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City-building game(s)

Found 88 results

  1. Hello, i need help with the NAM. I have installed and reinstalled it several times and i cannot get it to show up. The game will run, but when i look for the roundabouts, and custom interchanges they are not there. I installed a free park file, and that works, but the NAM doesnt. So i will go through what i did, and what is there so hopefully someone can tell what i am doing wrong. I download the NAM for mac. After I look in my download files where there is a Zip, and a wineskin. I put the whineskin on to my desktop and double click for installation. It asks if its for a mac, i say yes. I pick the complete package, and finish installation. the NAM auxillary files are in the sim city folder, next to that is the plugin file, inside is NAM file labeled z___NAM. When i play the game it runs fine, but none of the stuff is in it. What am i doing wrong?
  2. After playing on windows for many years, I have found myself in a situation where I now only have access to a mac computer. I have a copy of the aspyr mac port on disc but sadly it proves impossible to install on El Capitan (the Universal Binary Patch installer is incompatible with El Capitan). This brings me to the crossroads where I must choose between the steam version and app store version to get a copy for my mac. The app store edition sits at an enticing $9.99 whereas the steam edition costs $19.99, $10 more. From what I have gathered in this forum, the steam version is generally preferred because of "problems" with the app store version – namely some need to move around directories for proper implementation of plugins and the terrible concept of "sandboxing" which I don't entirely understand. My question: is it really worth the extra $$ to purchase the steam version? I intend to play relatively frequently so if the app store version significantly compromises the playability of the game, then I would be willing to pay.
  3. Hi All, New Mac SC4 player here (and somewhat new Mac user in general). I just downloaded and installed SC4 from Steam and also successfully installed NAM mod. I'm wanting to make a "road diet" city where people rarely choose to drive, but I can't seem to open TSCT to edit it. After installing NAM, I see 2 desktop links that are labeled for TSCT, but I can't open either of them. When I click on the files (one file is "Transportation Simulation Configuration Tool.lnk" and the other is ""Transportation Simulation Configuration Tool.desktop") it says it doesn't know how to open those. I can post a pic later if requested. I'm guessing I'm missing a pre-req of some sort, though I did just update Java on the Mac. Any thoughts? I know it's silly but I've been searching for hours and can't find any answer. I've also looked through my files to try to find a "TSCT.bat" or .jar, but can't seem to find anything. Thank you in advance for any help!
  4. NAM for Mac App Store Version?

    Hi Simtropolis, I purchased Sim City 4 on my Mac through the Mac App Store. Is it possible to install the NAM on this version? Thanks, By the way, I'm new to this community... so if this question has already been answered, please just post the link.
  5. Hello fellow mayors. I've followed many instructions to install mods for my game on a Macbook, and they are not working. I have previously installed an update that gave me one-way streets but I think it was an automatic update, months and months ago. So I've had one-way streets and don't see any UDON packages in the folder except the one I just installed. I've even uninstalled/reinstalled SC after deleting the installed files and redone the whole process, but not working. I can see the new UI with all the extra buttons now, but they don't have any content. I've attached a screen shot of the SimCityData folder - is something missing? Thanks in advance - I am totally addicted to this game.
  6. Downloads on Mac HELP!

    Hello guys, I play Simcity since years but lately I discovered the LOTS and wanted to have a better streets and Highways. I have downloaded the file but it is not working on my Mac, it said that it has something to do with _read only_ I don't know, I am a new user of Mac too. can anyone help me to have the new streets and bus stations fixed in my simcity. thanks in advance,
  7. Hi, I have downloaded SC4 for mac and don't know how to search exclusively for mac downloads on the site? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone i am thinking about purchasing CSL from steam, will i be able to play it using my MacBook pro? These are my Specs: Model MacBook Pro (13-inch Retina Late 2013) Operating System macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (Build 16B2657) Processor Intel Core i7-4558U @ 2.80 GHz 1 processor, 2 cores, 4 threads 16g Memory Ram Graphics Intel Iris 1536mb Thank You
  9. Hello everyone! I intend to buy a new macbook but I wanted it to play Cities: Skylines really well. So I have a few questions: What macbook models run Cities Skylines? The ones that do run the game, do they run it as well as PCs/is the game playable as in any other PC? If PCs run the game better, is the game still playable in macbooks and what are the limitations? Are the limitations so big that justify me getting a PC instead of a mac? Cheers!
  10. Help Install Mods

