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  1. Yo, guys -- I'm running the ORIGINAL version of the Maxis Plugin Manager -- v1.1.1.0. YEAH -- I know. Just call me old-fashioned. I've got a couple of questions AND a problem one of you may be able to answer. (1) Does the old version of PIM require something called the "Sc4 PluginMan_Unnicode fix" in order to run properly? (Can't remember --) NOW -- I'm trying to pass on my limited skills to another one of our members, and they downloaded something called "PIM - Extended" -- ?? Apparently, this version of PIM produces something called a "loose-desc" . Since I am not familiar with this updated version of PIM, I have no Earthly idea what that entails. (2) Does this "loose-desc" produce a Descriptor File that can be embedded, used, and altered in the same manner as the old PIM ?? ANY advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated --
  2. Ancient Egypt

    It's as though 5,000 years had fallen away and we were but poor travelers walking amid the lushness of the Nile Valley, staring in awe at the great works of the mighty Ozymandias. The detail is magnificent -- right down to the belt of Aswan Red Granite! Well done, old Son !
  3. Ancient Egypt (Preview)

    Yo -- Disregarding all the learned discourse between Egyptologists -- I prefer the "Royal" head on the Sphinx, as well. This looks absolutely amazing. The landscape is perfect and the boats are so detailed. I love it !! I always wonder what you will do for an encore -- and you never disappoint !! BRAVO !! But what about the "Crocs" in the river and on the banks ?
  4. Menu Item Order

    Yo, guy -- I'm on it -- assuming I can get the thing up and running. Thanx, again --
  5. Menu Item Order

    @rsc204 Yo, guy -- Believe it or not -- I think I have grasped "The Meaning Of Life" -- in under 5 minutes !!! First thing I will do is go get Reader 1.54 -- no sense beating my head against a "hex" wall. But let me ask two dumb questions to make sure I grasp the basics of this thing with all four fingers and a thumb -- (1) Each of the drop-down menus -- parks -- rewards -- etc, etc -- start with "0" and go up from there with an unlimited amount of numbers to use. (Item Order) Just a matter of organization and allowing space for expansion. (2) If I want to move a boat lot from the parks menu to the sea transport menu -- that's "Occupant Group" -- and I would need to know the category numbers for that -- right? (I can find that information on lots already in those menus.) Once again, THANK YOU -- for the clear and concise explanation, my friend. CORRECTION -- Do you have a link for Reader v1.54 ?? Can't seem to find it on Google search.
  6. Menu Item Order

    Yo, guys -- Just a quick couple of questions -- I'm in dire need of reorganizing my Parks Menu. Mildly put -- I've got custom tree filler lots scattered all through the menu -- new parks ready to install in the plugins -- and I spend an enormous amount of time scrolling up and down just to plant trees !! I've been told that the lot property controlling where stuff shows up in the menu is the "Item Order" . I've also been told that the "default" numbers assigned for that range between "0xFFFFFF32" and "0xFFFFFF35". Beyond that -- I know nothing. I could simply slap everything into those two numbers -- and it would show up near the top of the menu in a random mish-mash. But something tells me there is likely a wider range of numbers to choose from -- which would help separate out one group from another. I also suspect there are "sub-numbers" within the larger framework to work with -- much like the file ordering system within your computer operating system (1) Is there a tutorial for this ?? (2) Failing that -- Can anyone give me some tips or instruction to help sort out this gigantic Gordian Knot ?
  7. Show Us What You're Working On

    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN SOUTH: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Got a few more pictures of the JENX airport. Should have posted them a week ago -- but got all involved in another project -- AND spent a bunch of time checking out the London CJ by @korver (GREAT stuff, my friend! GREAT stuff. Makes me homesick for Ol' London Town.) Anyhow -- here are a few more shots. This is the JFK Terminal that was built on after the traffic started to pick up in the other terminal building. Note the aircraft automata on the taxiways. They're really kinda' "cool" !! You can lay them out so that they leave a terminal loading area, turn onto the taxiway, and travel as far as you like. The one down at the end actually turns onto the runway preparatory to the take-off run. Another automata function handles planes that take-off and land -- as well as generating air traffic over the map tile. This is the JENX modular parking garage. A very versatile kit that allows you to build one as large or as small as you like. Very nice nice night lighting on this. Note the "pocket-plaza" fillers at either end -- a snack/news kiosk with sidewalk cafe. Nothing is too good for our long-term parking customers -- especially once you see the prices! When they built the new terminal, they went the whole nine yards and renovated the central entrance to the aerodrome. They replaced the old control tower with one that was much taller and more spacious in order to handle the air traffic and to control the ground taxi operations. You can also see the Airport Shuttle station to the left of the world-famous LAX building that hosts the "landmark" hanging restaurant. The aircraft to the right of the Control Tower is another "automata" awaiting it's turn to join the taxiway traffic. The night lighting is colorful -- but a bit too subdued IMHO. Will try to get back sooner with the last of the airport pics --
  8. Show Us What You're Working On

