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City-building game(s)

Found 20 results

  1. This is a thread where building (either underestimated buildings or buildings people didn't even now of) are posted. I started this thread just because ... Because I wanted to In order to keep this thread organized I'll give you these two rules: There's a max. limit of 5 pictures per building. This will keep you post from taking ages to load. If you want to introduce more than just one building you can do that by either using one post (5 pics per post) or by using seperate posts. To avoid spamming, please only do one post a day. Also, please only post existing or demoished/destroyed buildings, no planned or U/C. If I may start: Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Oakbrook Terrace, IL
  2. Let me start by saying: I'm not an architect, I don't know anything about architecture, but I like to see different kinds of buildings and architecture, I hope this is not offensive to someone but which do you think it's the worst building in the world?, the one you don't want to be place in your city, Mine is Torre Agbar, I don't like this building. I live in Mexico, we don't have a lot of skyscrapers here.
  3. Article #7 - Wer: History & Modernity

    Article #7 - "Wer: History & Modernity" Wer is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 12 kilometres of Bahía Azul and 332 Km of Yuti, capital city. Founded in 1825 by european colonists. Today is a historical heritage. There are a lot of antique buildings of european architecture of 19th Century. Many structures have been destroyed by State negligence. Wer is a mixture of modern and old buildings, creating the silhouette of Wer City. Full Map Population: 20.469 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 22.673 (2017) Main Activities: Tourism, Manufactured Industries Wer Stories... 1. Wer Coast. Main Avenue. A historical neighborhood. 2. Wer Downtown. 3. Wer Suburbs. 4. Vieja Wer. A mixture of modern and old buildings. 5. Main Avenue. Vieja Wer. 6. Wer Downtown. A commercial zone. 7. Estación de Trenes Wer Central. A great train station. In the heart of Wer. 8. Wer Coast. Mixture of nature and antique buildings. 9. Suburbs and Parque Nacional de Wer. 10. Parque Nacional de Wer. A nature heritage (like Jalai City). 11. Parque Nacional de Wer, again. 12. Wer Suburbs and Industrial Zone. 13. Industrial Zone and elevated highway, connects Wer with Tiyi (city). 14. Vieja Wer at night. 15. Main Avenue at night. 16. Downtown at night. 17. Train Station and Commercial Zone at night. 18. Suburbs at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm just curious what type of cities you like to build or the look you go for in your cities. For example, I love building classic American towns or American cities inspired by east coast/rust belt. I tend to build many older building in cities and rowhomes, combined with real chains and newer skyscrapers. There is just something about brick, ornate buildings and historic houses that makes the city come alive!
  5. For architecture enthusiasts, Harvard has news that will make the beginning of 2017 an incredible opportunity. The American university opened an online course of architecture at no cost to talk about the importance of the activity as a cultural expression, in addition to technical achievement. The Architectural Imagination will be taught by Antoine Picon, Erika Naginski, K. Michael Hays and Lisa Haber-Thomson, and is part of the online academic partnership founded in 2012 between Harvard and MIT. As described in the American university's own program, "architecture is one of the most complex cultural practices and has as its form of expression the material and its possible forms." Throughout the 10 modules, masters will address the most important examples in the history of architecture and how they have become a source of socio-cultural engagement. Beginning on February 28, the 10-week course, with a personal effort of 3 to 5 hours for each activity, has no cost for participation, only for the certificate guarantee - for US $ 99. More informations and registration: http://online-learning.harvard.edu/course/architectural-imagination
  6. This past week the carefully guarded design by Pelli Clarke Pelli for Weston Urban's Frost Bank Headquarters in downtown San Antonio was finally revealed. This will be the first major commercial office tower built in our downtown in almost 30 years, and we were promised an iconic, skyline changing building. "Weston Urban proposes cutting-edge skyscraper for Frost headquarters" - Richard Webner and Steve Bennett, San Antonio Express-News "Frost Bank Tower Design Signals a 21st Century San Antonio" - Iris Dimmick, The Rivard Report It's...err...shorter than what many were anticipating! That has been the immediate, universal reaction as the design will rise only to 400 ft. However, once you get past the diminutive stature, it's actually kinda pretty. Admittedly, downtown San Antonio has no modern glass towers, so this really is cutting-edge for us: JACKinBeanTown at Skyscraperpage.com actually composed a skyline shot: For some, the octagonal glass design is too modern, while others think it is too restrained and boring. Seeing that skyline cut-'n'-paste with the octagonal Frost Tower flanking the octagonal Tower Life Building tells me Pelli Clarke Pelli knows exactly what they are doing. The current site is a motor bank landscaped along its perimeter with live oak trees, which the developers have promised to largely preserve, particularly the live oak allée: Not yet shown is how the rear base of the building will relate to the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project, which is creating a linear urban park out of a neglected drainage creek paralleling the Riverwalk. At one point, the creek project facing the proposed tower site would have looked wondrously like this, but it has since been toned down more like this. I admit, I was partial to the wondrous look. Frost Bank will also have new, more conventional buildings in Fort Worth and Dallas, but the benchmark for San Antonio was the iconic Frost Bank Tower in Austin, whose completion in 2003 inaugurated a rapid building boom in the Capital City. It is hoped that the San Antonio tower will herald a similar boom in Alamo City. The iconic crown on the Austin building always seemed to me to be squat and peculiar, and it was a wonder just what sort of comparable crown might San Antonio end up with. I do like this cleaner, serrated crown. Former Mayor Julián Castro surprisingly announced this unsolicited tower project and its complicated public/private downtown land swaps in 2014 just before leaving to become U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and this building is seen as the crown to his mayoral "Decade of Downtown" initiative. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year and is aimed to be completed by 2018, in time for the San Antonio Tricentennial celebrations. Lastly, my own humor:
