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City-building game(s)

Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone! With a completely new forum software, it's time for a brand new bugs thread... When reporting issues, it always helps to be as descriptive as possible, such as by including the following info: A summary of the issue. Screenshots / videos to highlight what's wrong (with annotations if applicable). Images are best uploaded to an online image host, and the direct link pasted into the editor. Your system info (e.g. browser version / operating system, device type). When the issue started, or how often it can be reproduced. Any error messages shown? This can help us to reproduce the problems, and then work on finding solutions. Thanks all for your help! Known bugs and issues can be found below in the following post. We'll work and aim to get these fixed ASAP.
  2. While playing on a custom map from Steam workshop I noticed that after reaching a population of around 80k, even on 3x speed that game runs slowly (but no lag, I have a fps counter). Later on I found out that my CPU maxed out and that it was using all of it's power to run it and it wasn't keeping up. Is there anyway to stop it from maxing out without buying new hardware? Currently using i5 1.7 GHz cpu, 8gb ram. 1tb harddrive (I know low spec right? but im poor AF)
  3. Commission a Lot

    Would it be possible to commission someone who knows what they are doing to create a building for me? Nothing fancy. 4x4 high rise. I would like it to employ 10,000 industrial jobs, mainly high tech and manufacturing, no crime or pollution if possible. I know this is cheap and a hack, but am interested in it. Please advise, MayorBCL
  4. ST Technical Fact

    Hello, For those don't know, there are some technical facts about Simtropolis. This list'll be updated as needed. User 0 and 1 aren't available. So, the user number starts from #2. User #2 is @admin. I don't know why this user exists and what's the function. However, it was a Board Admin. It isn't active since August 15, 2014. User #3 is @Dirktator obviously. You should know him. User #4 is @rybolton. He's the founding father of the community and a Luminary member. He's not active anymore since June 24, 2014. User #5 is @Dirks-Guest. Maybe, he's affiliated with @Dirktator but I don't know exactly. User #7 and #8 aren't available. Again, user #10 and #12 aren't available. You can't type community.simtropolis.com/profile/n (where n is number) to find someone else account. You should use community.simtropolis.com/profile/n-x (where x is any words like 'unknown' or even username-play words like Screwballz) in order to do so. Thank you.
  5. !! Update 05 Aug !! - READ HERE FIRST It seems that CD versions of SC4 will not run under Windows 10 - The necessary OS support files for validating SafeDisc2 copy protection simply isn't part of Windows 10. This issue is not unique to SC4 either, SafeDisc and associated technologies were widely used by game discs for such validation. For now, unless MS decide to retroactively support it, your only option appears to be a digital version of the game which will not have such copy protection. If you put your CD-Key into Origin they will provide you with a free digital copy of the game, so it needn’t cost you any money to resolve. This thread is aimed at users who cannot run SC4 using Windows 10, if your games starts but has other issues, this is not the place to go into that. The only way to try and understand why certain users can not get the game to work, and hopefully, find a solution, is to start gathering some data. -Note- I've removed the superfluous information from this thread, to avoid confusion. But in-short the summary above explains the issue here.
  6. Hi everyone! Playing SC4 after a several year hiatus. Encountering the problem in the attached photo; intesections running blank which is very annoying. Not occurring if it's a T-intersection. Any ideas? Running SC4 through steam, not many plugins installed except NAM. Running in Windowed mode. edit: the problem is also dependent on which zoom level I'm in and on some levels the road intersections are blank and in others streets. GPU problem? -intro:off -CustomResolution:enabled -r1600x900x32 -w
  7. I downloaded the lot editor and I have a house where I wanted it pointing in a different direction, it's not turning the house I want I know it's page up and page down, but having the house in mirror direction, I thought it was ctrl M, but it didn't work. It was something I think M for mirror direction, but couldn't remember..
  8. i was playing it yesterday, so then i took a break from it. about 3 hours later, i tried to play it but it wouldn't work. i decided to wait for today to see if it worked, but it didnt. all that happens is that the icon with the bridge pops up, then nothing happens. i really wanna fix this without reinstalling because i have a good city that i started.
  9. hi, I stated playing Simcity 5 a week ago... I built several cities during this time and I noticed my tech level of industry is not rising... I had full education system with low/high school, collage, university and library. I even put the universities and collages near my industrial area and it just won't rise. my population was highly educated (even at maximum - five level education) but my industry kept staying at low tech... consequently my incomes went down because nobody attended the low wealth jobs and I don't know what to do.... please help me!! hagui8
  10. this is a repost from my own site, the post is linked below in case anyone is curious, anyway let's get on with it. http://truthandlies.forumotion.com/t128-choosing-an-os#278 if you want to share your own opinions go right on ahead, but no flaming, just constructive criticisim and honest opinions, flaming will have the thread closed asap, anyway yeah, choose whatever OS works best for you, these are just the big 3, especially with steam giving linux serious support in the gaming and drivers department, so which one do you like better and why (no flaming), let me know your opinions!
  11. U of W - Science Complex

