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City-building game(s)

Found 35 results

  1. Article #7 - Wer: History & Modernity

    Article #7 - "Wer: History & Modernity" Wer is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 12 kilometres of Bahía Azul and 332 Km of Yuti, capital city. Founded in 1825 by european colonists. Today is a historical heritage. There are a lot of antique buildings of european architecture of 19th Century. Many structures have been destroyed by State negligence. Wer is a mixture of modern and old buildings, creating the silhouette of Wer City. Full Map Population: 20.469 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 22.673 (2017) Main Activities: Tourism, Manufactured Industries Wer Stories... 1. Wer Coast. Main Avenue. A historical neighborhood. 2. Wer Downtown. 3. Wer Suburbs. 4. Vieja Wer. A mixture of modern and old buildings. 5. Main Avenue. Vieja Wer. 6. Wer Downtown. A commercial zone. 7. Estación de Trenes Wer Central. A great train station. In the heart of Wer. 8. Wer Coast. Mixture of nature and antique buildings. 9. Suburbs and Parque Nacional de Wer. 10. Parque Nacional de Wer. A nature heritage (like Jalai City). 11. Parque Nacional de Wer, again. 12. Wer Suburbs and Industrial Zone. 13. Industrial Zone and elevated highway, connects Wer with Tiyi (city). 14. Vieja Wer at night. 15. Main Avenue at night. 16. Downtown at night. 17. Train Station and Commercial Zone at night. 18. Suburbs at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  2. Article #3 - Enjoying Jalai

    Article #3 - "Enjoying Jalai" Jalai or Ciudad Costera de Jalai is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 25 kilometres of Wainor City (an important financial centre), and 167 kilometres of capital city, Yuti. Jalai receives many tourists, international and domestic. Jalai has beautiful beaches and colorful avenues and buildings. It has an airport and many international conections. Full Map Population: 33.767 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 36.311 (2017) Main Activities: Tourism, Financial Services Jalai Highlights... 1. Jalai Main Avenue 2. San Roque Beach. One of the most popular beaches of Metzú. 3. San Roque Tropical Forest. Declared a Nature Reserve. 4. Jalai Downtown. 5. Coast Avenue. 6. An other view of Coast Avenue. 7. Jalai Downtown. An other point of view. 8. Aeropuerto Internacional de Jalai. With international conections. 9. Estación Central de Trenes de Jalai. An important train station. Thousands of people transit there everyday. 10. Jalai Suburbs at night. 11. Jalai Downtown at night. 12. Jalai Landscape. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  3. Hey everyone! Just wondering what all people like to see in their favorite maps.
  4. I just started a new city and wanted to share my progress. The current population is only 836. I'm playing with Hard Mode and No Despawn for the extra challenge. A New Beginning The new southern motorway A few years ago, the new motorway along the southern coast of Bonesia was completed. Before that, there was only a small dangerous gravel road leading through the mountains. Santa Vegas Along the highway, the small town of Santa Vegas was founded. It all started with a small service station. The beautiful coast made it very popular, and eventually some travellers decided to move there with their mobile homes. Workshop Items: The Colossal Hillside: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670806933 TROPICITY Style: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=669255469 Flat and Natural LUT: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625098232 Screenshots taken with Clouds & Fog Toggler, Daylight Classic, No Border Limit Camera, Softer Shadows You can also see my SC3000 Coal Power Plant.
  5. Stanley Seawalls

