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A story of a lifetime...

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Note: Some of these images (including the one on the right) are very hi-res. Click on them to experience the hi-res awesomeness!

After a long flight and a few stops down the road, we finally arrive to Plantation Bay!


We land on a small airport on our private airplane, to one of the biggest cities in the Northern Nations (more on the nations coming up next update)

What is Plantation Bay?


A state with over 40 million people living in it, and 4 million in the main area (region above). It is the largest city in the South District.

Around the lake that divides into two rivers, lies the core of the city: Plantation Metropolis:




Highway 175 Going north before turning West. The highway in this image was closed for 1 hour during interchange construction , but despite the lack of traffic shown here, it is a very busy highway.



Here's an old 1850s photograph of the same downtown:


The city has come a long way since this was once taken. This image holds great significance, as it was taken in an air balloon around 1851, during Plantation Bay's infancy.

Surrounding the core, are the suburbs:





(Late one afternoon, don't mind the black coffee stain on the left)

More Shots of the City and Region:





Further West, is the famous Long Shore Island:


In this island, only the richest live here. This is where all the mansions are, well away from the noise of the city. Most commute eastward to the CO$$$ offices downtown.



Regional Aerial Night Shots:




Coming Up next:

"Where are we in the World?"


Welcome to Part 2 of The Trip! (Note: This is a big update, click on images to see full size)


From where we last left off, Me(18), Mike(19), James(31) and over 75 other gamer enthusiasts took flight aboard a flight to Temperance region, which is several thousands of miles away from the Coastland Cities we're familiar with. This is our first stop before we fly across the ocean to Plantation Bay (another thousands of miles away).

We stop here to pick up several of our friends and the one of the game developers. We will stay in a hotel for the day and a half.

What is Temperance Lake/Region?

Temperance lake is a large lake and around (about 100 miles in) is a large region with Beautiful mountains, and one plateau, and fresh rivers cutting through with smaller lakes. This area is nothing like The Great Coast...The climate is temperate (hence the name) and no palm trees.

The Area is populated by many small towns and farming communities, and two large cities: Dallesport City and Woodland City. Both are in a flatter area amidist the hills. Amazingly, some of us have never seen mountains in person, since we've lived in the coast for so long!

(Fun fact: Temperance region resembles North Carolina in real life Earth)

James, have you ever seen mountains before?

James: Not in real life, only in movies or pictures.

Mike: I've worked at an observatory almost 30,000 feet above ground, these are little hills in comparison!

We're finally in Temperance Region!


(5:35 PM; Beautiful mountains with farming communities around the mountains, as plane enters storm, just an hour away from destination)

*(click on images to see full size!)*

Flight Attendant: Attention all passengers, we are entering some severe weather, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for some turbulence...

It does tend to rain a lot around spring here...But it's great once the rain stops!

Unfortunately, several thunderstorms in the area kept the plane from landing for about 2 hours! Good thing we had SimMetropolis 3000 on our portable computers to keep us busy!

8:45 PM: We finally land on the airport amidst heavy rain showers:


Hey! Adam! What's up?

Adam: You're finally here! Man we've been having crappy weather all day!

You got our car?

Yep, the guides are splitting us into different groups that will stay in several hotels. We're staying in one at Bonnieville.

Bonnieville? Let's go!


(Driving down a soaked interstate to Bonnieville)

The gaming conference is not only where the new "SimMetropolis," it's actually a major event, where thousands of gamers come and compete in several gaming tournaments for big prizes. They also announce new computer hardware and many more things. The new game is just one of the many awesome things! We are split into many groups that stay in different hotels, and Adam is the leader of our group.

Mike: So that's why there were like 100 people with EGC shirts on!

Adam: Pretty much, most of them are here from the contest, there's thousands more coming from different places, it's a HUGE event! We might see another group in our hotel.

So we kept driving down the highway, it was an 1 1/2 hour drive, and the rain certainly didn't help...

We're finally getting close:


Exiting off the exit ramp to Bonnieville:


Welcome to Bonnieville; a gorgeous town located off the side of a large mountain that leads to the plateau further out...


We drive down the wet roads into the main town:


Bonnieville Water supply:


Intersection of main avenue:


We haven't eaten in a long time, so we stopped by Denny's dinner:


So Hungry!

I ordered Spice golden brown chicken strips, crispy onion rings, and a Bacon burger

Mike: I'll have Brooklyn Spaghetti & Meatballs, with french fries

Adam: For me I'll have a country fried steak, chicken strips, and hash brown with tomato slices, and then chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk? Da heck?

Come on, don't hate...I always drink milk at this time

Our three other guys ordered the same thing as Mike, except for one who ordered chocolate milk as well.

Well, I'm stuffed. That was some good dinner!

We paid our bills and left to pickup 5 of the girls too (Yes gamer girls!)

We take the same intersection and go uphill:


We make it to the quiet neighborhoods and arrive. The rain has died down to a drizzle now at least!


We travel up the wet streets, and pickup the five girls.

Girl 1: Hey guys!

Girl 2: I'm so exited! We've been waiting so long for this!

Jessica: This weather...

Girl 4: ...

Girl 5: ...

Hey now it's a party!

Adam: We got room for 5 more let's go! We need to get some sleep at the hotel!

We drive back down to intersection:


We go past Denny's Dinner, and to the side of the mountain, and arrive at a smaller commercial area. On the other side of the main avenue, was a Walmart:


Down the smaller road:


We make it to the main apartment area, and arrive at the hotel:


Adam: Let's check in.

Boys and Girls are in separate rooms.

We have finally arrived and got comfortable. First thing me and my roommate Mike did was turn on the weather channel.


Temperate Region is getting a lot of rain, due to the warmer spring weather.


This was an inconvenience to a group of 150 people who were going to a gaming conference, with about 20 flights canceled or delayed. It should rain a little more but tomorrow will be clear.

We fell asleep to the sound of the light drizzle outside. This is the view from our window:


Good night Mike!

Mike: Good night!


The Next Morning:


The sunlight crests over the mountain as it creeps down towards Bonnieville.

We wake up to a beautiful sunrise, and eat a delicious breakfast at the hotel with the 2 other groups:


(You can't really see us from here, but trust us, we're inside eating breakfast right now the moment this was taken!)

After what was probably the best pancakes with bacon, sausage, and hash browns, maple syrup fresh from the trees here, and chocolate milk/orange juice, we finally head to downtown Dallesport City to get the group ID registration for the tournament.

Mike: The town really looks a lot different in the day than it does on rainy nights!



The trees look beautiful around this time. This is definitely NOT anything like "The Great Coast" at all!

We drove to Dallesport City, was nearby Bonnieville. We drove to different places, including by Dallesport Motor Speedway that was on the outskirts of Dallesport:


We went by and many hours later, we had everything we needed. We were ready for our evening flight. We took the highway back to Dallesport urban area, and got our flight tickets on a private plane to our next stop, which will be an area hours away from Plantation Bay, but it'll be worth it.


Once we arrived at Dallesport City, we drove around the for a while to kill time, before our evening flight. Here's some more pics:



(Heavy traffic as people commute back home from their jobs at the offices/factories at this growing city)


It was finally time to leave...

We made it to the airport and said goodbye to Bonnieville and Dallesport...


(A helicopter shot of the city during evening we got as a souvenir)

We arrive at the private airport...


Me, Adam, Mike, James, Jessica and the 4 other girls, as well as 3 other guys take off, with a private pilot controlling our flight.

As we take off, we see another beautiful sight:


This plane has wifi, and the seats can even become beds. Yes, since it's only 12 of us, the seats were spaced apart, so they could be made into small beds with pillow/blanket for us to sleep in during the overseas flight. We will get meals, and flight-movies as well. I can definitely call this a luxury flight!

Hope you all enjoyed this update, and we will give you another update once more. Here's where we're going:


This whole update took place in the little red area near Temperance Lake (the whole region is the red area you see!)

We're now taking a flight over Gnegh Bay, which is a long way away!

Peace Out! And Remember, Please Leave a Comment!


Alright folks, we are ready To go in a cross country trip to Plantation Bay, one of the largest cities in this country, for the Extreme Gaming Conference, and see previews and gameplay of the new city-building game to be released.

The trip is a 4500 mile flight across this country (United Cities), but we're going to make several stops.

In this trip, me, and a few other gaming enthusiasts are leaving The Great Coast behind, and going to the Capital of United Cities (UC) to the Gaming conference to see the amazing new games coming out, especially SimMetropolis 5!

First off, here's a map for reference as to we're we're going:


The trip: First, we'll fly out of the Great Coast and land near Temperance lake, a lake surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. (similiar to the east mountains in the United States in real life). Then we'll fly over the ocean to the West United Cities continent (We're currently on East United Cities) to the airport near Plantation Bay. Then we take a 4 hour drive to Plantation Metropolis, which is the capital of UC.

Let's Begin...

7 am


A beautiful sunny morning at Coastland Metropolis, right here we're picking up our last buddy, Mike. (Michael Homes) He works in the Khallulu Observatory (the highest observatory in this world) and is currently on vacation here at Coastland Metropolis.

We take the main avenue...


and get on the highway...



We leavet the metropolis and head for the outskirts, here is the border between Coastland Metropolis and The Tech District:


We continue to the highlands...


(Note: Image was rotated)

We're finally in Ashville Metropolis...(Or what used to be...)


