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About this City Journal

Just some pictures of various themes

Entries in this City Journal


I'm sorry there are no replies, but I'm really not in the mood to formulate some answers. The next time, I promise^^



build some new one-family houses along the rail tracks...





added some  w2w areas. And essentially, that's it!

I'm sorry there isn't any more new-build stuff in this town, but I just started to play Sc4 again, so please don't judge me!

Replies will be written the next entry. Promise.

and something german:


I hope this entry isn't too unconventional^^

Have a nice...night^^


Quick update

Today just...yeah...a quick update^^

I worked on:


improvements of the inner town core...


...added some green detail for the residents ;)


...started to set up a canal system....


...aaaand set the basics for an elevated rail system. the major tracks are already build, more and especially more DETAIL (such as walls, fences, etc..) to follow.

There wasn't an update last week due to a heavy party night, so don't be unforgiving:3

Well, that's it, have a nice evening!

PS: Today is Hexenfeuer or Walpurgisnacht in Germany and other european countries, so have a nice time burning the witches^^ It's not a german song, but well...yolo, you know....


Hey guys,

I really wanted to play sc4 again this week, but I didn't really got well with my time disposition today so, I accomplished only enough for a teaser :/ This time I'll try to construct a small US-styled city. I was a little buzzed at this time, so I didn't really made any plans about any kind of more complex traffic systems. i'll have to plan around the next time^^ Let's call it a challnge:3


Unfortunately, all this awesome swedish houses are in the US-tile sets. They look great tho, but don't really fit in with the american houses ;/ Well, I tried to create a "chess field-city planning" so the blocks of w2w houses are in the shape of squares and rectangles. I didn't began with filling in details (parks, plazas, etc...) yet. But I kinda like the look, at least it's promising to me.


A suburban area. i used the new SAM addition, the treets with bike tracks (they look orgasmic). Not much details in here too, but the rectangonal shapes of the blocks make it easy to fill in stuff afterwards ^^

I hope you liked the trailer, have a nice evening!


Ln X: Thanks, but it's really just...well....a church in a field, nothing special^^

Kim Sunwoo: Thank you very much^^

SylvioJ: Thank you, but I really think, some more fields would be nice in especially that kind of areas :3

Tonraq: I'm just not well educated about effective urban planning^^

Mymyjp: Hehe, Thank you^^

MilitantRadical: It's not even a problem about time, more about good inspiration :D


Dat comeback tho.

Yeah. Hey.

Well, as you noticed, I was'nt active for a long time (happy St Patrick's Day btw.). The reason behind this is simple: I have problems with mod input, a lack of creativity and way too much other nice games to play (I play the heck out of CS:GO for example :3). I'm sorry for this. But if you are still interested in my CJ, you can keep it alive with suggestions of what I could do next in upcoming entries^^. Since I saw the first gameplays of Cities: Skylines (Although I don't own it) I gained new interest and a bit of inspiration in City planning and building. Because of this, and the fact that easter vacation begins in the schools of my state (Saxony [>Sachsen<]) I really wanted to play SC4 again. I hope I can keep alive this moral state. ^^ So let me show what I build the last...hour...yeah it isn't much, but hey, I started to play again, so who cares?

I actually tried to create another german-styled village, but this doesn't really worked well because I just have a lack of european BATs. So if you can suggest me some, I'd be very happy.

Here's the village in general:


I tried to at least save the style of a 'classical' road network of eastern german villages and settlements. So it's circled around a crossing of bigger streets (in this case a roundabout was included). In the center are some aids and shops. The outer circle consists of the residential zones and a newly built supermarket ('Aldi' in this case). There's just an elementary school and a small soccer field. Further there is a fire department an a small clinic (which isn't considered as normal in villages, but I needed to rise the attractivity for medium wealth; in fact, there's a lack of doctors in the country[FYI]).



Trees make people happy.

