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  1. A very interesting development that simplifies mod development!
  2. You can always "downgrade" them back, just keep the old .crp file
  3. Shannanigan: WIPs & Stuff

    I love everything you've made so far! You are a true perfectionist!
  4. Wow, that's a top notch road. I didn't think that this would be possible. how does the transition from this road to a vanilla medium road look like?
  5. private void ReplaceColorVariations(BuildingInfo prefab, ResourcePack.Prefab colorConfig) { var renderer = prefab.GetComponent<Renderer>(); if (renderer == null) return; var material = renderer.sharedMaterial; if (material == null) return; if (colorConfig.UseColorVariations != null) prefab.m_useColorVariations = colorConfig.UseColorVariations.Value; if (prefab.m_useColorVariations) { if (colorConfig.Color0 != null) material.SetColor("_ColorV0", colorConfig.Color0.toUnityColor()); if (colorConfig.Color1 != null) material.SetColor("_ColorV1", colorConfig.Color1.toUnityColor()); if (colorConfig.Color2 != null) material.SetColor("_ColorV2", colorConfig.Color2.toUnityColor()); if (colorConfig.Color3 != null) material.SetColor("_ColorV3", colorConfig.Color3.toUnityColor()); } else if (colorConfig.Color0 != null) { material.color = colorConfig.Color0.toUnityColor(); } } Taken from my old resource replacer mod. I hope it points you into the right direction.
  6. Could work, yes. But the animation/state code behind these traffic lights is highly optimized for fast rendering. A mod would probably affect the rendering performance. I'm not sure why you think that " the positioning (not modeling or rendering) of the default traffic lights in C:S cannot be altered". For sure it must be possible to create a custom prop with a slight offset, and you can change the positioning of the road deco (including traffic lights) with mod tools.
  7. ich entwickle den Mod nicht mehr aktiv weiter, bin komplett raus. Ich werde versuchen die Zeit zu finden den Mod für neue Versionen des Spiels anzupassen, mehr aber nicht.
  8. It can be found on Github, but I'm unable to finish it.
  9. Also, it's not like buildings built during that time were demolished after the war. In fact, many of them are now historical monuments. If the station in Berlin had been built, it would probably still be there today. I don't think that Steam would ban the station if you don't publish it with nazi banners The cemetery in my city: The ministry of finance in Berlin:
  10. Kind of crazy that so many people are demanding Wuppertal-style tracks (and that they even know Wuppertal exists). I'm living like 30km away and never got there. Düsseldorf Airport and Dortmund University, two cities in the same region, got systems similar to the ones made by Ronyx. I think they were developed by Siemens.
  11. My first video tutorial. My English is surprisingly easy to understand The Softer Shadows Mod can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=643364914
  12. What is wrong with you? @rovapasi1 was just trying to help you. "This fits your needs" is a valid answer to a modding request, isn't it? I'm also using a combination of Precision Engineering, Fine Road Tools, Fine Road Anarchy, Slope Limiter, Move It and the Topo lines mod to achieve realistic slopes.