Here we pass by some abandoned factories that survived the great catastrophie that destroyed this city (see earlier entries)


Most of the traffic you see there is from the busses going to Ashville City (north of this city) which is perfectly intact.

Here we pass by the Ashville University Campus:


We finally arrived at the airport to catch our 1 pm flight:


(11:05 am; Ashville Metropolis Airport)

Mayor Jack Green, take care of your Coastland County cities!

I will! Don't worry, we got this! Enjoy your trip!

Not much of an airport, but it does its job. We waited over 2 hours but finally got on the plane!


(1:14 PM; Runway)

Now boarding Airlines Flight 565 to Temperance Mountains (near Temperance Lake; See map)

Our journey finally begins!!!

Say goodbye to The Great Coast! We'll be back one day!


Hey I can see my house from here!

We'll keep you updated! Stay tuned!


Welcome Back to a very massive update! Today, we're taking another regional tour, from Coastland Metropolis to New Ashville Metropolis, but this time, at night! Seeing the live cities that never sleep at night, I can assure you that the sights, sounds, smell, and lights make it all worth it.

Before we start, make sure you're familiar with this region in the original

Daytime Tour at page 4.

Let's begin...

A Night on Coastland Metropolis

This is currently the biggest city in the region with a population of 550,000 Sims, with Mayor Jack Green in Charge of it.


We go to the right, and down 24th avenue East

Traffic on Highway 565 as sims head for their night shift at offices, industrial or high-tech zones:


The Coastland Metropolis Museum of Art:


Consider this a hint of what's to come later... (SC4 art yeah!)

As we head east towards Techville, we're about to get on the highway for New Ashville.

Here, we see the heaps of clean and efficient power and massive water pumps that power this city:


There above, peaceful neighborhoods with the Route 466/Highway 35 interchange cutting through, and a few shops on the right along with the power plants and pumps near an abandoned skyrise. One day this city will provide power for the whole region!

Now Entering


Tech District 24

As we head east on Interstate 45 (I-45) we pass by our first exit over at Techville, one of the small neighboring towns east of Coastland Metropolis:


This city supplies the latest technologies to the region, and advanced research along with a disaster prevention agency (DPA) with headquarters located down at Coasland City.

The avenue you see there is 15th Avenue, now let's head southwards....

***Note: Coastland City is the smaller 2x2km city just south of Coastland Metropolis, the way I name cities is, the 4x4km cities have "metropolis" at the end of their name and any adjacent 2x2km tiles have "City" after their name respective to their adjacent 4x4km tiles. Small 1x1km adjacent tiles are districts or towns, with numbers like 105, 24, etc.

Now Entering


District 105

District 105 is a small tile town, a very peaceful town just south of Tech District, with a monorail cutting throught the center. It's a great place to live on away from the hussle and sounds of the big city!


It's 10:24 PM in the image above right now


While some are sleeping, at this time some kids are still up playing video games, some playing the Beta version of a new game that is coming out: SimMetropolis 4

Now we get on the monorail and go East to Coastland Farming, the ever-growing farm supply for the entire region


Many Sims stay in low wealth apartments where most Sims stay before going to work on the farm the next morning. Tech District 24 citizens are also researching more advanced methods of farming, to maximize production!

Now we go back back to District 105, then take 15th Avenue up north, and to Tech District 24, and get on I-45 and head west to...



Small town off the I-45 exit


We keep going West, and now...

Now Leaving Coastal County



Now Entering Ashville County

Now as you all may know, Ashville Metropolis hit recently by a major hyper-storm producing massive tornadoes, which caused a nuclear meltdown. The meltdown consequently started massive fires, which destroyed what was left of the city. The few hundred-thousand survivors now live in Ashville City, which was spared by the storm.

Now after a few months later, a few sims have come back and moved in to start a new town amid the ruins of the old city. This is known as; New Ashville Metropolis:


New Ashville Metropolis

Remember that building that survived a while back hmmm?

Does this:


ring a bell?

As you all see, several people are re-colonizing the city, and well, best to start at the only surviving building in town! This office tower is now deemed as the Ashville Memorial office:


A small little town powered by a few windmills+Thermal Reactors, along with a few houses


Image taken yesterday at 5 PM

Back to today...


Me (tour guide) Major Jack Green, Zach Brown (Dennis' brother) and a few gamers have been invited to the EGC (Extreme Gaming Conference) Where we will see gameplay of SimMetropolis 4!

Only problem is that EGC is taking place at the headquarters of Gaming over at Plantation Bay Metropolis, a major city located the western Coast United Cities (U.C.) about 4700 miles away.

(So yes it's a cross country trip)

It's a long trip, so we're going to veer off this story about The Great Coast for a while during this trip. This...will be the beginning of our journey around this fictional (but realistic) world!

Now we fly back to Coastland Metropolis, and tomorrow, we will embark on our journey, an opportunity to learn more about this world.

Anyways, let's end this regional tour with some satellite/birdeye/high-up shots of the region at night:


Coastland Metropolis in the center; Coastland City in the middle right; Coastal City on lower left; Industrial City on the lower right; Tech District 24 in the mid-right, etc.


Image of Coastal Metropolis from above at night; and the start of Coastland Boulvard.


Entire Coastland County from above

Rare Regional Night View taken summer before the storm:


(The Great Coast; 10:45 PM; Coastland County right, Ashville County left June 26 2013)

After the Storm:


(The Great Coast; 10:13 PM; Coastland County right, Ashville County left; November 16, 2013)

Stay tuned, We shall embark on the journey of a lifetime!

Fun Links:

The start of it all: The Story and History of Coastland metropolis (learn the beginning of this whole region with images of Coastland metropolis dating back in the 1800s and 1900s!)

Introduction: Part 2 (goes into detail of Coastland Metropolis' dark times of pollution and industrial era)

Introduction: Part 3 (Find out what happened the the day Mayor Jack Green became mayor)


Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been very busy with school and sports...Now that it's winter break....

Welcome back! Today, we take a look at the Great Coast, conveniently located in a slightly tropical area, but in this world, old man winter pays a visit to this region and many areas during this period!

(Look at the first and previous entries for the story of this region, along with maps and tour guides. Remember this journal isn't only about a city, it's about a whole region!)

President Green is enjoying this sudden snowstorm that swept in, a nice break from this story after the horrible storm that obliterated one of the main cities!

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...

Coastal Metropolis is among the first cities swept up by the cold front


A big chill sweeps across the Coastal region on Christmas 'eve, followed by a major snow storm (Coastal Metropolis at 11:35 PM)



Temperatures have dropped to a chilling 14 Degrees Fahrenheit in this pic. People light fires at the beach to try to stay warm (while the rest are in the hotels or residential skyrises with heating) (Highway 466 in this picture)


55Th avenue at Coastland Metropolis (the one from page 6)


Residents of Coastland City wake up to blanket of snow


Coastland Metrpopolis's main boulevard snowed in on Christmas Day (9:42 AM Dec 25)

And on the other side of the region, Ashville Metropolis gets blanketed in snow as well.

Beautiful Ashville City (North East of destroyed Ashville Metropolis) finds itself snowed in:



Students of Ashville City University enjoy a nice winter break from school.

Southwest of the above city, we come back to Ashville Metropolis.

Much to our dismay, we won't find much "christmas cheer" here...


Some abandoned factories that have survived the destruction of the city last summer amidst the rubble are snowed in (See last two pages of this journal for more info about disaster)

Downtown Ashville Metropolis (or what used to be) is even more grim...


A lone abandoned office building that survived the city's destruction, it is the only building standing in the entire city, amid the ruins of what was once a downtown, now a stark reminder, of what happens when you neglect your city for population. (aside from the factories in image above)

It never reached 1 million, it only made it to 995,000 right before the first tornado hit...

Mayor Brown is currently in Coastland Regional Hospital in pretty bad condition (better now, doctor's didn't even think he'd make it!)

Aside from that, MERRY CHRISTMAS SIMTROPOLIS AND EVERYONE IN IT! And remember kids, don't neglect nature or citizen's happiness just for population! There is so much more to a city than population, and let Mayor Brown be an example of what would happen if you don't...

Coming up next, we will see what may be the very first Region view image of The Great Coast and even in this game...


That's right! Simcity 4's region view is always in day time, but this time, we will look at a region from above at night! Stay tuned...


The Aftermath...

We are back, for a long-awaited update...

Click on images for full hi-resolution images...

Play the video below...

And scroll down slowly..

From we last left off, The Great Coast Region was hit by a Super-Cell Storm...

And wreaked havoc in the region...

Coastland County was flooded, but...

Ashville Metropolis...

Gets the absolute worst of the storm...

Ashville's Fate


Tornadoes begin tearing the town apart, leaving only the tall tenements to survive...






It's coming!! We gotta leave!

Mom: COME ON! Get in the car!

Mom: TYLER! He's still in there!

Dad: I'm going back in!

(tornado nears)

Son: Daddy!!!!!

(Picks up son, runs out of house carrying him)

Save yourself!...

Tyler, run, get in the car!

Daddy come in with me!

just go!

There's no time...

(Drives away, dad stays behind...)

(Tornado destroys building)


If other video is still playing, scroll back up and pause it, then scroll back here.

Play Video:


Major rain showers the city throughout the night...

Thousands are killed by the tornadoes, and many more try to escape...