I also tried to build a small church, but I didn't found a fancy olace for it in the settlement (which is, retrospectively seen, just an example of dumb playing), so I built it in the middle of an field. Because of this and because of the model itself it looked more like a small bohemian or polish curch/monastery (first I forgot the english word, then I remembered it and forgot the german word for it. wtf.), which is actually kinda nice. So I got a village with german styled layout, american houses and a eastern-european temple. Well, my brain seems to take interntaionalism very seriously.


I hope you like it.

Well, that's all. The comeback wasn't really impressing, but it was fun to play again. So please, let me know if you have any suggestions for new projects and/or good mods and BATs to realize them :3. Well, have a good night and a happy easter (or Pesach, whatever, have a nice week)!


47ply: Dikes or 'Deiche' have the purpose to save the land (marshes; 'Marsch') that is lower than the attidude of the sea to just drown. So yeah....it's kinda important for living near the north sea :3

Ln X: I know there's a lack of close ups in the recent updates, the simple reason is, that I was too lazy to actually put details in the cities...sorry^^. But this has to change anyway from now on, so get excited for less sloppy work in the fucture! (I could start to actually work on older projects again....I mean, I really should do this!)

SylvioJ: Thank you, although I still didn't completely understood in which different ways I can use the FAR^^

dlsni: i really have a problem with my endurance ._. Yeah, I used the hole diggers and then I used the soften-tool so it doesn't look like too stupid. Can't really notice the effect from that far tho.

Mymyjp: Thank you! But I really could need some more fillers for that tile^^

jmsepe: That's nice :D But better use it with another terrain mod, the one I currently use is just not green enough for the northern german meadows. Also you should make them a bit smoother than I did. Just google 'Deich' and you get an optical vision of what I mean^^

TekindusT: How could I forget all the Supermarkets and Discounters?._. Per person there are approximateley 5 of them in every city^^

JP Schriefer: Thanks Schriefer! :)


Heyho guys,

first at all, sorry for the lack of content the last months. Today I try to develop a city tile, inspired by a northern-german strip of land in "Schleswig-Holstein" called "Friedrichskoog". I didn't try to copy it, but I was clearly inspired by it (I wasn't ever there tho lol). So here's the area we'll build in (the dike is already there):


here's the master plan:


Black = Main Road

White = Railway

Red = settlements

everything else will stay green or will be transformed to agricultural area

Here's the outcome I got:


The (adapted) zoning:


With trees and civics:


Aaaaaaand the reuslt:


the problem with all of that is, that I got a lack of european homes and buildings and so on. Close ups and more details will come in the next update. Have a nice night (it's 1am here)!


Tonraq: Gnah, who needs power anyways?^^

Kisa Atsuko: There will be more filling soon (if I had an idea with what I should fill it^^)

jmsepe: Bio-terrorists are everywhere:3

iRowzie: ROFL.

Ln X: Still irregular tho:/

dlsni: Nope. Your cities are better:3

Mymyjp. thanks, but why does everyone mention the power?xD

...PS: I'm slightly drunk as I write this. It brings city planning to a whole new level^^


Views of the town

Remember the weekly updates some months ago? This time is gone^^ i didn't actually build much more, but I did some mmp work at last.


A small lookout at the windcliff. It's a little nature preserve, so no cars are allowed.


The "upper town", the commercial towncenter....


aaaand the "lower town", the residential part. The other part of the population lives in the suburbs in the east of the towncenter.

A small entry for such a long break, but therefore I will answer the comments of the last entry:3 Is this fair? No, but screw it.^^


Jorge_carrillo: My space-effectivity is overall very low because my street overlay is mostly insane, so there are many little squares of grass (or trees):3 But I assume you meant the look of the city at the former state. Now is a bigger area used. I hope I understood your point right^^.

pinkindustry: it's located at a corner of the map I play, so there can be only two neighbouring other towns. The derpway and the suburbs unfortunateley lead into nothing, but at the western border there is another suburb planned, behind the small industrial area on the peninsula. But there's no road heading north.

Tonraq: My road layout is like my mind: mysterious and complex.....:3

Ln X: Thank you, bud!

jmsepe: Kind words you say there^^

juliok92012: I didn't expect such a positive reply, thank you so much!

47ply: Thanks, ply:)

Luiz P. Romanini: Such doge.