  7. After browsing the sad topic called "The ones that didn't make it to the STEX", about planned BATs that didn't quite make it to the public. Then started browsing the interweb for planned projects around the world that didn't happen. Well, when I say "around the world", what I actually mean is "Around Sweden", but never mind. This is a thread to post obituaries to lost greatness. Let's begin with some of my favorite picks from Sweden, or more specifically, Stockholm. First up, Thor's Towers. I love that name. Originally supposed to be taller and look completely different, they were scaled down and replanned because city residents thought the original suggestion was (this is incredible) too boring. I admit these look a million times better though, so I won't complain. Now people are instead saying they're too ugly. Yippie-ki-yay. And then, Tellus Tower. A pinnacle (quite literally) in architecture. At a planned 270m tall, it's supposed to become the tallest building in Sweden and 23rd tallest Residential building in the world (2nd in Europe). The plans are still being tossed around, but knowing the swedish people's taste for previous modern architecture propositions, I have a feeling where this might be heading. I know I'm making hasty premonitions here, but I have good reasons. As one strong example, here's the previously planned new building for Stockholm's central station. Right before construction was to begin in late 2010, someone said "You know what, this looks too good" and now instead there'a black box. There's also this. Slussen! The pride of Stockholm. The first cloverleaf interchange in Europe, at completion in the 1930's it was made to fill in it's duties several times over, have the capacity to handle three times as much traffic as it usually did on a normal day. Eighty years later however, that figure has changed. It now has to deal with around three times more traffic than it was originally made for, and that's on a good day. Politicians keep saying it needs to be updated, but ask the people and that's a no-no. "It's a cultural heritage, you know! We must preserve this honestly very ugly junction at all price. I shall do what I can by complaining about Stockholm't traffic situation until they come up with a better solution!" That's Sweden for you. Highly modern right-wing country in every aspect apart from city development.
  8. Hey everyone! Here are my two favorite buildings ever! The World Trade Center, sadly destroyed in 2001. These towers showed the best of glass and aluminium architecture and exquisite design. These towers included the Windows of the World, an underground mall, and a Marriot hotel. These towers are deeply missed (by me, anyway). The other... The Sears Tower (Now the "Willis Tower") stands proudly as the world 3rd largest building over Chicago. At about 1500 feet, this tower stood as the tallest until about the '90s. This tower is another nice one.
  9. Hello Simtropolis users, I hope this is not regarded as spam, but I am looking for people who want to give me comments on my miniature 3D printed buildings. Since everyone here enjoys city building, I thought it would be a good place to ask. I am currently running a Kickstarter for a 3D printed miniature Paris, but though I had a good start, progress is slow right now. Maybe some one here has an idea to improve the appeal? Any comments are welcome, thank you! I have attached an image of the architectural models. Stef Ittyblox.com
  10. Greetings. I picked up the game again recently after a few months of not playing it. So, I downloaded it to my Surface Book. Now, I noticed that the building types all look European. They don't look like they used to look in the original game. Offices and high density commercial look like apartments homes. Is there a way to get it back to the way it used to look or get a more American feel to the cities? Thanks
  11. Eastern Europe - poor, undeveloped ex commie countries. But have you ever wondered how was life in those countries before the iron curtain? Let's find out. --------- *most of my pictures will be from Romania, feel free to post historical pictures and/or today images wth historical sites/buildings from eastern europe. ------- **please keept it a 5 pictures per post Let's start with FORD Motor Company. Between WW1 and WW2 Romania produced Ford cars and busses. Ford Factory near Bucharest, Romania Ford cars and showrooms in Constanta, Romania. Dumitru St. Dumitriu, born in Constanta was in that time the CEO of Ford for the Balkans.
  12. Lately I've been thinking about the relationships between telecommunications masts/towers and their surrounding environments. They can easily fall into the NIMBY category, but I believe that the positive possibilities they present are often not even considered. Considering the amount of vertical real estate they bring with them, I'm much more fond of masts that are not strictly limited to telecommunications purposes (compared to ones that are). There's a plethora of things to do with that space, ranging from commerce/leisure/tourism (e.g. shops, restaurants, theatres, observation decks), ecological integration (e.g. artificial nesting for birds and other flight-capable creatures like bats, sky gardens), electricity (e.g. PV1 panel arrays, potentially even small-scale CSP2), miscellaneous utilities (e.g. active closed-loop SWH3 systems for heated water, something that could be useful for urban areas situated in colder climates - especially so if most of the area's water mains run beneath roads and railways)... all sorts of nifty stuff. For practicality, two examples would be the Stuttgart TV Tower and the Tokyo Skytree. As for aesthetics, an example would be San Francisco's Sutro Tower; There was quite an amount of opposition from its proposal to after its completion, but today (for the most part) it's considered one of the Bay Area's landmarks. Personally - while I think there's a lot more to be done with it - I agree. It already gains points for its unique appearance (in other words, not looking like an excessively-long support girder jutting up from the ground with a plethora of cables tethering it to the ground). Heck, it's even colour-coordinated with the nearby Golden Gate Bridge courtesy of air safety regulations (even if the specific shades of orange slightly differ). If you don't know what to reply with, here's a question: What's your favourite telecom mast, if any (or multiple)? Ones that have been destroyed, demolished, or exist as concepts are also allowed. 1. Photovoltaic 2. Concentrated solar power 3. Solar water heating
  13. Most school buildings I've been to had the aspect of a factory not a place for adventures. And if I browse through the net and look for famous or spectacular modern architecture, I never find a school building amongst them. Made me wonder how the ideal school building should look like. Any suggestions? Any examples?
  14. Suppose SimCity 4 had more Tilesets but each of them were based off style instead of location. Either that, or suppose you were playing any city building game with the option to filter buildings by style (SimCity 3000, Societies, and Cities of Tomorrow all allow this but I prefer Cities: Skylines and Cities XL) across the entire city. Which architectural styles would look best in the real world if it was possible to build a major city today from scratch with the constraint of 1 architectural style? The only styles that pop into mind are the 1st Chicago Style, Art Deco, the 2nd Chicago Style, International Style, and Modernist (ranked in decreasing order of what I think would be aesthetically pleasing). There must be others that would be feasible and aesthetically pleasing. I apologize if this is in the wrong subforum. --Ocram
  15. Version