Lightning strikes many parts, setting the surviving tall buildings ablaze. The city's only fire stations would be enough, but they were destroyed in the tornadoes.

One lightning bolt struck the 4 nuclear power plant complexes...

They have been keeping the city powered through the ordeal, now burning...


People flee the area, and without firefighters, they are powerless to stop this...All nearby citizens can do is watch...

There's no way this fire's going to stop! Meltdown is imminent!

Everyone get the hell out of there now! Run!!! Get to those (bleep) cars now and move out!

We're getting behind that house!


The fire is now unstoppable...A nuclear meltdown is inevitable...

Mayor Brown! Get away from there!

Brown! It's too late...

The fire is reaching the uranium rods!!

OH (bleep)!

A nuclear chain reaction is taking place...

A flash...



A massive explosion rips the nuclear power plants apart, and the nearby houses...


Ashville Metropolis is plunged into eternal darkness...

More tornadoes rip the city's last buildings...


The storm finally dies down...

The shockwave from the nuclear explosion has set even more buildings ablaze, and surrounding fires spread. With no one to stop the fires, the whole city is now burning to the ground...


(Ashville Metropolis)


(Ashville Metropolis)


(Ashville Metropolis)


(Ashville Metropolis)


The city is now dark, the only lights seen are glow from the fires...

The Aftermath...


Coastland Metropolis streets are flooded from the storm.

Floods, floods everywhere...


4:35 PM

Damage wasn't too bad, but floods...


(4:53 PM)

*Coughs* What's with the smoke everywhere?? Where is it coming from?!


(5:00 PM) Smoke envelops Coastland Metropolis...

Hang on! We got a call coming in!

...This is Mayor Zach Brown, where's my big brother brown at? Have you seen him??

No...I haven't heard from him...and I don't know if he's still even alive.

Oh man! I'm about to exit off I-45 into Ashville Metropolis...

Holy...Oh no.. It's...Gone...the City...

Mayor Zach, are you okay?

Mayor Green! Please come here, you need to see this!...

Hang on, there's a medical helicopter coming in...

It's Mayor Brown, he's in there!

(Coastland County Regional Medical Center)

Mayor Brown! You're alive! What happened?...

No...It's all gone. Mayor Jack, I need you to pick up my brother, he's down at my city...

Here, you can borrow my helicopter.

Alright, I guess we're taking a trip back to Ashville Metropolis, Via helicopter!


5:55 PM

Pilot person: Alright... Ashville Metropolis (or what used to be) is now right below us

We're right over their downtown...


Ashville Metropolis Downtown Core (6:15 PM)


Wow, the whole city's gone...

We're about to land...



Hey, it's Zach...

Zach! Are there ANY buildings still standing?!

Nope...only one building, and maybe an apartment or two...The city's gone, for good...

Mayor...Dennis is okay?

Yeah, he's in the hospital. He's in pretty bad shape. Let's pick you up, we're sending help to any survivors here. Man, this is a wasteland...looks like a warzone...


These were the nuclear power plants...


No one's gonna be able to build there for years...


Back at Coastland Regional Medical Center...

Mayor Brown...How did you survive?

There was a massive tornado, I was talking to you on the phone, then, all the windows *exploded* and I was thrown out. All I remember after that is waking up and seeing fire.

Fire everywhere...

It was dark outside, I think I was out for hours. I saw several soldiers running, and looked up. Turns out I landed right around the nuclear power plant. It was on fire. I knew I had to run, but I couldn't get up.

Someone saw me, knew I was the mayor, and carried me a little farther. Then, the plant exploded and I was behind the building with several other people. I was picked up later by a helicopter with some survivors...

Well Brown, now your city made a huge impact on the environment, and the pollution was a major factor. Remember how if you push nature, nature pushes back? Well you messed with nature, and mother nature punished you and the city.

I never reached 1 million did I?

No. hit 984,000 before the tornadoes hit...Now it's Ashville; Population: 0

There's one thing I want to ask you though.


Is it worth it now?


Brown text: Mayor of Highlands Town

Red Text: Mayor Dennis Brown (of Ashville Metropolis)

Blue Text: Mayor Jack Green (of Coastland Metropolis)

Green Text: Narrator/Newscaster

(click on images to view them full screen)


1:00 PM

To evacuate or not evacuate, that is the question...

Turning on the news...

A massive supercell storm has formed outside the Great Coast, and is quickly approaching. Now for those who don't know, this storm isn't like any other storm...

We're talking crazy lightning strikes in whole areas, Hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, floods, even hail...

Highly populated areas are being evacuated as the storm nears, but time is running out...

Ah these storms are nothing, my city's at 980,000! I'm going to hit 1 million this afternoon!

Mayor Brown, you don't understand how powerful these storms are...

...This region was hit once way back then, but my city (Coastland Metropolis) only got rain, and wind. The worst of the storm hit a nearby town (220K population, don't remember the name) and...let's just say, we needed to rewrite the maps afterwards... to accommodate for a city that was "wiped" off the face of the Earth...

This is a super-storm...I call it a hyper storm. This was before your city (Ashville Metropolis) was built...

Damn, is this one of those storms?


But it's such a beautiful day right now, look! The sun is out...


(1:42 PM) Ashville Metropolis

You're just bluffing...

Well alright, but I'll talk to you later...

Alright simtropolians, let's see if our citizens are preparing...I don't know what Brown is doing with his city, but I for one don't want loss of life here, so I'm sending out evacuations...

We're going to the radio station...


Sound the alarm! (1:28 PM) (Pic of radio station, on top of CN Tower)

(tornado alarm sounds)



4:52 PM

The storm is now bearing down, a beautiful summer afternoon is now turning into an ominous dark stormy day...

Evacuations continue, as cars backup on Interstate 35


(4:55 PM) Coastland metropolis highway backed up)

Man I wish I could've expanded those highways earlier! Ah well, we'll just have to make with what we got. Let's go to higher ground...pam9.jpg

(4:57 PM) 15th (Street going upwards) Most people who stayed (a lot of them) are inside the house, ready to ride out the storm...This is going to be crazy...With these storms, it can be a beautiful day one moment, and a few MINUTES later, a dark stormy disaster-about-to-happen type weather...Oh snap here it comes!

Play this video for maximum immersion!



(5:01 PM) Coastal Metropolis Beach, GC

The storm is now beginning to come over the coast, people on the beach stop and stare for a moment at the massive clouds and run away in panic as the wind picks up, from calm afternoon breeze to nearly 60 mph in seconds! Umbrellas blow away and sand burns skins as it is picked up from sudden wind... people race to the nearby buildings to avoid the floods...


Coastland Metropolis...


(5:12 PM)

Oh man that's massive...


(5:14 PM) Highlands Town (East of Coastal Metropolis, and The Tech city, and West of Ashville Metropolis)

5:35 PM

The storm is now in full swing, sustained winds of up to 60 mph, with gusts up to 100 mph...


(5:38) Coastal Metropolis, GC, angry waves surge over the beach...


(5:45 PM) Coastland Metropolis downtown getting battered as roads flood


(5:48 PM) Coastland Metropolis stadium flooded...


(5:58 PM) Airports in Coastland Metropolis flooded from storms...


(6:02 PM) 55th Avenue


(6:05 PM) 15th street during storm


(6:06 PM) Coastland Metropolis neighborhood

WOAH...WOAH...HOLY (Expletive)...THAT THING'S HUGE! That's gotta be an E-F5 Tornado...


(6:12 PM) Small airplane escaping massive tornado just outside of Coastland Metropolis, north of the city...

That thing's headed east...

(Mayor of Highlands metropolis calling on phone)

*picks up phone*


Mayor Green! Did you see that massive tornado?

Yeah, where's it going?

I think it's headed for Ashville metropolis...Oh no the power went ou-

(call lost)

Shoot, I gotta call Mayor Brown!

(dials, ringtone)


Mayor Brown! This is Jack!

Oh hey Jack, man this weather sucks! Those clouds are scary!


(6:15 PM) Ashville Coast flooded by massive waves

Mayor Brown! You gotta get the hell out of your mansion! There are massive tornadoes moving your direction!

I ain't going NOWHERE! I'm staying here! I'm at 984,000 and I'm about to hit 1,000,000 people!


The captian goes down with his city, and so the mayor goes down with his city! (loud noise in background)

Fine! BE IT! But...What the...Mayor Brown, is everything okay?

Yes everything's fine!

Quick go outside...

Fine, but I ain't goin' WHAT IN THE NAME OF...WHAT IS THAT (Noise getting louder) I'M GOING BACK IN!

Mayor Brown! GO! RUN!

I can't!...No! NO! GO AWAY! NOO!!! *Windows breaking in background, very loud wind whistling sounds

Mayor Brown?


(Dial tone)

Hello? HELLO?!

Oh man...(dials phone)

(Dial tone)

(Dial tone)

(Dial tone)

(Dial tone)

The number you have reached has been disconnected...


(Highlands city)

To be continued...


Welcome back for another update!

Color Text Key:


Major Jack Green (Coastland Metropolis)

Major Dennis Brown (Ashville Metropolis)

The Weatherman


Concerned citizens of the Great Coast Region (2 million of them) tune in to the weather channel, as another massive storm is created. Here's the weatherman on their TV right now. This storm's going to be big, let's tune in to the weather channel.

