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City-building game(s)

Found 24 results

  1. How to use Wine with SimCity4Deluxe, NAM, Modding Tools **ATTENTION: Recently began having problems with Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and SimCity4. After an update, the game would only run in software mode. I have done a lot of digging to try to find the exact cause, but so far no luck. I have gone back to Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 until this gets fixed. About ten years ago I made Ubuntu my only OS, after dual booting with XP for about a year. I had only one regret, I could not get SC4D to run in Wine. I tried a few times over the next few years but still had no luck. Then a couple of years ago I decided to dig in and get it running. My first success came with the help of PlayOnLinux, finally! I used this setup until, recently, I decided to try working directly with Wine without the extra layer of PlayOnLinux. So I dug a little more and eventually I gathered most of the info I was looking for on the interweb. Much of this was, things I didn't know I needed to know, until I knew them. Now, I had a lot of info, but some bits seemed to contradict other bits, so I began to develop a repeatable, controllable, procedure that would allow me to test a defined set up, document it, rinse and repeat. The process I settled on, exposed the unreliable information, but gave rise to more questions. I dug around, got some more bits, and started again. This time it all came together. Eventually, I settled on a kind of combination set-up method using wine / winetricks / wine tools. I'm more of a nuts and bolts kinda guy,so this satisfies me. There are other ways to achieve the same results, and I may tackle them some time, but for now, I am concentrating on using this method to install SimCity4Deluxe and some of the modding tools. As a part of the testing process I developed sets of instructions, so I could repeat a particular set-up, exactly the same, multiple times. After using them for awhile, I decided they were solid and they might be helpful to other people. So I edited them into a more readable format and added some, (I hope), helpful information. Currently, I have finished these; ∘Wine How To - Install Wine 1.8:i386 (32 bit) ∘ Wine How To - Install SimCity4Deluxe (plus updates) ∘ Wine How To - Install NAM ∘ Wine How To - Install GoFSH ∘ Wine How To - Install Gmax Extended ∘ Wine How To - Install ILive Reader 1.4 ∘ Wine How To - Install SC4-PIM X Credits: Most of the information I gathered was from WineHQ, Winetricks, Ubuntu forums, SC4Devotion forums, Simtropolis forums, many sage postings by 'A Nonny Moose' (found these everywhere), along with bits from numerous Linux editorials.
  2. If you are interested, please leave a post below. If there is some interest, I will post more details. It is a small script to install Wine and Winetricks but, for the initial tests, it will be crippled. I have tested, the functional version, dozens of times on my system and it has worked as expected. My concern is not knowing how my scripts will work on different hardware combinations. Even though I have 4 different installations, they all live on one physical system. My hardware is all pretty new, so if it is run on a slower setup will there be timing issues that I don't see. It would be irresponsible, I think, to release it without some basic testing on other systems.
  3. SimCity 4 on Linux

