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City-building game(s)

Found 16 results

  1. First of all: this is purely related to (modded) CSL perfomance, so disregard any background tasks (streaming, rendering etc). Is there any point in going for a >8 thread CPU if my main concern is CSL? If yes, would a R7-1700 edge ahead of an i7-7700k? Slight OC taken into account. How big is the difference? And yes, I will hold out until the upcoming Intel announcements. If any of you know of relevant benchmark results out there involving CSL and high thread count CPUs, please feel free to share as I can't seem to find any!
  2. Share your rig

    what does your computer setup look like? what customizations have you made to make it your own? Here's mine, it's still in progress/under construction so expect changes as time goes on, the latest change is the shelf to hold the CPU and make room for more stuff. EDIT: here's a better picture of my setup
  3. I have this little HP Compaq 6000 Pro Small Form Factor PC which has a tiny 240 watt non-upgradeable power supply. (Proprietary design.) I plan to add a 2nd Sata hard drive which is still within the power limits. However, I also want to add the new GeForce GT 710 2048MB DDR3 PCI-E 2.0 Low Profile Video Card I bought. That's going to overload the power supply. According to the OuterVision® Power Supply Calculator I could unplug the DVD writer and get back within its limits, but I'd rather not go that route. (And the DVD drive was manufactured May, 2010 so it doesn't likely comply with Sata 3.1 standard which would power it down when not in use.) So, my idea is to buy some of these StarTech 6in 4 Pin Molex to SATA Power Cable Adapters and connect those to a separate ATX power supply for both hard drives and the DVD. (Yes, I know which pins to tie together on the 20 pin ATX main power connector to make it power up.) ( @rsc204 and others) Thoughts?
  4. Please lets fill in this survey to give others how and where to improve for more performance and FPS.
  5. Home Hardware For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XL - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Game Info: Game Price: $400 Game Income +$1200
  6. Version 03


