are the kinds of journals that inspire me (and I"m sure others) to start building, and make this game so fun! That's what they're here for. I'm glad I've inspired you. Thanks. Lord Branham: Absolutely in love with it!!!! Great work, by far one of my favorites! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Lord Branham. slickbg56: You have brought waterfallery and skyscraparity together in a way that has become spectacumazing. It is so good, that it caused me to make up words. Ionica: Behold the spectacumazingness of our waterfallery and skyscraparity! lol, great new words. Thanks. Sylvio Jorge: Brilliant. The magnificence of this entry goes beyond the huge visual beauty of the images. Your ability to create and build something like this is what makes it so special and is really inspiring. Thank you so much Sylvio Jorge. Your appreciation pushes me to greater heights. dossenaandrea: awesome!!! where did u get those curved per bridges? Those are bendy bridges by murimk. Thanks StarFire01: Building on the top is beautiful. Yeah, one damned amazing BAT. tankmank: A stunning park, you have outdone yourself this time That's what I was going for. Thanks. Tonraq: Looks like a nice city to live at It certainly would be. Thanks. Benedict: Well done, you've topped BTT for the third and fourth weeks in a row. Sweet. I should have saved that DiCaprio gif for this one. Thanks y'all.
  12. Christmas Special

    REPLIES: @lucasfg3 - thank you @tariely - thank you . Cadillac Hills is not a city, it's just a district. I'm aiming to create one region size city so each tile is a district of the larger city. I think i've forget to download the diagonal crops. Thnaks for ponting me that issue. The river banks are 12 m lower than the buildings. The entire district is in a deep valley between mountains and being a mountain river i don't think that tehre are many trees between the rocks. It's just a guessing :))) @raynev1 - thank you @Ln X - thanks @kschmidt - it's not a highway, just a 2x2 main road that runs through the city and connects it with other cities. As for residential individual homes i use only bipin and mattb creations. Merry Christmas!!!
  13. The Apple of Snow White's Eye.

    Welcome back, before any pictures are shown, we'd like to clarify and inform of the rather hectic week. It was a doozy. First off, Amelia has been put in a Witness Relocation Program, and was not assassinated. Her whistleblowing caused a few riots, a bunch in the industrial district after other whistleblowers revealed things about cheating industrial workers, the amount of casualties was expected, but the amount of destroyed buildings was tame. You'll see them, just you wait. The mayor of Jerseyville stepped down, and after a board meeting with all the mayors except the old Jerseyville mayor, Telegraph was moved into position for capital, and Telegraph's vice president Daniel R. Rodger was put in charge of Jerseyville after Telegraph's mayor refused to leave his sporty town. Onto the pictures. Firstly, we have the industrial district. Incinerators, warehouses, assembly lines, and oil tanks are plentiful. The oil tanks are owned by Shell, BP, WaWa, and Lukoil. You can barely see the processing tanks next to them, but we weren't allowed to get any info. They call the industrial area the Red Towers Industrial District. Here's another section, it's mainly storage and workyards (which give out 50 cents an hour parking), but a few pipes and steel manufacturers house themselves here. The red and white tower is unused, though is apparently a landmark. This area has a lot of railway running through, though the area also has a lot of chemical processing. We can confirm the red tower below is not the same and does not work and is a landmark. Finally, the end of the industrial district. This area is high tech and does computer manufacturing, Dell has a computer building factory here, also. A few other industrial building are here, too, though. Next, at the edge of all the cool towers, is the small commercial district, a lot of the inhabitants love the place. Here you can see the Lois Canal, short, but sweet. A lot of proposals happen there. You can also see the old-fashioned buildings next to it. The end of the small commercial district. Here is the main attraction. Huge towers loom over citizens walking around. Most of these are residential. A short picture of the Aloysius museum, famous for the dome. Last but not least, the coup de gra of everything. The Stomshire building, previously owned by Luke Stomshire. The base of operations, perfectly evil looking. The top levels are where the corruption happens, but the lower parts are all show and friendly normal office. Brilliant... On a happier note, here are the famous windmills that were shut down a year ago. They're quite a sight, but the city council decided they contributed nothing with the new extremely efficient Nuclear power plant. Now, moving on to the small yet expensive Jerseyville Suburban District Project. Built near the lake, expensive to live in, but beautiful. This is where it attaches to the center of Jerseyville and the corner of the small commercial district. Finally, the mass solar project area. Surprisingly, it produces a lot of power, it was fully finished a month ago. That's all there is, folks, that is the whole Jerseyville area, I hope you've enjoyed your stay. Tune in next time! Merry Christmas!
  14. Swartzia - Merry Christmas!