    I have been playing SC4 on WINE/LINUX recently. I think all I did was DL the installer from Amazon (or used the installer that was already on my Windows partition, I don't remember), but I don't remember having any particular problem doing so or having to "prepare" the partition in any way. I had a bit of a problem with SC4 all of a sudden crashing to the desktop. I added the switch "-CPUcount:1" to the icon for starting the program. How much it helps remains to be seen, but the articles that gave this suggestion if you have SC4 on a dual-processor (or more) machine, SC4 is still a bit doofy even if you use that switch. They implied it is still a bit doofy if you have a single-processor machine, and XP, and the latest patches, which is what SC4 was designed for. I also had a problem with the water. I would see a building that has the drop on it that indicates it is not watered, but when I look at the pipes, a pipe is watered and goes right by the building (if I it actually goes under the building, everything is OK), and I look at the graph showing water use/water production and I although I cannot remember the exact amounts, the amount produced was probably at least twice as high as the amount used, but the building was still unwatered. This problem seemed to be fixed when I successfully got NAM installed on my linux partition. Unless this problem exists on a "regular" windows installation, I really don't see why it would exist on a WINE/Linux installation, or why installing NAM would solve it, but that is what was happening, but after getting NAM installed it was no longer happening, so it is at least correlated with that. I also have got other add-ons installed, such as the "infinite money park," the hyperspace garbage dump, and a pack that gives a bit more variety to the 1x1 commercial tiles than Depessies Diner. Pretty much to only other games I play that I have boot into XP for (or play at all) is "Farm Frenzy" and "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2," which I did not get installed to WINE/Linux successfully, but maybe I will find the motivation to do give it another try someday. Brian Christiansen.
  4. Hi there, Loooong time lurker (going back to when CXL was the hot new thing on the block), first time poster here. Recently I've gotten back into SC4...again...but haven't been able to play it the way I'd like to due to not being able to use my physical CD copy on my beefy Linux desktop. It's not fun trying to zone on a touchpad, especially when the laptop is running 8.1. (Blech. Otherwise I'm as emancipated as A Nonny Moose in that regard - speaking of which, I do hope he is alright...) Today I got an email from Steam announcing that SC4 had gone on one of its seasonal sales, and that got my interest going again in getting it working on my lovely Kubuntu setup. I apologize in advance, as I'm sure this subject has been covered time and time again, but I haven't for the life of me been able to find enough reasonably current information to tell me how well it would work, and how, exactly, to make it work. Wine's app database was of little help, since the last result gave it a Platinum rating...without elaborating on any special steps that might be needed. And that's not even getting into all the sorcery needed to make it work on modern Windows... So, the TL;DR gist is: what's the best way to get a clean, digital copy of SC4 working on Linux with minimal hair-pulling or frustration perusing hundreds of forum topics for just the right solution? In case they're needed, here are a few basic specs: Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, kernel 4.4 Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA GTX 745 GPU current Wine 1.9 (though I can use 1.8 if it makes a difference) 24 GB RAM Thank you very much in advance! And apologies again for asking a question that I'm sure has been asked many times before...
  5. My computer boots to Linux (ubuntu 14.04) and Windows (XP). Recently I put WINE windows emulator on it. I had a few technical problems there, but got them worked out. To install SC4, I had to install an application called "origin" (gives access to EA games). When I try to start it from the Origin app, I get an error message. It, however, works fine when I start it by directly clicking on the SC4 icon, so I am not very worried about diagnosing or fixing the problem with the origin app. SC4 works as well, or perhaps even better under WINE in Linux than it works in windows. I think this is because I have 8G of memory, but since the windows installation is a 32-bit version, it only recognizes 4G of it. I also have a dual-core processor, but XP home only recognizes one of them. I read that sometimes SC4 has problems with dual-core processors, but since WINE is an emulator that "fools" SC4 into thinking it is running on windows rather than Linux, it also might fool it into thinking it is running on just a single-core processor. I don't know if mods, like NAM, work in WINE, perhaps I will have to try that sometime. In the sample region, Maxisland, I am trying to build the region using neighbor deals where some of my cities have the industry of the region and others have the residential/commercial. I am calling my cities with the industrial zones "city of industry X (X=1,2,3...up to however high I need to go)." Perhaps should have called them "Smog City X" or "NIMBY City X" since I am also putting the NIMBY structures like power plants and landfill zones in them and then selling those services to the residential/commercial cities. The first city I built up was the "Big City tutorial". I "fixed" the city actually by blowing it up and starting anew. The city's zones and roads were so sloppily designed that the only real way to fix it was by starting anew. In the small squares above it (I am assuming that every copy of SC4 comes with a sample "Maxis land" and that it is the same in every copy) I built a "city of industry" to provide the manufacturing jobs, landfill, and power to my city. When I finished building my "city of industry," I rebuilt the "Big City Tutorial" using my new neighborhood design. After all that babbling here is my question. When I finished the "city of industry," and started fixing the "Big city tutorial," there was $273,279 in the treasury of my "city of industry." After I blew up the "Big city tutorial" and rebuilt it (~50-100 "game years"), there was still $273, 279 in the treasury. Shouldn't there be $273,279 + <however much was paid from the neighbor deals> in city of industries treasury. Brian Christiansen
  6. I'm unable to run SC4 in hardware mode. When I launch SC4, I receive these error messages: Hardware Error Could not initialize DirectDraw. SimCity4 Could not initialize the hardware driver. Using the software driver instead. I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 together with Wine 1.9.1. Installing DirectX 9, 10 and 11 libraries, didn't fix the problem.
  7. I ported my SimCity 4 Windows installation to Ubuntu 14.04, and use PlayOnLinux to launch the game, thereby providing SimCity4 the Windows libraries it needs in order to run. Of the 4 cities I tested, 3 of them work, and one of them crashes to desktop immediately upon entering the city. This city has a population of 80K. The other 3 have populations of > 5300. If there is anyone out there in the Simtropolis community who has experience with running SimCity 4 on GNU Linux who could help me troubleshoot this problem?
  8. Red Hat Tower

