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  1. Hills of Green

    Welcome to Enterprise! Enterprise is a town on the Foggy River. It started as town with a small suburb and a small shopping district. The center of Lilywood, the first suburb. I have a theme on that allows level one buildings to look like they are under construction. Also the elementary school is located in the center. The original entry point into Enterprise. The basics (fire, police, health care) are located here. View of the city behind hospital. A lot of construction is happening right now in Lilywood. The area on the hill is call Enterprise Hill. This is the utilities area. The town currently has 2,093 people and has a high demand for commercial Please go check this out: THIS IS NOT PART OF THE CITY JOURNAL. I ACCIDENTLY ADDED THIS VIDEO AND I CAN'T DELETE IT. THANKS. P.S.: You can still watch this, just say I sent you. ;-)
  2. Indians Landing

    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to Indians Landing. A place on the icy coast of the IAD. It has one river running through the land and is fairly flat. This is my map for my upcoming Youtube series. Please check it out! Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMCYh9WjRbWwRwilbUirowQ