Still Alive

Still alive. Not much content yet. Much stuff in development still. Such unreplied comments. Many doge. Wow.



Procrastination time! Comments will be answered the next time. I'm the last person on earth using doge memes. Bye^^


Well, I'm really sorry I didn't uploaded anything the last weeks, but first I was in Tyrol, then my Grandfather had his birthday and later on I finally got Diablo III which had to be played (meh.). Since then I didn't do much in SC4 but the last days I spent the one or other hour on Windcliff.


A brand new industrial area beneath the new established "city"-highway.


Here's an overview over the new traffic system (called the "Derpways")


The new residential area next to the also new railway. It's elevated because potato and it looks kinda nice.

So there is actually some work done, but nothing is already finished.

Well, have a nice weekend! PS: Does anyone of you play CS:GO? Just asking for things.


sarthakknight: This one time it was actually on purpose to turn on the grid so you can notice the differencies of the heights:3 Thanks!

Ln X: Thanks! But the pond is more like, you know, just a fun thing. I lost skills in putting mmps in towns and because of that I just try some nature put-in in my cities.^^

Schriefer: Thanks, Buddy!












Today without any comments :3 Btw, I forgot to turn on the shadows again -.-. Sorry for that, have a nice sunday!


MilitantRadical: Yeah, I just don't have so many w2w buildings in the right size:3 I mean, I have the whole "Smalltown, USA" set and some others, but they have really different sizes:( But I don't know any other way too^^

Ln X: I forgot that again, I'm so f****** sorry:3 I just noticed it while uploading and then I didn't want to take all the screenshots again. It's just a shame, as shadows are kinda important for a mmp-concerned update....Shame on me^^

Schriefer: Thank you, friend! I just miss the variaty of buildings:/


Nailed it.

Well, as a quick reminder of what it looked like at the beginning:


Starting development:


And the result:


And now, just some impressions:







(You should never try to build such a city with a demand mod activated. If you're unlucky or stupid, like in my case, you don't have enough different lots for the high wealth sims and get the same buildings everywhere. I mean, in the residential districts it looks quite good, but only the Grantosa Café along the main street looks a bit....weird)


More like a high-tech wharehouse section :D




Here's the problem a bit more clearly. The red-brick buildings are looking all fine but the Main Street is just ridiculous.

Well, that's it, the next time it's goona be a mmp/nature theme (maybe a creek/river? Maybe it flows through a small town? We don't know yet^^). I'm just not good in building bigger cities:D Have a nice weekend!


GoKingsGo: I'm glad I could help you:3

Ln X: Well, they turned out to be clean and modern:D The problem was, I had to use a demand mod and raise the demand for §§§-Sims, because else the CBD probably would'nt grow well. But now, the industrial areas such as the w2w-areas don't look really good. I think I will just destroy all buildings again, put the demand mod off and then let it grow again, let's see...)

Caracortada: No, it was my bad, I'm just sometimes a bit "slow" in my mind, so it was actually pretty understandable, I just didn't got it because of.....myself, you know?^^ However, do you know any good modern lots for the CBD? As I said, I'm probably going to do this whole stuff again, so I'd do some things different.


Almost Finished...

Okay, everything is zoned now, just some details are missing, such as highway walls. Look:

Traffic System only


Zones only


Everything (with stupid zots -.-)


I hope you like what you see:D The final update is coming soon. Have a nice weekend!


Caracortada: Modern monument? A CBD or an actual monument/statue?^^ Sorry, I didn't changed the locatio of suburbs and w2w because I was too lazy, though it was originally planned like this, I just did a mistake :x What do you mean with "commercial buildings with gardens on top"? On the roof? Is there such a mod? If yes, I need a link, that would be awesome:D Thanks, you're always helpful :thumb:

Ln X: Thanks, was really helpful too.^^ Do the warehouses look a bit decent? Thanks:D


Yeah, I made a plan for a new city, I'm like semi-finished, here you are:


Thats what I mean with "semi-finished". In the top "???" tile, I'm propably zoning a commercial district with some supermarkets and huge stores and that (can you suggest me some?^^) In the bottom "???"-tile, I will propably just build a park and plant some trees, what is your opinion about that? And in the mid "???"-tile I have absolutely no idea :D I really need your help about that. First, I planned the w2w area there, but accidentally I build it above (such things actually happen to me! lol), but I left it there because it looked relatively nice up there. But what should I do with the mid-"???" area now? Suburbs may look odd, betwéen the CBD and the w2w.....whta do you say?