    Version 1.1.0


    Red Hat's headquarters. A lot for this didn't exist, so I made one. It is based off of a SketchUp model for the old Two Progress Plaza which was what it was called before Red Hat bought it and turned it into their new headquarters. I've included both a zip file and a tarball, use whichever you prefer.
  9. I want to install a custom region I downloaded from the Stex. It has a .SC4M file, so I need to use either SC4Terraformer or SC4Mapper 2013 Edition. Both programs are said not to work on Linux. SC4Terraformer does seem to start in wine. It shows a window in which I can navigate directories. Apparently it recognizes the "region" folder in which I have the SC4M file, it then loads and lists all city tiles with 3 options. 2 of them are (protect trees and protect mayor) SC4Mapper edition 2013 doesn't even load the region folder when I navigate there. It just hangs and I have to force quit the program. Is there any method so I can do it on Ubuntu. Or is every Linux user completely unable to import custom user made regions?
  10. Wow!! I read on this forum years ago when I last played this game. Great to see this game still gets so much attention these days. Anyway, I'm one of the unlucky ones who bought this version of Simcity 4 through steam. So I realized, no problem! Simcity is supported, and I know steam is also supported on Linux, and since Simcity 4 is supported through steam, everything should just work out. It doesn't. I got Wine and steam installed and logged into my Steam account. When I "install Steam" i get a message box saying "Simcity 4 Deluxe is not available on your current platform." I suppose steam is confusing itself, or I don't know how to command it installing something into Wine, and that creates this particular error message. I cant find answers to this question online, the only guide that explains a installation procedure in linux is from a cd/dvd box. I hope that doesn't mean I can't install the game. So I hope it can be done, one way or another.
  11. Linux Corner