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Featured in ME:TMW Episode #63 comes the destroyed, colonial edifices of the human and batarian world, Anhur. Before the degradation of Anhurian society under corrupt leadership, the planet was home to substantial human and batarian populations. However, while it was human and batarian dominated, relatively large minorities also coexisted, contributing to the world alongside. Few of Anhur's cities contain structures with destinct design patterns which resemble that of the Krogan. Interestingly, one of Anhur's notable architects was off oddly, Krogran descent and stood out as an odd profression for a Krogan to be in. Regardless, numerous towers were designed similarly, and as such, one of Hatun'dek's more notable skyscrapers was born. During the civil war, the structure was home to human militants, using the structure as a staging base, being one of the few skyscrapers left in the city standing. It is a testament to the durability of Krogan architecture. Because this BAT is of ruined buildings, there are no nightlights to speak of: In-game demonstration _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot information: Lot Size - 6x5 Lot Type - Landmark Landmark Effect - 40 Dependencies METMW: Prop Pack Alpha (1.1 or later / Optional) METMW: Anhur Colonial City Ruins Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie. ME:TMW] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot of which includes this or any ME:TMW Project BAT (an exception for ME:TMW Prop Pack models from packs ie. METMW Prop Pack Alpha), contact me for permission before releasing the lots.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. Ok, Lets Be Honest...