Well, that's it, have a nice evening and thank you for your help!^^


Ln X: Yeah, it works better now, but still not as nice as I hoped^^ The land is just too low for this one, nothing's going to grow there. Thank you though!

fan o SC4: I hope so too:D Thank you!


Well, I struggle with some bugs in the game, but I finally managed to upload some new pics. Here we are:


First problem: the tree controller doesn't work properly. I use Arden, but I never get a leasent result with none of the sub-controllers included in the main file. I checked all my plugins and I'm sure I have all the dependencies. I used the River-Controller in this city and you see, I get nearly no actual trees. I'm not sure if this is purpose, but the trees are really rare. With the coast-controller at the other side I only get 1 kind of trees! With the Inland-controller the same, just another kind of tree. However, let's move on:


This is supposed to be a w2w district in the future, but the buildings ust don't want to grow:3 You see, I finally used the urban canal set here, after I visited Erfurt (in Thuringia), where some of ths kind of creeks and canals flow through the city (wonderful!), I was keen to try this in SC4. When it's finally developed it will look more pleasing.


Here are some other suburbs, with the industrial area westbound. The most of the trees are manually planted, but I'm not really motivated to do is all over the city, so...yeah, you know, I really need Arden to work.


Just a high tech industrial area. Needs some details.

That's it, have a nice weekend and if you could leave me some hints, I would be really happy:D


slickbg56: Thank you, but the plan was only pretty shallow:3

Ln X: Thanks, partner!

fan o SC4: Thank you very much, I hope I can pay more attention on details in the future.

Caracortada: Thanks^^

feeroz123: I feel honored, sir^^

Ln X: Thanks, yeah, grid-busting is one of my hobbies:3

MilitantRadical: Well, here you are. But the teaser looked better than the actual entry:/

slickbg56: Thank you^^


Well, I finished the mediterranean island I started to create recently, so let's see.....



We arrive via a tourist boat at the small port. Then we have to clamber all the way up to the first terrace...


Here we are, exhausted, but excited. The St. Michaelis priory is famous for its delicious wine....


Doesn't this look delicious?

After that, we go to a small settlement on the same terrace....


Imagine the view you'd had every morning o.O

We finally reach the core of the town, on the upper terrace:


The thing in the centre is a marketplace where you can get the best seafood of the whole Mediterranean Sea.

And here's the final picture, the view of the palace:


Well, that's it. have a nice evening and a nice weekend too!


Pwel28: Oh yeah, the Schwartz is jaw-dropping nice batt'ed.....can you suggest me any similiar buildings I don't already used here btw?^^ I had troubles finding many such buildings without CAM on the LEX:D

Richie99: Thanks, and yeah, it's too smoggy, more like a strange extraterrestrial athmosphere....though sometimes really bad air similiar to this blows from Bohemia to us....exaggeration ftw^^

MilitantRadical: Indeed, he has....thank you!

slickbg56: *cough* *cough*...thank you...*cough* *cough*

MariusMR: This isn't even just grungy anymore, it looks kinda life-threatening:D

Ln X: Thank you, master! And yeah, you're right, I overdone it with the photoshopping, I just wanted to build an more authentic athmosphere (and especially I wanted to cover some mistakes of mine), but it looks pretty ridiculous now^^

fan o SC4: Yeah, you can literally see the smell, thank you though!

Huston: But it's a bit overdone, isn't it?^^

dlsni: Thank you friend and you're totally right, the smog looks way too heavy and....yellow....eww.