    Are we talking about the expanded version of the PEG Boardwalks that allow you to plop them up on the shore area rather than along the edge of the water ? If that's the case -- I've had them installed for years and have not experienced "The Pox". I will, however, go back and check the "mb" count on my largest cities just to put my mind at rest.
  9. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver I love it !! I used to enjoy spending an afternoon in the National Gallery and then walking through the Square to one or the other of the several pubs in the immediate vicinity. Always admired Ol' Horatio! (lol - lol) Refresh my memory -- is the equestrian statue in front of The Column the one of Charles I in the middle of Whitehall ? Used to laugh about how much he looked like Sir Alec Guinness!
  10. Show Us What You're Working On

    Since I use an awful lot of PEG content -- WHAT, exactly, is a "BDK" -- ????
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver Can't wait to see London -- one of my all-time favorite cities to visit !!
  12. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    My bad -- someone already had that one --
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN SOUTH: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Well -- I'm still several weeks away from actually starting to "grow" my city -- and it is still, largely, a work in progress. But I thought since I stirred up so much fuss over the Jenex Airports, I might as well put up the pictures and let you all see the results. This is a large map tile -- the third one in my tri-city concept. Wilhelmshaven consisted largely of the Imperial Fleet anchorage and industry, while Wilhelmshaven West was devoted to heavy Residential and a medium Commercial base. Wilhelmshaven South will be heavily Commercial with a Residential mix. When I started laying out the basic city plan, I wasn't sure about including a major Aerodrome, but left the lower edge of the map with what I thought would be ample room to accommodate one. Little did I know. Once I got serious about it, I settled on the Jenex Airports with the excellent advice of @nos.17 . I also owe many thanks to @Tyberius06 for helping me change the code required to place the terminals. After overcoming numerous hurdles and basically doing a crash course in "Airport.101" -- I found that the room allowed for the airport really wasn't enough. So -- what you see now is an amateur attempt at making an airport in an area that really wasn't sufficient to the task. I freely admit that I know little about airport operations and mostly had to guess about the basics of the concept. Putting mine up beside a @kschmidt airport would be laughable -- his are much more detailed and professional in their approach. Normally, I would have waited to build the airport until one was requested by the population -- but since I wasn't even sure about the size -- I decided to get it over with. As you can see, vast areas of the map are bare and haven't even been landscaped as yet. Also -- Since I had such a grueling learning experience with this thing -- I'm not likely to try it again any time soon. Consequently, I built the Dulles Terminal -- then the JFK Terminal as a modern addition to the airport, and threw in the LAX Restaurant building as a centerpiece. You know what they say at the Roulette Table --"Go big, or stay home". The large complex across Airport Boulevard is the giant Paeng General Medical Center. Close view of Dulles Terminal, the airfield fire station (by Mattb325 with a couple filler lots) and the air freight terminal. The multicolored jet in the foreground is one of five taxiway automations included in the airport package. This is the main entrance to the airport complex. Note the Diana Fountain by the street, then the LAX hanging restaurant, followed by the main control tower. To the left of the fountain you can see a police station (again, Mattb325). To the left of the LAX building you see the SFBT Airport Shuttle. It is normal to see a shuttle in an airport, but since none of the Jenex terminals actually function as an in-game airport -- it becomes absolutely essential if you want the reward / cap-buster benefits an airport is supposed to convey. AND -- simply put -- this thing takes up far too much space to be nothing but eye-candy. That's enough for now -- more to come.
  14. World Affairs

    I wouldn't get too excited about this second civil war theory of yours. We manage to survive -- and we'll survive "Donald Chump" as well.
  15. World Affairs

    When the dust settles, you may find Pence's political career among the casualties. He has backed his lord and master to the hilt -- defending the indefensible at every turn. And is tainted with the powerful odor of hypocrisy. We may also find out that he knows, or has done, more than he should. You don't honestly think Trump has been smart enough (all on his own) to get this far, do you? Ryan could wind up in the Oval Office. Jeeze --! They need to install a revolving door at the White House. It seems Sec. Price has resigned this afternoon -- apparently an "expensive" case of jet-lag !! Unfortunately -- Trump is a valid subject for world affairs. Every time he opens his mouth to lie, he demonstrates his incredible capacity for stupidity -- and it scares the "real" World leaders out of their wits. If he was the Grand Duke of Liechtenstein nobody would give a rat's patoot ! I'm holding out for Bernie -- the old boy still has fire in his belly !