    Hello i just downloaded simcity 4 deluxe edition for my mac. Im super excited to begin my new adventure with my city. however Ive been trying to install mods on this games and it seems like Im miss something. I've done research online and it seems pretty simple. download such mod, extract the .data file and drag and drop to sim city 4 plugin in folder. however its not working. Can some one tell me if this is the correct method for a mac user or is this just for PC users Thank you
  11. Hey everyone, So I am having trouble installing mods on a Mac. is there a certain way to do it? The only file types I am getting are .exe files.
  12. I have recently installed SC via the app store and am attempting to add custom content however I am struggling to find NAM, terrain mods etc. that are workable with my system. I have read up about file juicer and have searched for the Mac installer versions of some of these mods and I either find outdated links or installers that don't work. Can anyone offer any advice? I am on a Mac Book Pro running OS X Yosemite. Thanks!
  13. I recently recovered my trusty old Power Mac G4 MDD (PPC), after installing Mac OS X Tiger and playing around with it I installed Sim City 4 for mac on it. It runs great (with the Rush Hour addon) but I soon run into the traffic problems the default version has. I'm looking to install NAM, but unfortunately the latest NAM for mac doesn't run since my mac OS X is to old or since I'm running this on a native PPC. I've been looking on the web for an older version of NAM which would work in PPC versions of OS X. (I didn't expect the recent versions to work on this old OS) Does anyone know if Nam was even released for these powerpc macs? And would it still be possible to download this?
  14. Airport Troubles

    Hey guys, I am a new mac user. I am back from a long absence of SC4 when I used to play on PC. I am trying to get custom airplanes for my airports. When I try to install the dependency packs for downloads such as: ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 It tells me that I cannot extract the file because it is a windows .exe file. Is there any way I can install these types of files, or any other means of finding them? I'm really bummed that I can't figure this out.
  15. All, The NAM 32.1 installer doesn't seem to run correctly under El Capitan, it produces an error message (attached). I wonder if this is due to the new "system integrity checking" that Apple added to El Capitan that prevents unapproved applications from accessing or modifying core files. In fact, even system administrators can't change core files now without disabling the new "SIC" feature in El Capitan from a Terminal command line and then rebooting. Unless I forgot to do a preparatory step before launching it on the El Capitan machine? I ran it on my Yosemite Mac (where it runs fine) and copied the NAM folders to the plugins folder on my El Capitan machine. I'm attaching a screenshot and the error report text. R, Bill NAM 32.1 Install Issue on OSX El Capitan.rtf
  16. Im having troubles with my cities skyline on my mac. I had bought it off Steam and when i launch the game everything is fine until about 10 mins into playing. The game starts to lag and glitch and then all of a sudden it freezes and the colour wheel pops up and i have to force quit the program. While I'm trying to force quit it says "Application not responding". I have some photos attached to show what happens. Let me know if anyone has a resolution! Also, these are my specs
  17. Orien's belt

    Hi, I am having trouble with the "Orien's belt" mod pack, I cannot figure out where to put it as there is no such thing as "Program files" on mac and theres no other inductions, please help as soon as possible. Thanks.
  18. Which plug-ins folder to use?

    I played this marvelous game on a series of Windoz computers for years. But the game got so slow and unwieldy on my last laptop a few years ago I quit playing, but missed it a lot. So late last year I bought a MacBook Pro, and my first download from the App Store was the Aspyre version. (yes, I'd read about the Steam and other versions out there. Decided to go with the simplest for now). (Nope, not going the bootcamp/parallels/wine routes if I can help it.) I'd read about the limit on the plugins folder, so when I started searching the stex for my favorite plugins from the old days, I decided to basically, wait until I missed having a plugin before I'd come download, or search through the old files I'd saved from my old setup. I quickly found an empty plugins folder under Applications/SimCity.../Show Package Contents/Game Data/Plug-ins. And for the most part, everything I've dropped in there seems to work well. Created subfolders for Mods, Lots, etc to try and keep it organized. Slowly been adding in my favorite plugins. And most recently, I've been missing the NAM. So, found the Mac installer, and obediently reading the 'read me' discovered the existence of ANOTHER plugin folder I didn't realize existed: ~/Users/username/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.simcity4.appstore/Data/Documents/SimCity 4/plugins. And, of course, it is empty. And I probably wouldn't have given it much more thought, except I discovered all of my recently created cities are in the regions folder in the same location. Not in the location where the plugins folder i've been using is located. So my questions: Should I move my plugins to the location I found today, or leave them in the one I originally found? Will the NAM work from either one? Also, if it makes a difference, I will probably be the only user on this computer playing THIS game. Thanks for any insight that will dispel the confusion.
  19. Game Crash