    So we are close to Christmas! Time to think about what we´ve done so far, time for peace, time for remembering others, time for gifting... In Swartzia, Christmas is celebrated seriously, with Christmas parade, big pines tree all over the city... In December, the hotels are always full of visitors, coming from several places of the nation and with some international tourist too. Ok, enough talk, lets get to the pictures. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! The end (?) As I mentioned on my back, my objective was to get this CJ done and I consider it is. However, I never know if maybe someday on the future Ill wish to play SC4 again, maybe get more inspiration and do a better "work". Anyway, I´d like to thank you all for attention and comments. For those who didnt saw yet, I recommend to take a look at my 3 "Articles", they are a good read (Article 1 is the best of them): Thank you all and happy 2016! Comments reply @raynev1 Thats a nice vision, I actually feel like I should stop gaming to do other stuff and in a decade or two get back... People on 2035 are going to say that their video-games are the real ones, that everybody before was fake,maybe they are even going to call them "simulators" instead, and they might say that our era sucked... Well, that´s going to be nice for City Building, really! <the picture below is a glitch and it appears by its own even if I edit the CJ post>
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Its not common knowledge but reindeer, like all aircraft, have a finite range. What goes up... must come down and refuel from time to time. Its also a known fact that the faster you go, the faster you consume fuel. When these two facts were presented to the Federal Aeronautics Committee, they needed no further prodding to approve 23.5 million simoleans to fund subsidized research into determining how the reindeer are able to make their global trek each year in such a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the original 23.5 million was promptly consumed exploring the popular "Fairy Dust" theory. This study concluded that the only mammals capable of flight are bats, reindeer, really motivated squirrels and, of course, pigs... if you drink enough. There was also evidence to the effect that when the Cows Came Home... they too occasional flew... but the funding ran out before this could be confirmed. Of 347 reindeer picked at random for testing, 13 were found to be on steroids, 16 had various STDs, 137 had blood-alcohol levels over .15, 6 were found to be stuffed with old rags and bunched up newspaper, 4 tested positive for Angel Dust... but none tested positive for Fairy Dust. And as none of the other flying mammals were known to use Fairy Dust, this theory was quickly dismissed... when the funding was exhausted. Interest in the research waned for several years until the irrefutable tabloid Eclectic Enquirer published the now famous photo of what experts have agreed can only be a Reindeer Rest Stop. Armed with an additional 23.5 million in research grants, the FAC is actively recruiting woodsman and photo journalists to scour the forests and confirm the new belief that the reindeer have been using remote and secluded rest stops scattered throughout the region. The Reindeer Rest Stop is a ploppable MTP Reward that will blends in perfectly with your MTP Pine Forests. For 11 months out of the year, its merely a simple forest clearing with an abandoned shed and small coral. But come Christmas time, the lot magically begins the transformation into a vital transportation hub in old Saint Nick's jolly jaunt around the globe. The FAC Wants You There are too few volunteers and far too much territory to cover. The FAC needs robust and adventurous characters like yourself to seek out potential reindeer rest stops and gather photographic evidence that they do indeed exist. It won't be easy staking out the suspected clearings in the dead of night... warding off the cold and boredom in hope that you'll catch a glimpse of old Kringle and his team. But you'll know you are on the right tract when replacement reindeer appear in the coral... obviously on hand in case one of the team blows a hoof or something. As the big day gets closer, the clearing will transform into a landing zone. When you see the landing lights come on, its time to get that camera ready and you better be quick. Old Nick doesn't waste anytime refueling and zooming back off into the night on his appointed rounds. ** This lot requires the following dependencies PEG MTP Super Pack PEG Nick O'Laus Toy Company PEG Christmas Development Kit All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  16. PEG Santa's Village

    Version 1.0.0


    This non-conditional reward is a special Christmas gift from the staff & members at Pegasus Production to you and the entire SC4 Community. Like so many of the Santa's Villages that exist in mountain areas, our Village mixes tourist trap with amusement park... and theme-related shopping. Its all here... the shops, the rides, the reindeer petting zoo, the Polar Express train ride... and, of course, the kids running crazy on sugar highs and natural adrenalin fueled by the expectation of spending a little suck-up time with Santa. This sprawling 10x10 lot was designed for use with the MTP. Its a reward... but also offers over 600 jobs to your local residents. Its transit enabled, of course... and puts on quite a light show at night. In fact, its only fair to warn you that between the lights and the seasonal background music, you just might find yourself getting sucked-in while spending long periods reliving Christmases Past & imagining that you are there. The lot was too large & complex for the BAT so it was assembled modular style with numerous models designed to fit together. Still, considering its size & complexity, the overall file size and resource usage is fairly small. One of the advantages of modular design is the repeated use of models to conserve game resources. For some reason, the snow never seems to melt around Santa's Village. Some say they have refrigeration coils buried in the ground... while others suspect that they truck it in from higher elevations each night. The kids, of course, believe otherwise. But however it gets there, it sure is a popular attraction during the warmer summer months. * The snow texture matches the PEG-MTP Snow Mod textures.... but does not require that mod. The snow texture on the lot remains year-round, even without the Snow Mod installed. ** This lot requires the following dependencies: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/20966-peg-mtp-super-pack/ and the PEG Christmas Development Pack: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/11097-peg-christmas-development-kit/ All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here. From the Staff & Crew at Pegasus Productions... Have a Very, Merry Christmas !!!
  17. Believe...