    Version 1.0.0


    12/16/15: This was originally released as a PLEX exclusive, and has now been added to the STEX "as-is". Original Readme: Stanley Seawalls: Base Set ~by: blunder This is a simple set of seawalls inspired by and (loosely) mimicking the seawalls in Stanley Park, Vancouver BC. Menu Locations: Transportation > Water Item Order: -10 (near the top) Pieces Contained in this set: 1x left endpiece 1x right endpiece 4x ortho pieces (empty, lightpost only, light and flower planters, light and park benches) 1x Outer Corner (soft) 1x Inner Corner (soft) sadly the soft inner corner doesn't quiiiiite line up right. I've been unable to fix this feature, but will release a hard Inner Corner piece in an upcoming expansion. This set is provided 'as-is' meaning it is not perfect. Graphical flaws exist in this set which can usually be solved by rezooming or changing your viewing angle. What can i say? The game can be funny when displaying narrow geometry. dependencies: none! Feel free to drop any feeback in my BAT thread at simpeg: RIP simpeg. which is where i'll be most likely to see it. Cheers.
  6. Hi all. I haven't played Sim City 4 in years, but I got a new computer recently and installed it again. I've a plan for a new city. I was wondering if there is a way to get a straight coastline and river? I thought I saw a tutorial somewhere online a few years back about it. If I recall correctly it required you to build a few roads, then change the sea-level of the city and when you demolished the roads, water would appear......something along those lines. Could anybody clarify this for me? Thanks!
  7. Up the coast, to Queenbee

    Up the coast, going inland on the river Limilou as the summer is ending, P. R. stops at the town of Saint-Jude, the first neighbourhood of the amalgamated city of Queenbee, where she will give lectures and workshops during the last days of summer and first weeks of the Fall. It's small, it's quiet, almost all the tourists are gone... She feels right at home.
  8. The way to the coast

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  9. The Olives Cape

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #6 | Best Nautical Themed Image
  10. José Estelita

    Bem-vindo a José Estelita / Welcome to José Estelita Português English Visão ampla da cidade. // Wide view of city.: Subúrbios. // Suburb.: Conexão da CS-100 com a CS-280. // Interchange of CS-100 with CS-280(begin/end).: Centro. A estrada elevada no centro da imagem é uma via de acesso direto a CS-280. // Midtown. The elevated road in center is a direct access for CS-280.: + José Estelita possui 63.264 habitantes. // José Estelita has 63.264 inhabitants; + Os maiores problemas da cidade são os congestionamentos no Centro e a baixa escolaridade. // The biggest problems of city are congestion in midtown and the low education.
  11. Hispânia

    Bem-vindo à Hispânia, o paraíso costeiro // Welcome to Hispânia, the paradise seaside Português English A cidade viveu um boom econômico, devido a grande procura de apartamentos na beira-mar. // The city experienced an economic "boom", due to high demand for apartments on the seaside: Ilha do Delta e seus barcos // Delta Island and their boats: Bairro rico na Zona Norte e no centro a Igreja Católica de Santo Antônio // Wealthy neighborhood in North Zone, in center, Catholic Church of St. Anthony: Bairro na Zona Sul, com a reserva florestal da diversidade ao lado. // Neighborhood in South Zone, with a forest reserve of natural diversity(lol) on the side: Centro da cidade, na qual se encontra o entroncamento em "T" da CS-100(a Rodovia Costeira) com a CS-032(Leste-Oeste) // DOWNTOWN, where located the junction "T" of CS-100 (the Coastal Highway) with the CS-032 (East-West): No centro, Avenida SimRico // In the center, the SimRico Avenue: Centro Comercial e suas boutiques // Commercial center and their boutiques: Imagens noturnas do Centro-Sul // Nighttime images of the Mid-South: Região industrial e porto petrolífero(Cruzeiro do Sul depende do petróleo importado), acesso a CS-100(Norte) // Industrial area and oil port(Cruzeiro do Sul is dependent on external oil), access to CS-100(North): + A cidade tem tamanho médio, pelo SC4 // The city is of medium size, by SC4; + Hispânia possui 149.797 habitantes // Hispânia has 149.797 inhabitants; + Possui um amplo acesso rodoviário, pela CS-100 e CS-032, além dos acessos ferroviário e hidroviário // Has broad highway access, by CS-100 and CS-032, plus rail and waterway access; + O maior problema da cidade é a poluição // The biggest problem of city is with pollution.
  12. Just a simple teaser...