    Version 1.0


    I (Kellydale2003) present to you University of Winnipeg's Science Complex! HISTORY Located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, University of Winnipeg's Science & Environmental Complex is a state of the art Faculty for Science. This re-creation features an extra added floor and generic urban art. The complex angle did not resonate with SimCity 4's orthographic views and did not align with any road angle, therefore modern urban art was added to the complex to beautify the additional space. *ALL PLOPPABLES ARE OVERHANG MODELS FIT FOR ROUNDABOUTS!* No dependencies! ^Place the building on a roundabout to have a fitting effect! Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Enjoy! , Kellydale2003
  12. Unlike the Grade School and High School, the University (and Community College) will have several classes each day, allowing it to teach more students than it can hold at once. The two things that are directly affected by the number of students taught per day are the level of the building and the amount of industrial skill produced. The more students that are able to get to the university, the more it will level up, allowing for additional wings to be placed; which in turn increases the student capacity allowing for even more students. Each student that has been taught that day also contributes to the high tech industrial skill that provides educated workers, allowing more high tech buildings to be supported. The more students, the quicker you increase your high tech industrial skill, so it makes perfect sense to place dormitories at the University. Dorms provide students to the university without the need to build up more residential. They also allow many students to get to class without adding to traffic near the beginning of classes. While dorm students won't increase the knowledge of your residential buildings, they will go shopping at nearby commercial buildings. Also, since you control where the dorms are placed, you can control more where students can go first, ensuring certain wings get students if there bonus is more important to your city.
  13. Anyone got tips on community college and university placement? I read that it will increase tech level of industrial zones, but will also increase medium wealth residential zones. If I place it in the industrial park, will it be able to function properly?
  14. Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've been here, and I never really was all that active despite joining way back in 2006. I plan on changing that. It's been a busy past few months with school and traveling, but now that SC2013 is out, I've started playing SC4 again. Anyway, I just sent in a $50 donation and have some questions for you guys about the future of SC4, and some general tech questions. First, now that SimCity 2013 (I guess it's called that) is out, what will happen to SC4? I've been in the camp of not liking the new direction the franchise took what with the loss of a "SimCity 4 feel," terraforming, large tiles, and always having to be online, etc. I guess I was hoping for an updated version of SC4. Of course I know that with modding, the new game will probably improve, but it's just not attractive to me at all yet. I just want to make sure that now the new game is out, SC4 won't suddenly "fade away" since it's such an incredible game, thanks to this community, and offers so much more than SC2013 at this point. Also, I'm hoping that the state of Simtropolis itself stays in good condition, which is why I donated. Like I said, this is just for my peace of mind. Finally, now that I'm playing SC4 again, I'd like to have a laptop solely dedicated to that game (and maybe SC2013 in the future). I have a Mac and a Macbook for school and general use, but I'd like to buy a basic computer, nothing fancy, that can hold all my Simtropolis stuff and run SC4. The old Toshiba I play it on now is basically dead and barely runs at all. If you guys could recommend something that could help me, I'd appreciate that a lot. This is pretty long and I hope no one has posted about this before, but thanks for any help you can give. It's good to be back. ~James --- I changed the title of the topic so that it is clearer for other people what it is about. - timmie
  15. Version 1.0