Blakeway: Yeah, you know: Always look on the bright side of life......*whistling*

feeroz123: Thank you! Yes, Ln X really helped me lot, a great teacher:D Now I wish I could make a new entry with the same pictures, just without photoshop...but I didn't saved them >Facepalm to myself<


At first, special thanks are going to Ln X, who was my tutor for this entry and showed me his tricks to grow decent looking industrial areas, a big "Dankeschön" for him. Now let's just start:


I hope you don't mind the Sepia/Foggy looking style, I think it's a bit too dense sometimes:3









Well, that's it. I think I now can handle these industrial stuff, though I'm not nearly as great as my teacher^^

I hope you all have a nice evening, I'm now going to party hard. :D

Replies (finally


Tonraq: Thanks, I didn't expected it'll turn out so well:D

Ln X: Thanks, curves are a nice thing:D and thank you again for your help witht this^ entry!

Richie99: Thanks, I'm actually pretty proud of it^^

dlsni: Thanks, and yes, I love the location too, I should have started to use the terrain sooner o.O But I think, it's not conform enough yet, there are so many different kinds of w2w's it could've been better:D But at all, I'm very satisfied with it.

jmsepe: Wow, thanks^^

C4RACORTADA: OK, memo to myself: Build more curves. People love curves.

Pwel28: Yup, I will try to eliminate some of the modern bats soon and then maybe put out the Maxis stuff again. Then it should look more conform:D

rewright: Thanks, man^^

Huston, Thanks, but I think the buildings are not really fitting to each other everytime^^

C4RACORTADA: Thanks, I actually try to make a video how the city is developing, I just work on it:D Yeah, there should be some smooth pieces of these type of highways too. 6-s has some too:/

elavery: Thanks, I just have no idea about the LotEditor:D

fan o SC4:Thanks, I'm working on it:)


Well, I'm sorry I dont get done anything this time, but I swear next Friday I will upload the next actual entry^^ Well, I suddenly had a spontaneous imagination of an old town on an island (the most overused and kitschy scenery I could imagine) and now I have a really strange motivation o.O

Here's what I got so far (actually, it's just the island that's done):


Red: city core

blue: small port

yellow: monastery(?)

green: green space/fields or "meadows" (for small animals of course)


The grid is actually on purpose this time, I wanted to show you the terraces easier^^



The biggest problem I suffer right now are the buildings; I know there are mediterrean homes on the LEX, which I need especially for the city core. but how about a pier or anything like that for the port? It should fit into the style of the city, also I need a smaller (catholic looking) temple/church/dome/whatever for the monastery. Could anyone suggest me any of the buildings I need? Thank you!^^ I will reply all the comments in the next entry on Friday......honestly this time :D

Have a nice evening folks!


Teaser the second

I'll upload maybe even two new entries the next weekend, I currently just struggle with some lots, so I'm not sure about the second, "surprise"-entry:D We'll see....



Don't be scared, I didn't already fully developed this map, there's going to be more zoned area and suburbs at the left of the highway^^.

I'll reply the comments of this and the last entry at the actual CJ update next weekend, like everytime.

Bye, have a nice evening!


Well, it's my first actual try on a w2w-city and I really like the main shape of this town. I just have the problem, that sometimes one or two single-family homes grow in more-story apartment districts. But at least I fixed the problem with employment crisis the most elegant way - I ass-kicked the §§§ sims with enourmous taxes out of the town:D And it works way better than before. Here are the pics:







Some suburbs are never allowed to missing, especially in my cities^^


That's it, have a nice evening and maybe some of you have a "Hexenfeuer":D


Ln X: Yeah, I really wanna try that soon, but I don't really know how to create decent industrial areas:/ You are kinda a master in this thing, give me some hints, please^^

jmsepe: Nope, not that time. Finally.

Ln X (again): Thank you^^

Roman_Samudra: I hope so, thanks!

slickbg56: Thank you too!

Huston: You actually tried it? Wow, my posts are usable^^


Heyho, well because I was bored I made some shots for another entry of my "how to build stuff I do all the time".

At first I laid out the zones. Because it's just a small Maxis-city tile, you can do this at once, and press "Start" if you already zoned the whole area.