    A special teaser today, without many words. Comments of the last entry will be replied next week, have a nice week!
  13. Some random pics again

    Yeah, I played on an older town of mine again, I kinda forgot during the months. The update is already today because tomorow is a holiday in Germany and after that, there is 1 week no school:D I'm a bit exhausted though, because we had a excursion today and visited the local home for asylum seekers; playing with the children and stuff, it was really fun:D But enough of the pseudo-diary here are some pics: A quick shot of the whole settled area of the region Some suburbs in the northern part of the city (please ignore the grid, I forgot to turn it off the whole snapshot-round, I'm sorry. One of the major commercial areas, this one next to the regional hospital in the south of the suburbs we visited just now. Another suburban district (there's no medium density residential zoning anyways) just next to the highway crossing. Though it's noisier the wealthy people prefered this place, I don't know why^^ The second major commercial centre, at the roundabout where one of the highways splits into two roads. Another district visa-vie to the highways with the fire department in front. The boarding school in the town. It's the reason why wealthy people are attracted to the town, it's known as one place of the elite-schools in the nation. A small industrial place next to the highspeed intersection of the ring road. The first commercial park of the town; there are companies with their production facilities just next to it. It works well with manufacturing/ hightech industry, but it needs good traffic connections (because of trucks and many people's cars go to one place at once; smaller towns with poorly planned traffic connections often have a problem with this. A view of the whole region at last^^ Now, that's it today, have a nice easter guys! Replies 47ply: Thank you very much! Schriefer: That's nice, thank you too! Ln X: Thank you! Yeah, I really like the idea to create small ponds completely covered by lili pads, it makes it more "romantic" or something like this^^ I think I can handle that thing with the streets pretty good meanwhile, thank you! feeroz123: You're welcome!....and thank you too^^ jmsepe: Thanks!
  14. The Trip (Part 1) Leaving The Great Coast

    Alright folks, we are ready To go in a cross country trip to Plantation Bay, one of the largest cities in this country, for the Extreme Gaming Conference, and see previews and gameplay of the new city-building game to be released. The trip is a 4500 mile flight across this country (United Cities), but we're going to make several stops. In this trip, me, and a few other gaming enthusiasts are leaving The Great Coast behind, and going to the Capital of United Cities (UC) to the Gaming conference to see the amazing new games coming out, especially SimMetropolis 5! First off, here's a map for reference as to we're we're going: The trip: First, we'll fly out of the Great Coast and land near Temperance lake, a lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. (similiar to the east mountains in the United States in real life). Then we'll fly over the ocean to the West United Cities continent (We're currently on East United Cities) to the airport near Plantation Bay. Then we take a 4 hour drive to Plantation Metropolis, which is the capital of UC. Let's Begin... 7 am A beautiful sunny morning at Coastland Metropolis, right here we're picking up our last buddy, Mike. (Michael Homes) He works in the Khallulu Observatory (the highest observatory in this world) and is currently on vacation here at Coastland Metropolis. We take the main avenue... and get on the highway... We leavet the metropolis and head for the outskirts, here is the border between Coastland Metropolis and The Tech District: We continue to the highlands... (Note: Image was rotated) We're finally in Ashville Metropolis...(Or what used to be...) Here we pass by some abandoned factories that survived the great catastrophie that destroyed this city (see earlier entries) Most of the traffic you see there is from the busses going to Ashville City (north of this city) which is perfectly intact. Here we pass by the Ashville University Campus: We finally arrived at the airport to catch our 1 pm flight: (11:05 am; Ashville Metropolis Airport) Mayor Jack Green, take care of your Coastland County cities! I will! Don't worry, we got this! Enjoy your trip! Not much of an airport, but it does its job. We waited over 2 hours but finally got on the plane! (1:14 PM; Runway) Now boarding Airlines Flight 565 to Temperance Mountains (near Temperance Lake; See map) Our journey finally begins!!! Say goodbye to The Great Coast! We'll be back one day! Hey I can see my house from here! We'll keep you updated! Stay tuned!
  15. Not much, but a little update of what's been popping up here in St.Marteen. More ocean front homes. Apparently this is a TV station? Growth, as always!
  16. Delta Region



    This is a random region I created. It is based on river delta of two large rivers with a canal. I made it extremly flat to build large, dense cities on. Use SC4 Mapper or Terraformer to put it into the game, config.bmp is included, but you may rearrange the config ...
  17. Volcanic Islands



