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  1. New Zealand

    Nice! I love the gifs, makes the city seem really alive and vibrant!
  2. Cori's Rock Shoppe

    Thanks, this is wonderful! I like seeing them all at once as you have it. When there's so much content to work with now, I've thought lists would be helpful for different kinds of lots like hospitals, or brutalist architecture, whatever, etc. Obviously we can search, but it's kind of nice to have them curated from the various fan sites.
  3. Ancient Ruins (Preview)

    Lovely! I like the idea of my Sims discovering ancient ruins in the forest, then building up a tourist industry around them (with casino!)
  4. Harrington SC4 Entry 6: Hard to Port!

    Looks good! Haha, for the villagers moving next to the dump. I also like to have a unique church in each town. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Harrington SC4 Entry 5: Meandering Marshes

    Nice little church in Manton! I like your garbage dump too, though I feel bad for the sims living so close.
  6. City Data Center

    Thanks for your work!! Buildings like this help keep the game fresh, reflecting how cities have changed since 2003.
  7. Harrington SC4 Entry 2: Ok, that didn't look to natural

    Agreed, this does look a bit more natural! Good of you to rebuild it all.
  8. Harrington SC4: Introduction to Harrington

    Nice! I like the rock work around the docks (will have to try that myself). Also, good idea to have a ship to supply the coal!
  9. STEX CDs and Donations

    Hi, I'm wondering if there's information about Simtropolis' finances available to everyone or if this has discussed before. Obviously, it would be a catastrophe if Simtropolis didn't have the money to pay the bills, so I'm wondering what are the needs and goals exactly. For example, I'm wondering, how many active members are there and does everyone need to give like $2 or $20 monthly? Is there a target? Is the monthly goal continuing indefinitely? Did something change to require this in late 2016? Also, have other models been considered like some sort of volunteer subscription that could give the site a bit more stability, etc? I'm mostly asking because let's say I gave $50 a few months ago, is the need so great that I should consider making a donation again, or is $50 a lot of one individual, etc.? I don't really have a context to know how much the site needs given how many members there are and what are the expenses.
  10. Hi, I uploaded the mod here! Sorry it took so long, I was able to do a French version as well which took much longer than I expected. Thanks for your help again.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    About this Upload This Text Loading Mod replaces Maxis' text that appears as a city tile loads. The mod is made of quotes about cities that express both positive and negative views on city life to reflect your tyrannical or merciful governing style as mayor. In some cases, quotes were shortened to clarify and aid in-game readability. Other quotes reference specific cities to inspire you! Some quotes are longer, you may have to read fast! All display properly with my screen resolution of 1366 x 768. Versions are available in English, Spanish and French! Thanks to matias93 for the Spanish translation! Watch the text to find shout-outs I included to Craig-Abcvs and airman15 to thank them for their own Text Loading Mods that I enjoyed! About the Files Simply choose which language you wish to use and put that file in your Plugins Folder. Use only one at a time! A readme file includes a document with all the text and to whom the quote is attributed. See Craig-Abcvs's Text Loading Mod if you wish to modify these quotes or to create your own Text Loading Mod. No Dependencies.
  12. SC3000 Unlimited on Sale at GoG

    Thanks! I picked it up. The intro video brings back the memories!
  13. Scenes From Africa

    Great work, especially on Victoria Falls!! Thanks for sharing your talent.
  14. Transformer Substation

    Thank you!! This is electrifying!! Perfect from my perspective. Details like this add a lot to the game!
  15. Entry no.39 - The Eastlea Power Center & Port Facilities

    Thanks for the link to jeronij's props! Sounds good to upload the rail lots too.