    Hello, I have recently started downloading mods and moving them into my plugin folder. I had downloaded about 10 or so and the game worked fine, however after downloading more and more mods I am no longer able to play. I can load the game, and load my city but whenever i plop anything, the game crashes. Does anyone have an idea why? Did i download something I should not have? Is it possible to download to much to fast? Thanks to anyone who can help!
  20. Pure newbie. Been playing Simcity for over 20 years... When I saw the promos for City Skylines in 2014 I knew it would be what we all wanted SC-5 to be but wasn't... I'm in the market to replace my old 2010 macbook with probably a newer macbook pro. Would appreciate your recommendations, Does CSL work better running from a windows platform like Parallels, Boot Camp or Virtual Box on a Mac than on a Mac directly? Thanx!
  21. I'm new to both SC4 and addons so forgive me if I sound stupid. After playing the game (deluxe version) for roughly 6 weeks I came to the conclusion I needed NAM to improve rail roads. That in turn led me to the whole addon scene, and I now have 10-15 mods/lots/ploppables etc. One of the bigger and most recent additions is SPAR - to improve the whole look of agricultural areas. I have installed what I believe are the only dependencies, but for some reason one area of a city, that has SPAR and not normal roads, show no car access and the lots nearby refuse to build. Looking at the SPAR Street Connector TE ingame suggests that the piece is for visual effects only and will not allow for actual traffic unless PEG Rural Roadway Mod is installed. Is this correct? I have found RRM (if that's the correct abbreviation) but it's for Windows only. I play on MAC. For the love of everything holy, make folders and not installation files.
  22. SC4 from app store

    Hello everyone! Long ago I used to play SC4 a lot. I haven't played for a very long time but I want to start doing it again. The thing is that now I own a macbook, and I wanted to ask you whether buying SC4 from the app store, rather than buying the CD, is a good solution. Does it come with all the functionalities of the original game? Is it compatible with mods and other downloadable content from ST exchange? Thanks y'all.
  23. Running SC4 on a Mac

    If you are running the Disc version, check out It is highly advisable that you purchase the Steam version of SimCity 4, as it has far fewer issues than the App Store version. For one the Steam version isn't sandboxed, so plug-ins are easy to install, and you can utilize the terrain/mapping files for your regions. Download NAM from LEX Download If you are running the Steam Version, there is no need to move any files to make the plugins work, they just will. For the App Store version, you will need to move the contents of the newly created Plugins Folder to "~/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.simcity4.appstore/Data/Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins" (use Command + Shift + G to easily navigate to the folder). There are no special setups, no tweaks to perform, no modifications needed to get either Digital version to run. However, the Aspyr port seems to have a limit as to the number of files you can have in the plugins. No one knows for sure, except that the Steam version has a higher value than the App Store version, and both are significantly reduced when your system isn't connected to the Internet.
  24. First, glad to see Simtopolis.com up and running with great community support. Second, the set up: OSX 10.10.5 Yosemite, STEAM Simcity 4 (1920 x 1080), NAM 32 and few buildings and PEG files. All work great! Breakdown of system: Desktop with 55 gb Yosemite SSD partition, Storage (half empty) 4 tb HD :: i7 3770k, 32 gb RAM, dual Evga 660 ti 2 gb My issue is that my start up disk has obviously limited space and I'ld like to move the plugins & regions folders to the 4 tb drive. I thought this would have an easy fix of creating a Plugins folder on the 4 tb drive then create an alias folder in the Documents Simcity 4 Plugins. This did not work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  25. Tora open's the new TRAM lines, T2 and T3.

    Hi again!! Today's a big day for Tora!! Two new TRAM lines have been opened this morning, the T2 and T3. The T2 line connects the Old town with Indo, the South-West suburbs and Besurt (last two out of the map). The T3 line, connects the industrial area, Indo, with the Eastern Part of town, a zone yet to develope. The old T1, goes from the Old Town to Sauto and further (yet to see where). Now I'll show you some pictures of today's opening trip, the mayor and the regional president itself went on the very first ride. We take the T2 at Torrazzo Station, a nice spot to start our trip. Attention!! Here comes a curve... And The Mofo Club, a gay yet heterofriendly night disco, located into an old factory and surrounded by a big garden, perfect for the summer! After a couple of stations we stop at La Mole Station, the best way to get to a concert at the Music Cathedral of Tora. All TRAM lines run 24h so you can drink and dance as much as you want and yet get home save. And if things get bad, you can always pick the TRAM to the Hospital... Is just two stops away! After a few stops we arrive to Indo Interchange, there we pick the T3 and start our trip to East Town. Here we see the train across the industrial area, Indo. Sauto's Interchange. As always... an aerial view of the city, as it looks today... I changed a few things apart of the TRAM since the last update, can you find the seven differences?? Hope you like!!

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