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #10 | 12 Days Of Christmas
  18. Ionica - United

    Welcome back to United on Christmas Get warm and close the ones you love. Santa is on his way, hope you've all had a good year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Replies: Jacob Guajardo: Wow nice job . Thanks. ggamgus: I love that park, in the second-to-last picture. Glad you enjoyed it, pretty much gotta thank paeng for most of that. dubaidude303: Look's great man! Really like the new improvements! Thanks dude, been doing this alongside expanding my city. This has been ongoing for the past few months, really hard to rebuild parts of your city compared to making one from scratch I find. Especially if you made a lot of amateur mistakes the first time around, but on a tile this size you don't want to have to rebuild everything. Schulmanator: Awesomeness incarnate! Keeps getting better Thanks, still has a long way to go. Forthwall: Excellent work! Who is Forthwall and why is he using Mastof's avatar? Oh, hey! thanks! City Builder 9111: Magnificent!!!!!! Thank you. KonstantinII: I don't see any barsoom buildings... Sorry, didn't know that I had to put them in right away. I have a huge backlog of BATs that I'm trying to find the place for, I don't just put down the buildings I download right away. Also, there is stuff that I'm playing around with in the background that you don't see so just be patient. raynev1: Fantastic job , I must say you got me good , when I started reading this entry I didn't look at the pictures yet , and something caught my eye , the picture changed ,I thought , but was not sure . I bet it took me over half an hour to view this update , and I enjoyed every minute of it . Very , very nice entry . Keep up the great work . Thanks raynev1, I'm really glad to hear you took that amount of time with my entry and that you enjoyed it. Hazani Pratama: Very,Cooooooool City! Thanks. Fox: Love the before and after pictures, very well done, love some of the improvements. The Dubai Tower is my favourite with the added canals around it, although I hope the Borg cube was relocated and not destroyed .. lol Glad you like it Fox, thanks. Unfortunately that Borg Entertainment Cube at the heart of Avalon was destroyed, but it is a chain, there are lots more in Ionica. SimCoug:Great work with the before and after pics - those can be tricky to pull off since it usually involves some planning. Thanks SimCoug. Yeah they sure are tricky. Don't know how you do it, but I have some backups of my city at different stages, especially Avalon, so I just load up different versions of my city, take pictures of a general area, then line it up in photoshop. I should probably have put dates on the pictures because it is kind of difficult to tell what actual order is. Thanks for stopping by, see you in 2013!
  19. Ionica - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Thank you to all those who visited, commented, and rated my CJ in the past year. I was only able to bring you half the amount of entries as last year due to certain delays and complications (I spilled water into my computer), but I think the quality has improved a lot and I hope to continue that trend. Right now I'm just building up a lot of material so that when I do make a 'comeback' I will have lots of great stuff to show and I'll be able to do that a bit more consistently. Thanks to KonstantinII, I finally managed to get the Loteditor working and I'm crafting some custom Lots that I'll hopefully be able to share with you if they're good enough and I can get permission. I would also like to thank all the Modders and BATers whose hard work, creativity, talent, and devotion keep SC4 alive and make it better than ever. The following images are from some of the new tiles I've been working on. After nbvc released these marina's I decided to give them a try. I was also inspired by some of paeng's and Fox's work, but I'm nowhere near that level. The last three mosaics in the series are x-masfied versions of images I used to create the video in my previous entry. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  20. Season's greetings from Nieuwezee! Here's my sister and I on the canalside in the Haartje, holidaying with friends in in snowy Nieuwezee. We've just come from the Marktplaats and now we're heading to a lovely little cafe for mulled wine! Yes, it really is as cold out as it looks...
  21. Version


    This is a late December 25th Christmas present to from to all of you. A rendition of the Namakli Project Scarab Prefabs, rusted and dirtied from a harsh arid environment. This, in a futuristic city, or in just a normal, present day urban neighborhood, could serve as slum housing, or project housing quick fixes. These collection of lots are low wealth (R$), growth stage 1. Perfect for new flourishing colonies. The BAT is tailored to darknite only and maxis-nite may or may not come in a later date: In-game demonstration There are four available variations in lotting and prefab module placement. When re-lotting the BAT(s), it is possible to put them side by side, with minimal texture glitches when merged together(tested claim). This allows you to create a wider variety of lots, and unlimited structural sizes and combinations. The prefabs are designed to almost be like lego pieces, fitting together perfectly. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot information: Lot Size - 1x2 (all) Type - Residential Growth Stage - 1 (low density) Sorry for the lack of lot info. It's all I have right now. Dependencies METMW: Prop Pack Alpha (1.1 or later) SimFox Day and Nite Modd BSC Mega Props JMyers Agriculture 02 BSC - VIP girafe bushes / BSC - VIP girafe berries LBT Mega Texture Pack vol.02 Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders contained in the zip file in a common folder to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any ME:TMW Project BAT (an exception for ME:TMW Prop Pack models from packs ie. METMW Prop Pack Alpha), contact me for permission before releasing the lots.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. Merry Christmas from The Surround Gamer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBa2Mm-nP50 To You and Yours, The Surround Gamer wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, Season's Greetings, and Happy New Year!

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