(changes to weather channel)

...A lot of activity on this area, we haven't seen this in several decades. Two fronts colliding around this region, and unusual levels of humidity are grounds for the formation of a super-storm. For those that don't know what a Super-Storm is:

A massive Super-cell that carries a LOT of rain/hail that can cause flooding, lightning, hurricane force winds, and a LOT of tornadoes. These storms are not storms you want to be caught in, and YES, HURRICANE FORCE WINDS, of up to 110 mph. The real problem though is the tornadoes, these super-cells can carry MULTIPLE E-F5 Tornadoes in one area.

Currently, it is moving towards the coastal areas, including the Majestic Coast, which can mean trouble for highly populated cities. This could mean a LOT of trouble for highly populated cities, such as Coastland and Ashville metropolis, which now has nearly 1 million people. We'll keep you updated later today...

Well Dennis, your population now at 930,000 people and counting, how does it feel like to have the largest large tile city built on hard mode?

"Feels great! I'm almost there, to be so close, we're all anticipating when that 1 millionth person moves in, and this city breaks this record."

"It must've taken quite a lot of work to get there"

"Actually, yes, when I was stagnated, but once you destroy those demand caps, the chips will fall in place."

Marrown, Nine-hundred and Thirty thousand sims? I gotta say, I'm extremely impressed, but there's one minor detail you left out...



What are you talking about?

Brown, do you realize how fast you're growing this city? You need to understand, you're slowly killing it, the more you grow it. Mass zoning and growing buildings, placing 200 PLAZAS to artificially increase the demand of houses?!

Jack, you're just jealous that you're only at 560,000 and I'm beating you!


Look, I can tell you that my city's just fine, it's perfect! See:

4f2c.jpg(10:38 PM)

Fine...FINE? Oh let me show you fine...

Citizens of Simtropolis, I know you've been following this journal, there's something you need to know. Have any of you SEEN his stats? His interface? His graphs? His city looks beautiful on the outside, have you noticed he's ONLY shown you guys zoomed out images at NIGHT? Because you can't see this city during the day!

And yeah...let's see how "fine" this city is...

Show me your commute graph...


140 commute time? Yeah, that's real "fine"

Let me see your traffic map...

Come on! My traffic's not so bad!

Oh really?


Traffic's not so bad huh?

Industrial sector...


This is how you run a city?

Yes, and I'd like you to shut up about my city! I can run my city the way I want because I'm the mayor! I will hit 1 million people, I don't give a (expletive) about the environment! In case you didn't know...


Fine Mayor Brown, Have it your way...I will be returning to my city now and... (TV in background..."A massive super cell is headed for Great Coast...)

BROWN! Turn to the weather channel! Quick!

Massive thunderstorms have merged into a major super-cell which will carry severe wind, rain, hail and E-F5 tornadoes. Several heavily populated cities will be affected tomorrow afternoon...

Oh man, this is bad. We're going to have to evacuate if possible. Anyways, we'll see you all later!

...And tomorrow, Ashville will hit population 1 million! We'll see you then!



(Blue text is from Mayor Jack Green (Mayor of Coastland Metropolis) and, Orange text is from new mayor Zach Brown (Brown's younger brother, and mayor of Ashville City)

Hey, has anyone noticed that new city on the region? Ashville City...


(4:21 PM) I circled the new city in red, also I underlined the metropolises and their respective medium tile "cities"

Let's check it out...

Ashville Metropolis has dominated the region in terms of population, and with that success, A new mayor (Dennis Brown's little brother) Zach Brown started a city North of Ashville Metropolis deemed as "Ashville City" (to it's respective large tile):


The city grew at an AMAZING rate, as being right next to the largest city in the region, the demand for R$$ and R$$$ was THROUGH THE ROOF! It grew at record speed, and boasts 200,000 sims, passing Coastland city (which only has 190,000). Although Woodland City still remains as the largest medium tile city in the region (with 220,000 sims). The whole tile is now covered, it is crazy! The regional population is now over 2 million sims!

Dennis Brown allowed this city in order to help lift the demand cap that kept Ashville Metropolis' population stuck at 751,503. He built an university (University of Ashville) and the metropolis now boasts over 800,000 Sims!

Note: The first medium tile city that is started next to a large tile-metropolis (Ex. Ashville Metropolis) Will have the same name as its large neighbor, only with "City" at the end instead of Metropolis (Ex. Ashville City) (Ex. A large tile named "Woodland Metropolis" the Medium tile next to it would be called "Woodland City")

Let's look at the insanely fast life of Ashville City (Lots of pics, be ready!)


(The start of the city)



(8:25 PM) Mostly European Style houses

This city was far different from its bigger sister city (Ashville Metropolis). Medium and High wealth dominate this city, both residential and commercial


(3:55 PM) New apartments grow


(bigger and bigger they got)

Here's a line of images:










The city has some beautiful middle-class suburbs too:


(3:45 PM)

Zach, you built a beautiful city! I love it, and at least it respects mother nature.

Thanks Mayor Jack! I can't build metropolises just yet like the big boy mayors, but I like my city. It grew so fast...

Yes, I mean you have one of the biggest city in the region to the south, and the largest industrial park west to your city. (120,000 INDUSTRIAL JOBS!!!)

Thanks, but I'm having a problem, people keep leaving my city. I need help with that.

Well, you're a young mayor, you still have a lot to learn about cities, and by the way, you might want to fix that traffic:


If you fix this traffic, that might solve your "abandoning problem"

Other than that you're doing an incredible job!

thanks bro!

No prob!


Ashville in the meantime continues its growth, with demand caps busted, the city is now free to reach the 1 million barrier, it's only a matter of time...


(Latest growth, these are the southern suburbs of Ashville Metropolis (downtown west and north).

Mayor Dennis also upgraded and built 4 Nuclear power plants around each other, which the people nearby didn't like very much...


(5:24 PM) (People protesting against nuclear power, due to the risk of meltdown)

Protests took place, as many people in the stores nearby are worried about the radiation.


(5:25 PM) The protesters eventually dispersed when they realized the plants were actually pretty safe, and they were told they would be the first ones warned if anything happened. Of course, it doesn't stop the plants from spewing radiation into the atmosphere, but as Mayor Dennis Brown always said...

"It's worth it"


Well, now we have 2 million sims living on our region, and we're really getting it developed. That Ashville Metropolis...

one heck of a city, Dennis must have 900,000 sims living in there by now. He'll reach a million really soon, but judging by the way he's built it, I don't know how long it will stay at 1 million.

My city, Coastland Metropolis remains at 560,000 but it is very stable. Here's a new residential area north of downtown:

(Roads laid out)


Here's the zones now:


(4:53 pm)

City continues to grow...


(5:35 PM) We're replacing unnecessary industrial zones with commercial, our goal is to make this city as environmentally friendly as possible.


(5:37 PM) (Western downtown)


(10:38) Same place as above, at night

I have been watching the weather channel lately, and I'm hearing that there is a lot of tornado activity near our area, (major thunderstorms nearby) but hasn't affected the Great Coast yet. Hopefully no tornadoes will come, we haven't had them in years...

See you next update!


(Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, this one took a while to make. Images are 1080p, to see them much larger, click on them) (Yellow Text is construction crew, Green Text is news crew/author, Red text is Dennis Brown (mayor of Ashville cities) and Blue text is Jack Green (Mayor of Coastland Metropolis.)

Breaking news!

Ashville population now at 700,000! Mayor Dennis Brown now has his eyes on becoming the first city to EVER to break 1 million population on Hard mode, as he approaches the 3/4th mark. We're live here at Ashville Metropolis, Anything you got to say mayor Brown?


"I...I can't believe I actually made it that far, Ashville has stopped growing after 600,000 but then it bloomed again. I look forward to making the headlines and breaking this barrier. I know that getting those last 300,000 is going to be much more difficult, but I'm going to do it, I want to break 1 Million Sims!"


Wow, your population is at 728,000 right now! At the rate yours is growing, you'll definitely hit the barrier. Coastland Metropolis will be the 2nd city to hit 1 million on hard, but that's still a great honor for them!

"Hey, I gotta thank Mayor Green, if he didn't build that high speed rail, this city would be gridlocked!'

"Did you not hit some kind of demand cap or anything?"

"Yes, but like any responsible mayor, I Googled my city's issues and found several solutions'

Good, well thank you for your time! Keep up that city!

GOOGLE? You used GOOGLE to solve your city's problems?! Ah, I admit I used it a couple times too, helped me break my demand cap.


(Commercial area at Ashville Metropolis)

'Mayor Green, Your city is at 520,000 sims, we're the biggest cities in this region...But gosh this is getting harder! I actually wiped out ALL my dirty industry from my city and built it up north, connecting it to I-45.


See for yourself:

(The Great Coast region)


(4:57 PM)

I know you moved the industries to another tile, but mayor you're showing no regard to the environment, you're disrespecting mother nature. I know you're trying to reach 1 million sims, but at what cost?

"It's worth it"


5:50 A.M.

Good Morning! We have recently widened our main avenues, and now we're going to connect Interstate 45, with interstate 565, to go west. We're going to build a 4 way interchange! Here are the plans:


The highway that runs through Coastland City is now Interstate-35, and route 466 will merge with another highway (In the yellow) and intersect with interstate 45, and head up north. I-45 will intersect with I-35, and Highway 565, and go west. The red line there is Coastland Avenue (for clearer picture) and the purple are the monorails.

