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      Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 22:22 EDT The site stayed up a wee bit longer, but still succumbed to whatever is causing the trouble. At this point we are taking the STEX and the Gallery offline, but will try to keep the forums going. Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 18:59 EDT Cyclone Boom has optimized all database tables which is sort of like defragmenting a hard drive. We've brought the site back online and are hoping it helps with the problems. The previous message (below) still applies until we are sure everything is fixed. Previous message: Simtropolis is experiencing random spikes of heavy server load and excessive lag to the point the whole site becomes unresponsive. We've been taking it offline to let it catch up with the load and then bringing it back. This is the best stop gap measure we have at the moment. If you are creating a new topic or post I suggest making a copy and paste to a text editor before clicking the submit button as we can't be sure it won't go offline at the wrong moment for you.

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Found 117 results

  1. So, today I´ve began an expansion plan in my city, to create some new highways and develop the town around them, so I went out and downloaded a few intersections from the workshop, here´s the intersections I downloaded: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130120664&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1478500621&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1498250478&searchtext= I replaced the vanilla T intersection with the trumpet one I downloaded, replaced a normal intersection with this really small roundabout and just placed the windmill one. And then suddenly my industry and offices said they can´t sell their goods even though I have plenty of commercial, also a lot of dead people turned up. Traffic isn´t that bad, it was like this already. What happened to my city? How can I fix it?
  2. I am experimenting on the very last unbuilt neighborhood in my Vulcan Vale huge tile city, which is nearing 100K Sims with nowhere left to build but up. I have constructed this high density housing shown below, so that in order to get out to jobs, the Sims have to go by, first, the subway, and if that doesn't grab them, second, a Park Here lot. I'll be curious to see what percentages each captures and what percentage ignores both and heads out by car. I see I still have to break connection to that side road on the left, oops.
  3. Greetings, Linux user here (quick shout-out to all users of unix-like operating systems) and new to Simtropolis. I'd like to customize the installation of NAM beyond what is offered by the "minimal" option as presented. Essentially I'm only interested in the enhanced path-finding functions, pertaining to sims using transportation options and nothing else. Skimming through the manuals, I didn't find a detailed technical report on the data files themselves and which ones contain which functions. I'd like to know which file(s) are necessary for pathfinding so that I can delete all other non-essential plugins and components. I guess you could say I'm just an optimization geek and I follow the Unix philosophy of "Do one thing only and do it well." If I overlooked such a report, or technical overview, please direct me to the appropriate page as needed, I love reading technical documents!
  4. I try to show here how I start a new city to have no problems with Traffic... opinions please...
  5. Now I enter in my city and I cannot see any road traffic... help please...
  6. I love this game but I always get problems with traffic, I don't even have 7,000 population yet so I need to fix traffic. Roundabouts seems to help but I can't have roundabouts everywhere. Currently I have this problem for instance, its a queue to get back onto the highway. I don't know how I'm supposed to get traffic back on to the highway properly, so I just did this. Would welcome some advice.
  7. I've been play a city for the last few days now and the traffic is all flowing smoothly (with despawning turned off) except in the downtown area. Every road is just full of cars apparently looking for parking spaces. I built several car parks which filled up with car, but then I noticed that these cars - some have been left there be drivers who are 'at home' and their home is the other side of the map! And the road outside their house is empty! Why does this happen!? The car parking in downtown did seem to reduce the number of cars driving around in circles though.
  8. Hi all, I've been quite absent to the game for some months now and I wonder if there have been any improvements to the traffic simulator? Last time I played, it was still that the Sims would always choose the shortest route available, not the less congested, which rendered e.g. overpasses and the like over congested crossings useless, as they happened to be somewhat longer than the direct way. This kind of broke the game for me finally - now I wanted to drop in and see how things developed :-) Looking forward for an update :-)
  9. One of my biggest problems with my cities as they grow is traffic. I've tried subways and (with many issues) elevated rails but my success has been hit or miss. My latest try was trams. They have been very helpful traffic wise but they appear to be heavy polluters. I thought - without any prior knowledge mind you - that trams were a more green solution than regular rail so I was very surprised. Does anyone have good pollution management in place for their trams? Please let me know if you do. Thanks p.s. my "many issues" with elevated rails has been with rail stop connections connecting to the rail tracks. The "many" in that is I've tried several different versions with limited success.
  10. I never thought this would be my first message, but... I've been playing Cities: Skylines for a week now, and I'm really deep into this city. The problem is is that the traffic flow is getting worse and is abysmal in many places. I have literally no idea what to do, and I completely gave up on trying to fix it. I was wondering if anyone on this forum could give me advice on how to fix the problem areas, or better yet, get the file and fix it for me. Note: If you're going to take the city and fix it, you must know that I have infinite money, everything unlocked, all 25 tiles, a sub-building mod, and the World Trade Center File here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/845rub3jx6toyck/NewerSave.crp?dl=0
  11. My cities can function quite well, except for industrial zones. Whenever I zone industry, it creates huge traffic jams, no matter where the zone is located, and how wide the roads are. How to prevent this? As far as I know, real-life industrial zones don't work this way. Regards
  12. Show us your traffic jams