    Lowe's Companies, Inc. is an American company that operates a chain of retail home improvement and appliance store. Founded in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, the chain has 1,840 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Lowe's is the second-largest hardware chain in the United States behind The Home Depot and ahead of Menards. Globally, Lowe's is also the second-largest hardware chain, again behind The Home Depot but ahead of the European stores B&Q and OBI. (source) This BAT was originally created by Bobbo662 (aka B62). Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, he was unable to finish the lot and was just sitting around on his hard drive. After talking with him, he graciously handed his work over to me to finish and subsequently upload for yall. For comments/feedback/critique/praise visit my lot thread or drop me a pm. I'd be happy to help. Also, visit the website for full sized images. ------- Stats: ------- Lowes Home Improvement: 12x12 CS$$ Plop & Grow Jobs : 2968 CS$, 744 CS$$ Plop Cost : $65000 Bulldoze Cost : $6500 Power Consumed : 60 Water Consumed : 716 Air Pollution : 37 over 5 tiles Water Pollution : 18 over 6 tiles Garbage Pollution : 37 over 0 tiles Flamability : 40 Lowes Distribution Center: 13x11 IM Plop & Grow Jobs : 808 IM Plop Cost : $55000 Bulldoze Cost : $5500 Power Consumed : 39 Water Consumed : 572 Air Pollution : 38 over 9 tiles Water Pollution : 25 over 13 tiles Garbage Pollution : Minimal Flamability : 70 ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC Mega Props - SG vol 01 BSC Mega Props - SG Vol 01 SHK Parking Pack BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol02 And above all... have fun! nos.17
  7. did some serious hardware upgrades today and wanted to share them with the world. Old system specs: quad core 3.0ghz sempron II X4, 8gb DDR3 memory, Geforce 740 PCi-E video card, Regular HDD sata, windows 7 ultimate X64 /ubuntu 15.04 new system specs: same video card, Ubuntu 15.04 as 2nd OS, both on 12gb SSD's. also, Oculus rift for VR gaming. anyone else do any hardware upgrading recently?
  8. !! Update 05 Aug !! - READ HERE FIRST It seems that CD versions of SC4 will not run under Windows 10 - The necessary OS support files for validating SafeDisc2 copy protection simply isn't part of Windows 10. This issue is not unique to SC4 either, SafeDisc and associated technologies were widely used by game discs for such validation. For now, unless MS decide to retroactively support it, your only option appears to be a digital version of the game which will not have such copy protection. If you put your CD-Key into Origin they will provide you with a free digital copy of the game, so it needn’t cost you any money to resolve. This thread is aimed at users who cannot run SC4 using Windows 10, if your games starts but has other issues, this is not the place to go into that. The only way to try and understand why certain users can not get the game to work, and hopefully, find a solution, is to start gathering some data. -Note- I've removed the superfluous information from this thread, to avoid confusion. But in-short the summary above explains the issue here.
  9. Indeed I'm wanting to play Cities: Skylines but I have an aging system that might not quite meet Recommended Requirements so I'm looking for feedback on what kind of performance others are getting on their specs. I don't want to spend the money on the game right now if it means I'll need a spiffier computer to play it reasonably. Oh, and by reasonably I don't mean with the 25-tile mod, just be able to build some cities that probably won't even necessarily be huge but at the very least spread out on the default nine tiles. I bought this PC about four-and-a-half years ago but I have too many other financial obligations at the moment to justify the expense of a better machine. Of course I have Windows 7 64-bit. My processor is an AMD Phenom II quad-core, 3.4Ghz 8 gigs of RAM Graphics card is AMD Radeon 6450 with its own 4 gigs of RAM Thanks for answering!
  10. Hi, I use to play Simicty 4 on my desktop and had no issues. Now I have a pc laptop: AMD A4-6210 APU with AMD Radeon Graphics R3 1800MHZ, 4 CORE 4 LOGICAL PROCESSORS The game runs but the resolution is very low even when I have all the preferences set to high. Is the hardware not suitable or perhaps the screen? I haven't been able to find anything on low quality graphics I only found info on low quality performances. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Hi everyone! So over the summer I bought a fast gaming computer and decided to play Simcity 4 on it. It works perfectly but only on software mode. When on hardware mode, the region map and in game map is stuttering and shaking. Playing on software mode for a while wasn't too much of a big deal (you had the occasional crashes but that's ok) however recent terrain mods (LK Appalachia Mod) do not work on software mode. This dilemma has been quite irritating as I've been trying everything to make it work. I want to use hardware mode. I've been following this guy to try and make it work: http://attendthis.net/cba/tutorials/article/4-simcity-4-getting-the-best-performance-and-eliminating-ctds/ This is my target: "C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" \ -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -CPUCount:1 -EH:off -intro:off Notes: On software mode the buses appear in RGB boxes. Weird bug I just noticed playing the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my Simcity 4 into my Program Files rather than Program Files(x86) as I saw a forum that it eliminates many bugs on Windows 7 by doing that. Specs: AMD Eight FX-8350 4.0ghz 16 gb DDR3 RAM Sapphire Radeon 7850 2gb GDDR5 Thanks!
  12. HI this discussion is for those who are having problems getting SC4 to work properly on new PC's. This really helped me to get SC4 to work perfectly on my system so I hope it can help some one else too! First off a big problem is getting the game to render in hardware mode. This greately increases the speed of the game on more powerful systems(I reccomend duing this anyway as it increases stability). You need to add your card to the list of "fast cards" in the video cards.sgr To start go to your sc4 installation directory and locate the video cards.sgr Open it in notepad and locate your card vendor (example i have a radeon HD 7850 so my card would be under ati) **NOTE** All AMD cards regardless of manufactuer EX Gigabyte,msi...ect... go here Nvidia cards go under Nvidia again regardeless of manufacturer.** Open your video card control center (for me it is CCC) and find the device id. Mine is 6819 ** For AMD users this is under info/hardware in CCC** In the file at the end of the list of cards from your vendor add your card type in card 0x then your device id and then your card name for example mine looks like this card 0x5655 "Mach 64" card 0x5656 "Mach 64" card 0x6819 "Radeon HD 7800 Series" <======== this is my card=== end vendor "3D Labs" 0x104c 0x10ba 0x3d3d 0x1048 card 0x0001 "GLiNT 300SX" card 0x0002 "GLiNT 500TX" This enables hardware rendering for your card and should fix most errors associated with that problem. 2 more issues are setting custom resolutions as well as more stability. An amazing program I found that does these 2 things beautifully is sc4 launcher as this program allows you to set custom resolutions as well as greatly improve stability on multi core systems. It allows you to edit the graphics rules.sgr file, set the # of cores to use, and open it in a window or custom resolution.(Its great this program REALLY HELPED and fixed most all of the CTD that I was experiencing) * NOTE sometimes the region screen will flash/flicker but entering into a city fixes it. I saw another post somewhere a few months back that also taught how to edit the config file but now I cant find it anywhere so if anyone finds it I will give credit where credit is due. My PC's Specs (I'm not bragging I'm just showing that this works perfectly on a higher powered system) AMD FX 4170 HD 7850OC Gigabyte 990FX-ud3 I'm kind of new to the whole posting thing so feedback is appreciated.
  13. Hello, First post and I need a little bit of help. I am building my first computer and I want to run simcity 5 on med to high settings. I found this buying guide and I wondered if it was a good fit. Input is definitely welcomed, i'm looking looking to save money (under 600 budget) where I can. Processor Intel Core i3-3220 3.3GHz $129.99 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H $99.99 Memory Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 $47.99 Graphics MSI Radeon HD 7770 $119.99 Storage Seagate Barracuda 7,200 RPM 1TB $79.99 Asus DRW-24B1ST $17.99 Audio Integrated $0 Enclosure Corsair Carbide 200R $69.99 Power supply Corsair CX430M $49.99 Total $615.92 And of course thank you in advance, Craig
  14. Hardware Help