    Welcome to the Linux Corner of Simropolis. I started this topic here in General Off-Topic because is necessary a single topic for all the Linux related issues and topics. This is because all the linux related topics are scattered around this forums and are too short; and this need some more order. So here is the new topic, hope so this will not be forgett so easily as the others. Starting with this news from The Linux Mint Blog, with the header Linux Mint 13 “Maya” RC released! LM13RC is featuring the desktops MATE and Cinnamon, seems to be that the team of LM had discarded Gnome-Shell after all the instability of this desktop reported in the Linux Mint forums. Hope so this new version will come more better and fixed than the actual one, LM12. ----The rest of threads in ST about Linux and related topics---- The objective of this list is to link the another threads about this topic and don't left them isolated, if some is needed from them. If I forget one or there are more in the another forums, just link it in a post and the list will grow.
  12. Hi dudes , have u notices that a lot of mods ( as football stadium , basket etc... ) are not working at all? steam forum is full of players running the game in Linux and Mac Os and posting this or that mod doesn't work , anybody know the reason or how to fix this thing?
  13. Reported this on the Paradox Interactive forum. Awaiting resolution for this "known problem". I suspect the real known problem is Steam.
  14. so as the title states, OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is now available in linux, it's currently in beta and you need to use a repository to install it, but after installing it and an updated FFMPEG you can in fact record let's plays of games in linux, a few tweaks is all it takes to really get the kinks out, plus you can now stream gameplay too. just follow the following steps. sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kirillshkrogalev/ffmpeg-next sudo apt-add-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ffmpeg obs-studio (note this is for debian based systems and apt) and of course make sure your graphics driver is the latest stable version (it makes a major difference) a few things of note... if you're going to do audio comentary, use a microphone with built in noise cancellation as the audio drivers in linux lack this if it's not built into the hardware. tweaking the recording cpu usage in the OBS settings to superfast makes a big difference in reguards to recording lag. and as for the audio being out of sync, well that kinda helps that too, combined with updated graphics drivers and such. so yeah, enjoy! and happy gaming/youtubing!
  15. Now I know why I got an update to BASH yesterday. BASH (Bourne Again SHell) is the default shell for Ubuntu.
  16. Greetings fellow SC4 Deluxe Players, I've been playing this "game" now for something like 12 years and while I get considerable enjoyment from it, there are some things that I haven't done recently that I am now trying out, maybe for the first time. First of all, I play on Ubuntu (14.04 LTS at the moment) under control of the Windows Executive layer (wine-1.7.21) using the X-org default driver for my AMD RS780 chip set which is no longer supported by AMD [ATI 3000] on this version of the Linux Kernel. So I have a few vicissitudes to deal with. While the game runs well in hardware rendering mode, certain things, like FLUPs, work better in software rendering mode. So, while I have scripts that give me either, I use the software script most of the time. This locks me out of HD textures. You know something? I don't care. It is just an ego trip for some. Anyway, today I tried something I don't remember ever doing in the past. I had some infill to do in one of my large tiles and I was thinking that there is always top of the chart CS$ demand, so I created a CBD of 4 x 4 low density commercial lots. This is on the other side of an elevated highway connected to a small industrial area. The interesting thing is that I got all the same buildings on about a dozen lots and no others were built. I've concluded that the BATting fraternity have not created any 4 x 4 CS$ lots, or at least none that I have. Maybe they've missed a bet in not doing so, or I've just not picked up the right ones. I tend to avoid lots that have many dependencies I don't already have. Comments?
  17. hi all , it's been 4 years now that i start play SC4 again , this year i ran it on Linux wanna share with you linux players my conf in order to find a final configuration without glitches , usually i use 2 type of configuration , a) -direct3d----->DirectDrawRender = opengl >Multisampling =enabled >UseGLSL =enable >VideoMemorySize =1024 Plus i use Sc4 Luncher and i set it to " opengl " & cpu count : 2 ( game doesn't crash ) results : better visuals FX due to the full colours (32bit) but the game run slower b) -direct3d----->DirectDrawRender = gdi >Multisampling =enabled >UseGLSL =enable >VideoMemorySize =1024 in Sc4 Luncher i set it to "software " & cpu count : 2 ( game doesn't crash ) results : 16 bit graphic visuals but the game run faster and with less refreshing glitches problems , anyway........... both ways leads to the refresh problem related to scroll, ... i noticed that sc4 luncher got a specific option to workaround the bug which is present in windows too but less intense. another note : Compare performance by setting the string "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine/Direct3D/OffscreenRenderingMode" to "fbo" , "backbuffer", or "pbuffer" will give some intersting result in OPENGL mode troubleshooting hit me back regards , Eugenio
  18. this is a repost from my own site, the post is linked below in case anyone is curious, anyway let's get on with it. http://truthandlies.forumotion.com/t128-choosing-an-os#278 if you want to share your own opinions go right on ahead, but no flaming, just constructive criticisim and honest opinions, flaming will have the thread closed asap, anyway yeah, choose whatever OS works best for you, these are just the big 3, especially with steam giving linux serious support in the gaming and drivers department, so which one do you like better and why (no flaming), let me know your opinions!
  19. Trying to get an idea of SimCity's compatibility with Wine on Ubuntu just to decide between SimCity 2013 and CXLP.... Any comments appreciated --- I don't really want to spend however much on something that I can't even use as a coaster! Cheers -- For info: Am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit.
  20. Best City builder for Linux? Your opinions? Any comments? How was installation? I'm interested in native games especially, but am also interested in the performance of the best of the Cross Compatible ones under Wine or Emulators. All comments much appreciated! Cheers.
  21. Trying to get an idea of CitiesXL's compatibility with Wine on Ubuntu just to decide between SimCity 2013 and CXLP.... Any comments appreciated --- I don't really want to spend £20 on something that I can't even use as a coaster! Cheers -- For info: Am running Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64Bit.
  22. Hello. I took a long break-a time in which I sorta restructured my life. I also made the jump to using Ubuntu Linux (12.04 LTS) completely-Windows 7 no longer resides on my hard drive (actually, my solid state drive-I have been upgrading my computer lately, and I switched from a HDD to a SSD). So, I have gone without any games for a long time, and finally got around to installing Steam (I had to use the Wine Windows Compatibility Layer, as Steam hasn't been ported to Linux yet). My first instinct was to go and buy SimCity 4 (my game disk got scratched up and I didn't feel like trying to fix it or getting a new one). It works. Sorta. The audio is terrible, the video is laggy, and the voice at the beginning is all garbled (the audio seems extremely sped up). And, the settings are on the lowest quality I can put them. So, I have some questions for all you Linux users. How can I run SC4? I use Steam so my games are synchronized across all the machines I want. I am using Wine, rather than PlayOnLinux, as Wine has better XBox Controller support (although, controllers aren't really necessary for this game, but they are for Portal and other games). If a plugin I download uses an actual installer (not unzipping a file), do I download the Windows folder? Should I be using my Windows XP VirtualBox virtual machine for this? I know it worked perfect under XP, and I have an XP VM, but the 3D graphics features are still not completely finished (although I installed it, anyway), and can only go up to 128 MB in video memory usage. I'm perfectly fine with using my Windows XP VM to run it if it means it runs properly and I don't have to worry about plugin incompatibilities. Right now, I think that might be my best option. TL;DR-I'm using Ubuntu Linux now. Should I run Steam under Wine, PlayOnLinux, or a Windows XP virtual machine with 128 MB of video memory and experimental 3D graphics?
  23. I've been running for some time with the -CPUCount:1 option set. This seems to have almost completely killed the tendency of the game to crash on modern hardware. Yesterday, I ran for over 12 hours without a single crash, and today for over two hours before I needed to stop. Over the last few weeks, I have upgraded to a new version of the Operation system (UBUNTU 12.04) and to a beta version of wine 1.5.3 when, with the exception that wine can't handle the multi-buffer requests for hardware graphics, I have had smooth sailing. I run in software rendering quite satisfactorily. My machine summary: Athlon II X2 model 245 2.9 GHz L2 cache 1024 KB 4GB Ram 25 GB Swap partition SimCity 4 Deluxe 1,1,641,0 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-24-generic x86_64)

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