    Let's post our traffic jams here.
  13. Roghue Island Interchange Revisited ! Tonight I adresed some issue with the Roghue Island South Interchange. Two issues where amendment: one the elevated one way flyover exit from highway 4 to highway 55 and ramps entry and exit´s from the Hartford City ! One way flyover corner pieces didn´t show right direction so was in fact only cosmetic. Entry and exit wheren´t there at all so a detour must me made via Cape Mayon to reverse into the Hartford City direction ! Issues´s now partly resolved ! Still a detour to Cape Mayon or using the highway 5 bridge is needed to return to Hartford City. Just before the Cape Mayon tunnel there´s a new exit to Roghue Island; any future exit however remains unresolved because there´s no suitable place to place a entry with accelerationlane; ultimately a special tunnel would need to be constructed underwater and costs would expand into a tremendous amount of simoleans ! See the lovely over the rail tunnels winding RHW highway 55 ! Diagonal rail portal pieces are by Takingyouthere; functional there´s still some work to make them fit in better ! Enjoy !
  14. This thread will focus on improving and revamping the Transport Lines Manager mod, as well as potentially adding features from IPT and/or unique new features if possible. Transport Lines Manager Reborn 6.0.2 now in the workshop. Bugs as of 6.0.2: Renamed depots are not working in the TLM listing and in depot details windows. Not show cable car stations on linear map as near transport. Ticket price changes not being implemented. Sort lines by colour not working. TLM Unknown Error on Evac Routes trace OP is below: The creator of IPT hasn't been online in over 5 months, and the creator of TLM hasn't been online in nearly 1 month. Mass Transit DLC is coming out in a few weeks, and I don't know how either of these mods will fare with changes being brought to the transit system. Is anyone in touch with either of these authors? I would especially hate to see TLM go to the dustbin of modding history considering how many options and useful configurations it provides (plus the aesthetics!) such as changing frequency depending on time of day (such a no-brainer), and IPT has excellent debunching. Now that these two mods are nearly incompatible, and with the DLC coming out soon potentially rendering both useless, something must be done. They're far too valuable to go to waste. If we can't get the authors to update their mods or publish their code for others to carry it forward, can we all maybe pitch in and create an entirely new mod from scratch? Is someone working on this already? Even with the improvements being brought with the free upgrade/DLC, I feel TLM/IPT features will still be vital to many player's C:S experience. What do y'all think?
  15. Does anyone know what dictates the volume of through traffic and if it's moddable? I'm talking about the amount of cars that enter your city from one direction and simply pass through to exit somewhere else. I'm trying to set up a particular story where the region starts off sparsely populated and rarely traveled and the huge volume of through traffic really throws off the theme - turning my single national road connection into a traffic jam.
  16. How do i solve traffic Problems in cities skylines? Such as massive traffic jams on the higwhay exit?
  17. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  18. Entry 6: Burn everything!