Also, notice the new towns that were started, now Ashville has some towns built to the right, and a new one in our County called District 121, which, like District 105, is mostly of medium wealth houses. (New York Style)

Today, we're headed to the one on the left, deemed as: Interchange City 1. (I-City 1 for short)

Anyways, let's head outside and...RAIN?!


(6:01 A.M.) Rainy morning Downtown Coastland Metropolis

Aw man! I forgot the weatherman called for rain ALL DAY. We'll have to keep building anyways, come on! We're headed to I-City 1!

By the way, those two water towers you see there were the VERY first ones ever built. They've been dead for a while, but they're landmarks now, for historical purposes.

Drivin' through our newly widened Coastland Boulevard:


(6:09 A.M.)

Raining pretty hard...


(6:11 A.M.) Coastland Boulevard intersects 45th Avenue

You might need this...

Press play...


Highway 35...


(6:17 A.M.)

We're here! Woah, it's swampy out here. And POURING! Man, it's raining cats, dogs, elephants and monkeys!


(7:28 A.M.)

Let's see if anyone's out here..

I see someone! Let's ask that him if anyone's working!

(Rolls down window)

Hey! Is anyone working out here?

Mayor Green is that you? No, we're not working today, the Area's closed due to the weather. We're packing up for today, the rain has made the area too dangerous and muddy, so we decided to take today off. Here's what we were working on yesterday:


We couldn't find the right piece, but thanks to a Simtropolian, who helped us find the right piece (I think his name was Indiana Joe or somethin'). We were able to finish the main interchange.

Well, what are ya'll working on then?

We're putting up the signs and finishing the connections. Lights were finished, here's some images from yesterday:


(1:52 PM) (Interstate 45 (East to West) intersecting Highway 565 (South to North)


(11:24 PM) Yesterday

Sorry to disappoint you'all! I know you want to show the simtropolians how we build our highways...

This is jank, we wanted to see some construction. Now what are we going to do to entertain these people?

Why don't you drive around, and show them the new town you built over there, let's see... District 121? And then Coastland Farming? I heard they're building new apartments!

Nice! Let's go!

Yeah....We get a lot of rain in the summer, but usually in the afternoon. This storm season's an active one this year.

8:24 A.M.

Let's see...go to Techville's SPUI interchange, then take a right and go north to District 121...

Here we are! This is a little town I started to satisfy some of that middle class demand. They're some nice suburbs for people who prefer to live in houses away from the city.

Here it is:


(8:46 A.M.)

Umm Mayor, what a lovely town you got up there, would be nice if I could actually SEE IT.

Oh, sorry about that, it's too high up, but if you look really closely you can make out the avenue, which comes from Techville (south, or bottom of above image). The neighbor connector is covered by the cloud but it's right around the bottom of the avenue.

Here are some closer shots:


(8:50 A.M.) Main city streets soaked as rain comes down, water running down the roofs and backyards appear soaked too. (The town's main avenue is to the right of this image)

Most Sims are indoors right now, watching TV, or just doing stuff to pass the time.

On the left side of the avenue (actually called Tech Avenue) are the estates, these houses have bigger lots, with bigger front and back yards:


(9:01 A.M.) Elementary school closed for summer

I love these neighborhoods, they're peaceful, and the smell after the rain is amazing.

Alright, let's go to Highlands, I need to buy some food at the new Walmart they built (I'm not mayor of highlands) we'll take the monorail!

We have arrived...


(9:25 A.M) 50% off back to School special for only today! Even the rain won't stop these shoppers...

Wow... Is this rain going to stop at all? Alrighty we finally found a parking lot...


(Courtesy of Google)

My boots are soaked! Let's see...

Random person: Hey, aren't you the mayor of Coastland?

Yes, me and my friend. We're shopping for food.

Can I have your autograph?

Hey I'm a mayor not some famous celebrity!

You will me if you beat Ashville Metropolis and reach 1 million people first!

Sorry, I'd rather pay respect to mother nature and get 2nd than to build all that dirty industry.


In fact, here's an image from yesterday of new growth:


(2:20 pm) New buildings in Coastland Metropolis


(Same place right now)

Those new buildings got the population to 518,000 Sims.

We'll see you around!

See ya later!

Now let's check out those apartments at Coastal Farming:


(10:01 A.M.) Still raining!

Alright, I'm waiting this rain out, We're going to Coastal Metropolis, (The city down the beach) hopefully it's not raining there too hard!)

Here's an image of where we're going (taken yesterday)


(Yesterday, 3:40 PM) Coastland Boulevard)

Yes, that's Coastland Boulevard, This avenue cuts through Coastland City (north of this image) and Cuts through Coastland Metropolis.

The mayor of Coastal Metropolis widened his stretch to 6 lanes, and built Hi-tech industries and commercials.

Here we are!


(11:24 A.M.)

Quite a drive isn't it! I drove through all that rain, but the rain finally stopped here! Children are out playing in puddles, the fresh after rain smell in the air...

These roads are pretty wet though. This storm's moving west to Ashville now, they're getting rained on.

Anyways, I'm going to stay here for tonight, and we'll see you again soon!

I hope you all enjoyed this big update, and sorry about the rain, it's only nature.

Thank you all for reading! Remember if you want to hear the history of Coastland, check out the first 3 updates. We'll see you later!


(Red text: Mayor of Ashville Metropolis (Dennis Brown) Blue text: Mayor of Coastland Metropolis (Jack Green))

(Answers phone)


Hey, it's Jack, I'm just calling you to tell you that; THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!


I hope you get your plans out, because today, you're building a Monorail!!!

What?! BUT-

6 people said yes, 6 to 1! You can't argue against Simtropolians!

But the people-

Dennis! I'm trying to help you here. What's your population right now?


SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND?! Your city must be gridlocked!!

FINE I'll build the monorail!

Good.. We got approved! It will be high speed rail!

Here we go:

Starting at Coastland Metropolis:


Through uninhabited areas!


(through uninhabited areas)

Through Highlands!


(Through Highlands)......

and ......

Into Ashville Metropolis!

Here we go! Draggin' it out!


AAARRGHHH! It hurts!

Don't be so dramatic! I had to do this to my city too! All you're getting is one stretch! They'll grow back, trust me!

A few minutes later...


Gee, Thank you so much! Look at this:


They're using it! Highway usage went from 40,000 cars going somewhere to 10,000! I see more green patches! And my Population is at 618,000!

Good! Told you it was going to help you!

It did, and thanks again, just another problem.... my city's stagnating at 600,000...low R$ demand....

Ohhhh I knew that was going to happen! That's what I was trying to warn you about! There's only so much demand for R$...You gotta give'm something else, like...higher wealth..you're going to have to figure it out, you need to know, it gets harder after 500K sims, much harder. That's why 500K is a big deal. Good luck...

Currently, I only have 480,000 Sims, but it's working!

Alright Simtropolians, here's some images of my city's avenue Widening, first, one more BEFORE pic:



(Coastland Avenue Cuts diagonally through downtown Coastland Metropolis)



(Coastland Avenue, now called "Coastland Boulevard" Cuts diagonally through downtown Coastland Metropolis, as a 6 lane boulevard (TLA-7)


(Coastland Boulevard intersects with 45th Avenue, which is also widened to 6 lanes)


(Coastland Boulevard intersecting 55th avenue, which doesn't need to be widened)


55th Avenue, intersecting 50th Oak street (Does this seem familiar?)


(4:38 PM) Coastland Boulevard, 55th avenue is north, 45th avenue is south


(6:35 PM) New exit ramp under construction as buildings are demolished to Widen Coastland Boulevard

It's such a beautiful, hot summer night! Here are some night shots we took the night after the first part of the project was done:


(Night shot of main avenue at downtown Coastland Metropolis)


(Intersection between 55th Avenue and Coastland Boulevard)

I hope you liked it! Coming up next, Me and some Coastland County mayors (from other cities in our county) are going to work on the highway system, and you are all invited to see! Peace out!

and good night!



Ashville Metropolis has been growing at an astonishing rate, blowing past 400,000 yesterday. It just blew right by Coastland Metropolis, which is now closely behind Ash. with 440,000 Population. Incredibly enough, it JUST reached the famous Half-million mark, which is quite a hard enough mark to achieve.

(Note: Blue text is from Mayor of Coastland Metropolis (Jack Green) Red text is from Mayor of Ashville (Dennis Brown) and Green text is from me (the author/news person/interviewer)

Wow...Just unbelievable. Last update it only had 300,000 and now it's at HALF A MILLION?! That's CRAZY! Anyways, I'll tell you all now, there ain't no way we're catching up to that monster-ville over there. It's growing way too fast! That city Dennis has going is insane...

By the way, he gave us more info on this monstrosity of a city, here's the interview from this morning...


A lot of us, the simtropolians, and aspiring mayors want to know, how on Earth did you do it? How did you break the Half-million mark so fast? Can you tell us?

"Well, first off, it wasn't as easy as it seemed. The hard part is traffic, and our down town was GRIDLOCKED by the 400,000 mark. We had to widen the downtown roads, but I didn't want to demolish buildings. So I repaved them as 4 lane medianless narrow avenues. Here's the before pic:


And after:



The traffic's still bad, but at least they're movin.'

