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  1. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. Wonderful City
  2. Cephalonia (Rural Scenes)

    Very realistic, I loved.
  3. Niederbauen - High-rise to Mid-rise

    Very beautiful! The tram network is nice.
  4. Love/Hate

    Love Summer vacation?
  5. Águas Claras

    Águas Claras "Águas Claras" it's an high density upscale neighborhood, located in the East Zone of San Pedro. It has one station of line 1(green), of subway, and it's "crossed" by 6 bus lines. Too has a college, beautiful beaches, a good quality of life and approximately 9.000 inhabitants. The pics: On a rainy night...
  6. Beauty in Disquise

    Beautiful view in last picture!
  7. Downtown Ocean Valley

    This mod works well? Or has bugs?
  8. United States of Simerica (USN)

  9. Smallville : Remnants of the Past

    Very beautiful!
  10. How does your country react to mobile apps services?

    *The reason for the punishment of Whatsapp, in Brazil, was specifically judicial; *The judge determines the punishment; *The public interest has supremacy over any company that violates the laws of our country.
  11. Simcity Free Mod