    Replies: Thanks for all the likes guys! Glad that your all enjoying Rokton as much as I am! Entry 6: Burn everything! Oh, how apt a title, even if it wasn't meant to be so literal. Anyway, you see we may as well jump straight into Rokton with the issues being addressed in this entry. The rubbish issue from last entry you say? Well that was the plan. Unfortunately we found ourselves with other things on our hands namely this.... Bit of traffic, not too bad though. This however was another issue...... Apparently some farmer decided to light a bonfire, inside the treeline judging by this outcome. Still we managed to get it under control only for it to happen several times again over the course of the next few years. Also, just to prove that its not just the rural lot that have issues with fire safety, the nice park in Rokton has gone up in flames several times as well. Dear god....... So, this led us to trying to come up with solutions to all three issues at once, which , we somehow, amazingly managed to do. Starting with the original problem this is the new entrance into Rokton. The filter lanes really help ease congestion on the roundabout. Were currently planting trees along it due to complaints about noise levels from the road. Apparently the local bookie gives pretty good odds on when someone will burn down the treeline as well! Then, too kill tow birds with one fire we managed to apparently somehow scrape together another cash to build this huge Waste to Energy plant in the centre of the bay, currently producing more than enough power to power the whole area and burning all the rubbish too boot. (350MW from 4 incinerators and two Oil Power plants if you were wondering. The Oil power plants are pretend incinerators ok!). We also choose (probably rather sensibly) to build a large fire heliport here, to help combat the increasing risk of burning the entire area down. This huge capacity to burn everything has predictably sorted out the rubbish issues in the whole area and has meant that we could reclaim the land previously used by landfills for other purposes. Rokton Forestry is especially pleased they don't have to put up with the smell anymore. We also still have more people moving into the are despite all the issues and several small settlements have sprung up like Glenville here, situated outside Henning Bay next to all the farmland. So, that's all for this eventful entry. Apparently people are enquiring about public transport because their too lazy to drive so we'll have to see about that in the future. For now though I'll leave you with the obligatory overview of our growing region, now proudly supporting the glaringly obvious Waste to Energy plant. Till next time! PS: I got Natural Disasters DLC. Turns out my region really likes to catch on fire despite disasters being turned off. Oh well it makes for some interesting situations.
  19. NAM35 The numbers shown here for traffic on this network seem reasonable for cars and trucks (if by vehicle) as the regions has around 200,000 residents. However, 46,634 for buses??? Is that the number of buses or the number of riders? Even at 30 riders per bus that is almost 1600 buses. That's a lot of buses. How to read these numbers? Thanks!
  20. Saw this article in Vox today and immediately thought of the C:S crowd. http://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/1/5/14143746/louisville-spaghetti-junction
  21. As some of you know I've been playing without the illustrious NAM while I learn the basic game. For the one or two other peeps on the planet who might be starting out NAMless, I feel the following might be of some use. The rest of you may feel free to skip this long, picture packed mini observation. So, I've been playing a natural (random) growth region in which I've zoned mostly farms that are interspersed with the initial god mode trees to simulate the real world where I live. (For the curious my progress starts here and continues with several posts over the past couple months there in the rest of the thread.) This post is not about that tho. This is phase two where the industrial revolution has started and factories are pervading the countryside. The Acres family farm is a short distance from a major four lane highway. They are planning to retire and haven't set out any crops this season. The Big-O Factory Development Corporation has purchased the farm (dirt) cheap. The Acres's sell with the condition that they can keep the small tractor shed and a tiny parcel of bare ground. ^ Yes, there is an Ugly Yellow Pause Thingy in some of my pics. I like it sometimes to indicate, well ..., that my game is Paused. The development begins with building the streets and adding bus stops. Next they add a water system. And then survey it from above ground to be sure all of the parcel is watered. Some nearby residents get public water as an unintended bonus. The building locations are prepared by de-zoning the farm ground. The Mayor has specifically tweaked the tax rates to create the desired demand. (Note: These settings are not some magic set. They are based on the local and regional influences at the moment.) Using Ctrl-Zoning (as described in the Tutorial:Precision Zoning) the hope is to attract larger factories and cramped living quarters for some workers along with some low density commercial so they can buy some bread. We check and see there is a nearby Medical Clinic and boost its funding sufficiently to handle the increased patient count cause the radius includes a part of the new residential zone. Now we turn on time and wait for the factories to grow. The Sims aren't overly enthusiastic about moving here so we plant a grass tile. These uneducated Sims are just wild about such a thing. Now to zone for more residential and add a local Doctor's Office. I did the zones separate to preclude 4x2 buildings from growing. When the Tenements grow (which is the look I wanted for here) I click them all to Historical so they don't later try to merge together and morph into a bigger building. I did zone them high density so I can change my mind about it in future years. Then I zone the final two residential parcels. Plop a bunch more pretty green grass and the Sims rush in. And fill in the rest of the area with grass and a playground for the kids. A wee bit of traffic congestion occurs. Not to worry, says Jamil Herd. Upgrade those parts of the Streets to Roads. All better now. And here it's completed. Set the medical funding at an appropriate level for the new Clinic. But wait! say the local denizens. You said this would create jobs for all of us. The outsiders took most of the jobs before we even got moved in. Hmm. Ok, that latter statement is prolly an exaggeration, but who is working where? the Mayor asks. Jamil, bulldoze a piece of that Road. That'll keep the interlopers out. Well, that hurt the factory jobs some. Yeah, but let's see where the peeps are working now. Rebuild the road and run some more time. Here's the jobs graph. Alright then. Where do the local Sims work now? Run a bit more time and here's the jobs graph. And, finally, we see a significant reduction in traffic coming and going from the new industrial complex. The total commuters from the 6 residential buildings in those three stages are: 563 initially 575 during isolation 599 final And the total commuters on that entry road 1383 initially 697 final So, it appears that without NAM one needs to take into consideration who's going to work where and where will they come from, or go to, as one of the key aspects of the amount of traffic.
  22. Hey Friends I was playing simcity 2013. I was searching on internet for a way similar to cities skyline and I discovered a new way to connect bridges. This is a fun way. It is not exactly the same as cities skyline bu it is fun and a creative way. I have develop game in the simcity using this method and I have developed cities with better traffic management. This way has also made services to skip traffic and reach faster. I thought I should share this idea with other game players also. Try this new idea and share your experience on this forum. Below is the link of the video uploaded.
  23. Hello Simtropolis. I'm just going to cut to the chase and keep it simple because I tried to type this already and forgot to highlight everything and hit Ctrl+C prior to clicking submit. Yeah... So, I founded two cities on a new region, connected them up after some development, put all the jobs in the first so that everyone in the second goes there to work, and upgraded my "main street" connection to an avenue. What happens is mass swaths of no job zots in the second city that constantly change, and all traffic in and out of the city at the connection point is changed exclusively to pedestrians. I'm certain the pedestrians and zots are somehow connected. All of this happens every time I make avenue connections, starting since about a year ago, even though I've been playing the game for much, much longer than that. Any solutions? I use the NAM. Thanks in advance.

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