Here's some more images of Ashville from last night:


(7:45 PM) Down town on the bottom of the image, and I-45 exit towards the top of the image.


(8:16 PM)


(9:35 PM)

I also noticed that after building the highway exit there were 20,000 cars commuting to Coastland Metropolis and Highlands for work! I had to Widen I-45 to a 10 Lane multi-highway and I gave the exit ramp a good upgrade. I don't know if the other cities are going to widen their stretch of I-45...


(6:33 AM) Dawn arises upon the city as it neared 500,000, today the new exit ramp would be upgraded...



(10:42 AM, Yesterday)



(10:55 AM)

More images of the new exit ramp:


(11:04 AM)


(Exit ramp at night, very well lit for the 20,000+ cars that come and go everyday!)

Night pic 2:


(Night pic 2)

Are there ANY medium/high wealth houses in your city AT ALL?

Not that I know of...Besides, low wealth is more dense and easier to work with.

Now look at all those low wealth houses, if you upgrade them to high-density, you'll hit 1 million, and you have so much more room!

Yes, but I'm not stupid enough to do that, it'll cause a demand plateau. I'm already messing up the environment as I know it with the industries, I don't want to screw it up any further.

Besides, traffic's not so bad, see? What do you think simtropolians, this city's traffic system is awesome! See:


Plenty of green roads!

I hope you're aware that you're risking a lot, especially with the environment. Your city's traffic, well lets see what the people think about that...(Comments below)

Hey y'all I'm back! Woah, what's that picture above, a cardiovascular system or something?

(Dials phone)

Mayor Dennis Brown: "Hello?"

Mayor Dennis, it's jack, I just saw your traffic map, and seriously would it kill you to at LEAST build a damn monorail system?

But I don't want to demolish any buildings!

There will be NOTHING to demolish when everyone abandons your city from traffic! Look, do you want to reach 1 million or not?

Well, yeah...

Hmmm, How about this, we'll let the people of SIMTROPOLIS decide, we'll set up a poll!

That'll work!

Alright citizens of Simtropolis, you decide, should Dennis Brown build a Monorail system that connects Ashville to Coastland Metropolis or not? Let us know, and vote!

Anyways, to end this update, here are some plans to Widen Coastland avenue to a 6 lane boulevard and same with the highlighted avenues:


(Buildings on the left side will be demolished, the yellow highlighted avenues will be Widened from AVE-4 to AVE-6)


(Buildings on the left side will be demolished, the yellow highlighted avenues will be Widened from AVE-4 to AVE-6)


(Buildings on the left side will be demolished, the yellow highlighted avenues will be Widened from AVE-4 to AVE-6)

I hope you enjoyed this update! Coming up next, Major Jack Green will take on this massive project of widening the above avenues!


We are back to Coastland Metropolis, after quite a tour last night.

Now, here's your daily news update on our cities and their mayors...

(On the right is the cloud cover during the storm taken at 4:33 PM)

District 105 now has a population of 11,141, and has just widened their main road to an avenue:

(Remember, click on images for full screen)


(8:13 A.M.) One fine morning at our small tile city, before Widening


(New roads in place)


(Avenue Complete!) Some people may have lost their front yards, but it's totally worth it! They love it!

And the suburbs north of Coastland Metropolis is expanding, as new residential areas are zoned. Population is now 426,000 (highest of the region). What do you have to say Mayor Jack Green?

Hi, I'm Mayor Jack Green, and I'd like to say that this city has gotten very massive, and we have our little commute problem under control. Me and our planners want to double our population to 800,000, and we plan on starting this soon. Problem is, that is twice the traffic, twice as many sims in this city, and potentially twice the magnitude of problems. We will first have to Widen all main avenues to 6 lanes, which will cause demolition of some skyscrapers, and houses, and we need to evacuate the buildings in those areas. It's quite a massive undertaking, but it's possible. 1 million is in the future, but for now, 500,000 (Half-Million) our main goal, then 800,000. Remember, this city's had quite the history, and it's been through a lot...

(blue text is mayor Jack green, green text is from me)

Indeed, he makes a very good point, the amount of traffic problems this would create is pretty bad, and to DOUBLE the population of an already massive city would require upping the density of the northern suburbs! But if Woodland Metropolis did it (on easy mode though) Then it's very possible, even on hard mode...possibly.

Anyhow, I'll leave you all with Mayor Jack Green, and see how Coastland Metropolis grows, have fun!...

We introduced, and remember, we are on blue team (refer to regional image in last updates) and Ashville county's on red team. Anyways, another day, another opportunity to grow our city! Let's do this...wait a minute....

There's a lot of dark clouds forming up in the skies...


(3:28 PM)

Not good...Not good at all...



Coastland Metropolis, Coastland City, Coastal Metropolis, Industrial City, District 105, Tech District 24,

Coastland Commerce, Tech City, District 15, Woodland City, Highway Turn District, Coastland Farming and Highlands.

These thunderstorms will carry heavy rain, possible flooding in some areas, wind gusts of up to 80 mph, potential tornadoes, hail, and a lot of lightning. If you live in the affected cities, please seek immediate shelter, and bring anything indoors from outside that can blow in the winds. Ashville County is not in effect.

(Note: The following images are from Coastland Metropolis)

Aw Man! We can't zone new houses until this storm passes by. Did I tell you how this region used to be very tornado prone? Well, we haven't been hit by tornadoes in decades! Seeing the clouds right now, there aren't tornadoes, but there's going to be a lot of rain...


(3:56 PM) The rain's really coming down now! I personally love the rain, but I hate lightning!


(4:10 PM) Interstate 45


(4:32 PM) Recently built avenue (This is 55th Avenue) at Northern Suburbs in Lakeland Metropolis, soaked from heavy downpours. Man, even the UDI icons are wet!

The rain has stopped for a bit, but this isn't good. Someone reported a lightning strike at my Northern Suburbs, heard it's on fire! (Sirens pass by) Let's check it out!


(5:10 PM) Firefighters extinguish flames started by lightning strike. THIS IS WHY I HATE LIGHTNING!

Shoot! We haven't had a fire this big in a long time! Let's go! The sun's coming out!


(6:00 PM) Lakeland Avenue, soaked from downpour.

Well, the sun's out, the rain has stopped but there's more rain comin' tonight. I gotta admit, it smells great out here, and the air is just fresh. Clean from all pollution. This is why I love the rain.


(7:35 PM) Northern suburbs, streets flooded from rain in this area.

Thunderstorm clouds are approaching, and I can SEE the lightning! HOLY ----!


(9:06 PM) Lightning as another line of thunderstorms moves in, gotta love summer!


(9:07 PM) It's kind of hard to see the skyline, but that rain is coming down HARD


(9:12 PM) Hard to see, but you can still make out the wavy wall which prevents traffic sound from disturbing the apartments ahead, and to the left is an exit off Interstate 45, on to Lakeland Avenue). Those apartments are to be upgraded in the near future as part of the 800,000 project.


(9:45 PM) Mel's Diner on the right, New houses across the avenue. Intersection between Lakeland Avenue and the new avenue that was built (55th avenue)

Ashville Metropolis isn't too far from us, but they were not affected by these thunderstorms. I heard Dennis Brown's been working on widening those avenues...



(4:30 PM) Ashville Metropolis before Avenue Widening


Yes! We'll call this, Ashville avenue!

Ashville Metropolis is growing at a VERY fast rate. They just take neighborhoods and just UP their density!


(5:00 PM) Low density area before rezoning to medium density


They just become apartments fast!


Population is now past 200,000! (Last update it was at 128,000)


New high density sky rises are coming up to pack more sims into the city

While Coastland County was getting hit by the storm, the weather's been pretty nice at Ashville Metropolis (despite seeing huge storm clouds at Coastland's direction what a sight).

The sunset:


(8:16 PM) POPULATION IS NOW 300,000! That's crazy...

Anyways, that's all for now, in the meantime, here's a map of Lakeland metropolis to refer to:


And the Great Coast Region Counties:


Two mayors, who will break the 1 million barrier first? We'll find out, and again this region is a small part of Majestic Coast...


Thank you Schulmanator and Ace for your comments! :)

Welcome back to our regional tour, we are now on our way back from Ashville Metropolis to Coastland Metropolis...

For anyone confused, here is a map of the whole region:


(Use this is the reference map)

Remember, we're driving, this is a tour....The red line you see is the trip we took to Ashville Metropolis last update, the blue lines are on our way back through I-45, through the interchange at Lakeland Metropolis to Highway 565, into industrial city, through Coastland Metropolis, and the 5 cities ahead...You ready? Let's go!


(4:45 PM)

We'll skip Industrial town for now, and go to Coastal Metropolis, a young city with medium wealth houses inland and high wealth mansions growing towards the coast...


(5:00 PM) Highway 565 is above (not shown in pic) The highway pictured here is Route 466. More mansions are under construction, and beaches are planned to be built for tourists.


(Over-exposed image of medium wealth suburbs in Coastal Metropolis, yes it's very bright due to exposure) Population: 11,524


Next up, a nice little commercial/residential town I call "Highway Turn" District where as mentioned earlier, US Highway 565 "TURNS." Yes, it "turns." (Again, no other name for it)

Population: 1,618


(5:35 PM) The name is very "fitting" if I do say so myself. It is under development, a nice young town under development.

