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  1. Californian Desert - Decal Junction

    That looks really cool, I'm looking forward to this! Are you also planning to make some assets for this kind of theme?
  2. Maybe I can create some of them. Do you want to keep the existing icons of the game? What I need: Exact description of the required icons Size/format specification If possible, the existing icons of the game (extracted)
  3. Hey Ronyx, I think it's time to stop putting extra asset data into strange places like xml files, mesh names etc. Now there is an official solution for it, which also allows us to do save some more advanced data structures (even binary like extra textures) within the crp file: https://skylines.paradoxwikis.com/Modding_API#IAssetDataExtension It doesn't play that well with scripts, though. Some kind of companion mod would be required to save the data in the asset.
  4. Custom station tracks

    It's not resource-intensive. The assets are loaded into memory, that means access times are really fast. XML files bundled with the asset should no longer be used (it's actually quite slow). CO added a new modding interface that allows us to put extra content into the crp files: https://skylines.paradoxwikis.com/Modding_API#IAssetDataExtension https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/cities-skylines-parklife-dev-diary-5-modding-and-menu-filtering.1098504/
  5. Can you share the full class and the code where you assign it to a building? To me it seems like you are trying to write a message to the log panel while the panel is not ready yet (the font renderer is not initialized). Just replace your DebugOutputPanel calls with Debug.Log(...) You can use ModTools console (F7) to find those log calls ingame, or open the output_log.txt
  6. These mods are throwing exceptions: MetroOverhaul PloppableRICO TrafficManager LightingRebalanceMod
  7. No problem. I thought about your problem again and I think it would be the best to start with ModTools to find out which node (the small wire segment is a node) is causing the problem. There are 2 possibilities: It might be caused by a node of the single track network you are drawing. In that case you would find the NetInfo in the NetTool, as described in the first link in my previous post. You will see the m_nodes property on the right side of the ModTools scene explorer. Expand it and look for a node with a wire mesh. There is a preview button for the m_nodeMesh. Now use the "Paste" button on the right to set the m_nodeMesh to null. That will fix the problem until you reload the game. It could also be the station track itself which causes the problem. It's a little bit harder to find in ModTools.
  8. You can create your own version of Catenary Replacer. I think the source on GitHub is not up to date. Ask Tim for the latest version of the source code. The magic happens in this file: https://github.com/TimTheTerribleCS/CatenaryReplacer/blob/master/CatenaryReplacer/Replacer.cs You probably have to add a bunch of lines like this: ReplaceLaneProp("<network name>", "RailwayPowerline", doubleReplacement); ... RemoveSegment("<network name>", 2); ... RemoveNode("<network name>", 2); RemoveNode("<network name>", 6); RemoveNode("<network name>", 7); To find out the network name and the segment/node indices on the right, use ModTools. You can follow the instructions in the first step of my tutorial to find the NetInfo object. Segments are stored in the m_segments array, nodes are stored in the m_nodes array. Some of those segments and nodes are the wire meshes you want to remove. To compile the mod, you will need Visual Studio Community. If you download the Repo from Github, compilation (F5) should work out of the box. You may have to fix the dependencies to point to the right path on your computer, which is described in Step 2 of this tutorial.
  9. Welcome to Nordreich

    I enjoyed this journal so far! It's a good mix of custom assets and the good old vanilla content! Schlossberg Part 4 and St. Wilhelm Pt. 1. This is my favorite screenshot:
  10. The problem is that it will also change the light effect on all other buildings/props that use the same effect. If you are willing to ignore that, you can go for the "companion mod" solution. Xml files are really not needed if you only need it for a single asset.
  11. A fixed version can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1403136223
  12. Control Building Level Up is probably easy to fix, I will look into it tonight.
  13. Possible yes, it would require an extra mod which loads the script from a file bundled with the mod. But it doesn't really make sense to "load a script" (loading and compiling a script is quite complicated). You could just create a "companion mod" for your specific asset that contains all the code you need to run in its .dll file. (Basically Step 2 and 3 of my tutorial, just with your "script" in the onLevelLoaded method)
  14. It's alright, the tutorial is still relevant. Thanks for your report, I will add a small note. I'm actually happy to see a reply, seems like the tutorial is of use for some people