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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. The M

    The Metro, or M, is Alexandria's subway system. With 4 lines and 30 stations, and a light rail line with 23 stations, it's unusually comprehensive for such a small city, particularly in the United States. Today it serves more than 150,000 riders each day. Each line is named after the color as it appears on the map, except for the Brookline Shuttle, which is orange, and the Capital Connect, which is lavender. Every line is subway and elevated rail, apart from the Black Line, which is light rail. Black Line stops are marked with dashes, but stop at the regular stations as well. Sanders used to be called Pullman Street, State House used to be called Central Station, and Capitol Commons used to be called State House (I know, it's confusing). The Madison Black Line Stop is actually nearly directly in front of Sanders Station, but for realism purposes and aesthetic reasons it made more sense for the Blue Line to continue straight west. History of the M Starting in the late 19th century, Alexandria had a network of rail lines running across town. From the west, lines ran from southern Yorktown and the Industrial District, in what is now Kensington. These converged roughly where Sanders Station is today and rose up onto a viaduct. This continued east, stopping at a Chapman Avenue station, and crossed the Seneca River. The Yorktown line then headed northeast before curving east to College Park, while the Industrial District line turned south, descending to ground level. It had two branches: one to Industrial Park, where Acton Park is now, and one to Brownsville, via Hartford and Burlington. The tracks were extended beyond College Park on the first line to Brownsville in 1908, closely following the present alignment of the Blue and Purple Lines. The Halifax line, some of which is still in operation, ran from Halifax to Central Station, near the State House. It passed under Chapman Avenue and ran along the same route as the Capital Connect does today. This line is still in operation. Additionally, two streetcars ran through Alexandria: the downtown Chapman Streetcar, opened in 1908, and the East Side's Brown Streetcar, opened in 1912. All of these were privately owned and operated. By the late 1940s, ridership on the train lines was declining, in part due to the rise of the automobile as the dominant form of transportation. When I-85 was completed in 1956, the lines' fate was effectively sealed, and they closed in 1959. However, with Alexandria growing and congestion increasing, it became clear that Alexandrians needed another way to get around. Studies commenced in 1963, and in 1964 recommended the construction of a rapid transit system. The plan was finalized in 1966, calling for purchasing the old rail right of way and rebuilding viaducts on the East Side with a tunnel under I-85 as well as elevated rail in Seneca and subways downtown. The Blue and Purple Lines would take the same route and stations as the old rail lines on the East Side, but would dive underground to cross the Seneca River. They would stop at Mattapan Square, then diverge. The Purple Line would stop at Camsden Square, the State House, and Central Station. The Blue Line would stop at the planned Robert B. Reich Convention Center, Pullman Street, Ellis Street, and Wellesley Hill. The Red Line, starting at the State House, would head north, stopping at the Convention Center station, continuing north into Seneca with an eastward curve through Kensington. The Chapman and Brown Streetcars would be converted into modern light rail, with their own rights of way and a tube under the Seneca River connecting the two. Construction began on January 25, 1967. Halifax wanted its own line, and the Green Line was added to the plan in 1968. The lines opened in phases, with the Blue Line from Brownsville to College Hill first, then the Red Line from Fisher Street to Kensington, then the Green Line from West Halifax to Yorktown, and then the Purple Line from Burlington to MacArthur. The Black Line opened next, followed by the underground section from Brownsville to Burlington, and finally the downtown subway. The system opened with the full Green Line, the Purple Line from Brownsville to Central Station (which has since been renamed State House), the Blue Line from Brownsville to Wellesley Hill, the Red Line from Fisher Street to State House (which has since been renamed Capitol Commons), and the Black Line from Hartford to Madison. The system has expanded several times since then. The Red Line was extended from Capitol Commons to Hartford as part of the Acton Park redevelopment in 1992; The Black Line was extended to Warren Street in 1998; the Purple Line between State House and Sanders and the Brookline Shuttle was built as part of the Capital Connect in 2015; and the Black Line branch to Newton was built in 2016. Today, 157,000 riders take the M each day, or 38% of all trips made within the city. Alexandria has the fourth-highest transit ridership of any U.S. city. However, problems still remain: the system's proved too popular and the network is over capacity, particularly on the Red Line. The Alexandria Transit Authority is considering options to address this, but no plans have gained traction. A Blue Line train leaving College Hill. The original brown-brick viaducts were restored in 1968. A Black Line train on Brown Street. A Green Line train. Yorktown residents refused a concrete viaduct, so the tracks were placed on an embankment.
  2. Leaderboard Rankings - A system to reward consistent results and participation during the challenge season Here it is! As previously mentioned, a new leaderboard ranking system is being introduced this season. This has been designed to incorporate all challenges, linking with each set of results. Each place in a challenge has points on offer -- the higher you finish, the more points you gain. Then at the end of the season, prizes will be given out to the top 10 in the final standings, with the winner being crowned the Grand Champion! The Leaderboard There are 3 types of leaderboards (click to jump to them below): Global (25 challenges) Weekly and Extended (14 challenges) Monthly and Custom Content (11 challenges) Each of these has a link to a spreadsheet version hosted on OneDrive, which has some additional columns. There you can also view the history of the leaderboard using the tabs (sheets). These can be selected at the bottom, once the results for that challenge are updated. The Global leaderboard applies to all challenges, where the points gained are totalled up to make up the overall standings. Also to give people more opportunity (who may not be interested in the monthly events), there are separate leaderboards for both pairs of challenges. On each challenge, it will confirm which leaderboards are eligible. Summaries will be posted with the key happenings concerning the leaderboard standings. If you'd like to know how it all works, please take a look below... End of Season Prizes Following the conclusion of this season's 25 challenges, prizes will be given to the top 10 places in each of the leaderboards, along with special rewards for those inside the top 3. This will include reputation prizes, which are fixed amounts for each eligible place. By the way, with reputation, some new ranks will be added to hopefully make this more interesting. We also have some other special prize ideas including profile medals, which are to be arranged. Stay tuned! ~ The Challenges Team
  3. This System