Now, we are off to Woodland City:


(5:55 PM) This pic was taken from an airplane, a bit of atmosphere in this pic.

Woodland Metropolis (planned to be renamed) is right next to Lakeland City, boasting a population of 200,000 Sims! Yes, a city of mostly Medium/High wealth sky-rises, commercial sky-skyscrapers, and high-tech industries, with Highway 565 dividing the suburbs from downtown. It was always a naturally fast growing town due to its location, and it is currently boasts the highest population of any medium-tile city in the region.


(7:02 PM) Afternoon at Woodland City, exit ramp off Highway 565, leaving Woodland City

We now head up north into the 3 cities ahead on H-565...All powered and watered by Coastland Metropolis

First up, Coastland District 15:


(7:15 PM) Over exposure of Coastland District 15, I must choose a better time to take these shots...Note the monorail that goes under Highway-565, couldn't build monorail over the highway due to bugs.

Now we're off to Tech Town, a beautiful...um...beautiful....what in the...


(7:31 PM) (Highway goes over another monorail)

A city of beautiful High-tech, clean...WHAT IN THE....


(7:32 PM) No words...Population: 43,422

MAYOR! What have you done to Tech Town ! Our simtropolians can't breathe! (Mayor of Tech Town is Ryan Martinez)

Ryan Martinez: "Well, demand for hi-tech went down, and we were losing money, so we decided to move dirty industries in, until the tech demand returns...in the meantime, here are some gas masks.

...Thanks mayor...but .you really should rename this city to "Polluting-tourist-suffocate-Death Trap town"

Ryan Martinez: "Yeah...right..."With 43,000 sims, this is the largest small-tile city in the region. There's still lots of room to build!

You think he's really going to rename it? Yeah...like that would actually happen! Hahahaha....

Last City, Coastland Commerce. We get off the Highway here...

Population: 0 Only consists of shops and factories...


(7:45 PM) It's getting pretty late, we're getting off this exit...

Anyways, we're now back to Lakeland Metropolis...To conclude this update, here's some more images:


(7:53 PM) Exit off Interstate 45


(7:55) Lakeland Avenue (remember the sneak peek last update?)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this update. Someday we'll do a night version of this tour... coming up next...we'll see...


(8:00 PM)





Welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed the last update, and now, we shall move forward...

Today, we are going for a little trip, to Ashville County (the red area in the pic on the right). The only way from here is via Interstate 45, which will take us through Tech District 24, Highlands and into Ashville Metropolis. Where we will stop at Ashville Coast and Ashville East.

Anyways, it's a beautiful day here at the Great Majestic Coast. Let's go!

We get on the ramp at Coastland Metropolis, and we are off!

The first city is Tech District 24, which provides High Tech and commercial industry:


There is one exit off Highway 45 into this city, and it is powered and watered by Coastland Metropolis.


(The FLEX SPUI Interchange that leads into Tech District 24, Thanks NAM Team!)

Now we cross the boundary into Highlands, which is a small town dependent on Tech District 24's power:


(I-45 exit interchange into Highlands City, note the pine trees, plains and middle wealth houses the town comprises of)

We continue on, through the highway, as we continue off into Ashville Metropolis:


(Interstate 45, crossing the border of Coastal County into Ashville County)

Ashville Metropolis, we have arrived:


(Ashville Metropolis 6/26/13 3:42 PM)

Ashville Metropolis is a large city (obviously), built around a small lake. It is comprised of mostly low wealth houses, and medium wealth are taxed out of the city (20%!), and who in the right mind would move into this city other than low wealth? Not me...

The city resembles the OLD Lakeland Metropolis, a VERY fast growing industrial empire. It was started just after Lakeland Metropolis's new president took office. The mayor of this city is Dennis Brown.


(The city's water pollution became so severe that water treatment plants are required to keep the pollution at bay. More are planned later on...)(9:45 PM) Yellow-ish lighting due to smog...

Sandwiched between some industries, are low wealth CS$ shops, pubs and bars for hang outs. Even a couple of burger restaurants.

There are no schools or hospitals, but there are police, landfills, and firefighters at the least. There are also no avenues, but mayor Brown is planning on widening a lot of these roads later on.

Again, this is a very fast growing city, and worried more about population/growth + income more than attracting medium/high wealth. The city stagnated for a while though, until a small soccer stadium was built, somehow raising the low wealth residential demand (don't ask me why, this game works in mysterious ways...).

Population: 128,552, and that's with mostly medium density! Avenues will be widened before rezoning to high density...but thanks to this city, regional population is at 1 million. Despite that, Lakeland City has 413,000 population, so to catch up will be pretty difficult.

(We'll find out which individual large tiled-city will be the first to ever break 1 million population on HARD mode...we will find out one day...)


(Core of Ashville metropolis downtown, which is surrounded by low wealth shacks as suburbs. Note the wooden streetlights, and ghetto apartments...and this isn't even the city's actual ghetto area!)

Let's go south, to the Ashville cities...

Ashville Metropolis supplies power to Ashville Coast (West) and Ashville East. We are now at Ashville East:


Lakeland East is (duh to the East of this town) is mostly a low wealth town surrounded by farms (4:23 PM). It has no schools or hospitals, yet like Ashville Metropolis, it's very efficient.


(Main road or TLA-3 that cuts through the town) (4:25 PM)

We now move on to Ashville Coast (West)...


(4:30 PM) A beautiful town surrounded by farms, only needs a landfill.

We now head back west, to Coastal County...

On our way back, we pass by Coastal Farming:


(Coastal farming, with the county's border to the East of this image) (4:55 PM)

That ends part 1 of this tour...

Coming up next, we will get on Highway 565 and go up through Coastal Metropolis, Highway Turn District, Woodland City, Coastland District 15, Tech Town, and Coastland Commerce, then return to Coastland Metropolis. I hope you enjoyed this tour, and remember to refer to the regional image posted at the beginning as a map if you get confused about where the cities are!)

Here's a sneak peak of next update:


(12:43 PM Suburbs North of Downtown Coastland Metropolis and Highway 45. That is Coastland Avenue, which leads all the way through downtown of this city, Coastland City, and ends at Coastal Metropolis)

Did You know that?

- Mayor Dennis Brown is the Mayor of Ashville Metropolis, and Jack Green is the mayor of Lakeland Metropolis.

-"Coastland Metropolis" was derived from "in the coast" but inland, and "Coastal Metropolis" is on the beach, or coast, hence, coastal. Don't get the names confused!

- This update is a 2 part update, as there are too many images to put in 1 update.

- Ashville is named after real life's Ashville, North Carolina, because the "founders" liked the name.

- The "founder" is me that plays this game :)

Stay tuned for more!


Welcome one and all! We are back to continue, from where we left off...

Before we start, Please start this video below (I recommend starting video starting at the 1:27 mark):


Lakeland Metropolis was headed towards a dark, uncertain future. It could have kept growing the way it was and become a massive industrial empire, but to sacrifice so much just for industry and population? Mayors in many regions are competing to build a city that breaks that ever-illusive 1 Million population barrier, that only one city ever managed to do on a whole different region (named Woodland Metropolis). But he looked around and asked...Is it really worth it?

Finally, he retired as a mayor, and was replaced with a new mayor selected (randomly) to take care of this city. He had the power to make major changes to any city. He always saw the beauty in life, not the bad. This is the historical conversation the new mayor had with the old mayor regarding the city and its future, which took place day after he became mayor:

New Mayor:"Wow, he did a really good job, and no kidding, it may have its problems, but there is a certain beauty in the way this city is built, the roads, etc."

Old Mayor: "How is this beautiful?! It's completely screwed up? See?


New Mayor: "You are looking at the bad side of things. You built a wonderful industrial town, and made very delicious lemonade when life threw lemons at you. What you see above is how you see this city, but THIS is what I see in Lakeland Metropolis:


...Beautiful ain't it?

Old Mayor: "Gee I got to admit, this town always had beauty within. To bad It's all under the horrible pollution...Man, I screwed up!"

New Mayor: "No you didn't, you see, I don't work that way, I see the good in things in life. Don't despair, you have done a really good job, and this is one of the richest cities you have ever built. I think this city has a ton of potential, to become something amazing, mind blowing, and someday, it'll break 1 million Sims. A change is going to come, and we will bring out the beauty within this city."

It was the turning point of this city. The day he became mayor, he began many projects everywhere, such as a huge school (all levels) university, and a massive hospital. He also destroyed and shut down all dirty factories, and coal plants, and after out-taxing dirty industry, new manufacturing and hi-tech industries moved. Demolition of old abandoned low wealth buildings occurred, replaced by more beautiful medium-high wealth sky rises. The low wealth commercial shops become tall sky-scrapers everywhere (around the baseball stadium). The low wealth shacks became 2 story middle-class houses. The main avenue was widened to 6 lanes all the way into Lakeland City.

The mayor did run into many problems, like loosing 100,000 Sims to the demolitions, no job zots EVERYWHERE (cities go through puberty too!) traffic. The mayor then built what's called "spaghetti" subway system (subway stop in almost every block).

Roads were turned to 3 lane one way roads, and the Clean Air Act was passed, as well as the automobile emission reduction Act. The city's population hung around 260-270,000 for several years, before finally surpassing 300,000 after an avenue was turned into a highway, with new sky rises growing. More recently the city got back to its old population of 350,000 and blew past it.