You see, for a farming town (with SPAM, because the vanilla-farms wouldn't create enough jobs for a whole town), you primarly need residetials and, yeah, farms. A bit of commercial at the crossing of the highways creates additional jobs for the objective people (R§ and R§§, of course the stupid engine want to build many mansions in the town, which are going to dilapidate because there are no jobs for them. That shouldn't happen in your city).


Then, you need energy and water. I'm sorry for the ugly yellow line on the edges, the development would've start otherwise.


After that, some public establishments. Bus stops, parks, a clinic, a small schoolhouse and a fire station in this case.


The last step: Profit!


A closer view of the town.

That's it, have a nice weekend guys!


Schriefer: Thank you, I'm glad you like it:)

slickbg56: Thanks!

AdoxxBE: Thank you, but it's not as good as your cities^^

Ln X: Thanks, it's part of the the parking lots and walls are included in the addon packs of it, like the

infamousjbe: Nah, it's not included in this mod^^ As I said, the parking lots are icluded in the Industrial revolution mod^^

47ply: Thank you, man:D

TekindusT: Who wouldn't want to live there? Well I don't actually^^

feeroz123: Thank you for this great rating!

C4RACORTADA: Well, but not as cozy as Simsinatti:P

Pwel28: Thank you!

garyF: I love the draggable curves of the NAM, they made my life so much easier^^

(I never had so much comments before o.O Thank you, homies!^^)


Some random pics again

Yeah, I played on an older town of mine again, I kinda forgot during the months. The update is already today because tomorow is a holiday in Germany and after that, there is 1 week no school:D I'm a bit exhausted though, because we had a excursion today and visited the local home for asylum seekers; playing with the children and stuff, it was really fun:D But enough of the pseudo-diary here are some pics:


A quick shot of the whole settled area of the region


Some suburbs in the northern part of the city (please ignore the grid, I forgot to turn it off the whole snapshot-round, I'm sorry.


One of the major commercial areas, this one next to the regional hospital in the south of the suburbs we visited just now.


Another suburban district (there's no medium density residential zoning anyways) just next to the highway crossing. Though it's noisier the wealthy people prefered this place, I don't know why^^


The second major commercial centre, at the roundabout where one of the highways splits into two roads.


Another district visa-vie to the highways with the fire department in front.


The boarding school in the town. It's the reason why wealthy people are attracted to the town, it's known as one place of the elite-schools in the nation.


A small industrial place next to the highspeed intersection of the ring road.


The first commercial park of the town; there are companies with their production facilities just next to it. It works well with manufacturing/ hightech industry, but it needs good traffic connections (because of trucks and many people's cars go to one place at once; smaller towns with poorly planned traffic connections often have a problem with this.


A view of the whole region at last^^

Now, that's it today, have a nice easter guys!


47ply: Thank you very much!

Schriefer: That's nice, thank you too!

Ln X: Thank you! Yeah, I really like the idea to create small ponds completely covered by lili pads, it makes it more "romantic" or something like this^^ I think I can handle that thing with the streets pretty good meanwhile, thank you!

feeroz123: You're welcome!....and thank you too^^

jmsepe: Thanks!


Another quick entry^^


(I'm not good with GIMP, I know:D)

This village was founded in the next area to a lake, which has the same strange properties like the other lakes and ponds. In fact, this town needs no additonal heating systems, the lake holds the city even in winter by ~20 degrees. This is a huge economic saving, so there's some industry in this village too. There are rumors, scientists found a strange, yellow-glowing substance in the lake, but no one has proven this...

Some more impressions:




The whole area around the village will be settled too, it was already cleared completely.

Now, a have a nice evening, folks!:D


Schulmanator: Thank you Schul...manator?! Oh my god, a compliment from one of the old masters! Thank you, Sir! <kneels down>

Tonraq: Thank you....hehe, "quicky":D

Huston: Thank you! And another compliment from a great SC4'er:D

feeroz123: Thank ya, buddy:D The street curves are really easy, you just have to create a diagonal street and then simply click in the corner, works with roads too...if that was the thing you meant^^

Schriefer: Thank you, Schriefer:D


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