    Is Simcity 4, 2013, XL, or what ever other city building game is boring to you or isn't your cup of tea when equating to architecture or real time city simulation? I'm very curious to know. Not trying to criticize or anything, but ever sense Simcity 2013 was released, mostly all of these recent city simulation/planning games, to me, gotten really boring. And I wanted to know what you guys on the forum think about these city building games, and upcoming city building games. Simcity 4 was fun when I first played it and Cities XL was kind of interesting too, but realizing what would be necessary to build or simulate a real time city, these games gotting boring to me. The upcoming city games I know, Cities Skyline, Avalon, and City Bound, I just want to know what do you guys think about them. I'm not sure if there is another topic about this, but I'm just curious to know what you guys think about Simcity 4/2013/XL (or any other city game I don't know about) and upcoming city building games, rather if it's fun or boring etc. Also learning how I and alot of people is interested in architecture and/or city planning, these recent city games doesn't really equate what I would want to build in these games. So please do tell what your thoughts are now on these city simulation games. (Again, I don't know if there's already a topic about this >.>)
  17. Guess the Stadium

    Inspired by TekindusT's excellent I decided to start up my own guessing game for sports stadiums! General Rules All Forum Games Rules are still in effect, including the all important 2-post rule. Game Rules I will post a picture of an aerial view of an empty stadium with any hints cropped out. Only SounderBruce is allowed to post new stadiums in this thread (may be subject to change in the future) To earn your point for the round, you must enter the official name, including sponsor. UEFA Non-Sponsored Names (such as Fußball Arena München for Allianz Arena) will not be counted. All stadiums featured in this thread will have a minimum capacity of 10,000. Demolished and temporary stadiums will be included. Discussion about the stadium is permitted between posting new rounds. Standings will be tracked and updated weekly. Standings (last updated: Never) Next Scheduled Update: Saturday, March 8. ROUND 1 of ~512 With that out of the way, let's begin!
  18. San Francisco

    NOTE: Just click on the pics to expand. Thanks! The SF Bay Area. Here we see San Francisco and Oakland. The pollution from the Port of Oakland is clearly visible. I've veered a little bit from absolute reality, but I think I've done a good job of creating a realistic SF. Downtown San Francisco. Every day, thousands of people take the BART here to come to work. Here we see the Bank of America Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid, symbols of the skyline. The SOMA district of San Francisco. Home to the SF Giants and UCSF's Mission Bay Campus, as well as numerous tech startups. The gritty industrial Mission Bay district resembles the SOMA of yesteryear, though there are talks of cleaning it up and bringing in more high-tech jobs. Alcatraz Island. The island was returned to the Native Americans, who have turned it into an environmental education center. The Western Addition has historically been the heart and soul of San Francisco's African-American community. The district is rapidly gentrifying and while people are fixing up previously run-down Victorians, black people are being pushed out of the nieghborhood, or into its vast tracts of public housing. The Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District. And here we have the good ol' Golden Gate Bridge Little Beirut in the Richmond District. The neighborhood has seen some tensions as the Shiite Muslim and Maronite Christian communities rub shoulders and their respective places of worship nearly overlap eachother, rekindling old memories of the Civil war from which they fled. Historic Victorian housing in the Mission District, home to SF's Latino community and it's hipsters. Like most of the city, it is rapidly gentrifying, and many of its residents are moving to Oakland. The tony Seacliff neighborhood is home to some of the City's most notable residents. Robin Williams has a home here. Golden Gate Park. Let's play ball! Gritty Little Tonga in the southwest part of the City is home to working-class Pacific Islanders who found the neighborhood's worker bungalows to remind them of home. SF has one of the largest Pacific Islander populations in the mainland USA. The Mount Sutro radio tower in the Twin Peaks neighborhood can be seen from anywhere in the City and is used by locals as a way of gauging where one is at any given time. Potrero Hill is traditionally working-class, but as dirty industries give way to high-tech, a rapid gentrification is imminent. Time will tell.
  19. So, I basically downloaded a ton of Japanese architecture bats, because I've been wanting to make an Asian city in SimCity 4. But the thing is, every time I build something, it shows up initially. But then, about 5-10 minutes (real-time) later, it gets instantly replaced by default SC4 growable buildings for residential/commercial/industrial. I'm wondering if you guys know if there's any method to replace all the default residential/commercial/industrial growable lots with purely custom content? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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