    Afternoon guys and happy Friday!!!... I'm looking into buying a new laptop and torn between a few options and need some advice! My biggest criteria is being able to play SimCity5 like a dream but also need a desktop replacement for work so needs to be a PC. I've been looking at: Dell XPS 15 http://www.dell.com/uk/p/xps-15-l521x/pd (the £1179 config) Samsung Series 7 Chronos http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/pc-peripherals/notebook-computers/high-performance/NP700Z5C-S03UK Im leaning towards the Dell but wanted to check if im missing anything? Thank you!!! (apologise if I have placed this in the wrong part of the forum, I thought as SimCity5 is my main aim this would be the best place?)
  15. i was playing it yesterday, so then i took a break from it. about 3 hours later, i tried to play it but it wouldn't work. i decided to wait for today to see if it worked, but it didnt. all that happens is that the icon with the bridge pops up, then nothing happens. i really wanna fix this without reinstalling because i have a good city that i started.
  16. By now many of you have brand new computers and are wondering why SC4 won't run worth a hoot on it. That reason is due to the limitations imposed by the current graphics hardware during the time of the games inception. This means the graphics rules for the game are fairly static to say the least and won't play nice with mismatched pieces per say. The good thing is that we can change that to fit our mismatched pieces. Here's how I was able to work it. For the sake of consistancy (you may skip if you already did these steps): First install the game. (oh well thanks captian obvious..) Be quiet, were not done here. Second step is to run the latest update. (why are you doing this?) I said be quiet. Third step is to follow JoeST's instructions on customizing your gameplay experience (you may have to login). 4.) Now the fun part. If you are still running Windows XP, then you may skip this. If you are running Windows Vista or 7, then follow this step please. Go to your games directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Maxis\Sim City 4 (deluxe)\ you get the idea) Copy "Graphics Rules.sgr" and "Video Cards.sgr" (without quotes) to your desktop (or an easily accessible directory in which you have full read/write permission) A pretty picture is provided below. 5.) Right click anywhere on your desktop and select properties (XP) or Change Resolution (Vista or 7). Under the screen resolution tab, select advanced. You will then be met with your adapter information. Take careful note of that. Two pretty pictures are provided. The first one is largely irrelevant except to those who know how to get there. You may ignore it. 6.) Once you have done that, open up Graphics Rules.sgr (with notepad) and drill down until you find this: partialRule "Fast card" -any # We run well on these cards, so up the defaults. stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Geforce*" stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Quadro*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*9700*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*8500*" stringMatch cardIdentity "Matrox*Parhelia*" Include your graphics cards string to it so It will look something like this: partialRule "Fast card" -any # We run well on these cards, so up the defaults. stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Geforce*" stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Quadro*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*9700*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*8500*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*HD 4800 Series*" stringMatch cardIdentity "Matrox*Parhelia*" (different video cards mean different strings, so take this with a grain of salt) Now save and exit. 7.) Now that you have done all that, open up your Video Cards.sgr (with notepad or whatever). You will be met with a long list of video cards. Most usually you will be looking for either "vendor "ATI" 0x1002" or "vendor "NVidia" 0x10b4 0x12d2 0x10de" (without the outermost quotes). Other brands are in there too. In the appropriate list add your video card. Example is as follows: card 0x4E69 "Radeon 9800" card 0x4148 "Radeon 9800" card 0x4168 "Radeon 9800" card 0x9442 "Radeon HD 4800 Series" card 0x5041 "Rage 128 Pro" card 0x5042 "Rage 128 Pro" card 0x5043 "Rage 128 Pro" Now save and exit. 8.) For vista/7 users, you must navigate back to your game directory and move the edited files there, replacing the unedited ones. Yes you want to continue when your computer asks you if you want to continue. That's it your done. Enjoy playing Sim City 4. It should run very much faster now. Many make these modifications without ever editing the Video cards.sgr file, and that works too; but with an unmatched string, the game could potentially become unstable and be prone to crashes a lot more often than not. A performance deficit has also been observed.

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