    This is a map of a region created by glaciers and volcanos and it is probably not realistic to create large areas with dense population. You need SC4 Mapper or Terraformer to open the SC4M-File (config.bmp is included). The map looks better with a terrain mod for snow capped mountains.
  18. Seaside #1

    After a break finally the next entry. I had much fun building the watersides, but the town(s) itself wouldn't want to grow nicely, so I had to build much landmarks... You see, there isn't anything behind the W2W, I didn't know how to fill this peninsula Yeah, I hope you like it:D Have a nice day guys! Replies Benedict: I totally agree with you, this mill would look really awesome in winter Huston: Thank you for the tips, but I'm just bad in photoshop:)
  19. Calidore



    Calidore (pronounced CAL-i-DOR-ay) is a map I made for my new steampunk-themed Mayor Diary over at SC4D, but I figured somebody else might like to make use of it. The region is hand-drawn and imported into the Terraformer for finalizing. It's a very cramped cozy little region featuring mountains, rivers, a bay, islands for a downtown area, a decent amount of flat(ish) space to build, and lots of little details. Map size is 4x3 large city tiles, or 16x12 small tiles. An optional config.bmp is included for you to use at your pleasure. In-game screenshot was taken using the Columbus Terrain Mod (snowcapped peaks version), 3RR Gray Granite rock mod, PEG Brigantine water mod, and the Diagonal Jagged Edges mod (reduces the minimum slope for a cliff, so you won't see as much gray if you don't have it installed). As with most maps, this requires the SC4Terraformer. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.
  20. Marina: Attempt One

    It's my first time using the Modular Marina (from NBVC), so it's not really good. Please give tips, how I can do it better:) I should really learn to use other Filters too
  21. Hanson Beach

    Just two pics today. Hope you liked it. Have nice evening!
  22. Returning to Coastland Metropolis

    Thank you Schulmanator and Ace for your comments! Welcome back to our regional tour, we are now on our way back from Ashville Metropolis to Coastland Metropolis... For anyone confused, here is a map of the whole region: (Use this is the reference map) Remember, we're driving, this is a tour....The red line you see is the trip we took to Ashville Metropolis last update, the blue lines are on our way back through I-45, through the interchange at Lakeland Metropolis to Highway 565, into industrial city, through Coastland Metropolis, and the 5 cities ahead...You ready? Let's go! (4:45 PM) We'll skip Industrial town for now, and go to Coastal Metropolis, a young city with medium wealth houses inland and high wealth mansions growing towards the coast... (5:00 PM) Highway 565 is above (not shown in pic) The highway pictured here is Route 466. More mansions are under construction, and beaches are planned to be built for tourists. (Over-exposed image of medium wealth suburbs in Coastal Metropolis, yes it's very bright due to exposure) Population: 11,524 Next up, a nice little commercial/residential town I call "Highway Turn" District where as mentioned earlier, US Highway 565 "TURNS." Yes, it "turns." (Again, no other name for it) Population: 1,618 (5:35 PM) The name is very "fitting" if I do say so myself. It is under development, a nice young town under development. Now, we are off to Woodland City: (5:55 PM) This pic was taken from an airplane, a bit of atmosphere in this pic. Woodland Metropolis (planned to be renamed) is right next to Lakeland City, boasting a population of 200,000 Sims! Yes, a city of mostly Medium/High wealth sky-rises, commercial sky-skyscrapers, and high-tech industries, with Highway 565 dividing the suburbs from downtown. It was always a naturally fast growing town due to its location, and it is currently boasts the highest population of any medium-tile city in the region. (7:02 PM) Afternoon at Woodland City, exit ramp off Highway 565, leaving Woodland City We now head up north into the 3 cities ahead on H-565...All powered and watered by Coastland Metropolis First up, Coastland District 15: (7:15 PM) Over exposure of Coastland District 15, I must choose a better time to take these shots...Note the monorail that goes under Highway-565, couldn't build monorail over the highway due to bugs. Now we're off to Tech Town, a beautiful...um...beautiful....what in the... (7:31 PM) (Highway goes over another monorail) A city of beautiful High-tech, clean...WHAT IN THE.... (7:32 PM) No words...Population: 43,422 MAYOR! What have you done to Tech Town ! Our simtropolians can't breathe! (Mayor of Tech Town is Ryan Martinez) Ryan Martinez: "Well, demand for hi-tech went down, and we were losing money, so we decided to move dirty industries in, until the tech demand returns...in the meantime, here are some gas masks. ...Thanks mayor...but .you really should rename this city to "Polluting-tourist-suffocate-Death Trap town" Ryan Martinez: "Yeah...right..."With 43,000 sims, this is the largest small-tile city in the region. There's still lots of room to build! You think he's really going to rename it? Yeah...like that would actually happen! Hahahaha.... Last City, Coastland Commerce. We get off the Highway here... Population: 0 Only consists of shops and factories... (7:45 PM) It's getting pretty late, we're getting off this exit... Anyways, we're now back to Lakeland Metropolis...To conclude this update, here's some more images: (7:53 PM) Exit off Interstate 45 (7:55) Lakeland Avenue (remember the sneak peek last update?) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this update. Someday we'll do a night version of this tour... coming up next...we'll see... (8:00 PM) WAIT A SECOND... MAAAAYYYYYORR!!!!!!!!!!
  23. In the Suburbs