    According to Easy Info, when I click on Requirements, it says that I have Windows NT and it gives a big red circle. Also, my memory is at -255 MB. The other categories are way over and good. Is this a problem and why I can't get the Appalachian Mod to work?
  4. Challenge Results Summary!

    Hi everyone, It's time to announce the results for the previous 8 challenges. As mentioned in the results system topic, a new ranking system has been created, which will be used from this point forward. So without further delay, here's the top 3 entries in each challenge, each receiving a reputation prize... (Click each image to view the album entry) City Life (Weekly Challenge #18) 1st Place 300 Rep Hollogne - feyss 2nd Place 180 Rep Left off of the tourist brochure - SimCoug 3rd Place 120 Rep A Rainy Day in a Divided Society - Tonraq (Snapshot preview shown, as this entry is a mosaic image). Sports Complexes (Weekly Challenge #19) 1st Place 140 Rep Closing Ceremony - Tonraq (Snapshot preview shown, as this entry is a mosaic image). 2nd Place 84 Rep Witanceaster Simlympic Park - Joe 90 3rd Place 56 Rep Another Saturday morning - rivit Street View (C:S Weekly Challenge #01) 1st Place 130 Rep Aufgsburg City Hall - Joshman24 Tied 2nd Place 65 Rep Mountain Dead-end - Extrenix Tied 2nd Place 65 Rep City Oasis - Mr_Maison Interchanges (C:S Weekly Challenge #02) 1st Place 145 Rep The Beast - kingofsimcity 2nd Place 87 Rep Multiple interchanges - zdza 3rd Place 58 Rep Gilford Bay Main Artery - cs_k3 Transport Hubs (Weekly Challenge #20) 1st Place 160 Rep Illford Railway Station - Belfastsocrates 2nd Place 96 Rep Haften - Central Station - timmie 3rd Place 64 Rep Jarvis Central Station - CapedCat Farming Scenes (Weekly Challenge #21) 1st Place 165 Rep Campagne di Macondo - gigius76 2nd Place 99 Rep Bumgardner's orchard - SimCoug 3rd Place 66 Rep Demeter System - Huston High-rise Lifestyle (Weekly Challenge #22) 1st Place 235 Rep Roarin' 20s - SimCoug 2nd Place 141 Rep Avenue Louise - feyss 3rd Place 94 Rep Winchester Rising - kingofsimcity Night Life (Extended Weekly Challenge #23) 1st Place 195 Rep A Calm Night - Joshman24 2nd Place 117 Rep Nor Erebuni, Midnight - Masissar 3rd Place 78 Rep San Diego at night - APSMS The voting data for all challenges can be found at the following link: ST Challenges - Results Data (Excel spreadsheet shared on OneDrive) All reputation prizes have now been awarded, and the images above will be entered into the Hall of Fame. Just to clarify, they're calculated based on the: Challenge type (Weekly, Extended, Monthly)Number of entries per challenge.The average rating of all entries combined, to make up the "Bonus" total. All prizes were allocated on a 50%, 30%, 20% split to the top 3 placed entries. A big congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all participants! More challenges to follow soon...
  5. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Right, some big news... I've now created an interactive spreadsheet, which hopefully provides a solution to the issues, and makes it easy for us to calculate results. Baseline Automated Ranking System (BARS) Features Summary Ranking Automatic ranking of challenge results. Priority sorting by the rating, then the number of votes. Entries with more votes are ranked higher, in case the rating is identical. Ties In the event of identical ties, the rep prize is split between those entries. This still keeps to the total Prize Fund (as close as possible when rounded to a whole number). Ties are clearly highlighted on the rank. Baseline Method As a solution for entries with a low sample, the "Baseline Method" is used. Consider it a cut line, which is established using the averages of votes & ratings. There are two baselines: Base Votes and Base Rating. Base Votes limits the possible ranking for entries with a small # of votes (compared to others). It's calculated using 75% of the mean (average) votes, and is rounded to a whole number. The Base Rating is calculated the same way, using 75% of the average rating. This is used to make the ranking more logical. For example, entries with a low votes sample, but a higher rating will rank above. This is because the priority is still