    I Kellydale2003 present to you the beautiful modern high-tech and one-of-a-kind Eicosakis Biology Research Centre! HISTORY In this technological era of mankind it's nearly impossible to ignore all the amazing buildings being built in the Western World for modern medicine! This building helps keep up to speed with the biological research that is essential to the health of the modern World we live in today. An amazing trend in today's modern buildings is building green! This building is inspired to capture the green essence by reducing the number of windows and using recycled material to build. With the number of windows reduced, less light and heat enters the building resulting in less effort for air-conditioning. During the design of the building I had realized that another trend in building construction is that structures are being built smaller than their lots permit them! This has a profound effect on the environment. The more of a building that is accessible to the sunlight increases the surface area that can generate heat... essentially heating up a city! This building is designed to fit in wall-to-wall with other structures to reduce the surface area while maintaining modern architecture with a beautiful terrace! The building isn't designed to be an entire focal point for a city! It's merely meant to blend in with other medium rise buildings... We have too many skyscrapers, and too many whom want to take the cake! The building is built for modern medicine and features both a COSSS or a High-tech version! When I initially asked the public in the Simtropolis chatroom if they would like a hospital version of this... they weren't too thrilled! So please, if you want a Hospital version of this... I'd be pleased to do so! Just post in my "Skyscrapers Galore " forum! Oh no! I did it again!... NO dependencies! ooops! Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (: Enjoy! , Kellydale2003 ps; "Eicosakis" is my official middle name... Similar to the number twenty in Greek!
  16. So I got a few (it's probably a lot but I don't remember) canal mods from simgoober (awesome canals btw) but the problem is everytime I plop one down in my city it makes a sound like someone just took a big dump (my sound and music is always turned off), and everytime I get back to SC4 after I minimize it, it makes the same sound. It's not that big of an issue, but it gets annoying if you multitask while playing SC4. Is it something wrong that I did on my end? For now the only solution is after I complete the canals I save the city, exit to region and then come back and then the sound bug is gone, but that's only until I place another canal piece. A more permanent solution (besides deleting the mods) would help greatly. Thanks for reading!
  17. Hi-Tech

    Sorry for making this thread since I'm sure other threads out there address this problem, but I couldn't find them. I have a city of 100,000 Sims, with excellent health care, averageish crime, and above average education. No matter what I do, Hi Tech companies refuse to build in my city (I check by looking at the taxes; I-HT, with a tax rate of 7.0%, yields $0) The desirability of my industrial areas are very high for I-HT, and the demand is high too. Half of my commercial and residential zones have been overtaken by high-wealth Sims. Is it possible that I installed the I-HT Bug Fix wrong? Is there anything else that can solve this? Thanks.
  18. Linda Swampy Medical Centre

    Version 1.0


    Hey everyone! After 2 years of deciding the facade of this structure I've finally decided to keep it like this! This boxy structure was known as "Glesias Square" with tacky black grey glass, then became known as "Carmine Hilton Plaza" with blue green squared 90's looking glass... the structure finally under went a third and final makeover and is now known as the Linda Swampy Medical Centre! So with that being said... I am pleased to present to you the Linda Swampy Medical Centre! There are 3 lots that will define the structure... 1) Hospital Medical Centre! 2) High-tech Growable 3) & Last but not least... a high-tech ploppable known as Linda Swampy Pharmaceuticals! 4x4 Lot with no dependencies! What more can I say? (: Download the MAXIS NIGHT file if you do not have SimFox's Darknight installed in your plugins! Download the DARK NIGHT file if you have Dark Night installed! For more upcoming projects visit my thread! (:

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