    After getting out of our hotel, we went back to the beach for a while. Mirani beaches are some of the best in the world! We had to come back, I had a go at some fishing, I caught a rare native fish, but due to strict fishing regulations, I was not able to keep it, not that I wanted to. I gently placed it back in the water and watched it swim away. I will decide when I get back home to Coffs Harbour, wether or not to stay in Australia, or move to Mirani. I began looking at one of the few suburbs in Fernston. They are very green and have various different styles of architecture, mostly Australian mixed with European and American styles. There are lots of open parks and green spaces in the suburbs, with Australian Football dominating the local sport, there are always many parks open to everyone. My friends and I stopped off at one of the parks and kicked around a footy, I felt like I was back home! Upon getting to the edge of town, we realised we were in the richer areas of town, where famous Miranians live to get away from the bustling streets of Crestview. Drving past, I saw that they were relatively new buildings, is this the true Miranian style? I would love to live here! Replies RepublicMaster: Thank you! Fox: Thanks! Ah well, people do some crazy things! Sylvio Jorge: Thank you! Schulmanator: Beach party? Great idea! I'll send out the invites! haha Hazani Pratama: Thanks! Ggamgus: Glad you liked them! I like those boardwalks! Sam.: Thank you! Dabadon5: Thanks Jeckyll: Thank you! Looks like I did! Felano: Thanks! A simple effect can make a great photo! Ajee: I use this beach kit, TekindusT: Thanks! Spursrule14: I am honoured to have won "Excellent" Thank you! -Note, Miranian cars drive on the left, the cars are on the right because I have had a problem with NAM, reinstalled it so the cars will be on the left in one or two updates, thank you-
  24. Rural Impressions

    so, this is my first journal, i grabbed out sim city 4 again after a longer time and by getting back to simtropolisi have seen some really fantastic cityjournals. I was so impressed that i started out searching for bats and took some challange on japanese, korean and chinese pages after i loaded all from the STEX and the PLEX i might need for my upcoming projects. Thanks to all the people who put so much efforts in creating theese awesome mods and bats and make sim city 4 what it is now!! Mostly impressed by the awesome journals of LoonyMan (they fit my taste totaly i tried hard to get a propper set to my plugins folder, and im ready to show some first results. Some suburban atmosphere Weather changes quick at the coast (JENX JUPITER BETA1 weather mod and various stuff from Uki) Smaller industrials offer Jobs in this rural area some regional railroad (Bridge is from SimCity.ch, i was unable to read the name of the creator , but great job mate, thanks a lot! ). the main road candyed up with the suburban channel night on mainstreet (LRM 4.0 by MandelSoft) ...and dawn on the harbour (PEG CDK and Simfox day´n night) My progress so far, still a lot of stuff to do.... but thats what its all about, eh? Thats it for today, if you like it i will post more in the future, i hope i sticked to all rules and all comments, rates and suggestions are pretty wellcome Thanks for watching, Lance

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