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building a region from scratch

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Urban Constanta

Is this the end?

In the first days of january IT happened. BSOD on boot followed by an Mb , ram and HDD crush. Hundreds of GB of data lost. Obvious all SC4 data from the plugins folder is also lost. And we are talking about almost 8GB plugins.

So i'm kind of down. And somehow lost interest on playing. But who knows maybe i'll make a comeback someday.

Urban Constanta

Christmas Special



@lucasfg3 - thank you

@tariely - thank you . Cadillac Hills is not a city, it's just a district. I'm aiming to create one region size city so each tile is a district of the larger city. I think i've forget to download the diagonal crops. Thnaks for ponting me that issue. The river banks are 12 m lower than the buildings. The entire district is in a deep valley between mountains and being a mountain river i don't think that tehre are many trees between the rocks. It's just a guessing :)))

@raynev1 - thank you

@Ln X - thanks :D

@kschmidt - it's not a highway, just a 2x2 main road that runs through the city and connects it with other cities. As for residential individual homes i use only bipin and mattb creations.

Merry Christmas!!!












Urban Constanta

Twin Peaks

Just a small suburb with some medium and high end residences near the railstation. Other than that not such a nice place to live in. Some "projects" and some old brick buildings now inhabited poor people.

population: 33.756



the riverside area


one nasty place to live in


the projects


the railstation area


close up in the rich part of the suburb


Urban Constanta

So I've decided to put some work and resolve a file conflict and from that point i also made a couple of major changes: new terrain, new water, new beach, new rocks and a new tree controller. In my opinion it looks way better now.



And now


As you can see i also made some major terraformig, but i had to do it. The city needs a marina and a seaport and also it's nice to have a canal running through the city.

And i finished the highway and railway networks.


Now let's take a look at the docks.



See you in a couple of days with some development in Springfield district. (i guess Homer Simpson is going to be happy:))) )

Urban Constanta



Jacob_G2013 - thank you

Mymyjp - thank you

juliok92012 - thank you. the watter will blend in with the temperate trees and decoration i'll put alongside it. It's a temperate climate region.

It is time to continue our work. Here we have another suburban, low density district. The Airport district. As the name says here we'll build the airport. It will be a custom puzzle pieces airport. Also here the river changes into a canal with some marinas and watrerfront development. There will be walls along the canal but that is for another episode. Now we focus on the highways and railway.

Here we have the main entrance in the city. the junction between Highway 1 and Highway 2. It's a junction between two 8 lanes highways. I know the cloverleaf junction it's not that good looking as haljackey's but i hope you like it. See you next time!





Urban Constanta

Twin Peaks

Building the highway and railway was really a challenge due to the limitations of the terrain. But i manag to build the highway at the base of the mountain. The ideea comes from one of haljakey's videos. The one with the interchange challenge.

And also i build some streets. Again it will be a suburban area with low density and 90% will be residential and 10% commercial.



Urban Constanta


First of all i start building the main infrastructure in the entire region:

  • highways
  • rail
  • canals
  • marina
  • seaport
  • airport

So here we are in Springfield district. It will be a suburban area with 80-90% low density residential and commercial, and maybe some farms.

But first of all let's lay down the rail netwrok and the highway. Due to lack of space my junction is not that spectacular it's similar to a junction south of my hometown and also it's a 2 city tiles junction. I hope it works :/

I also put some streets. Nothing spectacular now but i will hope to see some nice development in the future.

An maybe I'll make some videos. Who knows. See you next time.




Urban Constanta


Hello fellow city builders. This is a Simcity 4 city journal, or a C.J. - as people use to call it on simtropolis. The name of the city is Basin City, it's a tribute to one of my favourite movie series : Sin City. Also this is a building a region from scratch because we are goind to build a regionwide city.

Of course i use a lot of mods from simtropolis, sc4 devotion, and many other sites. I use of course the NAM, SPAM, BSC farms, a water mod, a terrain mod, a rock mod, a beach mod, a beach extender mod, a tree controller, a remove maxis palm trees mod, extra cheats.dll, extra god mode tools, an RCI demand mod, and ton's (almost 5GB) of BATS from all arround the internet.

What i try to achieve is a high realism city with NO MAXIS buildings.

The region that i use is Grand Valley - a 4x4 large city tiles region with mountins, rivers, a lake and sea.

The districts:

  • Springfield
  • Long Valley
  • Nortpoint
  • Trout Creek
  • Twin Peaks
  • Basin City International Airport (here i am going to transform the river into a canal)
  • Univeristy (here i am going to transform the river into a canal)
  • Heights
  • Southfork (i wrote suffolk by mistake, i'll change that later)
  • Westside (here i am going to transform the river into a canal, and also build Walley World)
  • Downtown (here i am going to transform the river into a canal)
  • Uppereastside
  • Crystal Cove
  • Old Town (here i am going to transform the river into a canal and i also will build a beach and a marina, a lot of work to build the marina and get rid of the island)
  • Docks (here it will take a lot of terraforming to build the docks and the industrial area and to make the terrain flat and get rid of the island)



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