Finally, it hit the hard 400,000 barrier! It was a proud moment for the mayor and all citizens.

Stop playing the video above and start the one below (recommend starting around the 1:00 mark but you can start it from anywhere you want) :




Many Years Later...


Everyone, Simtropolians, I present to you...Modern Lakeland Metropolis today!



(fireworks after 400,000 population barrier broken, Sims celebrated)


(A beautiful afternoon)


(A small European style portion of Lakeland Metropolis)


This...is the modern Great Coast Region...Today:


(actual image taken from satellite)

It is divided into 2 counties, Coastland County (in blue area) and Ashville County (in red region). Both mayors rival each other, but are at peace, and do help each other occasionally. Highway 45 connects both counties, as seen (the black line that cuts between them)


And this is the city map:


We're not done yet! There are also many other towns/districts within that connect to Lakeland Metropolis, in order to continue to grow...

Woodland City, Coastland District 15, and Coastland Commerce all serve to satisfy the demands (I-HT, commercial, etc.) To keep the main city growing.

All small tile towns have an 8 lane highway cutting through them, known as highway 55, which continues and loops into the Industrial city (city that supplies dirty industry and CS$ to all cities around it).

Coastal Metropolis is a town known for its mansions near the beach, and a highway running through it. It has the most mansions out of any city, and is currently under development. "

"Highway Turn District" is a small industrial city in which Highway 55 "turns" Hence the name and.. I was out of ideas! okay! :)

Use the region images above as a reference to where the cities are located...

Anyways, here is some images of Modern Coastland City Today:


This is the main 6-lane boulevard that cuts through Coastland City, Coastland Metropolis, and Coastal Metropolis. Thank you, Tarkus! :)


The first high density sky rises "rise" up into the air, bringing in more population, and more traffic. The city's population has exceeded 180,000!



(A night at highway 565 that goes through these urban areas)

There are also the towns east to Coastland Metropolis, known as District 105, and Tech District 24. These cities serve the same purpose as the Western cities.

The Highlands and Coastal Farming (Provides food for most cities). Highlands is a small town with some of Tech District 24's Tech industry and is the connection between the 2 Main counties. The county line ends at the Eastern border of Highlands and Coastal Farming.

District 105:


(Beautiful middle wealth houses fill this region, as well as all services and shops in the center. One of the roads will become a 4 lane avenue very soon)


(Sunrise as children leave for school, note that streets were recently paved with dark asphalt)


(Coastland Boulevard...A summer night at Coastland City's lower homes, south of Highway 565)

This ends the third part, but this is only the very beginning...

I hope you all enjoyed this, there's so much more to come....

Coming up next part, we will see more images of the Eastern and Western towns, and take a trip to Ashville County, to see how they're doing...

*Please don't mind the UDI icons, and zots, they were enabled at the time they were taken, no point in editing them out

3 Facts you Didn't know about:

1. Woodland Metropolis is a city that I built in this game when I was 12 (back in summer 2008 in real life). It was before I discovered all the mods, nothing but vanilla game. It was the only city that ever broke the 1 Million population barrier, without mods, cheats, or anything. It was built on Easy though. It was a proud accomplishment I haven't done again since then...

2. All cities in this region are built on hard mode, with NO demand altering mods.

3. There will be polls much later in this journal, and the course of the story will be lightly to heavily affected by the votes.


We now officially introduce Lakeland Metropolis, as we look further into its troubled past...

Lakeland Metropolis was under the development of an industrial mayor, elected several years after the first houses were built:


(Fireworks as the city celebrated its New Year's Eve, and also when our industrial mayor was elected. Note the low funds the town had at the time, also, the city had 11,000+ populations, in such a short amount of time, its unnatural)


This mayor wanted to develop the city into a BIG industrial metropolis, filled with rich factories, and to achieve a huge population. He did at least know how to build a functioning city, but knew little of traffic, and well, everything else really. He zoned for huge industry, and tons of low wealth citizens (and I mean a lot) moved in, and with demands, more and more dirty industry was built. This was actually his vision:


(Mayor's vision becoming a reality)


(The flash was quite bright in this pic. Quite a vision ain't it?)

The city just kept growing, and hit the 100,000 population very quick. Pretty soon, it was boasting a massive population of 350,000!


(They built the same building over 12 times!)

As these massive tenements created a skyline, a new mayor voted saw one issue. Traffic. He widened all the main roads to 4 lane avenues (the one in above pic leads to Lakeland City towards the bottom). He also built a monorail system that made one big loop through the downtown, and into the industrial district:


(The only color pic of the old Lakeland City. The lit highway on the left comes from Lakeland City, and big 6 lane highway runs through the city)

He also started Highway 45 which would soon go across the entire region, connecting many cities. The city may have been functioning, but the mayor has spent too much time in his mansion, and when he came out, reality struck...

No schools, no hospitals, disease running rampant, garbage on the streets, and crime was all over the place. The city had a decent police system to keep it under control, but there was a lot of crime. The mayor of Lakeland City describes this as: "Good cities are like fruits, but this city is a giant weed. The new mayor is doing a great job though, and made a quite a nice weed garden out of it, but in the end, you have to pull weeds out."

Due to lack of these services, the city actually had quite a huge income (lack of expenses). The mayor bought more land to expand, and build more industries to keep up with the ever rising demand. Also, there was another even bigger problem. POLLUTION! The massive smog everywhere from the massive industrial zones made the air quality repulsive. Breathing in this city was dangerous (minimal breathing anyone?). On the other hand, it did make for some colorful sunsets.

Entire sections also had small shops everywhere, but there wasn't a trace of medium wealth or higher, and same went with houses! This city had no actual character, just a bunch of houses and polluting factories, that's pretty much it.

This city's future was uncertain, and it was headed in a bad direction...


Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this update!

In Part 3, we will find out what happens to this city, along with introducing the rest of the cities...Stay tuned!


Welcome to my new official journal! This journal takes place on a small (for now) region called: The Great Coast. (known as The Coast I)

The Great Coast (Formerly known as "The Coast I") is a small part of Majestic Coast. It is an area filled with beautiful oak/maple trees with pines further up the region, and it has plenty of resources, especially for farmers and industries alike, plus tourists. (Oil anyone?) It's grassy plains make for great metropolises to be built, although it is notorious for being extremely tornado prone, there have been no tornadoes for many decades.

Before we begin, here's a few notes before you read on:

- This is a story based journal, it mostly focuses on the stories of the cities themselves (and people sometimes). There will be plenty of images, and some entries will be titled with "breaking news" style.

- The only mods I use is the NAM mod (simulator, classic, yes, classic), with RHW, NWM, no CAM, MHW dark asphalt, Uniform Streetlight Mod, Highway Towers, Simfox's day night Mod, and several custom buildings (Power, water, CS and CO, etc) Absolutely no cheats, it is basically SC4 deluxe vanilla + new roads and a couple buildings. I also build all cities on hard, not easy, or medium.

- Unfortunately, Most images on the first several pages will have UI icons and/or interface. (I already took them, and it's too late to change them), so please bear with me. Besides, you'll see some of the more "private" info most mayors don't like to tell, like *gasp* my income/expenses! In this journal, I play SimCity more like a game and less of an art canvas (I do still try to make the images look good though)

- Medium tile cities have "city" at the end of their name (Ex: Coastal City), and large tiles have "Metropolis" at the end of their name and they are named after their respective medium tile counterparts (Ex: Coastal Metropolis)

- This journal is partially interactive, in which if you post the name of a building in the comments below, I will download them, and you might even see your suggested building in the next entry!

Anyways, all that aside, I hope you all enjoy this journal, and everything it has to offer! :)


Now, to start us off, we will introduce the cities and look a bit into their history before we get caught up to the cities today. We must go far back to the very beginning...

...It all started with a HUGE explosions, and all matter-NOT THAT FAR!

Anyhow, Introducing, The Coast I (Known as the Great Coast):


Made using SC4 Landscape, and yes, it's pretty small for now, but remember, it's part of a much larger region called Majestic Coast, which we'll see in the future. This pic was taken quite a long time ago, featuring the early developments of the main cities.

Now introducing: Coastland City, the very first city built in this very region.

The plot of land:


Very, very old pic of city:


The mayor's strategy was to provide housing, and keep the industries + coal power plant away from the residents with a rail road to help with traffic, provide health, education along with fire safety from early on, which served very well, as it grew bigger. Its low wealth apartments, and houses kept the population decent, building a good income base:


Over time, the gap between industries and houses was filled with commercial services and offices:



Lower residential area:


A highway splits the upper residential area from the lower residential area (containing the newer houses), and goes into the industrial factories. Along with that, the main roads have been widened to avenues to handle all the extra traffic:



This city always had problems as seen above with "No job" zots popping up on buildings like zits on a teenager's face. The rampant abandonment was reduced a bit though after a monorail system was built from the houses to the industrial zones. The lower residential area is known for its more modern beautiful suburbs:


After discovering a much larger plot of land north of Lakeland, new residents began a new city, that we call, Coastland Metropolis:


This is actually the oldest pic ever taken of the future metropolis. The very wrinkled photo is in one of the museums today, and I am proud to say this is the original copy, which was lost for years before it was found in the mayor's old mansion. (under his desk when he was moving stuff around).

Stay tuned for more about this city and region!

-Mayor Whiz


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