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  1. Q'PLAH! To the coming of spring! To the end of the season of cold. To the start of the season warm as a beating warriors heart. To the quest for honor and glory! But first, more blood wine while i sharpen my bat'leth...
  2. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Sorry, i couldn't resist. The idea of having small (or not so small), introductory packages of custom content, repackaged and maybe even "remastered" is an excellent idea. I agree that for the health of the game and the community moving forward, this needs to happen in some capacity.
  3. Test: Or just copy over the BBCode text and hack the URL part of it off the front and back. Jeez im rusty at this interwebs community sharing thing. Thank you, sir.
  4. I believe right-click protection is turned on by default. So if you open up the gallery your pic is in, click the picture so it takes up the full screen (like a slideshow type view). On the bottom theres a little share button. It looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. Click that and you get the base URL for the individual photo you can copy and then paste into the simtropolis UI. It has tools for the base URL, HTML link, or BBCode link, as well as letting you limit the resolution shared so you can preserve bandwidth (or discourage image theft. edit: i just did a little testing. linking my smugmug hosted photo was easy and working with both the base URL and the BBCode link. But when you click the photo it follows the link back to your smugmug site, so you might want to check your site permissions and be careful about what else you host there if you go with that route. I would share one of my landscape pics but my website isn't complete and im not ready for shameless self-promotion.
  5. That's only if you shell out for the whole year up front. If you pay monthly it's $35 per month. But i believe even the cheapest plan has unlimited upload and bandwidth. That said, i love smugmug. In the last two years i've gotten a nice camera and gotten into landscape photography. I'm hoping in the next couple months i can get a pollished website up and start to sell prints. (I have a couple 24" x 36" prints hanging in my office at work and they're flippin gorgeous.) Very pleased with smugmug so far on all levels.
  6. SimCoug's BAT Den

    What is THIS?!?!?!?! I could swear once upon a time you said you would never, ever, ever, never learn to BAT. Looking forward to where this leads: i like the signs project, it's a simple yet effective touch.
  7. SimCity 3000 for $2.49 at Gog.com

    Welcome to the nostalgia shelf
  8. SimCity 3000 for $2.49 at Gog.com

    Gog is awesome. Always wait for something to go on sale though. I've picked up all kinds of rpgs there for under $5 a pop on sale. Baldurs Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights 1&2, Dragon Age, Knights of the old Republic 1&2, Morrowind GOTY edition. And other old favorites: SC4, Riven, Alpha Centauri, Sins of a Solar Empire, etc. At $2-5 a pop on sale, it's worth it even if i only dink around with it for a week or two.
  9. Natural Beauty

    @SimCoug you mean: ? Gosh..... it's been ..... it doesn't feel like that long
  10. Editing terrain mod parameters existing region

    This. It will 100% not impair your saves from loading to do this. I've done it a lot.
  11. 133% Heights When Mapmaking?

    Bit late to this party. DA wasn't vertically rescaling his maps at the time i was learning from him, and to say he was meticulous is a colossal understatement. I never could match the exactness of his detail. I never rescaled my released maps but i did some experimenting. It really depends on what level of detail you're looking at. At the macro level, upscaling the Z just feels wrong. The mountains are noticeably stretched and there's too much cliff texture showing up where it wasn't before. I did a little experimenting and rescaling the Z to 105% or so was okay, but above 110% it felt bad. But when you get down to the level of the buildings that changes. In the bottom 100m or so map detail has never felt right to me, but most of that is up to the maxis scaling. Country roads and single lane city streets just aren't 16m wide, so when you're running them across hills or through mountains-especially ones you've hiked-the default scale feels a little jarring to me. Is the game itself rescaling the Z when it renders maps? Maybe. The terrain model in terraformer that you can pan arround in is spot on, but those 7.5m ground lifter tiles in game sure do feel like they're lifting much less than a hair under half a tile width... I would suggest if you're going to experiment that you rescale the entire DEM and not just the Z axis. So when you're resampling the GeoTiff down to a PNG and also when you're using the compressor to get the right elevations. I might try that when i have a little time.
  12. XXXVII

    Tonraq! I've seen far too little of you (and all) over the last 2 years. Farewell to Okaiken; it's been a great ride. Cheers.
  13. NAM Version 35 Released

    Geeeeeez I haven't even had time to really play with nam 34 yet. Where does the time go? Good work, guys.
  14. Pet Peeve button: activate! Oooooooooh this problem. /twitches /twitches some more. Case in point: when i released the Cascadia tree controller at the head of the Dependencies section is this disclaimer: Because giraffe has updated several of his flora files since their initial release. Yet I got about a dozen comments about brown boxes and many more PMs insisting that i was missing a dependency. Because clearly my entire beta-tester team and I missed a dependency; it can't possibly be that they are using old versions of files. End rant. Ok, not sure what I'm trying to get at, other than to say that whatever the solution is for some kind of plugin consolidation it needs to be simple. And if someone updates something on their own once it's gone into this project it's going to be a colossal headache.
  15. Nice! Looks like you're off to a good start. You don't need to know a lot about how the moisture works, just that it is closely linked to terrain slope. The tool vortext links is very handy. I would caution against using only one brush for each row of the florapref table. On hillsides you will see unnatural looking banding as you go up in elevation. As vortext said, the middle 4 values of each row are by far the most that will be seen. Either column 8 or 9 is for flat ground, the other will show on nearly flat ground, then as you go out in the row each column will show on progressively steeper terrain (generally). The outside 2 columns generally show up on terrain that is steep enough to show rock on a typically modded terrain controller, and thus will probably not show if your 8th rep is .23. Even if you only use 2 brushes per row of the table, it will help immensely to break up the banding pattern that you will soon encounter. You could have brushes with larger trees for the middle 4 values of each row, then have brushes with smaller trees for everything else in the row, and it will give the appearance of smaller trees growing on more exposed slopes (or in the small creek valleys on hillsides). Then you can have each brush take up 2 rows of the table instead of 1, and stagger their overlap. So to sum it up the row looks like this (generally. remember there are other things going on besides just slope to control moisture): Values 1,2,15,16: very steep slope. Probably will not show if you mod rep 8 for standard terrain mods. Values 3,4,13,14: steep slope. Occasional creek drainage on mountainsides. Values 5,6,11,12: moderate slope. Also the walls of small valley. Values 7,10: gentle slopes. Values 8,9: one is for flat ground, the other almost flat ground. Some exceptions: row 1 is special. 80% of the useage other people will get out of your tree controller comes from this row as it's the first elevation interval above sealevel, so give this the most tuning and attention to detail. Also stuff that shows up along the water's edge is in this row. Don't recal exactly but it's somewhere in values 4-6 i think. Vortext probably remembers better. Generally leave row 16 blank. There are some shenanigans with elevation that happen here. Snow in your terrain mod will generally show up in row 15 and even 14, so you will have to tune which value to leave blank so you dont have green trees growing on white snowy ground. I'm surprised you're using clusters of flora instead of individual trees and gotten it to look as good as you have: using clusters typically leads to a lot of graphical problems. Keep up the good work!