given to the rating. Entries outside the band are highlighted with a red flag icon. Reputation Prize Fund Prize fund is calculated and distributed to the top entries. This is based on the number of entries & the challenge type. New "Bonus" rep, which adds a bit of variance to the Prize Fund. This is calculated based on the average rating, and the number of entries. Calculation to add the author's new reputation total. Checkbox to mark when the prize has been awarded. Data Validation checks to ensure data is entered accurately. Alerts box which show any glaring mistakes with the data. This kind of works like a checklist. Options to customise each challenge (e.g. ranks which receive a rep prize, manual adjustment of Prize Fund & multipliers). This means prizes could be allocated say to the top 10. Cell formatting for certain conditions (e.g. top 3, tied ranks, duplicates). Each challenge is stored on an individual sheet. Misc stats for each challenge. Preview from the "City Life" challenge (click for full size): How does the ranking work? The basic concept is quite simple. For each entry, it first checks whether it meets the 'Baseline' for rating and votes. If so, it looks at the rating value and ranks them accordingly, highest to lowest. Then a tiebreaker is used, which is calculated using the votes tally. This allocates a decimal number, which is unique to the # of votes. The more votes an entry has, the smaller the tiebreaker will be (and vice versa). It's then added to determine the final rank. If an entry fails the 'Baseline' test, it's placed in a second rank. Here entries are still sorted by the rating, but appear further down the list. The majority of the calculations are done using hidden sort columns. Really it's a bit more complex than it looks from the outside! Why not just do a simple sort using the ratings? Well, the main reason is to ensure consistency. It allows results to be decided automatically, and eliminates the need to manually split ties, or decide how many votes is a fair sample. All it requires is data to be entered accurately (in the spreadsheet). Initially I was considering doing something even more complex. For example, to use weighted ranks based on the rating & votes for each entry. Essentially to award points to each entry, and then sort highest to lowest. But in the end, I think the 'Baseline Method' is more transparent, easier to understand, and keeps most of the sorting by the ratings. Will the data be revealed for each challenge? Yes, when results are announced, I'll include a link to the spreadsheet. This will be a read-only version uploaded to OneDrive. The voting data for all challenges can be found at the following link: ST Challenges - Results Data (Excel spreadsheet shared on OneDrive) Hope this sounds useful! If all goes well, we aim to bring all results up-to-date this weekend.
  6. UPDATE 16th October: New ranking method announced! http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/69295-baseline-automated-results-system-bars/ Original post:
  7. Last time i installed nam... i remembered i choosed yes. Then after playing with nam for a while.. I decided to shut down my computer. The next time i opened my computer, it wasn't starting up anymore. It was like corrupted. PLS HELP. What should I do?? I want to try it out again
  8. Indeed I'm wanting to play Cities: Skylines but I have an aging system that might not quite meet Recommended Requirements so I'm looking for feedback on what kind of performance others are getting on their specs. I don't want to spend the money on the game right now if it means I'll need a spiffier computer to play it reasonably. Oh, and by reasonably I don't mean with the 25-tile mod, just be able to build some cities that probably won't even necessarily be huge but at the very least spread out on the default nine tiles. I bought this PC about four-and-a-half years ago but I have too many other financial obligations at the moment to justify the expense of a better machine. Of course I have Windows 7 64-bit. My processor is an AMD Phenom II quad-core, 3.4Ghz 8 gigs of RAM Graphics card is AMD Radeon 6450 with its own 4 gigs of RAM Thanks for answering!
  9. Windows Corner

    Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows came to dominate the world's personal computer market with over 90% market share, overtaking Mac OS, which had been introduced in 1984. I started this new topic here in General Off-Topic because it is necessary to have a single topic for all the Windows related issues and topics. Which version of Microsoft Windows do you use? I use Microsoft Windows for work, study and leisure. I have used personal computers with Windows XP and Windows 7 installed.
  10. Damnit Moments #1

    Just a filling today. So I hope you all know these "Damnit" Moments we all have time to time? I tried to build a small, lovely town with industrial zone in the north and a rail and -bus system. Look what i got: I didn't even want to get mid wealth! That's the reason why I like mmp-ing, you'll never have such problems. Anybody knows how I can get rid of that? No demand mods installed and not even a huge demand for mid wealth at all. have a nice evening though
  11. These are the Mac System Requirements: Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Minimum OS: Mac® OS X 10.7.x Memory: 2GB RAM Hard Drive: 12GB HD Space Graphics Card: INTEL HD 3000, NVIDIA® GeForce® 9400M or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 2600 Pro or better Broadband Internet: Minimum 256 kbps download, 64 kbps upload Here's what i have: a MacBook Pro (OS X version 10. 6. 8 with an Intel Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz) and 4 GB of memory... and a Bus Speed of 1.07 GHz Not sure about my Hard drive space... Not sure about the Graphics Card... Not sure about the Broadband Internet category, either HOW DO I FIND THAT INFORMATION ? Please let me know if you have the answer(s) to my problem(s) ! THANKS SO MUCH... and have fun h
  12. Version V0.1


    This pack contains 3(4) unique sirens for the player to use within their cities. A Whelen 2750, a Whelen 3016 and a Federal Signal 2001 siren. There is also a Whelen 3016 positioned on a 45 degree angle. This package also provides a prop file for each siren type. There is a total of 8 1x1 lots to choose from. Two for each type of siren, one on grass and the other on urban/high density concrete. They can all be found in the Park Menu. They moderately boost both residential and commercial desirability within their effect range **(Approx. 1/4 4x4 Large City Plop), as well as the mayors approval rating. No dependencies. **Their effective range is set at 512 cells (city wide) for now. Low to moderate effect. With some of the free time I have recently obtained I've decided to get back into SimCity 4 and build a new region. I had lost my old up-to-date main one (along with some other things) due to a hard drive failure a while back. Yes, I make back ups but it fell on really bad timing/old hd formats prior. Over the years, I've been kind of surprised by the lack of emergency sirens for customization and eye candy within our cities. So after redesigning the core layout for my new city I've decided to start refreshing my BAT abilities and create some of my own to use within my city, along with recreating the few things I had made before that I also lost due to the hd failure. I never really experimented with BAT or got too hardcore with creating my own custom content for SC4 in my early Sim years. I really only started making a couple BAT creations shortly before I shelved my SC4 activities for quite some time. I had originally planned to create a Federal Signal Thunderbolt siren to go with this pack while making the models the other night but I've decided to wrap this up for now so I can move on. I want to finish working on my city's Service Department AKA Public Works HQ and main yard, a recreation of my first SC4 BAT model/building. Look for its appearance on Simtropolis soon.
  13. TMW#1 - Ferust System | Horizon

