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  1. Show Us Your Suburbs!!

    Suburbs of Ronoako.
  2. Show us your Night Shots!

    Industrial nights...
  3. Show us your Night Shots!

    Closeup to a bridge.
  4. Show us your railroads

    Elevated railroad crossing Ronoako.
  5. Natural Disasters in North America 2017

    7.1 Richter earthquake in central region of Mexico, just 13 days after an 8.1 earthquake in the southwest and in the 32 anniversary of 1985 Mexico City Earthquake.
  6. Show us your Night Shots!

    Just a regular night in Ronoako:
  7. Show us how you manage your plugin folder

    This is how looks like the plugins folders, with no compression. And this is the plugin folder, compressed with the dat packer:
  8. Ibero-American Politics

    In the watch of the current situation between US and MX, this is an interesting call.
  9. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    More mexicans are leaving the US instead mexicans going to US. The main reasons for mexicans of leaving US or staying in the country are family and economic stability. For the much incredible it sounds, yes, the country isn't that hollywood cliche that it is very known, it is a growing country. The people who are going through the border are people from Central America and Caribbean, a humanitarian crisis is at the doorstep of North America (understand "North America" as CA-US-MX) and is a problem of US also it is a problem of Mexico too. Read more about the immigration movements in the continent before overturn the "responsibility" into a single country. In the other hand...
  10. Wine 2.0!!

    I'm going to test it, with SC4 with Steam!

  11. Primordial Dream

    I discovered Primordial Dream looking for a SC4 creepypasta. Apparently many people thinks this song is something out of scope from the game perspective. But, as I say in the comment of the same video on YT: It is not bad to be a dark ambient song, but why in SC4? I think is just a dark song, for dark moments... I guess. I have obliterated so many cities and I never have heard it in the game. Many people in the comments says that if you turn it on, you select it, the song keeps playing every single time. Sounds interesting, I'm not going to try it . But I should ask about how much the SC4 soundtrack have influenced, because is a really good music. I mean, Far Side Virtual, by James Ferraro, is a fundamental piece of vaporwave, and sounds totally like the SC4 soundtrack!
  12. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    Hi there. How the things are working here now?
  13. President Donald Trump and his Administration

    Lets the facts talk before the opinions: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/03/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/ But, there are a lot of people from Central America and Caribbean that are awaiting to cross the border to the US, and that's the people who Mexico deports massively. The truth is: United States is not perfect. The final destination of the drugs traffic is US, just as the inmigrants. Mexico is cushioning a humanitarian disaster that is an US issue too. Because as far as I remember, we share a border. And then... the wall. If US want to build the wall: do it, like that meme Just Do It!. Nobody is going to impede you to do it so. But remember: Mexico is not going to pay any cent for it, so keep it that for your wet dreams. Did you watched what happened to TPP? That's what is going to happen with NAFTA, an unfair treaty finally is going to end. I expect a complete divorce of Mexico from United States. It is going to hurt? Yes, it will hurt and will last, but anything for a better change. It doesn't worth to being neighbor of a powerful country that only is only abusive and selfish.
  14. Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Windows INSTALLER

    I haven't get used to NAM 34... and there is a new one! Thank's a lot!
  15. Well, this is weird: death's dynamic shroud.wmv - Loving Is Easy