    ___________________________________________________________ It's been almost 2 centuries since the turn of the millenium, and Humanity's fast paced world and increasing technological capability has jumped a long way from a monsterous world, consuming masses of fossil fuels to a civilization, using a variety of cleaner sources of power and energy. Humanity has even spread far into the abyss of our Milky Way Galaxy after discovering advanced FTL-drive technology hidden in the later identified, Prothean ruins of Mars, to exploit the resources of other worlds and to take up the challenge of galactic colonization. Along this treacherous journey, Human's have even made contact with various interstellar races, varying from the hyper-intelligent to the culturally primitive races, struggling with similar woes Humanity endured through as a race in its dark, yet booming 20th century period of rapid modernization. To begin the trek through the galaxy, we'll start at a major Human Colony on an exo-planet located many light-years from the Sol System; in the star system referred to as Aerene, named after one of the first Asari scientists to discover the star. The colonial settlement of Horizon , officially known as the New Horizon Settlement is a city located on the eastern coast of the continental landmass called Arcadelia. It's also Ferust's capital city; essentially the political, social and economic heart of the planet. Horizon was the first settlement established on the exo-planet Ferust, a lush Earth-like world that was found with an abundance of Oxygen and presented a flourishing eco-system of carbon-based life forms. The colony is the largest in the planet and houses several hundred thousand people. It's a colony full of various Human Cultures from all over Earth, a sign of the many people who left their lives on the homeworld to start fresh and expand Human reach in the greater galaxy. And where better to start than a lucrative and controversial system like Ferust, along the borders of two largely unstable regions of The Milky Way? FOUNDING OF COLONY: 2171. (Banner stating 2182 is incorrect) Here is a presentation of basic background information of the planet Ferust, as well as noting it's 2 natural satellites: Elmere (a moon slightly larger than Earth's Luna) and Orlaca (an asteroid moon which was considered to be a rogue asteroid from the star system's further asteroid belt, captured by Ferust's gravity) You're probably expecting some flying cars around here right? Well unfortunately, the average human civilian cannot seemingly cope and adapt to the controls of a flying vehicle. They have not yet become a popular mode of transportation, but doesn't mean people certainly don't find it interesting. It's rare but not unheard of to encounter flying civilian cars on other colonies, but on Earth, the occurance is more common and widely used. It's why the skies still seem quite bare and getting a view from the Horizon Colony Administrations Center is still not obstructed and obscured by passing vehicles. On the ground, people go about their daily lives, as they would if they were on Earth. Above them, towering modern glass pinnacles invade the sky, which dominate the colony and are often connected by sky-bridges. Humanity's attitude towards city-planning hasn't changed drastically as many people struggled to grasp the idea of walking around a city and having transport stuck underground and electronically controlled by A.I.s and computer systems. The still outdated concept of city planning and construction has prevailed in the next century, as people still adore the freedom of driving around a city. Luckily, in this century, the consequences of driving everyday doesn't cost the planet as much as it did in the 21st century. But! You've still got grinding traffic and frustration at your side. All the fun in driving in a crowding colony. The Homebase District as it's commonly referred to is a bustling area of commerce infused with the grinding financial precincts and the all the boring government service buildings. Of course, the government buildings play a vital role in managing the colony and keeping contact with the 3 other major colonies on the planet, as well as managing communication with other planets. And to get around these political and social powerhouses? LET'S HOP ON A GOLFCART THING. SCREW SEGWAYS. The always beautiful Homebase district is quite the place during the day and is especially beautiful during the evening. It's missing a few trees on it's plaza though. Back at the HCAC, the alluring height of the glass skyscraper is adorned on the ground with native shrubs and trees around it's lobby entrance, to give the city to a more natural ambience and better improve the image and single it out from the ordinary amongst other colony cities. As night falls, the city begins to illuminate, and the towers flood with lights. On the ground, it's not exactly spectacular, but the lights are doing what they're made and placed to do. A couple of operating and rented out holo-boards appear out of nowhere to ambush walking pedestrians and drivers. There have been many reports of these holo-boards inducing seizures all over the colonies, but no one ever seems to do anything about it. Lights a glowin', fog's a rollin' and the city continues on. The colony really never sleeps. Ever. And of course, the Government C-Wing structure decides to illuminate the infamous Horizon sign. So Bright And on another angle, you can see that the plaza has a giant Holographic TV Screen or what everyone actually calls it; A Holo-Screen! Galactic news presented at it's finest, 3 floors up a building in the middle of the colony. There's more to come of Horizon...
  14. Linux Corner

    Welcome to the Linux Corner of Simropolis. I started this topic here in General Off-Topic because is necessary a single topic for all the Linux related issues and topics. This is because all the linux related topics are scattered around this forums and are too short; and this need some more order. So here is the new topic, hope so this will not be forgett so easily as the others. Starting with this news from The Linux Mint Blog, with the header Linux Mint 13 “Maya” RC released! LM13RC is featuring the desktops MATE and Cinnamon, seems to be that the team of LM had discarded Gnome-Shell after all the instability of this desktop reported in the Linux Mint forums. Hope so this new version will come more better and fixed than the actual one, LM12. ----The rest of threads in ST about Linux and related topics---- The objective of this list is to link the another threads about this topic and don't left them isolated, if some is needed from them. If I forget one or there are more in the another forums, just link it in a post and the list will grow.
  15. i was playing it yesterday, so then i took a break from it. about 3 hours later, i tried to play it but it wouldn't work. i decided to wait for today to see if it worked, but it didnt. all that happens is that the icon with the bridge pops up, then nothing happens. i really wanna fix this without reinstalling because i have a good city that i started.

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